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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 431


Chapter 431: Saw Skate King (I)


An immense pillar of whiter splashed across, and along with it, some deep asleep Saw Skates swirled. One could see clearly that a green tornado made out of water, and erupting with a gaudy green light above the lake. The surrounding water appeared to be pulled along, unexpectedly turning into a whirlpool.

The Tenth Holy Guard didn't stop and leave it at that, but let out a terrible hiss instead. Two green lights flickered in the air, and the two daggers were once again waved, producing green glints as another tornado aimed for the lake.

The result was catastrophic. Afar, dozens glints of silver light abruptly flashed, rushing at the Tenth Holy Guard like silver bolts of lightning.

The green soulfire in the eyes of the green skeleton pulsed downwards, and with a dexterous movement, he avoided the silver light closest to him. Immediately, he used his actions to show these Saw Skates his aerial supremacy.

Seemingly totally unaffected by the gravity, his green figure made nine flips in the air, escaping every attack of a Saw Skate by a hair's breadth. And furthermore, it was only at a height of three meters.

In the midst of a dense green light, the Saw Skates that were frantically chasing after the green figure were already above hundred. However, even though they vastly outnumbered him, and moved at such speed, they were still unable to get hold of the Tenth Holy Guard.

In speed, the Tenth Holy Guard was extremely confident. Unless encountering a powerhouse of the ninth step that could take control of the whole area, his speed was at it's maximum. With the addition of his unpredictable movements, he managed to often avoid the attacks of the Saw Skates by a fraction, while slowly getting further and further away from their area. He didn't leave at a fast speed, but he lured a large number of Saw Skates.

The wind and spatial spiritual energy flowing in the air was incomparably fierce, scattering and smashing away the poisonous fog of the swamps. The ability of the Saw Skates to get rid of any impurity came out perfectly. The poisonous fog was devoid of power in front of them, and every time their encirclement was about to overwhelm the Tenth Holy Guard, he broke out of it like a bolt of green lightning in the end.

The Saw Skates were indignant, it was the first time they were confronted with such a provocation. But even more importantly, their offender escaped from all their attempts of encirclement.

The dim green light switched to a steady flight, finally flying straight after having continuously dodged the attacks. At this time ,the full speed of the Tenth Holy Guard emerged. It took only an instant for him to create some distance between himself and the chasing Saw Skates.

With a sweep of green light, he disappeared in a blink of an eye.

The group of Saw Skates was still frantically chasing after him, but were helpless as they saw the green light gaining distance.

How is it that it turned out the same as this afternoon? Saw Skates were unable to howl, but the killing intent spreading out from them was real. The surrounding vines once again became their victims.

After a continuous devastation, seeing that they were unable to keep going after that green figure, they resignedly returned to their habitat.

Their returning speed would naturally not be as fast as when chasing after the enemy. One could see that the majority was flying over at a greatly inferior speed.

But suddenly, two chains of bright golden color appeared from nowhere. That dense golden scenery in the air was similar to bright fireworks, and in its midst, a shade was heading straight at the rear of the group of Saw Skates. Over ten meter long, that shade had an indefinite appearance, but the instant 'she' appeared, all the surrounding poisonous gas in the Swamps of Gloom was dispersed, and only an endless pure and holy light remained. It was as if the sun had descended onto this land of death, clearing away all the filth therein.

The green figure that descended was rapidly swirling, like a meat grinder, engulfing at least a dozen Saw Skates in golden light.

All of this happened just too sudden. Although the attack power of the Saw Skates was great, their perception was only average. When they discovered something was wrong, they were already drawn in that mass.

Immediately, an immense ball of light burst out in the sky, and the surrounding illumination gained even further in brilliance. Meanwhile, the two figures dropped to the side simultaneously, causing two booms to ring out one after another.

On one side was a gaudy silver radiance, and on the other, an immense shield, carrying four lumps of spatial crystal. Inside that gaudy silver light, the shield was rotating at high speed, releasing a silver spiral of ten meters diameter. As it knocked into a large area of returning Saw Skates, the light radiance on the other side gained in terror.

The resplendent golden color mixed with terrible purple lightning, descended like a gigantic bolt of lightning, smashing against a Saw Skate.

That gigantic golden ball took merely an instant to smash another one of the Saw Skates, extinguishing its life energy just like that.

