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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 437


Chapter 437: Demon God Transformation (I)

The Forest Boa King was shaken by the sudden vicious attack. In front of him, petrified snake skin was lying on the ground, quietly sinking into the swamps. Even a powerhouse such as the Forest Boa King visibly, was only able to resort to a desperate escape plan against the Petrification ability of a Medusa.

Long Haochen was secretly shocked, understanding that if he were to ever go against Andromalius, his most important targets were going to be those Medusas. Yue Ye's warning was indeed right! These Medusas surpassed even Andromalius in threat level.

It wasn't that these Medusas were so powerful in themselves. Their ability of Petrification wouldn't possibly petrify a god's chosen one such as Long Haochen entirely. But even only being weakened and slowed down by that Petrification would be a fatal blow.

The eyes of the Medusas had to be avoided, otherwise, one's body would be entirely petrified. And furthermore the eyes of a Medusa can shot a sort of petrifying laser beam, also petrifying a target upon hitting it. Of course, using this ability also comes with a large consumption of spiritual energy from the Medusa. At least, launching it successively isn't possible, and also, in normal times they can be considered blind, unable to open their eyes whenever they wish.

Andromalius let out a low roar, pointing his fingers at the Boa Forest King. Then, his subordinates slowly dispersed around, standing in guard against the Forest Boas in the swamps.

It was clear that in the battle of his brothers, the Devil Snakes finally emerged victorious. After launching their last full power attack, those ordinary Forest Boas were already not a big threat, they could only wait inside of the swamps for an opportunity. And what awaited was obviously the fight between their two kings, between the opposing Devil Snake King Andromalius and Forest Boa King.

Andromalius could of course use his own clansmen to weaken the Forest Boa King, but the subordinates he already lost were not few, and besides, he wanted to use his own strength to take revenge against the Forest Boa King. With the existence of his ultimate killing weapon the demon god pillar, he had absolute confidence. In fact at every use of the demon god pillar, his own vital energy served as fuel. This time, his target was not only the treasure here, but also the internal pill and body of the Forest Boa King. These were all great treasures, and were he to consume them, Andromalius had at least seventy percent odds to break through the ninth step.

In the midst of a roar, the Forest Boa King fixed his eyes on Andromalius, his fury visible in his eyes.

In some sense, they were all of the snake race, yet right now they were akin to mortal enemies. The figure of Andromalius was already massive, but it still paled in comparison with the Forest Boa King.

As the two great powerhouses were on the verge of fighting to death, Long Haochen put even more care in concealing his presence. To him, the battle that was about to take place was extremely valuable material. He had always wanted to know the extent of the power a demon god could use when he used his demon god pillar to it's fullest extent. And the answer for this question was about to come in this stage. The Devil Snake God Andromalius thrust his snake spear forward, yelling continuously. The surrounding Devil Snakes also howled, and only the four Medusas by his side remained motionless, staying beside the demon god pillar, calmly facing the direction of the Forest Boa King.

These four Medusas were like four enormous magic cannons. Who knew when they would fire again.

Andromalius lifted the snake spears in both his hands high, simultaneously, and his muffled chants gradually became more reverberating, and started to sound sharp to the ears. Behind him was the seventy-second demon god pillar, which started letting out a mild purple glow.

For some reason, when sensing this mild purple light, Long Haochen suddenly felt some familiarity. This familiar feeling wasn't coming from a demon, but seemed to...

Thinking about this point, Long Haochen suddenly had a change on the expression in his eyes. However, it very quickly returned to normal.

Immediately, the large snake sculpture on top of that massive demon god pillar seemed to come to life. A dark shadow appeared from nowhere, quietly adhering to the body of the Devil Snake Demon God's body.

Long Haochen's pupils abruptly dilated, because to his shock he saw that after assimilating that shadow, the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius unexpectedly enlarged at an astonishing speed. The aura on his body also gained in size and power. That massive aura seemed to originate from his blood vessels, but it seemed to be an extraordinary energy that doesn't belong to this world. His strength remained at the peak of the eighth step, but the intensity of his aura even surpassed a powerhouse of the ninth step.

From afar, the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius seemed to have fused completely with his demon god pillar, and even the snake spears in his hands kept on enlarging.

The Forest Boa King kept bellowing continuously, and the three golden glows on his back illuminated even more. Circles of jade colored radiance spread out from his body, dispersing the darkness essence in the air at an astonishing speed. What replaced it was two kinds of particular elemental fluctuations reeking of life and death. The poison in the swamps became even more dense in the air, an acid raid of poison started to fall.

