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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 433


Chapter 433: Saw Skate King (III)

That delayed silver glint shook Haoyue with force, using the upper part of its horn, full of sinister intent. And on the previous location of Long Haochen's group, countless silver glints appeared, frantically entangling in the air.

The silvery silhouette disappeared in the air in the next instant, before reappearing three seconds later. Its aim was to follow Long Haochen's group using its spatial powers and kill them, but it unfortunately failed at its attempt.

Right, the one chasing was precisely the Saw Skate King.

Being a magical beast of the tenth rank, its perception was even more terrifying than what Long Haochen's group could imagine. After the surrounding air was filled with spatial essence, everything in it's scope was under his control.

Having his habitat attacked, the Saw Skate King admittedly avoided taking risks, but after ensuring all his kin were safe, the Saw Skate King made a thorough search. After making sure that no other threat was present, the Saw Skate King chased after them, full of rancor. When coming at them, it even relied on repeated spatial teleportations.

If Han Yu's suggestion came a little later, perhaps they would have been inflicted by the terrifying attack of the Saw Skate King. And the same would have happened if Long Haochen's reaction was just a bit slower. And another important thing was that Haoyue had the quinary elemental Essence of Disorder prepared beforehand, which burst out instantly at this time, stalling some precious time for the group.

At the time Long Haochen brought everyone back to the Tower of Eternity, he found out that the clothes inside his armor were completely drenched in sweat.

The instant right before was truly perilous. He sensed death being even closer to them in this adventure than the time they went up against Ah'Bao.

Even if Ah'Bao was even stronger, he had yet to break through the ninth step, and those Demon Hunter Removers were the same. However, this Saw Skate King was not only equivalent to a human powerhouse of the ninth step, it was also an expert in offense. In case his attack really succeeded, none of them would have made it out. In front of absolute strength, even divine tools would be helpless.

The expressions on their faces were particularly unsightly, especially for Long Haochen whose fatal mistake could have been the reason for the death of their entire team.

Everyone went silent, and everyone seemed drenched in sweat. No one would be fearless in front of death, especially when put in such a close distance from it.

Long Haochen clenched his teeth tightly, remaining silent for a long time.

Appearing dispirited, Haoyue was crawling on the floor. It was fortunate that at the time he launched Essence of Disorder, Han Yu had released the formidable power of the Spiritual Stove of Blessing of Light, ensuring him a rapid recovery. Otherwise, his overdraft from the frenetic release of such a powerful spell would have become even greater.

Essence of Disaster was originally an innate magic of Haoyue, with undoubtable power, but its weak point remained that no matter how strong Haoyue would be, unleashing this spell would still nearly exhaust all his spiritual energy.

Still, that previous blow revealed the real strength Haoyue attained after evolving. When attacked by the penta elemental Essence of Disaster, even a powerhouse of the ninth step was delayed for over five seconds. A spatial attribute user such a the Saw Skate King was unable to struggle free from the effects of the spell, only keeping itself unharmed at most.

’’Sorry everyone. I need to review my decision, my planning was not thorough enough, putting our group in great danger. As captain, the responsibility falls on me.’’

’’Boss, don't be like this. Who could expect that the Saw Skate King would be that powerful?’’ While bearing the backlash from his spiritual stove Sima Xian said in a hurry.

Han Yu also nodded , ’’That's right! All of this went beyond our expectations. It is all our responsibility, don't just blame yourself.’’

Letting out a bitter smile, Long Haochen shook his head, ’’No! As the captain, I still brought you there despite realizing that we might possibly encounter a powerful Saw Skate King. This was already a mistake. Had someone have been lost today, I would forever be unable to forgive myself. I am the one at wrong. As punishment for it, I will renounce all of the profit and the Forest Boa Pills that we will have obtained from the trip here. ’’

’’Captain, the one at wrong should be me. It was all because of my selfishness, so I...’’ Although being staunch, Wang Yuanyuan couldn't help but leak out red traces on her eye socket. The one who benefitted from the killing of Saw Skates the most was her, and it was precisely because she was lacking in spatial attribute equipment that Long Haochen undertook this venture.

Revealing a slight smile, Long Haochen raised his hand to stop Wang Yuanyuan from saying more, ’’Alright, we can at last be considered safe. I will now definitely be even more careful when planning our next course of action.’’

’’Everyone should go have a good rest. After these two teleportations, we will need to stay here for a long time before coming out. This should avoid encountering the Saw Skate King waiting in ambush for us to come out.’’

In particular Lin Xin and Sima Xian who suffered aftereffects from their spiritual stoves or Haoyue who needed time to recover after unleashing Essence of Disaster and even Long Haochen needed time to rest. In fact, when using Storm of Blades, he had also been using Storing Power in combination and although it didn't use his sword intent, the consumption of his spiritual energy was massive. Han Yu's Spiritual Stove of Light Blessing was stopped before ending due to the teleportation, so everyone was clearly somewhat beat.

