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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 440


Chapter 440: Craftiness and Mutual Destruction (I)

The Forest Boa King didn't show initiative of attacking once again, waiting for an opportunity. The time they were fighting to their heart's contents just before visibly eased down.

Powerful fluctuations of spiritual energy circulated in the air, and both knew their opponent was watching them, but no one dared move. At their level of strength, in case one gets seriously wounded, turning over the situation would be very difficult.

The Forest Boa King had already threatened his life before, and if not for how he deceived Andromalius, he would very possibly have been suppressed to death.

Andromalius' brain was operating rapidly, and his senses spreading out. Pointing his snake spears to the ground, he didn't dare relax.

However, he quickly found a chance.

Now that the Forest Boa King's body disappeared in the swamps, that cave he was obstructing before appeared in his view.

From the human point of view, this cave could be considered very large, but to the Forest Boa King or the Demon God Transformed Andromalius, it wasn't very wide.

Its diameter was roughly thirty meters, the whole cave was surrounded with vines, spreading out from the swamps. Vaguely, one could see a faint light shining inside the cave.

Without a doubt, life is more precious than any treasures, and after getting threatened fatally, the Forest Boa King had to renounce on the defense of this cave.

A cold smile appeared on the face of Andromalius, So you want to hide? Okay, but I don't believe you'd abandon that cave.

The treasure inside this cave was originally the first objective of Andromalius. No matter whether he could kill the Forest Boa King or search for this treasure, the final result was good. At least this won't have turned into a wasted trip.

After locking his target, Andromalius, moved without hurry. Attaching himself to his demon god pillar, he kept breathing. That pillar started to exude some brilliant black rays, that was absorbed into his abdomen. This kept increasing his imposing stature, and recovered the spiritual energy he had consumed before at an astonishing speed.

No matter what one may say, the demon god standing near this demon god pillar was still the last ranked of all, but with its support, he still managed, against the expectations, to suppress a Forest Boa King of the Tenth step.

A massive body started curling up and on its back, a pair of large black wings unfolded, emitting some dark red color. Some sort of dark red color throbbing veins could clearly be seen on him, as Andromalius' breathing kept going on.

Seeing that he was on the verge of being back to his peak state, Andromalius finally set on move. His curling body suddenly ejected, shooting like a bolt of dark red lightning inside the cave.

From his demon god pillar to the cave, the distance was close to two or three hundred meters, but given his strength and speed, and with the assistance from the wings on his back, he reached it almost instantaneously.

Attacking to bait the enemy out. This was his plot. The Forest Boa King had no choice but give in to this overt plot, unless he accepted to let go of the treasure inside of this cave.

But very clearly, the Forest Boa King was unwilling to let go of it. The instant right before Andromalius reached the cave, an intense green light erupted from the swamps, mixing with the ooze to form a greenish black color. This was the accumulated spiritual energy, that unexpectedly showed a solidified shape. For the sake of the thing in that cave, the Forest Boa King was doing his utmost, because the thing inside of that cave was just too important in his eyes.

Since Andromalius dared act, he clearly made his preparations long ago. That greenish black projectile was precisely the internal pill of the Forest Boa King, shot out with all his force. At the time it was spouted, the Forest Boa King's head also charged out from the swamps.

A strange scene followed. Surprisingly, Andromalius ignored that pill, and waved up his two spears, thrusting at the Forest Boa King.

No matter how cunning this Forest Boa King was, he couldn't have expected Andromalius to dare meet him so recklessly. His original plan was to frighten Andromalius and push him to escape. The internal pill of a magical beast of tenth step, is it something so easy to bear? The unshakable demon god pillar aside, if this landed onto Andromalius, it would be fatal to him.

However, all of this happened too fast, and even if the Forest Boa King wanted to change his attack, it was already impossible at this point.



A severe explosion occurred at the same time as enraged roars were heard. The source of it was the attack from the Forest Boa's internal pill. That powerful internal pill smashed the chest of the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius, producing a violent explosion that tore his whole chest to shreds, and produced a hole of diameter exceeding two meters around the wound.

But the Forest Boa King was no better off. As Andromalius' staked everything at once, his snake spears hit his eyes with a piercing blow, going as far as to penetrate his head. Dark green blood was flowing along with a red liquid in all directions.

A concentrated fishy stench spread immediately all around

A mutual destruction? No. In the contest of scheme, the final winner still ended up to be Andromalius.

