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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 442


Chapter 442: Craftiness and Mutual Destruction (III)

After entering the cave, Andromalius saw the surrounding light dim down, yet he could clearly sense that the depths of the cave contained a faintly discernible light.

But the origin of this light wasn't the issue currently plaguing Andromalius' mind. He wanted to take the internal pill of the Forest Boa King back. He suffered severe wounds, to the point that without this internal pill, let alone raise in strength, even recovering completely would be impossible for him. This was the reason why he had no choice but to be deceived by Forest Boa King for his final attack.

Before entering the depths of the cave, the two figures stopped;At the time Andromalius saw that this green figure was actually a skeleton with flames in it's eyes, he couldn't help but be startled. Beside the green skeleton was Yating, glowing in bright light.

Mentioning it, it seemed to be quite a coincidence that Yating and the Eleventh Holy Guard both had six wings on their backs. When standing together, they gave off some feelings of making a good match. However, the aura surrounding their bodies wasn't excessively powerful, which made Andromalius relax. With a single glance, he found the internal pill in Yating's hands.

’’Give it back. Your corpses will then be left intact.’’ Andromalius let out a fierce enraged cry, as dark red blood kept dripping from his back.

Yating sneered, raising her hand, she aimed a white streak of light at Andromalius.

He attempted to block, but that soft white light didn't have offensive uses, and thus couldn't be blocked this way. The Devil Snake Demon God only felt as if he was bound by something, and unconsciously turned back, finding out two golden figures standing there. Meanwhile, Haoyue's large butt kept the entrance sealed tightly.

In terms of size, Andromalius was a lot smaller than Haoyue without using the Demon God Transformation. Although his size was over five meters, he was still able to move unhindered in this cave which had a diameter of three meters. But the extremely large built Haoyue was unable to enter, so blocking the entrance was visibly the best duty for him.

The reason why Long Haochen drew the Devil Snake Demon God inside the cave to move against him was very simple;it was to keep Andromalius away from his demon god pillar.

Long Haochen clearly saw the amplification that a demon god pillar was able to bestow a demon god. Its massive utility enabled Andromalius who was still at the eighth step to kill the Forest Boa King of the ninth step. From this, one can well imagine the terror of this amplification. Although Long Haochen guessed that the Devil Snake Demon God already exhausted his abilities, he didn't dare take a bet, neither could he afford to. For this reason, he attracted Andromalius here very prudently, so that he wouldn't get close to his pillar. Although the distance couldn't be considered very far, this was still a lot better than fighting him beside his demon god pillar.

Andromalius saw through Long Haochen's plan at one glance, reaching to his own conclusions. This armor clad human youth seemed to be only at the seventh step of cultivation in Andromalius' senses, but for some reason, the first time he saw Long Haochen he felt as if his heart was subjected to great pain, sign of an ominous premonition.

Having fallen in danger from pursuing a narrow gain, and due to having used all his strength to kill the Forest Boa King, he didn't expect to encounter humans here. And this should be a human knight. The light element shining upon Long Haochen was really really pure. At this time, Long Haochen showed no reservation, with his left hand holding the Rippling Light, and the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his right hand. Pointing them to the ground, he coldly looked at Andromalius. A sharp sword intent was faintly discernible around him. Although Long Haochen remained still, Andromalius felt uneasy and nervous, as if Long Haochen was himself a very sharp sword. He was completely certain that this sharpness wasn't something his external spiritual energy could block.

If this was before he got wounded, Andromalius wouldn't even consider Long Haochen as a threat. In his view, an enemy with this kind of cultivation level could be crushed just with the overwhelming dominance of his spiritual energy, but the current situation wasn't the same. His wound was fatal, and he was unable to use Demon God Transformation. This reduced his current strength to one sixth of was it should be, so when confronting such a human knight, how could he not be subject to a massive pressure?

’’Human, how can you be there?’’ Andromalius knew that his question could feel puerile, but he couldn't help but want to ask. This was just too strange. He didn't detect the slightest hint of him through his senses, plus the timing of appearance of this human was just too good.

Long Haochen showed an indifferent smile, ’’Hi, Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius. If I said this was a fluke, would you believe it? Actually, it is due to luck, or perhaps should I say that it is a gift from heaven, for us to have encountered you at the time of your clash against the Forest Boa King. On this time of this day, this is going to be your grave.’’

