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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 432


Chapter 432: Saw Skate King (II)

Right, Saw Skates didn't have the ability of flight, but with the use of his spatial teleportation ability, the Saw Skate King directly appeared in midair, before lashing the large tail on its back, just like an arrow aimed from afar. Being a powerful magical beast of the tenth rank, it was one of the rulers in these swamps, who of course had his own methods to lock down the location of Long Haochen and the other two. And furthermore, it took only three flashes for him to have Long Haochen's group in sight.

However, also right that instant, the dashing figure of the Saw Skate King came to a sudden stop. Abruptly turning back, it gave a look to its dwelling place in the opposite direction.

Because of this sudden freeze, the appearance of this Saw Skate King became visible.

Its looks were similar to ordinary Saw Skates, which were close to fishes in this regard. On its head was a large horn, with a sharp blade glinting in silverlight on each of its two sides. The light emitted from it was even deeper in color than mythril, and even brighter than gold essence. Also, the radiance coming out from its body was colored with a mixture of green and silver. From its abdomen, two kinds of wings stuck out. These kinds of wings were still not enough to enable it to fly, but allowed it to glide.

Being a powerful magical beast that went through countless evolutions to adapt themselves to the changes of the external world, the Saw Skates' genes were already not the same anymore, explaining why this Saw Skate would be capable of gliding. After thousands of years, who could be certain that they would still be unable to grow wings.

Behind its horn, the two eyes of the Saw Skate King looked soft and thin, revealing a gloomy expression. Its two eyes were scrunched, letting out a bewildered look. Upon reaching its level, a magical beast would have considerable intelligence. Toward Long Haochen's provocation, it was of course acting on behalf of its brothers, but right when it was about to chase after Long Haochen's bunch, it suddenly had a huge sense of crisis.

This feeling of crisis wasn't directed at him, but at his kin's habitat.

A resonant phoenix cry rang out in the air, and a massive blue flame took flight in the horizon. It was because of its existence that the Saw Skate King had come to a sudden stop.

The next instant, another spatial teleportation occurred, this time not aimed at chasing after Long Haochen's group, but in the direction of its home.

These three were certainly hateful, but compared to the habitat they had built for the past thousands of years, they were nothing significant.

That dazzling blue flame was already perceived as a major threat in the senses of the Saw Skate King. In case it was let inside of the lake, the consequences weren't anything he dared imagine.

However, this move came an instant too late in the end. The instant the Saw Skate King teleported itself in the range of the lake, a blue phoenix was already falling inside, making way in the clear lake.

As a sharp cry came out from the mouth of the Saw Skate King, its body flashed, entering the lake. But that instant, the water inside was boiling intensely.

In total panic, a large amount of Saw Skates came out from the lake, which immediately turned blue.

The splashed water evaporated at terrifying speed, and this originally not so large lake decreased in size very rapidly, gradually revealing the wetland originally concealed in the lake.

Shrieking in succession, the Saw Skate's anger reached its extreme point, but even then, he was still helpless in this situation. The Saw Skate King was a spatial and wind elemental magical beast, not an ice elemental one! What could it do to make the evaporating water cool down?

By chance, this high temperature didn't remain for too long, and after the lake lost a third of its size, the situation finally calmed down. Though, this was closely related to the humidity level in this place, if this happened outside of these swamps, the damage would be even more disastrous. But even so, the loss of a third of the lake was definitely a very bad thing to this group of Saw Skates. Who knew how long it would take them to gather so much water back there.

This lake of clear water was not only used as their habitat, but also as a place where a large amount of water plants were produced. And the first beneficiary of these water plants was the Saw Skate King!

The water in the lake was still boiling, so the Saw Skates became unwilling to move inside, and the water plants inside were most likely carried away by the boiling current.

The Saw Skate King was still in motion, letting out bursts of spatial energy in the air, producing an immense silver net, cutting the air apart.

However, even if it was even more powerful, what could he accomplish with air? This was no more than futile venting.

In the air, Lin Xin was carried away by Han Yu, while Haoyue was waiting for them in the sky. Haoyue was the last trump card kept by Long Haochen, used as their last rearguard and diversion. Long Haochen would have no difficulty to sense his whereabouts due to their blood contract, and to reunite with him.

Currently, Lin Xin had a very pale face, dripping in sweat, but he still remained greatly excited.

On this afternoon, they were chased like dogs by these Saw Skates, and there was nothing to say about their despair regarding that even. This could at last be seen as a good revenge.

All of this went in accordance to their plans, formulated mainly by Long Haochen, and improved with the help of everyone in the team.

