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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 429


Chapter 429: Cai'er's Seven Arts of the God of Death (II)

The massive sculpture gradually became more distinct. Shaped the same as the one on the first floor, it gave the group the same impression of having reached the end of the floor, if not for the wide environment of fog and mist all around.

The sculpture of the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux floated there, as if the clouds and mist were carrying its weight. In front of it was a tall skeleton, sitting cross-legged.

This skeleton was entirely yellow colored. When Long Haochen's group closed in, faint radiances of yellow light started to be emitted from his body.

Long Haochen's eyes were filled with surprise, they were indeed confronted with the Ninth Holy Guard, soul of a powerhouse, whose attribute was as he expected.

The earth element!

Although Long Haochen didn't know why the Slumbering Calamity Elux would install an earth elemental holy guard to conduct the final aerial battle of this floor, his vigilance was even higher than before, when he fought against the green skeleton.

If not for his identity of necromancer, Long Haochen had no choice but to admit that he would cheerfully submit to the Slumbering Calamity Elux. An ancestor who set up a miraculous place such as the Tower of Eternity, that retained such great ability even after ten thousand years. Just what level of knowledge was needed to attain this?! Being an intelligent boy, he reached the conclusion that if Elux was compared to himself,his current self was far below him, far too negligible to even compare.

And thus, he was completely sure that Elux certainly had his own reasons to place a user of the earth attribute as the last test of the second floor.

Elux's sculpture remained unmoving, sitting there and seemingly gazing at everyone. Only the earth elemental yellow skeleton stood up from its cross-legged position.

Its height was very close to the red skeleton, the Twelfth Holy Guard, but its build appeared sturdier, and the shoulders were wider. This gave it an overwhelmingly steady frame, as if standing as firm as a mountain.

A faint yellow radiance lit up on its back, revealing two spreading yellow bone wings, keeping its body floating in mid-air.

A glittering yellow radiance suddenly ignited in its two dim white colored eyes. Right, they were white, and not yellow.

Long Haochen was shocked, and a lot of thoughts immediately came to his mind. This yellow skeleton was visibly not weak in strength, and perhaps already surpassed the seventh step!

As he was in deep thoughts, the two hands of the yellow skeletons moved simultaneously, creating a yellow barrier in front of Long Haochen. The soft energy it was emanating pushed him ten meters away. Then, that yellow radiance was followed by a wave, sweeping everything away. It not only enveloped him, but also Haoyue and the others at his back.

That instant, the clouds and mist covering the whole second floor turned yellow.

A hard to describe terrible and massive energy suddenly appeared in the air, frantically pulling them downwards.

Gravity. Long Haochen instantly understood the ability used by this yellow skeleton. This should be the lost Gravity Techniques, used in ancient times by earth mages.

The wings on Long Haochen's back frantically flapped in an attempt to steady his posture. But this gravity was even stronger than he expected, and even with over 14,000 units of spiritual energy, he was still unable to stay firm, and was still pulled downwards little by little.

On the other side, Haoyue had even more difficulties, given his massive and extremely heavy body, which fell a lot faster. By chance, the others with the exception of Cai'er reacted quickly, holding Haoyue's body up while releasing their own spiritual wings, to help him resist the huge gravity. This barely prevented Haoyue from falling down.

The expression in the eyes of the yellow skeleton was somewhat cold and indifferent, only watching these people in silence through his soulfire. It displayed a visible sense of pride. It was something that wasn't seen in the three previous holy guards. And right now, this yellow skeleton visibly felt disdain to act against them. In its opinion, Long Haochen and his comrades were already unable to resist against the gravity.

And it was indeed the case: Long Haochen clearly felt that his own spiritual energy was being depleted at an astonishing speed.

If this went on, his comrades and he himself would fall into the first floor of the Tower of Eternity before long, but more importantly, the consumption of spiritual energy from his comrades was unrecoverable in the Tower of Eternity, which would affect their future plans.

’’Haoyue, bring them back to the first floor!’’ Their plans were going to be affected at this rate, so Long Haochen promptly came to this decision. He still had some trump cards, but was hesitating on whether to use them or not, since he would need some time to recover afterwards.

But right this moment, a grey radiance suddenly appeared in his view.

Although sparkling, that grey light wasn't bright, and seemed to fill the air with grey luster.

