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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 443


Chapter 443: Ending of the Snake Demon God

Immediately, the five large heads madly puffed out, letting out ripples of purple intent that welcomed the bubbling dark red radiance.

What followed was an impressive scene;that dark red light met with the purple intent's aura, and then melted instantly like lava. Let alone saving Andromalius inside the cave, it didn't even manage to pass through Haoyue.

Not only that, but the purple intent spreading out from Haoyue starting bubbling out inside the cave. Long Haochen felt his senses shaking, and when that purple intent came in contact with the barrier protecting Andromalius, it instantly melted, something the combined attacks of the three of Long Haochen's group didn't even manage to breach it.

The Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius looked blank, ’’It's... Impossible!’’ He didn't want to believe that this situation was real, but it happened right before his eyes.

Glinding forward and launching a cross-cut, Long Haochen left him with no opportunity of recovering his breath. Although he didn't know what Haoyue did, getting rid of Andromalius' defense undoubtedly created a good opportunity for them.

Andromalius stopped Long Haochen's attack, with his pitch-black spiritual energy forming a sort of armor as defense. The large tail on his back also rose, resisting the following attacks of the Tenth Holy Guard and Yating. However, he was now only able to defend.

A cold smirk appeared in Long Haochen's face. Defending? But even defending won't help you. Because he didn't know the situation outside, Long Haochen assumed that Haoyue and the two holy guards could be under great pressure. For this reason, he couldn't waste any time.

With a flash of red light, a sharp blade-shaped projectile left a scar on Andromalius' body. The Twelfth Holy Guard was the source of that attack. Being the one who instructed Long Haochen about martial techniques, he was the best choice to finish off this enemy.

While the Twelfth Holy Guard stepped forward, taking Long Haochen's place, he started summoning his comrades now that he had his hands free.

With glints of bright light, a total of four figures appeared beside Long Haochen.

Sima Xian, Lin Xin, Wang Yuanyuan and Han Yu appeared at the same time beside Long Haochen, and were prepared since long before. Upon appearing, they didn't need Long Haochen to say anything, and went in accordance with the original plan, releasing their spiritual energy all around immediately.

Long Haochen instructed Lin Xin, ’’Go outside first to assist Haoyue's group with scrolls. The others, follow me for an all out attack.’’

The diameter of three meters of the cave restricted Andromalius to some extent, but it was sufficient for Long Haochen's group. At this time, there came no need for technical prowess. All they needed was to use their greatest strength to kill the enemy before them.

Long Haochen remained motionless. Retrieving the Rippling Light in his hand, he wielded the Aria of the Goddess Light with both his hands, immediately surrounded with a golden colored fog. Storing Power!

The other three rushed out together. Sima Xian had the Energetic Ball of Light, Wang Yuanyuan the divine Soul Shield, and Han Yu had the Wild Scarlet Blood, all of whom were unleashing their greatest abilities. With Sima Xian in the middle, Wang Yuanyuan to the left and Han Yu to the right came their full force assault against Andromalius.

Currently, Andromalius already forgot his gloominess. Rather than gloomy, he became sullen. If he was in his peak state instead, what would there be for him to fear in these humans!? Even if he was even dumber, he would still understand that he was dealing with a human Demon Hunt Squad. And furthermore, it should be one with only one powerhouse at the seventh step, and all the rest of the members at the sixth step.

But even such a Demon Hunt Squad was for his current state a fatal threat.

Three pieces of legendary equipment weren't anything so easy to resist, especially Sima Xian's Energetic Ball of Light. Unleashing all his firepower, Sima Xian immediately went in Madness mode, also taking a Bloodthirsty Pill handed by Lin Xin. The power of the Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder also erupted, making this an attack disregarding all costs. At this state of Sima Xian's, even if Long Haochen were to meet him, he would only be able to try to escape him and no more.


Smash, Crush, Absorption and Triple Blast were added up to the Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder.

Once the Energetical Ball of Light was smashed for the first time, colliding against Andromalius' massive figure, it produced a very powerful initial show of strength.

