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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 430


Chapter 430: Cai'er's Seven Arts of the God of Death (III)

Being the one chosen by the God of Death, Cai'er's inheritance contained the transcending strength of the God of Death, whose power surpassed any other being. It seemed as if the soul of this yellow skeleton called the Ninth Holy Guard sustained quite heavy wounds. Thus he appeared so dispirited.

How could Cai'er's strength have reached such a terrifying level? Just then, during her last attack, it was undoubtedly the strength she obtained through her awakening as a god's chosen one that surfaced.

This seemed to be a technique, yet didn't resemble one. Ever since the Dagger of Samsara changed into the Scythe of the God of Death, which became Cai'er's primary weapon, Long Haochen was unable to assess her actual strength. But on her last attack, when he asked himself whether he would be able to resist if the one she attacked with that force was him, he reached the conclusion that it would not only need him to go all out and exert the full power of his sword intent, but even to borrow strength from the Goddess of Light to do so. This way, it would be possible for him to resist, but without certainty.

It wasn't that Cai'er's strength was higher than Long Haochen's, quite the opposite, her current strength was still quite below Long Haochen. However, Cai'er's spiritual stove and the weapon in her hand were just too formidable. When transforming into the Scythe of Death, the Dagger of Samsara became a genuine divine artifact. Even after awakening, Cai'er was presently still unable to bring out its real might.

Flapping the four wings on his back, Long Haochen joined Cai'er's side, ’’Cai'er, how are you feeling? Are you all right?’’ Given how she just used such a powerful ability, Long Haochen was afraid of the backlash she might have suffered.

Cai'er murmured, ’’Seven Arts of the God of Death, first art, Premature Death.’’

Long Haochen took a deep breath. He understood that these Seven Arts of the God of Death were similar to her past uses of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, only even more powerful.

Not giving him the time to keep questioning her, Cai'er raised her head to look at him, ’’I am all right. I have just been feeling a bit constrained just before, and then it became like that. Then I got the feeling that if I kept using that power, I would lose something in return. By chance, he was handled in one move.’’

Long Haochen understood Cai'er well, and hearing this explanation, he finally relaxed, while starting to somewhat understand the secret behind these Seven Arts of the God of Death.

’’Cai'er, listen to me.’’ Long Haochen gave her a very serious look, grabbing her shoulders with his hands, now devoid of the two swords he retrieved just before, ’’The power you used just before cannot be used rashly. And even if you use it, you cannot use any other move than the one you just have used before. Understood? Otherwise, you will be in danger of losing your six senses. It's only your first use that will be without backlash, and this is only due to the effects of the spiritual stove fused with your body. But still, never use it without precaution unless it is absolutely the last means, do you understand?’’

Seeing the troubled look on Long Haochen's face, Cai'er immediately felt somewhat tepid, nodding earnestly. Deep inside, she began reflecting on the extent of the power she just used, having some faint understanding of it. At least, she began knowing this ability of hers even better after her loss of memories.

Right at this time, the sculpture before them suddenly lit up, spreading a soft golden radiance. As if coming to life, that sculpture exuded massive fluctuations of spiritual energy, causing everyone to feel tremendous pressure.

’’Congratulations, my child. The trials of the second floor are all cleared. You may keep going on, I will be waiting for you at the final test. Since you passed the second floor, you have enough ability to defend yourself, but to really succeed my inheritance, your current strength is far from sufficient. You will need to become a lot stronger, and even more determined. Only with the resolution to keep pressing forward will you be able to reach the other shore. I will be waiting there for you. On your following journey, you will have to go upwards with your own strength. Before you reach the sixth floor, I won't give you any other reward than the holy guards you conquer. I firmly believe that you will make it to my side.’’

’’Pop.’’ A golden pillar of light abruptly appeared, and as if piercing the floor, it passed through the boundary of this second floor, becoming the way to the third floor.

Seeing that straight pillar of light, Long Haochen felt somewhat disappointed. He originally believed that since there was no boost to their spiritual energy on this floor, they would at least find some equipment as reward. But things didn't turn out as he wished, and he finally didn't gain any other reward than the two holy guards.

However, his disappointment only lasted for a little moment. Quickly, Long Haochen felt relieved. As the saying goes, give man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime. On this second floor, they already learned about aerial battle. Wasn't this even more important than equipment? Furthermore, with the assistance from the two holy guards, the combined strength of their team already surpassed the overwhelming majority of the king grade Demon Hunt Squads. Of course, that earth elemental Ninth Holy Guard still needed some time of recovery to regain the ability to battle. At the time he was facing Cai'er just before, his strength was visibly not even brought out completely. It was just that all his abilities were restrained by Cai'er's overwhelming Scythe of the God of Death. Together with the underestimation of his enemy, the final result was his defeat by Cai'er's Seven Arts of the God of Death.

