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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 439


Chapter 439: Demon God Transformation (III)

Suddenly hearing screams behind him, the Snake Demon God Andromalius unconsciously looked back. This look seemed indifferent, but caused him to pale with fright the next instant.

Because of the concealment of the demon god pillar, he was unable to clearly see the appearance of that green light. In his train of thought, he naturally associated it to the Forest Boas, after all the spiritual energy emitted by them is also of this color. At the very moment that he was in battle with the Forest Boa King, coupled with the fact that the surrounding spiritual energy was under control of the Forest Boa King, this would massively affect his plans.

The four Medusas were finally unable to bear any longer, and opened their eyes. Their snake hair were twisted in light, and that sharp aura already reached out from them. Be it demons or humans, in those circumstances, anyone would chose to save themselves. And they were after all able to sense the location of the enemy, but at the time they opened their eyes, the ones who appeared in their sight were their own kin. As for the splendid green figure from whom those dazzling skills originated, it was several meters away from their sight, causing him to be out of their field of view.

The four of them were instantly petrified, as the Medusas ended up hitting each other. After getting petrified, their bodies sunk into the swamps.

That green light didn't even give them the chance to be buried. Immediately kicking the four petrified Medusas, he sent them flying towards a distant vine.

With a green glint, they disappeared from behind the demon god pillar.

’’Arrgh!’’ Andromalius shouted in fury. Among the Devil Snakes, the most precious of his kin were the Medusas. Due to their petrifying abilities, reproducing them was extremely difficult. And with their level of power, they formed the left and right arms of the Devil Snake God. The mature Medusas among their whole race only had a count of six, among whom the last two were keeping watch over the territory, while the other four were brought along by Andromalius. But he never expected that these four Medusas would actually die in such murky circumstances.

In his fury, it was naturally against the Forest Boa King towards whom all his rage was directed. This enmity could only be washed away with the blood of the enemy.

This time, the Forest Boa King ended up unjustly blamed, and even he was unable to make head or tail of this situation. That was because he clearly sensed that the green glow was of wind element, thus not from his men. However, since someone else was giving him a helping hand, this made one more reason he couldn't let himself be done by Andromalius. Atop of that, with the disappearance from the threat of the four Medusas, the pressure on him was reduced by a big margin. This time of moderation permitted him to recover a lot of his spiritual energy, and now was the time for it to erupt, in the battle to death against Andromalius.

The four petrified Medusas were already transferred into Long Haochen's Eternal Melody.

If he didn't take a good opportunity such as the previous one, Long Haochen wouldn't be true to himself.

The Medusa sisters certainly have good perception, which could be seen from their ability to sense their surroundings even with the eyes closed. If they didn't have a good enough perception, how would they be able to aim for the enemies without their eyesight? For this reason, Long Haochen kept his aim locked at the Medusas but didn't take care of this by himself.

In his original plans, he wanted to have Wang Yuanyuan dispose of them, as the instant teleportation from the Spiritual Stove of Spatial Gate was undoubtedly the most suited choice to kill the Medusas. However, Long Haochen was still worried by the fact that Wang Yuanyuan was only at the sixth step of cultivation. Although she also had grasp over antique martial techniques, confronting the four Medusas by herself remained risky.

As Long Haochen was considering on who should accompany Wang Yuanyuan, the Forest Boa King created a great chance for him.

The Tenth Holy Guard then reappeared in the battlefield, performing a dance of wind without holding anything back. The four Medusas then ended getting caught in their own trap, finally getting disposed with their own Petrification Rays.

Having managed to get rid of the four Medusas smoothly, Long Haochen undoubtedly breathed out with great relief. They weren't like the Forest Boa King, who could resolve the problem of the Petrifying Rays with his layers of skin. While settling some later troubles, this also relieved the Forest Boa King of a great inconvenience. The clash between these two great powerhouses obviously reached even greater tempo, which relieved Long Haochen of even more worries. Once again stepping back inside the dense fog, he murmured a sentence to the Tenth Holy Guard before going back to exterminate the Devil Snakes elite.

But to avoid being found out by Andromalius, Long Haochen still showed a lot of self-control, exercising restraint on his light attribute to the greatest extent, and relying solely on sword intent to kill the enemies. His powerful senses enabled him to see in the fog like it was nothing, and what followed was the successive cries of the Devil Snakes. At the same time, he intentionally avoided the Forest Boas, and the two sides that were originally no allies ended up matching well in the attack.

Of course, Long Haochen wouldn't let the Devil Snakes elites disposed in his hands get swallowed in the swamps. These were Devil Snakes at least at the fifth step, and their corpse and internal pills both fetched for a great price. Has-drug bro will definitely appreciate these!