A pair of black wings flapped on her back, carrying this sparkling grey radiance, as Cai'er's wings glittered like snowflakes. She was unexpectedly unaffected by the changes in gravity. Appearing instantly in front of that yellow skeleton, she swept the Scythe of the God of Death which emanated a flash of coldness, aiming for the yellow skeleton. All of this happened so sudden and fast, that although Cai'er's body was still incomparable to the green skeleton called the Tenth Holy Guard, it was still coming close to a certain level.

Without a doubt, the yellow skeleton was filled with more human emotions than the other three holy guards. It had pride, self-satisfaction, and was full of self-confidence. In its view, these opponents didn't match its strength and wouldn't be able to resist against the gravity technique. But conversely, his arrogance was also its biggest weakness.

Cai'er's body was unaffected by the gravity, and the instant she started her high speed flight, the yellow skeleton felt as if the whole air was split apart. The next instant, an overflowing killing intent appeared in front of it.

Long Haochen was massively astonished. Never did he expect Cai'er to intervene so suddenly, completely negating the threat brought by the gravity technique. When Cai'er wielded the Scythe of the God of Death, the coldness in her eyes made him think that she regained her memories. This shook and pleased Long Haochen even more than the massive offensive power coming from Cai'er's attack. Is Cai'er... my Cai'er... back?

Feeling his eyes warming up, some liquid started to leak from Long Haochen's eyes.

The yellow skeleton was as expected powerful. Cai'er's arrival was very sudden, but its pride wasn't baseless either. While drawing back, it erected an earth wall without any warning, and although it was almost crushed by the Scythe of the God of Death, it still adapted promptly.

But right that instant, the powerful killing intent emitted from Cai'er's body disappeared without a trace.

For some time, the yellow skeleton stared blankly, but its movements didn't come to a stop. It was as if its battle instincts were engraved deep into its bones. At any time, it was thinking of the next move, and its instinct was on the move before everything else.

It's large and strong hands suddenly came together, and immediately, a yellow barrier spread aroungd it. This seemed a bit like the Resisting Fire Ring of a fire mage, but its spell covered all directions, and was visibly a lot stronger. Being an earth spell of the sixth step, it combined both attack and defense as one. And furthermore, never forget that it was done instantly.

But Cai'er's pitch-black figure appeared noiselessly behind its back the instant the spell was completed. A sparkling grey color suddenly flashed out in midair, followed immediately by a splitting noise.

The Scythe of the God of Death let out mournful hissing sounds, forced by its wielder into the small cracks. Immediately, the character for death (死) appeared on the body of that yellow skeleton, in a sparkling gray color.

Her black figure passed in a flash, before the surrounding powerful gravity disappeared completely. When Cai'er regained her footing on Haoyue's back, the murderous intent emanating from her body disappeared, and all that remained was her large blinking eyes, looking doubtful. It was as if she had no idea of what she just did.

Everyone was staring somewhat blankly, even Haoyue. Expressions of extreme shock filled the eyes on his five large heads.

The grey word of 'Death' gradually disappeared, and the yellow skeleton reappeared in front of everyone. It was only that the yellow flames in its eyes had stopped pulsing, and the next instant, its body fell apart, turning into yellow dust that dissipated in the sky.

A yellow flash of light appeared, and the body of the yellow skeleton formed anew. It was only that this time, it was a lot larger than that of the eleventh and the twelfth holy guard at the time Long Haochen's group cleared the first floor.

No less than a quarter of an hour later, the figure of the yellow skeleton recondensed. It was just that the yellow flame in its eyes was a lot weaker than before.

He looked with some fright at Cai'er who was standing on Haoyue, completely at a loss about the situation. Shortly staying still, it seemed like a frightened human recovering its own wits.

Then the guard bowed down before Long Haochen.

’’Master, the Ninth Holy Guard is willing to serve you.’’ Compared to the other three holy guards, this one's voice was a lot clearer, only somewhat weak.

After his voice echoed, this Ninth Holy Guard re-transformed into a ball of yellow light, flying directly at Long Haochen, and merging back with the Eternal Melody.

Producing a burst of heat, the Eternal Melody kept flashing with a golden radiance on Long Haochen's chest. Long Haochen could sense that it was as though this Ninth Holy Guard was restoring himself through the energy contained in the Eternal Melody.

This situation appeared before when the eleventh and the twelfth holy guard sustained heavy damage, but it wasn't so distinct during those times. From this, the severity of the damage inflicted by Cai'er could be seen. Even the Tower of Eternity was unable to completely restore the skeleton's body. Then the words that Ye Xiaolei told Long Haochen behind surfaced to his mind.


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