Although they had failed to find traces of the Devil Snake Clan, their gains were still abundant, be it from the Forest Boas or the Saw Skates, they were all rare treasures. Long Haochen was certain that since the Devil Snake God Andromalius was willing to spend so much time in these Swamps of Gloom, it must be that something attracted him here. He couldn't possibly be unaware of the existence of the habitat of the Saw Skates here, or about these creatures that targeted Long Haochen's group. Although this enterprise was dangerous, the result was undoubtedly fabulous. Having gathered eleven Saw Skates in total, making one piece of Legendary Equipment per person should be possible relying on it.

Thus, Long Haochen was currently not the least bit worried. Their reward was already plentiful, and the gains they could make by killing Devil Snakes would be even greater. In case the enemy was undefeatable, ending their trip of slaughter here, it was already pretty okay.

From their departure from the Temple Alliance this time, the greatest loss was regarding Cai'er's memories, otherwise their objectives as a whole were already reached, as Cai'er's awakening as a god chosen one was already complete.

The Tower of Eternity rapidly quietened, and everyone started cultivating.

Long Haochen learned a lesson from his encounter with the Saw Skate King. He had to be even more prudent from then onwards. This time of rest and reorganization took no less than three days. Only when Sima Xian and Lin Xin recovered from the backlash of their respective spiritual stoves, did they finally return to the Swamps of Gloom.

Long Haochen took the initiative to transport himself back to the swamps. He could be regarded as the cornerstone of the teleportation of their group. His location would be the one where his comrades would be teleported.

When returning in the Swamps of Gloom, Long Haochen tried to conceal his own aura as much as possible while blocking the poison, keeping distance from the habitat of the Saw Skates to the furthest possible extent.

With Haoyue remaining in the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen was able to trigger his blood contract to summon himself at his side at anytime, which was a lot faster than a teleportation through the Eternal Melody. Even if the Saw Skate King were to reappear, he would have the time to escape.

The Saw Skate King didn't turn out to be patient enough to lay at wait in this place, so Long Haochen smoothly flew away.

The poisonous gas in the air was warded off with his armor of spiritual energy, letting out Puff sounds repeatedly. Nonetheless, the current Long Haochen having three spiritual cavities, although the light essence in the swamps was not plentiful, his recovery still counteracted the consumption from resisting the poisonous fog.

Moving as one person was bound to be always a lot easier than in group, and with the lesson from the Saw Skate King, Long Haochen managed to smoothly leave rapidly by himself. After no less than half an hour of flight, when reaching a far distance from the Saw Skates' territory, he summoned his comrades back here.

At the time Haoyue's massive stature appeared in the Swamps of Gloom, Long Haochen's line of sight finally cleared up. Little Purple's long whale-like absorption cleared up most of the poisonous fog as he sucked it in. All this poison thus rapidly dispersed from their sight.

’’Recover your spiritual energy everyone.’’ Invoking the Rippling Light, Long Haochen guarded the place. The Tower of Eternity was after all a place where the majority of the group was unable to recover spiritual energy, and even if this place was lacking, various elements were still present.

Sitting on Haoyue's back, everyone tried to recover their spiritual energy. Little Light and Little Flame respectively released abilities close to Spiritual Gathering Halo. Aside from Wang Yuanyuan, the whole group recovered at considerable speed. As for Chen Ying'er, she didn't participate from beginning to end, and naturally didn't have any need to recover.

’’Ah!’’ With a cry of alarm, Chen Ying'er attracted Long Haochen's attention.

’’What's the problem, Ying'er?’’

Chen Ying'er was holding the treasure pig on her hands, ’’Boss, see.’’ This girl was very proud to the core, and still calling Long Haochen by his name or the appellation of captain at the time they just became Demon Hunters. But as the team kept maturing, when seeing everything Long Haochen did for the sake of the team, she started to sincerely call him as 'Captain', even though Long Haochen was actually a bit younger than her.

Long Haochen then discovered that in her hands, the Mirror Image Treasure Pig was letting out a discreet brilliance of gold color, only discernible very faintly.

’’This is...’’ Long Haochen looked at Chen Ying'er with some hesitation.

Chen Ying'er's left hand was in contact with the bottom of her forehead, and a little twisted ripple appeared on the pig. Immediately, McDull's eyes lit up, letting out a similar kind of radiance.

’’He told me that he found some good thing. Right there.’’ There, Chen Ying'er pointed her hand to a certain direction.

Only then did Long Haochen remember that this Mirror Image Treasure Pig also had a treasure hunting ability. Nonetheless, he couldn't help but feel somewhat unconvinced, after all, in their previous trip to the Illusory Paradise, he didn't see any display of this capability from the little guy.


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