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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 436


Chapter 436: Devil Snake Demon God and Forest Boa King (III)

All of a sudden, he sensed the air above his head cool down. The Devil Snake then hastened to concentrate more on his sense of smell, but didn't find smell of any living creature. In his time of stupor, that ice-cold feeling already struck through its bone.

A light pierced through him, while another glint of green light penetrated his throat. Not letting out the slightest sound, this Devil Snake was already slowly falling onto a vine the next instant.

The green figure shortly paused, before throwing itself into the thick fog, which became its best cover. Even if there was another Devil Snake only a few dozens meters away, his line of sight would be obstructed, preventing him from finding out about the circumstances here.

After no less than ten minutes passed, the Devil Snakes in charge for scouting were thoroughly eradicated. When that green figure reappeared by Long Haochen's side, the green light emitted from him just looked somewhat dimmer.

Slowly shutting his eyes, Long Haochen let out a sigh of relief after having gotten exhausted due to the high expenditure of his mental energy.

In his mind, the demon god pillar of the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius was an immense energy entity. As he calmed himself down, his awareness remained very clear. The reason why he didn't have the Tenth Holy Guard attack the battling Devil Snakes was to avoid inadvertently warning the other side.

Having them remain unaware of their existence was undoubtedly the best choice.

A moment later, Long Haochen opened his eyes once again, not pondering over the matter of treasure anymore, but on how they could achieve their ultimate objective.

’’Ying'er, I am sending you back. Tell everyone about the situation here, and have them prepare for a fight. Since I am rather good at concealing my aura, I will investigate, and when the best opportunity appears, we will then act.’’

The Snake Demon God Andromalius was leading the Snake Demon army to wage war against the magical beasts living in the swamps, and to the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, this was an incredibly good opportunity! Although Long Haochen was cautious, if he were to let go of such a good opportunity, he wouldn't be qualified to be a Demon Hunt Squad captain.

The two holy guards vanished in the Eternal Melody by Long Haochen's orders, to recuperate. Chen Ying'er and McDull were sent back to the Tower of Eternity, and then, Long Haochen wasn't in a great hurry, taking time in recovering, to recuperate from his consumption of mental power, before getting to the act. Erasing the fluctuations of spiritual energy coming out from him, he advanced towards the edge of the battlefield.

Right now, he looked just like a tiger in ambush: reserved in appearance, but ready to break out with explosive force at anytime.

His hatred towards the demons was shown in his cold expression. On the verge of facing one of the seventy-two demon gods, his mind was now filled with images of the scene of Cai'er and himself surrounded by the Demon Hunter Removers.

Unconsciously pursing up his lips, a hard to describe emotion filled him, spreading inside him. Even if the Aria of the Goddess of Light was not in his grasp, his body still let out a dense sword intent. Even Long Haochen himself was not in complete control of this sword intent.

Fortunately, although intense, this sword intent was only pulsing around his body, and didn't scatter too far.

Shutting his eyes, Long Haochen refrained himself, for fear that the instant he would see the Devil Snake Demon God, he wouldn't be able to contain his fighting spirit and killing intent would radiate from him.

Even he hadn't thought that encountering demon powerhouses again would him affect so greatly.

In truth, this state was actually due to the fact he had been suppressing his feelings for so long. After Cai'er's loss of memories, Long Haochen became filled with an anxiety that one might well imagine. The one who best understood his pain was only himself. To take good care of Cai'er, he could only conceal this pain in his heart, keeping his tears inside him. Forcing a smile on his face to comfort Cai'er, he kept trying to help her recover her memories.

As days passed, Cai'er's state stabilized, but the pain filling Long Haochen was only growing deeper day by day. That was because he hoped to reunite with the Cai'er he shared deep love with. If he had been more resolute at that time, forcefully stopping Tian Qing from starting this battle, perhaps nothing of that would have happened. But how could others know about the self-blaming filling his heart at that time?

At this moment, although the one he was about to face was not the one responsible for Cai'er's loss of memories, it was still another powerful demon foe. The feelings suppressed in his heart immediately caused him to enter a berserk state. As the days had gone by, his comprehension regarding sword intent had gradually deepened, his emotions and his sword intent merging into one, giving rise to this state.

Without a doubt, Long Haochen in this state was undoubtedly fearful, or rather terrifying. But similarly, if he were to not get a valid target to vent out in this state, the blow inflicted to his mind would be enormous. This was unrelated to strength, stemming directly from his psyche.

Quietly approaching the battlefield, Long Haochen concealed himself in the poisonous fog. His self control was in the end extremely strong, and after the short time of recovery he had, he managed to barely control his own surges of emotions.

Slowly opening his eyes, he peeked the inside of the battlefield from its border. The first thing that caught his eye was that massive demon god pillar. Right, that was definitely a demon god pillar.

