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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 441


Chapter 441: Craftiness and Mutual Destruction(II)

With a 'Peng', Andromalius was fiercely sent away. As he was shot, soaking in blood, one could clearly hear the sounds of the bones cracking in his body.

Given his identity as the Devil Snake Demon God, Andromalius was extremely supple and tough. With the extreme level reached by his external spiritual energy, he was able to counteract the majority of the power in the attack. However, one shouldn't forget that he was already wounded , and wasn't in the Demon God Transformation state. How could a magical beast of the tenth rank be so easily handled?

The changes indeed happened just too fast. As the saying goes, that a centipede dies but never falls down. Although the Forest Boa King was already injured fatally, was filled with bitter hate towards Andromalius. He finally kept a bit of his vital force concealed, and even severed his connection with his internal pill just for the sake of fooling Andromalius, and finally launch a fatal blow at him. After this was done, his soul finally went to the other side, and astonishingly, his massive body still didn't sank into the swamps.

Just like Andromalius didn't expect that, the observing Long Haochen didn't expect that either. He was originally prepared to set to move, but upon seeing that scene, he stopped in his tracks, already starting planning his next move.

These two crafty foxes still ended up in mutual destruction. To his comrades and himself, this was the best possible outcome.

In a short time, Long Haochen already came to a decision, hinting the nearby Tenth Holy Guard who turned into a green glow of light, and didn't go chase after the severely wounded Devil Snake Andromalius, but rushed into that cave, whose interior was slightly twinkling.

This was done for the sake of securing the path. Long Haochen was now going to dispose of Andromalius in the same way he disposed of the Forest Boa King.

Andromalius ended up getting caught in the last struggle of the Forest Boa King. This knock sent him several hundred meters away, with blood flowing out continuously from his mouth. One of his wings was severed, and dark red blood was spreading over his whole body, giving rise to a macabre scene.

However, he was still in the end a demon god, who managed to save himself at the instant he was attacked. Fortunately for him, the last attack of the Forest Boa King wasn't from the internal pill, so even though it inflicted him severe wounds, that was nothing fatal.

The distant knock happened on vines atop the swamps, accompanied with a severe pain, that nearly caused him to fall unconscious. He never expected that the Forest Boa King would plot against him even after his death. And his internal pill was sent flying afar during this severe attack, and sent bouncing back after colliding against a vine, before falling in another side of the swamps. Just like the body of the Forest Boa King, his internal pill didn't submerge inside the swamps, but let out a faintly discernible dark green light.

At the time his body suffered a terrible and unbearable pain, Andromalius saw a green glow head towards the cave. Its speed wasn't extremely fast, so at the time he noticed it, it was still about five meters away from the cave.

’’Argh.’’ Andromalius let out a terrible shout of rage. He didn't even see clearly who was that enemy, but his body soared up anew, and jumped towards the cave at full strength.

Since that green light was small, it was visibly not a Forest Boa. But no matter who that was, seeing it come out at such a convenient time just aggravated the fury of the Devil Snake Demon God.

However, that shout of rage from Andromalius was not directed at venting out his anger, but summoning his clansmen. This wasn't from cowardice, but out of caution. Currently he was seriously wounded, and naturally couldn't let his guard down. Although he didn't sense any threat from those green fluctuations of spiritual energy, he still immediately summoned them.

A lot of dark red blood was leaking out from his body. At the time he headed out towards the cave, he still had some hesitation. Meanwhile, a glow of light followed the green figure at extremely fast speed, penetrating into the cave and attracting on its way the internal pill of that Forest Boa King with a white glow of light, causing Andromalius to be incapable of retaining his calm.

Seeing his targets get robbed by outsiders, how could the Devil Snake Demon God bear any more?

With a shout of rage, he immediately went after the figure that entered in the cave.

At the same time Andromalius entered the cave, some figures appeared from the dense fog. The Devil Snakes were clearly in a difficult situation, from the ambush of the Forest Boas and Long Haochen's attack, their numbers plummeted. Hearing the summon of the Devil Snake Demon God, they hurried there, right at time to see the back of Andromalius who was disappearing into the cave.

A crowd of Devil Snakes hurried to follow after him, but this time, another golden figure tightly chased after them, entering the cave.

With a purple glow of light, a huge monster appeared at the entrance of the cave, completely blocking it out.

Yellow earth radiance noiselessly spread out under the Devil Snakes, covering a wide range. At that time, the tired Devil Snakes felt their tails submerge onto the ground, beginning to sink into the swamps, they turned pale with fright. Though, this realization still came late.

At the time they were beginning to struggle, the swamps that caught their tails already hardened, switching from its former soft and supple state to an incomparable tough state. Faintly, its surface seemed to let out a gloss of gem, letting out a dense coldness, that caused them to go numb.