The Swamps of Gloom were still as dark, and as night was nearing, the poisonous marsh gas in the air became heavier and heavier.

The lake where the Saw Skates were living was perhaps the only pure land out there. Ripples frequently appeared on the surface of this clear water, composed of pure minerals.

This lake wasn't very deep, only roughly two or three meters. If one were to look down at the lake from the surface, he would find that some faint silver light occasionally flashed downwards.

Although the Saw Skates looked fierce, they were actually herbivorous magical beasts, with no interest in meat. The abundant water plants in the lake, as well as the soft vines prospering in this environment were their favorite food. At times they would need to eat, Saw Skates would feed in groups. Taking the shape of flickers of silver light, they cut some tough vines into pieces, before disappearing. Their feeding time generally didn't last long, because they were just too fast, and once they left, the lake would regain its calm.

The hierarchy in a community of Saw Skates wasn't determined the same way as among ordinary magical beasts. The size of the silver chunk of skin on their back determined the difference in power. Thus, the Saw Skates with the brightest silver color were the stronger ones out of the lot. Matured Saw Skates were magical beasts of the eighth rank, among which those with particular talent would have the hope to reach the ninth rank. And their king was an authentic magical beast of the tenth rank, powerful enough to make a Forest Boa King cower before it. This was one of the true kings in the Swamps of Gloom.

A dim light quietly appeared in a distance from the Saw Skates' location, covering approximately two meters in diameter.

Immediately, one figure after another emerged from it, immediately releasing their spiritual wings.

Long Haochen pointed at the sky, and everyone followed him up there. This time, he didn't release his Holy Mantle to dispel the poison in its range for everyone. A Holy Mantle would undoubtedly increase their consumption marginally, but with that, they wouldn't need to stay gathered so closely anymore.

Long Haochen nodded to everyone, and the group rapidly scattered in the fog.

Red, blue and green radiances appeared in front of Long Haochen the next instant, bowing before him. Long Haochen then murmured some words in the ears of the green skeleton.

The Tenth Holy Guard nodded in response, and with a flap of the six wings at his back, flew forward like a green bolt of lightning.

At this time, on Long Haochen's side, only Cai'er, Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan were present. Chen Ying'er wasn't part of this operation and Lin Xin and Han Yu were nowhere to be seen. Haoyue also flew away right after appearing, not even using his ability of poison resistance. He was together with Lin Xin and Han Yu as they went off.

Long Haochen nodded to the three and the Eleventh and Twelfth Holy Guard at his side.

’’Prepare to begin the plan.’’ Meanwhile, he slowly raised the two heavy swords in his hands, which gradually turned white, while he entered a mystical state. They were about twenty meters high in the air, which was the highest altitude an ordinary Saw Skates could reach. This was something Long Haochen determined in the previous battle.

The clear lake serving as dwelling place of the Saw Skates was already calming down, and as nightfall was nearing, the Saw Skates in the water were calming down. They were already past their meal time, and the overwhelming majority was fast asleep.

Saw Skates were a kind of magical beasts which was very fond of sleeping, and although their offense was tremendous, their notion of territory was even more important. They wouldn't easily leave their resting place, unless encountering a situation like the appearance of Long Haochen's group here. Haoyue's attack had undoubtedly been seen as the greatest provocation to them, raising a situation of no-death-no-rest. But to their misfortune, with the use of the mysterious power of teleportation of Long Haochen's Eternal Melody, they lost their target. Even if they had even worse tempers, what could they do to vent without any target? After ruining the surrounding vegetation, they finally returned in anger to the lake.

But right in that instant, another unwelcome guest appeared.

A hidden figure noiselessly appeared thirty meters away from the lake. Its silhouette was concealed right behind vines, disclosing no trace of its presence nor any sound of breath.

A blue gleam pulsed in the soulfire in his eye, sweeping over everything ahead. After he stopped shortly, the blue gleam in his eyes suddenly pointed down, as if sending a signal.

After spending a short time pondering, the previously seen pair of strange daggers appeared in the hands of the Tenth Holy Guard. As his figure flashed, the six wings on his back flapped, and he took an instant to reach the side of the lake. The daggers in his hands were crossed in the movement, as two bolts of green light flew dimly at the limpid lake.

Those two green lights produced ear-piercing shrieks, sharply bursting in one instant on the surface of the water. They weren't aiming at the insides of the lake, but only at the surface. Immediately, a green tornado of a diameter exceeding one meter appeared above the clear lake.


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