This cave was only three meters in diameter, and although moving straight was a breeze for Andromalius in this surroundings, moving in the air was clearly impossible to him.

In this situation, he could only stay firm in defense.

The Energetic Ball of Light of one meter diameter bombarded his hands crossed in front of his body, covering Andromalius in bits of pieces of purple thunder and lighting. His massive body was unable to stop itself from spasming and trembling, slowing down his responses. More terrifyingly, his two hands became scorched black, and a large amount of his spiritual energy used in defense was torn completely.

The ones present being only powerhouses adept at making good use of opportunities, none of them would let go of this good chance;

Therefore, the Tenth Holy Guard, the twelfth, Yating, and Han Yu as well as Wang Yuanyuan aimed their attacks at Andromalius successively, all of which left deep traces on him.

The most treacherous remained the Tenth Holy Guard, who aimed right at the original wound of Andromalius. Now that wounds were added up at the same location, the inside of the bone crackled by the Forest Boa King was already visible. The Tenth Holy Guard was simply dissecting this bone, letting a lot of flesh come out. This gave Andromalius huge pain.

The Twelfth Holy Guard was rather open hearted, aiming at his waist. At least half of his massive bone blade entered vital parts of Andromalius' waist at every attack.

With the divine Soul Shield directly embedded with gems, Wang Yuanyuan aimed for his shoulder, whereas Han Yu's Wild Scarlet Blood made him go on a berserk mode, frantically producing scars without pause.


Yating in the opposite used a healing spell on Andromalius, Great Recovery. While it was an effective healing spell when targeting Long Haochen, the targeted darkness element user Andromalius was like someone being bathed in iced water.

Andromalius' current appearance was just too wrecked. But even so, his tenaciousness and fighting spirit still didn't disappear.

As he let out an enraged shout at the direction of the sky, dark red flames suddenly started igniting on his forehead, as he struggled with full force, stubbornly pushing everyone away, as the violent dark red flames ignited his whole body.

To everyone's astonishment, the wounds on Andromalius' body started to heal at an astonishing speed. Also, his physical power rose sharply, as if going back to his previous peak state.

How can that be? He has just gotten wounded so severely, but how can he recover so fast? Everyone felt discouraged in the midst of their shock. If Andromalius really recovers to his peak state, the one's to be afraid and having to flee would instead become their group.

However, one of them still maintained his calm, and that was Long Haochen.

’’Don't panic, he's using the Demonic Collapse Great Spell!’’ Long Haochen shouted in a low voice, and still kept storing his power. His ardent look still kept staring fixedly at the Devil Snake Demon God whose strength was rapidly increasing.

That's right! Andromalius is already wounded to such extent, and doesn't have his demon god pillar nearby. How can he still recover from these wounds, and at such fast speed? There was only one possible answer, and it was the use of an unusual and extraordinary technique.

The Demonic Collapse Great Spell was extremely tyrannical, and even a demon god would suffer really severe side-effect from using it. Given the present state of Andromalius, using it was like letting go of half a life. But he didn't have the choice, as this was his last opportunity to life. But the weaker the state of the body is, the shorter the duration of the Demonic Collapse Great Spell would last!

After getting warned by Long Haochen, everyone gathered side by side. After being a team for so long, their level of coordination was already ample. As long as Andromalius was stopped from going out, the Demonic Collapse Great Spell would only cause his own collapse.

Because of the great might of the Saint Spiritual Stove, the others didn't need to consider anything else, and could give their all towards offense.

The tenth and the twelfth holy guards drew back to Long Haochen's side, and Yating transformed into light to enter the Aria of the Goddess of Light.

At this very moment, on Long Haochen's body an intense dark golden fire was soaring. It was different from before, that was that it didn't only appear on the Aria of the Goddess of Light this time, but on Long Haochen's whole body.

After going through Storing Power, Long Haochen ignited to a great extent his own spiritual energy. This was his exclusive fire as a god's chosen one!

Outside of the cave, the disky swamps suddenly started to look shiny, and an illusory silhouette of the goddess of light quietly appeared from nowhere, illuminating all the surroundings. A great expanse of poisonous swamps was routed by her aura, which also lighted up the messy area of swamps.