In the past, Long Haochen had already faced the god pillar belonging to the supreme ruler of the seventy two demons. In particular, the Demon God Emperor's gave him a really massive shock, so he recognized that thing at the first look.

However, his eyes never looked at Andromalius, for fear that his presence would be noticed because of that.

Silently calming himself down, Long Haochen quietly observed the changes on the battlefield.

Right now, the offense of the Devil Snakes was growing fiercer and fiercer, and the Forest Boas were losing the edge little by little. The massive Forest Boas were certainly extremely tough in defense, possessing astonishing strength, but just like even a hero is no match against too many enemies, a tiger is no match for a flock of wolves. The Forest Boas that didn't reach twenty in quantity, were beaten with large masses of devil snakes;bruised, rapidly holing themselves inside the swamps, and only showing the half of their bodies to the Devil Snake Demons.

The Devil Snakes didn't seem affected by the swamp ground in the slightest, advancing and retreating in sequence. Going on the offense in successive surges, their darkness spiritual energy was urged to the greatest extent. Frequently, three to five Devil Snakes would launch a joint attack, with the effect of leaving large scar on the Fprest Boa.

The Forest Boa King started to let out a low growl, similarly urging his own clansmen. Meanwhile, its massive body started to twist, visibly about to suddenly attack at anytime.

It looked that the situation of the Forest Boas wasn't very great. If this went on, the Forest Boa King was perhaps going to intervene. But obviously, the Devil Snake Demon God glaring at him like a tiger wasn't going to let him do as he pleases, so an intervention would lead to a direct confrontation between these two. Though, with the awe of the demon god pillar, this battle seemed to hold no suspense if things kept going on this way.

Long Haochen couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief. Indeed, arriving early was no way as good as arriving at the perfect time. And to him, this timing was just more than favorable.

Nonetheless, the question remained how they could help the Forest Boas, the best result remaining to be a mutual destruction.

And also, the Devil Snake Demon God couldn't be allowed to run away.

Long Haochen didn't act with over haste. Right at this time, watching calmly was the best choice. Moreover, his plans were still not completely decided. Meanwhile, while surveying the position of the Forest Boa King, he faintly discerned a dark cave that seemed to be behind the Forest Boa King. This cave was quite unusual, surrounded by thick vines. It was as if the whole cave was protected behind the vines spreading from the ground. It was when the Forest Boa King moved that Long Haochen managed to discern a bit of it.

’’Houu.’’ With a mournful snarl, the Forest Boa King exploded. This king of the Swamps of Gloom visibly seemed unable to bear this situation. With the enemy attacking his own lair, and slaughtering his people, his anger was understandable. Even if the fear from the demon god pillar restraining him was even higher, seeing the counterpart threat his own existence, he had no choice but to fight.

This snarl of the Forest Boa King had an instantaneous effects. The Forest Boas all came to a standstill, and immediately, some dark green ball of light Long Haochen was familiar with bombarded directly the group of Devil Snakes.

This movement of the Forest Boas was efficiently coordinated and executed, to the extent that even Andromalius wasn't able to make it at time to instruct his subordinate against it.

With an intense explosion, over fifty Devil Snake standing in the front were instantly caught in the explosion, changing into fragments in the air, and soiling the swamps with their blood. The next instant the ten Forest Boas spat out their internal pills, they suddenly leapt, rushing in the midst of the enemy ranks. With their unyielding power, they forcefully compelled the Devil Snakes back, then swallowed back their respective internal pills, before disappearing into the swamps.

Having suddenly being subject to such a violent attack, the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius felt unable to hold back any longer. These were the elite among his subordinates;the lives of each ones of them mattered. These Devil Snakes of the fifth and the sixth step were not that easy to foster, so how could he stay and be indifferent in front of this scene?

A sharp cry came out from Andromalius' mouth, and the same motion was performed by the four Medusas standing at his side, that all opened their eyes.

The four snake-women opened their eyes, causing the distant Long Haochen to shut his eyes unconsciously. After he felt the threat disappear, and opened his eyes once again, he immediately took a long breath.

From the attack that was just launched, among the Forest Boas on the surface of the swamps, three didn't make it back to the swamps in time. Their upper-bodies were standing still, and even the swamp surrounding them stopped moving.

Petrification. This is an innate ability of Medusas, and one of the most terrifying ones used by Devil Snakes. Even the Devil Snake Demon God Andromalius doesn't have control over it, as this is a speciality of Medusas.

The Devil Snakes naturally wouldn't let go of such good opportunity, and in a flash, the three petrified Forest Boas were reduced into fragments under their attacks, losing life a moment later.

The Forest Boa King was also subject to attacks. Of the three Medusas, two had aimed for the Forest Boas, while the tallest one went after the Forest Boa King, with the simple goal of preventing him from interfering.


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