Right at this time, the Saw Skates in the front showed their responses, counterattacking madly with bursts of silver light.

However, at this time, the ball of light that was ascending before, finally fell, welcoming the returning Saw Skates.

Gaudy bright light became the main ground, and in the midst of violent sounds, the ground shook, vines quivered, and the Saw Skates were scattered in all directions by the seismic force of an intense elemental explosion.

This led to a very special situation. That huge fallen meteor engulfed at least thirty of the Saw Skates, separating the Saw Skates that were attacked by surprise before and the ones coming for the rescue in two groups. It perfectly formed a successful block aimed against the silver figures that were coming to rescue the others.

Silvery light flickered in the sky repeatedly, while Long Haochen arrived with the Aria of the Goddess of Light. His spiritual energy was already focused to its greatest level, the large golden silhouette forming his greatest reliance. Each blow of his was backed by the judgement of the descended goddess of light, a terrible existence beyond imagination. Caught off guard, the Saw Skates could only rely on the spatial element to barely protect themselves, and still had yet to identify all the enemies.

A blue and a red figure appeared this time, bursting with powerful attacks and great might.

When the Saw Skates caught in the golden spiral would get thrown off, they would already appear completely covered in bruises, making them into extremely easy targets.

After unleashing their first attacks, Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan still had no reservation, letting the entirety of their strength break out.

The fused Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder was wielded alongside the Gigantic Ball of Light. Given how terrible Sima Xian's strength became, when his weapon would clash against the opponents, they would be rendered completely helpless, clashing against the weapon as if attracted by it.

The Saw Skates showed powerful offensive power, but the Gigantic Ball of Light was just too overwhelming. That was a Legendary Tier weapon, supported by triple exploding abilities. In front of the Crush ability, they became unable to resist, while damaging the Gigantic Ball of Light was an impossible feat to them. The Spiritual Stove of Godly Purple Thunder was a perfect complement to the Energetic Ball of Light since everything caught inside of the purple thunder would get stunned for a short instant. Even if the Saw Skates were magical beasts of the eighth rank, taking on the Gigantic Ball of Light was impossible, and could only result in tragedy for them.

The more terrible aspect of the Saw Skates was still their communitarianism. The degree of terror from magical beasts of the eighth step living as a group was immense, but individually, their most powerful aspect remained their offensive power. Their defense and technique was almost non-existent, and when ambushed with the calculated attacks from Long Haochen's group, it took only a short while for more than a dozen Saw Skates to perish.

However, Yating unleashed Light Meteor right at this moment, resulting in the disappearance of even more of the Saw Skates that were rushing towards their direction.

Long Haochen, Sima Xian, and Wang Yuanyuan were lit in golden color, from the sharing of damage that came with the Soul Linking Chains. It wasn't that they were really injured by the Saw Skates, but produced due to the clash with them. In case they were inflicted a direct attack from the Saw Skates, even with the protection of the Goddess of Light, Long Haochen wouldn't have stayed unharmed.

’’Withdraw!’’ Long Haochen gave a loud shout, while a white glow illuminated the area, sucking in the corpses of the Saw Skates in the air. Long Haochen's group of three spread their spiritual wings, and rose high in the air. During their escape, the two holy guards became a convenient diversion for them.

At the moment Long Haochen's group of three managed to get away, they turned into two bolts of light, returning into the Eternal Melody.

Taking no pause, Long Haochen's group of three madly rushed away, while trying as best as possible to remain at a high altitude.

Right at this time, some change seemed to have occurred, as the lake on the other side suddenly started boiling. Immediately, a thick silvery light shot out, at a speed exceeding even the Tenth Holy Guard. The instant it starting flying in their direction, its body disappeared without any trace, appearing in a blink of an eye hundreds meters away. That was instant teleportation.

The instant this silver light appeared, snapping noises resounded, spreading out in the whole surrounding. The next instant, a series of cracks occurred in succession.

Even more terrifyingly, the entirety of the surrounding poison turned silver, appearing as if nothing else than spatial attribute spiritual energy remained.

The worse situation Long Haochen's group anticipated had happened. This group of Saw Skates indeed had a king amongst them.

Long Haochen's group had succeeded in performing a sneak attack and kill a little more than a dozen Skates. However, it infuriated this Saw Skate King, who was now retaliating.


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