The amount of Devil Snakes alive were already close to naught. Haoyue, the ninth and eleventh holy guards, and Lin Xin who came to the fold later with his scrolls had almost already wiped out the several hundreds Devil Snakes thoroughly. These Devil Snakes and Forest Boas had a massive consumption from their previous battle;in such circumstances, how could they still bear this sudden barrage of powerful spells?

Inside the cave, a series of large bangs were heard.

Wang Yuanyuan's Space Splitting Sauté, Sima Xian's Spiritual Stove of Purple Godly Thunder, and Han Yu's Holy Sword plus Asura Strike, all consecutively bombarded the Devil God Snake. Although they were all repelled without exception, Andromalius' rising imposing manner was close to exhaustion due to them.

A massive blue fire skull appeared at this time, fiercely striking the chest of Andromalius, giving him a sluggish sensation as he was prepared to make another attempt to rush out. The leftover threat from the Devil Snakes outside wasn't much, so Lin Xin returned back to his comrades after throwing some scrolls.


At the current moment, Andromalius looked incomparably intimidating. On his whole body, large veins were swelling, and his dark red blood already made his appearance unrecognizable. Only the imposing manner from his body was really powerful, and he seemed to have regained the bearing of someone at the peak of the eighth step. Both his hands were covered in thick scales, he crossed his hands, as he attempted to resist the Fire Curse attack from Lin Xin, which ended up with his hands getting burnt in scorch black. The terrible temperature from the Heart of Flame's fire produced quite a significant damage.

’’Raah, Raah, Raah.’’ Andromalius let out enraged roar close to a magical beast's, and frantically unleashed the terrible spiritual energy of darkness element in his body to form a bright projectile, aiming straight at Long Haochen. The whole cave seemed to twist due to this glinting dark red ball. A choking feeling attacked all of those who were preparing their attacks.

Stamping the ground with his left feet, Long Haochen's forehead suddenly glinted, revealing nine purplish gold colored glints of light. In his eyes, divine light was shot out, and the dark golden flames ascending on his body suddenly turned bright, letting out an incomparably dazzling luster. Even his own teammates couldn't help but shut their eyes at that instant.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light sent out incomparably rapid buzzes. One could see at this point that it shook slightly in Long Haochen's hands, as its blade quietly started to emit some transparence. Immediately, the whole cave started to tremble very sharply.

The gold and dark red color vanished almost simultaneously, and the Aria of the Goddess of Light in Long Haochen's hands disappeared right at that time.

Right now, his face appeared somewhat pale, and his body was at a standstill, but his eyes were filled with determination and sharpness.

Right in front of him was Andromalius, who was maintaining the same posture, and had even the gigantic dark red ball of light in front of him. However, he seemed entirely frozen, also having come to a stop.

What just happened? No one knew, because the time that intense light glowed, they all shut their eyes unconsciously, and didn't get to see what happened.

Outside the cave, the illusion of the goddess of light also disappeared. Haoyue's five large heads were still looking up, but appeared somewhat distracted, as if sensing something.

Pup'. The dark red ball of light suddenly routed without sign, and didn't even produced aftermaths from exploding. As if cut like a tomato, it only turned into a thick liquid, disappearing in the air.

Immediately, Sima Xian, Wang Yuanyuan and Lin Xin couldn't help but open their eyes wide, because they clearly saw that from his head to his feet, scars appeared on Andromalius' whole body, which finally started to tremble.

The traces of light became more and more bright, and the shaking of Andromalius' body also gained momentum. Finally, countless rays of light started gushing out from his body. The really powerful Devil Snake Demon God had finally fallen, with a large amount of pieces of his body falling to the ground. The surroundings became dyed in his liquid red blood.

Long Haochen's body was also swaying slightly, and Han Yu hurriedly grabbed his hand, coming from the side. The two holy guards who didn't make it at time to bring their support started showing fear in the pulsing flames serving as their eyes. The reason why they didn't shut their eyes was simply because they couldn't.

For this reason, out of everyone present, they were the only ones who saw what Long Haochen did.


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