As he spoke, Long Haochen wouldn't give Andromalius any time for healing his injuries. His left foot took a stride forward, and the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his hand struck against Andromalius.

A void-like sword intent abruptly condensed. Unlike the time against Ah'Bao, it didn't appear as deep as nothingness, but widely spread, pressing forward with a tyrannical bearing;

Cutting the mountains in the way, drying the water in the way. These were the principles behind the sword intent in Long Haochen's strike.

Andromalius' hand was even devoid of weapon, as his two snake spears that drilled through the head of the Forest Boa King were still left in his corpse.

With a low sounding roar, Andromalius waved his right fist forward, letting out a strong burst of spiralling dark element, which turned into a sort of black hole, blowing with powerful darkness elemental fluctuations as it aimed right at Long Haochen.

At this time, speaking further didn't hold sense. Killing the enemy was the only way out, so Andromalius chose to take the risk.

But right at this moment, at his back, a sharp attack came, piercing the wound he had before.

Now that Andromalius was attracted due to the effects of the Saint Spiritual Stove's Attraction, he was only able to target Long Haochen, without any other choice. Though, even if he had the choice, he would still choose to target this knight, who was the greatest threat to him.

A somewhat bizarre Pop' sound rang out, and Long Hoachen's whole body burst in bright light. He drew back slightly, but the black whirlpool from Andromalius' fist was cut open, and Andromalius' body also swayed from that. From this, the weak state of Andromalius was once again confirmed.

The Tenth Holy Guard attacked in a flash, appearing like a green electric light bursting right against Andromalius. His pair of daggers managed to thoroughly cut off the severed wing on Andromalius' back.

The Tenth Holy Guard showed extreme mastery, not only cutting off that wing, but also piercing some thick veins on his back. For a moment, on Andromalius' back, dark red blood started to gush out like a fountain.

Long Haochen drew back only slightly, and his attack immediately resumed. With a heavy blow and a jump came Condemning Revolving Sword.

His strategy consisted on overwhelming Andromalius, without giving him the slightest chance. At the same time he launched this blow, the attack of the Tenth Holy Guard followed once again, aiming at Andromalius' back. His technique was similar to Long haochen, but without borrowing enemy force. This was the Wind Dance he used previously to dispose of the Medusas.

Not only that, but some golden starlight started to gather, forming a brilliant spear. Shot from behind, it aimed at Andromalius' neck.

The massive threat aroused Andromalius' latent capabilities, letting them completely break through. Although he was seriously wounded, he was after all one of the seventy-two demon gods, and he naturally had a strong desire for survival. He already thought it deeply, and reached the conclusion that fleeing was his only way out, that he couldn't afford to covet the treasure residing here any longer. As long as he managed to rush out, with so many of his subordinates outside, he would perhaps have the opportunity to make a comeback. If these enemies really stopped him here, he would then perhaps never be able to come out.

Looking up at the sky, Andromalius made a strange movement. Executing a horse stance, and directing his hands to the ground, one could clearly see that some dark red light was abruptly bursting out from his body. Then immediately, an intense dark red radiance propagated, forming a barrier that covered his whole body inside.

If one looked carefully, he would find out that this barrier covering him looked very close to the design on the demon god pillar.

The attacks of Long Haochen's group of three fell onto this barrier, and carried an incredible amount of fluctuations of spiritual energy, but was left without way to break through. It felt as if they were directly attacking the demon god pillar.

The demon god pillar outside seemed to sense the crisis of Andromalius, and started to shake lightly. A dark red radiance then gushed out from it, rushing like an arrow at Haoyue who was guarding the cave.

Without a doubt, this dark red radiance was here to rescue Andromalius, and was his last life-saving trump. In case he managed to blend with this dark red glint, he would get absorbed by the light to get sealed inside of the demon god pillar. Although this would seal for at least three years, it would at least keep him alive.

If the enemy was only Long Haochen's group, perhaps Andromalius could have his way with them, but to his misfortune, Haoyue was also present, the Haoyue that even the Demon God Emperor feared.

In front of the radiance let out by the demon god pillar, Haoyue's five large h’’’’eads were suddenly lifted up, and their eyes glinted with similar gloss. It was quite a bizarre look, containing hatred, gloominess, and even more rage and sadness.

His five large heads were lifted and let out roars of rage. All their eyes turned into a purple color, with a layer of purple light rippling around Haoyue's body. At this point, his grandeur and power rose to the extent that it resembled a ruler controlling all the creatures in this world.


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