Two figures noiselessly appeared afar. They were clad in a large coat, and from them spread out light of different colors. One was yellow, and one was blue, symbols of the earth expert Ninth Holy Guard and the ice expert Eleventh Holy Guard

The Eleventh Holy Guard deliberately placed himself slightly behind the Ninth Holy Guard. From this could one see that even if they were both holy guards, their positions still differed.

The Ninth Holy Guard combined the Gravity Technique with the Earth-to-Rock Condensation, and the Eleventh Holy Guard used Ice Region, forming a spell of dual ice and earth elements.

This spell could be said to be formed of the fusion between three spells of the seventh step, making its power as great as one might well imagine. This performance also reflected the gap between the ninth and the eleventh holy guards. Both at the seventh step, but in the same interval of time, the Eleventh Holy Guard managed to use only one spell of the seventh step, whereas the Ninth Holy Guard managed to use two. This corresponded to a strength at the peak of the seventh step! Among all of Long Haochen's aides, the Ninth Holy Guard was undoubtedly the strongest.

At the time they were in the Tower of Eternity, Cai'er's ambush and the Ninth Holy Guard underestimating them helped in their win in one move, but in terms of strength, even Long Haochen with Haoyue wouldn't necessarily win against this one.

Against these three powerful spell at the seventh step, those ordinary Devil Snakes at the fifth or sixth step ended up imprisoned without a way out.

The loose soil of the swamp was one thing, but what if it was congealed and then transformed into rock? Struggling out of that was in no way easy. This was only possible by crushing the rock, but how could it be done without injuring oneself? Moreover, they weren't even given the opportunity to crush the rock, having gotten frozen and the frozen parts turned into rock. Getting free of that couldn't be done in a quick time.

To snakes, the cold was one of the most feared predators. Upon reaching winter, snakes would go into hibernation, because they were unable to produce enough heat from their bodies to counteract the cold. In this situation of extreme cold, these Devil snakes were shuddering and greatly plummeting in strength.

Then followed the time of the two holy guards' performances.

A very large stone was extracted from the ground and brazenly thrown at the Devil Snakes, then Ice and Snow Storm followed.

In crowd battle, the killing power of mages was undoubtedly quite fearful. Moreover, on the other side, guarding the entrance of the cave, was the massive powerhouse, Haoyue.

After Haoyue blocked up the entrance to the cave, his five large heads splashed out powerful spells like five big magic cannons. The first round came as a surprise attack, and then followed spells of various elements.

His control over each different attribute was clearly no match for the two holy guards. But he had a grasp over five different elements! When the five elements were used at different times, their power would naturally vary as well. For instance, at the present time, Little Green, Little Blue, and Little Light were mostly focused on battle, while Little Flame completely abandoned the attack to stay on guard and watch over the surroundings. While Little Purple focused on absorbing the thick poisonous gas in the air.

One could say that it was as if seven mages of the seventh step were confronting these severely wounded Devil Snakes. At the same time, when these Devil Snakes were hit by these spells, many large green figures started wandering from the forest.

With the death of the Forest Boa King, the Devil Snakes undoubtedly became the mortal enemy of the Forest Boas. These massive Forest Boas were all covered in bruises, but still came back to kill them. Relying on their enormous sizes to resist the cold, they forced their charge. Braving the terrible spells, they were close to launching suicide attacks against these Devil Snakes.

The Forest Boas were few in quantity, but their magic tolerance far exceeded the Devil Snakes' . At the time these Forest Boas appeared, they were bound to bring a tragedy upon the Devil Snakes.

The situation outside was already in grasp, but what about inside?

Without a doubt, the one who came first into the cave, and attracted the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius was naturally the Eleventh Holy Guard. At that time, it was because Long Haochen gave him the order to slow down intentionally that his flight speed was slow, so that Andromalius would see him enter. Otherwise, how could he take the bait ?

Since Andromalius and the Forest Boa King destroyed each other mutually, this situation was an excellent opportunity for Long Haochen. This was a golden opportunity! However, he was a witness of the cunningness of the two great powerhouses, so even if he had confidence in this situation, he still remained prudent while executing his scheme against Andromalius.

Just like they had seen it in the previous confrontation, this cave was very important. Although he didn't know about the treasure inside, given how the Forest Boa King valued it, how could it be lacking? Even if Andromalius still had some hesitation, the first golden figure having grabbed the internal pill of the Forest Boa King, he had to follow. Even if he were aware that this was a trap, he had to force himself to enter this cave. In truth, the golden figure was Yating, who used the Pull ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove.


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