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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 435


Chapter 435: Devil Snake God and Forest Boa King (II)

Long Haochen was currently not only acting as the eyes of the Tenth Holy Guards, but also his commander. In the mind of the Tenth Holy Guard something resembling a map appeared, indicating the location of all the surrounding enemies detected by Long Haochen. The enemies were very concentrated, but in this thick fog, the environment was more than suited to the powerful wind user like the Tenth Holy Guard. Moreover, these Devil Snakes were in the midst of a large battle.

An intense darkness elemental magic power was surging in the air, originating from a massive pillar that seemed to connect the heaven and the earth.

The massive pillar was thoroughly black, taking root on the yellow greenish water in the swamps. On it, a snake bodied person seemed to stand. This monster occasionally let out a red glint from his eyes

The area several thousand meters radius with this gigantic pillar as core was entirely purified , and in this scope, a large battle was in the midst of occurring.

One robust Devil Snake after another twisted their bodies, overwhelmingly armed with spears, while holding a staff in the other hand, frantically launching devastating attacks against their enemy..

These Devil Snakes used their large tail to move unhindered in these extremely unsteady swamps.

The Devil Snakes were high in number, and their height crossed three meters. This could be said to be the elite of the Devil Snake Clan, with each and every Devil Snake at least at the fifth step.

Their enemy wasn't willing to give up. The enemy was a dozens gigantic Forest Boas, as well as numerous creatures living in the Swamps of Gloom.

The battle was very fierce. As magical beasts of the eighth rank, the Forest Boas should logically have an overwhelming superiority, but the truth of the situation wasn't like that. The Devil Snakes were over a thousand in number, vastly outstripping the Forest Boas, and were very well organised, combining offense and defense as one, and their knowledge regarding their opponent was considerable. In case a Forest Boa would fall to the ground, the Devil Snakes would automatically scatter, giving the Forest Boas no chance to swallow them.

That gigantic pillar standing on the swamps was also of massive use. A circle of dark light spread out from him, enveloping these Devil Snakes inside. The powerful elite of the Devil Snakes are equivalent to magical beasts of the sixth rank, and with the presence of a formidable support force, their fighting strength and recovery were all tremendously boosted. With the addition to their numerical superiority, the Devil Snake Kings attacked group of the creatures from the Swamps of Gloom, led by the Forest Boas, and suppressed them to a certain extent.

The battle visibly went on for a long time already, but the ground wasn't filled with corpses from Devil Snakes. This was because as soon as one died in combat, it would be naturally unable to keep moving in the swamps, and undoubtedly get engulfed due to the natural forces,

On the side of the Forest Boas lied two corpses, hanging onto the vines, retrieved by their own.

However, although the battle was cruel, one could clearly see that the two sides were still in a state of restraint, simply because they both had their greatest powerhouses that had yet to intervene.

On the side of the Devil Snakes, above the gigantic pillar stood a five meter long Devil Snake, proud and unyielding. His thick and hard tail supported his tall build, his upper body looked extremely robust, and on it were a lot of dark blue and red colored symbols. His eyes, one was blue, one was red and had a head bald, with only some dark blue bits of hair forming a little pigtail. On each of his hands was a spear, and his eyes kept flickering, looking into the distance at the Forest Boas.

Beside this sturdy build Devil Snake stood four gracious female Devil Snakes. Their height didn't exceed two meters, and their body twisted around their tail, and faces were pale white colored. Their most terrifying aspect remained their hair, which actually had the appearance of little snakes. These four female Devil Snakes had their eyes closed, and their eyelids colored in white.

Without a doubt, that very tall Devil Snake was their chief, the last ranked of the seventy-two demon gods, Andromalius.

And naturally, the four female Devil Snakes at his side were the four Medusas under his command.

Although the battle was quite intense, until now, they still had yet to intervene.

Right in front of them, in the rear of those immense Forest Boas lay an entirely jade skinned Forest Boas, with three golden lines on the back, calmly waiting. His body exposed in the swamps exceeded ten meters in height, standing proudly. Nonetheless, when he would occasionally look at the demon god pillar on the back of Andromalius, his eyes would let out some sparks.

A Forest Boa King! That's one of the genuine rulers of the Swamps of Gloom, a magical beast of the tenth rank, a Forest Boa King.

Although the Saw Skate King is also one of the ruler of these Swamps of Gloom, his territory is far inferior to the Forest Boa King. The Saw Skate King wouldn't easily leave from his territory, thus his scope of control isn't large. As long as the Forest Boa King doesn't go invade his territory, these two will naturally live in harmony. But the Forest Boa King isn't the same, as the one ruling the vast majority of the territory in these swamps. As long as some place would be formed with swamps, that would almost be his shadow. Unless encountering Saw Skates or other natural enemies, their race was unstoppable in these swamps.