Nonetheless, these Devil Snakes were elites among their clan. After the short time of panic from getting ambushed, the few Devil Snakes acting as their leaders repeatedly hissed loudly, to guide them with sound, and call the other Devil Snakes to regroup. This way, even without a clear line of sight, the dozens of wounded Forest Boas would still no longer be a big threat for them. Long Haochen also ended up only able to hunt and kill a few of the Devil Snakes on the outside, and didn't dare approach recklessly. Having this many Devil Snake powerhouses attack him in a group would be quite terrible. And he couldn't consume too much of his important fighting power, for there was a battle that was awaiting him later. The Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius was now unable to attend to his own clansmen, as to him, nothing was more important than killing the Forest Boa King currently. This would enable him to raise his cultivation, having a good opportunity to advance to the ninth step! In his eyes, the Forest Boa King was the best tonic possible.

The Forest Boa King wouldn't let himself be done in easily. His massive body burst out with a jadeite like radiance, and although the attacks of Andromalius kept inflicting scars on his body, his massive vitality was his best support. Unceasingly turning around, he attempted to twist Andromalius' body, while opening his large mouth wide to bite him repeatedly, forcing him to proceed with utter care.

Actually, the Forest Boa King shouldn't be in such disadvantage when facing Andromalius, even with the existence of the demon god pillar. Although the Forest Boas don't have really powerful abilities, they still possess a massive vitality far above other magical beasts of the same rank. Even if one's body was cut to pieces, that wouldn't necessarily be mortally injured for it. It was just that, from having his internal pill bombarding the demon god pillar before, the Forest Boa King suffered a really large loss, wounded to his core, which led to such a disadvantageous situation for him.

Andromalius was covered in a dark red luster. Although his figure after Demon God Transformation became massive, it remained agile, and with that, the dual snake spears in his hands kept going up and down, not giving the Forest Boa King any chance of damaging him, while leaving scars on his body without pause.

Aren't you strong in vitality? Then let me exhaust your vitality until it ends. At the same time, Andromalius still had a large fear of Forest Boa King's internal pill, which is why he didn't dare use his whole strength at once. The cunning of the Forest Boa King was something that gave him trouble not once or twice.

Dark green blood was continuously gushing out from the confrontation between these two great powerhouses. The Forest Boa King was visibly weakened, and with the backup from the demon god pillar, Andromalius' darkness spiritual energy seemed inexhaustible. Above his snake spears, ten meter long dark red radiances were sprayed out. He didn't even use skills to attack from a distance, repeatedly leaping up, and attacking. All he used were the most direct and barbaric ways to wound the massive Forest Boa King.

Finally, the Forest Boa King's body became unable to bear, and suddenly letting out a howl of rage, he once again spouted a dark green glow.

Andromalius remained very tense up till now, only waiting for this. With a flash of reddish black light, his body disappeared baselessly, appearing at the rear of his demon god pillar.

There was no doubt that he was waiting for this. At the time the internal pill of the Forest Boa King once again smashed the demon god pillar, his victory would become certain.

However, just like Andromalius kept scheming against the Forest Boa King, the Forest Boa King similarly schemed against him. That dark green light only advanced for one meter, before getting absorbed back, without shooting for real. Then, the massive Forest Boa King directly sunk into the swamps.

The swamps. This was the true territory of the Forest Boa King. The reason why Forest Boa King hadn't done this before wasn't because he didn't want to, but because he didn't dare. With how massive his body was, even if his strength was even greater, entering the swamps needed time, and that short span of time was sufficient for Andromalius to inflict serious injuries to him.

So this time, Andromalius turned out to be the one who was fooled. Relying on the ability of instant return to teleport beside his demon god pillar to avoid that attack, he gave the Forest Boa King sufficient time to escape into the swamps.

And furthermore, the teleportation ability of the demon god pillar isn't useable as one wishes. After every use, one would need to wait a long time before using it again. This teleportation in itself isn't an ability belonging to Andromalius, thus could only be used within a certain range. Otherwise, if the demon gods were able to teleport out of any ambush, humanity would have been screwed long ago.

This time, Andromalius' nose turned at a crooked angle, and his response still ended up too late. The Forest Boa King was already back in the swamps, and all he could do was to vent out on these oozy swamps, attacking it at full strength with the hope to inflict some wounds to the Forest Boa King indirectly.

In the ooze, the Forest Boa King was like a fish in the water, and the traces of his presence disappeared instantly.

These two powerhouses were fighting and scheming against each other, and with the stratagems both sides relied on, it could be said that none of them managed to entirely suppress the other.

Andromalius was also extremely shrewd. Seeing his opponent disappear, his rough tail was immediately flung in front of the demon god pillar, pushing himself to climb on top of it, to leave the area of swamps. Only by relying on the demon god pillar, his strength was displayed at its greatest heights while the Forest Boa King was greatly weakened. With the enemy having gone out of sight, he opted for the most reliable choice, truly proving himself to be one of the seventy-two demon gods.


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