As that rain of poison fell on Andromalius, one could distinctly hear some tingling sound, accompanied by a faint smoke. From this can one well imagine the great danger associated with the attack.

It was indeed far from something easy to deal with.

With his strength that reached the ninth step, the Forest Boa King was already able to alter and control the surrounding environment. This was a kind of Domain-like ability. But visibly, the Forest Boa King was not yet able to launch a real domain. The same goes for the Saw Skate King Long Haochen's group encountered previously.

From what is known, to truly control a Domain, the requirement is to be at least at the third rank of the ninth step, in other words, to surpass 300,000 units of spiritual energy.

And any powerhouse able to control a Domain, whether he is from the Temple Alliance or the demons, is an outstanding existence. The Devil Snake God evidently suffered great pain, which could be heard in his deafening roar. His swollen figure which was already over meters tall went straight for the Forest Boa King.

The demon god pillar that accorded him a boost, was something all demon god possess, as well as an ability exclusive to the seventy-two demon gods, called Demon God Transformation.

A demon god in a Demon God Transformed state will gain a massive boost in aura and strength. His or her external spiritual energy will rise to an extremely terrifying level.

For instance, the current Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius was still at the peak of the eighth step in internal spiritual energy, but his external spiritual energy was already at the ninth step. With every different demon god pillar come different fields and degrees of amplifications.

From this, one can imagine the degree of terror if the Demon God Emperor were to complete the Demon God Transformation from his Devil Dragon Pillar.

As the two immense snake spears aimed straight for the Forest Boa King, an intense elemental explosion occurred in mid-air.

In fact, under the control of the Forest Boa King of the ninth step, the surrounding elemental fluctuations were dispersed, but he was unable to disperse the elemental essence coming out from the demon god pillar. Andromalius harmonized himself with his demon god pillar, so would he let himself be affected?

Jade and black clashed in the air, producing an explosion of incomparable intensity, repelling all the surrounding swamps. Massive shock waves dispersed, blowing the acid rain away. Some Devil Snakes of insufficient spiritual energy or that didn't dodge in time were also caught in it, and shouts could be heard for a moment.

This was visibly done intentionally by the Forest Boa King. As a ruler of the Swamps of Gloom, he had numerous means of self-protection. When this mighty being unleashes his power, he won't show weakness even against a demon god.

The fight between Andromalius and the Forest Boa King looked very simple and direct, and the Forest Boa King's massive body was brazenly exposed in front of all the Devil Snakes.

His build reached a terrifying length of over sixty meters, and the thickest part of his body reached five meters in diameter. This was such a terribly massive monster! Even after getting a boost from the demon god pillar, Andromalius still paled in comparison to him.

The two powerhouses both had such massive builds, and both also primarily excelled in using external spiritual energy.

A red and jade colored spiritual energy frantically devoured each other. At every clash, the two powerhouses let out a sound close to a groan.

Long Haochen was silently observing from afar, filled with some shock. He was already certain that even if his comrades and himself were to cooperate and focus on one of those two only, their odds of victory would hardly exceed thirty three percent!

This was the strength of a powerhouse of the ninth step! It was even enough to cause changes to the surrounding terrain. If not for Andromalius' voluntary effort to redirect most of the shock waves in the air, it was highly possibly that none of the Devil Snakes remaining here would survive those. So he had to get involved to prevent that.

Immense radiance kept rising to the sky, and the very dense poisonous fog was unexpectedly pushed away by the battle. Faintly, one could see traces of sunshine.

Strong! Long Haochen was secretly exclaiming in admiration, naturally directing this praise at the Forest Boa King.

Even though the Forest Boa King is a magical beast, one cannot underestimate him. Very clearly, from the start of the battle, he was the one who incited Andromalius to direct the reverberations of spiritual energy in the air. And Andromalius had no choice but to do this, because this was the only way for him to prevent his clansmen from receiving damage from their attacks.

However, the poison in the air was dispersed, and the consequent appearance of sunlight was to the darkness elemental Snake Devil God an obvious source of massive weakness. At the time sunlight fell upon them, the Forest Boa King was unaffected, but the Devil Snake Demon God was burnt, which had the effect of somewhat weakening his fusion with his demon god pillar.

In fact, if this was in the external world, at the time the demon gods would burst out with his power, their demon god pillars would naturally produce some dark clouds obstructing the sunlight. But at this moment, the Forest Boa King clearly wouldn't give his opponent this opportunity.

’’You all leave this battlefield.’’ The Devil Snake God was still clashing against the Forest Boa King and harassing him, when in his hands, the Snake Spear left two deep scars on his opponent. At this time, he shouted these words in rage towards his subordinates.


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