From having his chest pierced, Andromalius fell into the swamps, but his massive body rapidly turned into countless specks of blackish red light flying in the direction of the demon god pillar.

Andromalius being originally five meters tall, appeared now at the other side of the Forest Boa King. And the two long spears that pierced the head of the Forest Boa gradually shrank in size.

Demon God Incarnation was a powerful ability brought by a demon god pillar. And this scene was clearly seen by Long Haochen, who was back to the edge of their battlefield. He couldn't help but let out a breath at the scene. If he didn't see it personally, he wouldn't have been able to imagine that Andromalius actually had such a powerful ability in reserve.

Using himself as bait, and launching the fatal blow at a time the enemy was certain to get baited. Andromalius' plan went as expected, and the Forest Boa King finally ended up dead.

However, Andromalius wasn't very well either. Dark red blood kept flowing out from his cavities, and his originally sinister looks became all the more intimidating.

All of this just happened too fast, and no one could have anticipated the conclusion to turn out this way.

Nonetheless, the battle wasn't yet over, and the Forest Boa King with fatal wounds at the head turned back madly, immediately setting off at the direction of the wide expanse of swamps. Terrifying fluctuations of spiritual energy immediately burst out at astonishing speed, just like hundred magical cannons shooting at once.

Long Haochen didn't dare stay there, and rapidly brought the Tenth Holy Guard away from there. The last struggle from a magical beast of the tenth step was terrifying.

Andromalius flapped his wings, going up in the air. He unexpectedly tried to conceal his own presence, covered in a black cover, and letting none of his blood drop.

Actually, using Demon God Incarnation came with a severe overdraft to Andromalius.

In case this ability is used, Demon God Transformation would be sealed for a short time, and he would be injured to the core. It wasn't as simple as Long Haochen saw it: just like a spiritual stove, with a greater power came a more severe backlash.

If he had the choice, Andromalius would rather not have used this trump card, but he had no other choice. If he went for the safe way, that would scare away the severely wounded Forest Boa King, who'd let go of the treasure inside. But he was unwilling to let go of the great tonic the Forest Boa King could serve as! For this reason, he didn't even want to give the Forest Boa King the opportunity to go away and could only use himself as bait for that, for the sake of inflicting the fatal blow.

The frantic struggle of the Forest Boa King lasted for more than a quarter of an hour, but this prepared blow of Andromalius was just too powerful. For whichever magical beast, having one's brain pierced and devastated by darkness spiritual energy would hardly come with a chance of survival. With this severe injury, the massive vital force of the Forest Boa King was slipping out with no choice.

Andromalius was actually not the slightest bit worried anymore. This time, his damage was just disastrous. Four Medusas ended up killed, though, the reward was also massive. When thinking of his advancement to the ninth step, gaining him at least a place at the top forty-eight demon gods, his heart started to burn. Moreover, he still didn't know what treasure the Forest Boa King was defending. For the Forest Boa King to be so attached to it, it shouldn't be ordinary.

Thinking about it, Andromalius' body started to convulse in excitement.

Finally, the struggles of the Forest Boa King weakened, and even his internal pill fell into the swamps, instead of getting swallowed back. His massive vital force was already close to nonexistent.

Andromalius relaxed his breath, an unbearable intense curiosity filling him. Seeing the internal pill devoid of the aura from the Forest Boa, he was unable to control the ecstasy filling him.

The wings on his back vanished. And quietly approaching the swamps, Andromalius was still filled with great confidence regarding his last blow. And he also had full confidence in his perception, due to sensing that the internal pill was indeed devoid of the aura belonging to the Forest Boa King. A magical beast of the tenth step that even let go of his own internal pill, could only have done so if his soul already left this world eternally.

Quietly falling atop of the swamp, Andromalius grabbed the internal pill with his hand. Of course, he didn't choose this place to absorb the internal pill of the Forest Boa King. This thing was certainly precious, but the spiritual energy accumulated inside was really massive. The best course of action was to return to safety before taking the time to absorb it, for the sake of breaking through his final bottleneck.

Placing the internal pill in his hand and verifying that it had no trace left of the aura of the Forest Boa King, the Devil Snake Andromalius finally loosened his vigilance.

After so long, he finally achieved his objective. His ecstasy from this was as one might well imagine.

However, it was actually too soon for him to celebrate. The instant he let loose his guard, the Forest Boa King that seemed devoid of life suddenly moved.

That head already soaked in blood suddenly flung to the side, fiercely aiming at the back of Andromalius.


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