The three of Long Haochen, Sima Xian, and Wang Yuanyuan were to act as main assault force, with the help of the eleventh and twelfth holy guards. Their goal was to kill as many Saw Skates as possible.

Baited out by the Tenth Holy Guard, the Saw Skates came out as expected, and Long Haochen was waiting in the air for of them to return to their habitat. At this time, their vigilance would be at the lowest, while Long Haochen's group was prepared with their power well preserved, having their greatest techniques ready to be launched. With the two holy guards and Yating, the three of them let out their greatest instantaneous burst of power, managing to kill some of the Saw Skates in an instant whose strength was their offense with considerable lack of quality in defence.

Yating's Light Meteor was decisive, succeeding in cutting apart the whole group formed by the Saw Skates, and to shake a large amount of them, giving the other three plenty of time. And what followed was the climax.

Long Haochen had Lin Xin and Han Yu leave in advance, making a detour from the lake, to go to the other side, where the preparations for the Blue Fire Phoenix Spiritual Stove was prepared. Regardless of whether a Saw Skate King was present, when Long Haochen's signal came, Lin Xin was prepared to act, baiting the greatest enemy force by the way. The one to transmit the signal was the Tenth Holy Guard who had attracted the Saw Skates just before. With the existence of the Eternal Melody, his connection with Long Haochen was preserved without a problem. After taunting the enemies at him, he went back to Lin Xin and Han Yu.

The fact the Saw Skate King really appeared immediately alarmed Lin Xin, who had no hesitation to use the phoenix of blue flames at full force, thus why he held nothing back in an all out attack with it.

Then followed the sudden appearance of the terrible phoenix of blue flames, who aimed at the habitat of the Saw Skates. In front of the extremely imposing Phoenix of Blue Flames, the Saw Skate King would have no choice but to confront it, but the results turned out even better than they imagined. The Saw Skate King did not go chase after them.

Very rapidly, everyone gathered on Haoyue's back, and his massive wings unfolded, bringing them through the poisonous gas as he flew afar.

Until now, everyone didn't dare relax: the spatial teleportation ability of the Saw Skate King was just too fearful. Should he become determined to chase after them, confronting him wouldn't be easy for the group.

Cai'er didn't join the battle from beginning to end, and remained as a hidden trump of Long Haochen's. One reason was because Cai'er herself had yet to familiarize with her own ability, and the other because of the power of the Sickle of the God of Death. In case the Saw Skate King really decided to chase, perhaps Long Haochen and Cai'er would have to go all out in defence to give everyone the time to escape

This was all hypothetical, and thinking any further about this was futile.

As Haoyue was flying away from the lake, everyone finally eased up from the nervousness they had inside.

Lin Xin showed Long Haochen a thumbs up gesture, before shutting his eyes, suffering just like Sima Xian of the aftereffects from his spiritual stove. Han Yu declared with a smile, ’’As expected, captain showed an incredible foresight. With the Phoenix of Blue Flames aimed at their habitat, these Saw Skates really didn't dare chase us further, and chose to defend their own home.’’

Long Haochen shook his head to respond, ’’This operation was really perilous. The terror of this Saw Skate King went even above my expectations.’’ Although at the time the three of them were chased by the Saw Skate King, they didn't have to cross hands for real, Long Haochen got to clearly sense the terror of the Saw Skate King.

The spiritual energy in the air was all turned into spatial element, and even a god's chosen one such as him was unable to perceive any light essence. This signified that this Saw Skate King ought to surpass 200,000 units of spiritual energy, making it no ordinary magical beast of the tenth rank. In case such a powerhouse were to put its attention on them, escaping would be a very hard thing for them to do. Until they were safe, Long Haochen's back was still dripping in sweat.

Han Yu nodded, ’’This time it was truly filled with great danger. Captain, should we get back to the Tower of Eternity to rest and reorganize?’’

Long Haochen nodded, chanting with no hesitation.

A soft golden radiance gradually lit up, enveloping everyone in its scope. Showing his dependability, Han Yu also released the ability from his own spiritual stove, enveloping all his comrades with it.

All of a sudden, Long Haochen's pupils contracted, and his incantation became hurried. In the meanwhile, Haoyue let out a roar, unleashing multicolored glints that covered everyone simultaneously. Immediately, his five heads were raised upwards and snarled, unleashing a terrifying and mystical penta colored radiance.

Penta colored Essence of Disorder.

A silvery light appeared in the air silently, clashing against the penta colored Essence of Disorder that slightly delayed it. The next instant, Long Haochen and his comrades disappeared, already teleported as only a glint of light remained behind.


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