The ominous glint in the eyes of Andromalius was already reaching its peak. To handle these Forest Boas, he had paid a massive cost.

The first to find out about the presence of a treasure here was him. Andromalius knew since long ago about the presence of the Forest Boas in these Swamps. Being fellow reptilian race, he was naturally well informed regarding the other party. Thus,he had come to poach from them once before, but found out by some accident, that the Forest Boa race seemed to be guarding something in there. Therefore, interest rose in Andromalius who somehow wanted to have a look inside. And this was how he crossed swords with the Forest Boa King for the first time.

Ordinary Forest Boas were naturally no match for Andromalius, but being a magical beast of the tenth rank, the Forest Boa King had the strength of a powerhouse of the ninth step, plus this was his home ground. In the battle waged here, Andromalius suffered huge losses, and nearly lost his life. If not for some particular methods reserved for demon gods that he made use of, he wouldn't have been able to escape.

This matter was not only of a great disgrace for Andromalius, but rose even further curiosity regarding the treasure guarded by the Forest Boas. There was definitely some good things inside, which rose Andromalius' determination.

Among the seventy-two demon gods, he was only the last ranked of all, and his strength didn't advance further after reaching the peak of the eighth step. No one would be willing to remain last, so Andromalius was naturally unwilling to give up on such a good opportunity. If there was an opportunity to find some treasure enabling him to perhaps raise his cultivation to the ninth step, his rank among the demon gods would be sure to leap up. Don't forget that Andromalius has at least his own clan. This made his status still higher than some of the other demon gods ranked among the latter part of the sixties.

Therefore, after returning back and healing his wounds, Andromalius brought some elite among his subordinates to return to the Swamps of Gloom.

However, this time he was rather lacking in luck, and passed through the lake where the Saw Skates were living, resulting obviously in the personal intervention of the Saw Skate King, inflicting once again heavy wounds to Andromalius. The elites he brought were also turned without surprise into nutrient for the lake.

The heavy damage from this setback took no less than three months for Andromalius to heal. The terror of the Saw Skate King was even superior to the Forest Boa King in his eyes, and if not for some extraordinary defensive abilities rewarded by the demon god pillar, he would have already died twice.

Andromalius was still in the end a demon god. After suffering two consecutive setbacks, pondering about the painful experience brought him to plan cautiously his next move. Afterwards, he chose to enter in the Swamps of Gloom dozens times, though not deep inside, to carefully examine the situation in these swamps. He went through several dangerous situations, but as a result got a good understanding of this Land of Death. And after getting a certain grasp, Andromalius once again gathered his elites, this time consisting even of Medusa and his own demon god pillar, aiming for a sure success.

Without their demon god pillar beside, demon gods weren't different from other powerhouses of same rank. However, they would be absolutely not the same with a demon god pillar. Demon god pillars not only provided a great boost to the demon god himself, but also greatly reinforced his own clansmen. And to the demon god himself, a demon god pillar is close to a trump card. With it on his back, a demon god can bring out 150% of his original strength in battle.

Although Andromalius' demon god pillar was the last ranked among all seventy-two, it still remained a piece of Epic Tier equipment. This was also what made the visibly stronger Forest Boa King refrain from participating, with the mindset to prevent superfluous harm. This was how massive the sense of oppression that the demon god pillar gave him was.

The Devil Snake Demon God wasn't the least bit hurried to act. For the sake of eliminating the wings of the Forest Boa King, he endured patiently for so long, waiting for a good opportunity. As for the Saw Skate King, he didn't dare provoke him at the moment. The underlings of the Saw Skate King were just far too many, and their offensive power just too fierce.

The Forest Boas weren't few in number either, but didn't attack in a group, they were scattered all over the swamps. Even the Forest Boa King wouldn't be able to instantly gather too many of his clansmen for a battle.

When the confrontation between both sides was reaching its climax, a green figure appeared soundlessly on the edge of the battlefield.

Andromalius was extremely prudent, this time bringing his army to penetrate deep into the Swamps of Gloom, with the resolve to accomplish the whole task in one stroke. Would he dare become careless? It could be said that the elite of the Devil Snakes gathered here exceeded the half of the whole of their whole race. Thus, he assigned several dozen Devil Snakes in the outskirts for scouting. In case some powerful magical beast from the swamps were to approach them, there would be time for them to be warned this way.

However, right at this moment, these Devil Snakes responsible for scouting were being quietly assassinated one after another.

Being on the periphery, they had originally no way to receive support from the demon god pillar, moreover when their enemy was that strong, they were easily cut apart.

A Devil Snake standing on top of a tree was vigilantly observing the surroundings, unceasingly sweeping his eyes all around. The dim black spiritual energy on his body was expelling the poison from the swamps, but in fact, he was only able to see in a small area, and mostly had to rely on his perception to examine the surroundings. Reptiles have a keen sense of smell, and this is the strongest aspect in their perception.


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