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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 427


Chapter 427: Saw Skates (III)

Magical crystals from Saw Skates were not the same as the other magical beasts. Their magical crystal had a particular power, called Dispel. Able to dispel any poison and negative effects, and to keep the body pure, it would with an input of spiritual energy show these effects in a certain range. This made it a valuable treasure, that, if used well, restrain any magical beast or enemy of poison attribute. And furthermore, the corrosion from the darkness element would also get affected to some extent.

Thus, the bodies of Saw Skates were valuable treasures. Of course, to kill one of these magical beasts, a well thought out plan was needed. This was given how they held grudges. To kill their enemies, Saw Skates generally only needed a split second.

And based on the analysis from the two holy guards, for this lake to have so many Saw Skates inside, a particularly powerful Saw Skate would probably be living inside. It was just that it didn't appear before. Having broken through from the eighth rank, it became a Saw Skate of even higher class, with the most terrifying aspect being their ability of instant teleportation. Right, although it was similarly incapable of flight, who would dare have a certain estimate of the maximal distance of its teleportation ability? In case this one were to attack them by surprise, just think, when seeing how sharp the horn of an ordinary Saw Skate was, what level of terror would the horn of this kind of Saw Skate King reach?

Long Haochen appeared unperturbed, but one of the allies standing by his side, had a stirred look, her face turned into an unordinary red color, and her breath was somewhat rushed.

Don't misunderstand, that wasn't Cai'er, but Wang Yuanyuan, who was about to drool.

And it was no wonder that Wang Yuanyuan would have such a reaction. Her spatial attribute was very rarely seen, in all vocations. The equipment of spatial attribute were even rarer, and this was the reason why Long Haochen wanted to give priority to the equipment bought for her before anyone else.

Hearing that these Saw Skates had such powerful horns, it would be rather strange for Wang Yuanyuan not to covet these.

She possessed the bloodline of the divine Soul Shield, making her able to use it as a weapon, but this was merely a powerful weapon and no more. The divine Soul Shield had its limits, and Wang Yuanyuan understood that. This weapon certainly combined attack and defense well, but using it in combination with the spatial attribute was really hard. In particular, it would keep gaining in weight when adding spatial crystals. In times of prolonged battles, Wang Yuanyuan didn't dare unleash her full power. In truth, the bloodline inherited weapon being this divine Soul Shield was supposed to be used as an ultimate weapon, rather than a regular one.

’’Yuanyuan, I understand your thoughts. Don't worry, we will think of something, and if possible, we of course won't let go of such a good opportunity.’’

’’Yeah.’’ Wang Yuanyuan gave her agreement. Although she was unable to remain calm, at that time, she didn't say anything more, after all the Saw Skates were really dangerous.

Long Haochen gathered his comrades, ’’Everyone heard about the benefits of the Saw Skates. It can be said that all parts of it's body is a treasure. If possible, I wish to take along some Saw Skates. This won't only be of benefit to Yuanyuan, but also serve to strengthen the Alliance if sold, we will gain from that contribution points, enabling us to get good equipments for the others. ’’

Without need for Long Haochen to say any further, everyone had eager looks. At the time of their encounter against the Forest Boa, everyone had the similar thoughts, that since they got the opportunity to encounter rare creatures from ancient times, they were unwilling to let go of their many benefits. The Demon Hunters were beings that grew from the blood of other living beings, and strengthening their power would always remain a top priority to them. They didn't find Forest Boas, but Saw Skates were now in front of them.

’’We presently have to discuss our upcoming course of action. The main points are;first, to us, the most important aspect to emphasize is safety. No matter how great the benefits Saw Skates could bring us, we will have to go aim for them on the premise that everyone is to return safely. ’’

Long Haochen was resolute and decisive, because what he wished the least to see was his comrades taking unnecessary risks for the sake of benefits. Thus, he particularly emphasized this point.

Afterwards, his look swept past the side of his comrades. After seeing them approve, he continued speaking, ’’Then, what follows will be tight planning. Ordinary Saw Skates are already magical beasts of the eighth step, but a Saw Skate King is very possibly going to be just like a Forest Boa King, a powerful magical beast of tenth rank. This isn't anything we can face in our current state. In case we confront their Saw Skate King, there will be a great probability for casualties from our side. Thus, we can only aim for ordinary Saw Skates for now. To us, the best situation would be the case that this group of Saw Skates doesn't have a king among their ranks. However, being prepared doesn't hurts. We have to consider the worst situation. Everyone, give your suggestions. We will make our move afterwards.’’

What followed was a time of rest and reorganization, as they discussed.

Although the majority of the group couldn't recover spiritual energy in the Tower of Eternity, they didn't use up much before. But after entering the Swamps of Gloom, everyone became tense, and the Tower of Eternity became an effective place for them to relax, and maintain a peak condition for the battle to come.

After agreeing upon the tactics, Long Haochen didn't bring everyone back into the Swamps of Gloom to carry out their plans, but brought everyone to the second floor of the Tower of Eternity.

Haoyue spread his pair of immense wings, floating on the faintly discernible clouds on the second floor. Everyone was on Haoyue's back, and the most perturbed was obviously Cai'er, who forgot everything from this place along with the rest of her memories.

Having already come who knows how many times to train in this first floor, everyone was used to training their air battle tactics here. But until the time they left the Temple Alliance, they had yet to pass the two last tests of the second floor. And it was for the sake of keeping training his comrades in air battle that Long Haochen had been putting aside the matter of these last two tests. However, he now came to another decision.

Haoyue was advancing in the sky under Long Haochen's lead, as the surrounding clouds were swept past his way. From afar, an immense golden sculpture could be vaguely seen.

The checkpoints they passed before wouldn't reappear, and seeing that sculpture, Long Haochen had Haoyue stop advancing.

Sima Xian raised a question, ’’Boss, are we going to resume training now? But the consumed spiritual energy is going to be hard to recover!’’

Long Haochen shook his head.

Full of disdain, Lin Xin remarked, ’’Baldie, do you have mud for brains. Don't you understand Boss' intention? Boss wants us to raise our strength as a whole. Have a good look.’’

Long Haochen didn't explain further, giving a smile before spreading out the four wings on his back, already flying over. In his hands, the Rippling Light and the Aria of the Goddess of Light appeared simultaneously, and at the time of flight, the look on his eyes became suddenly sharp.

Right before he was at the twenty meters marks, a green light suddenly appeared from nowhere, followed by the soundless appearance of a skeleton in midair.

This skeleton looked quite bizarre, a bit smaller than the Eleventh Holy Guard in build, and had two more wings than Long Haochen on his back. Along with a flash of green fire burning inside of his body, an intense green light rushed forth from him. One could faintly see an intense wind element revolve all around him.

The weapons of this skeleton were also quite special, differing from any existing one. These were two S-shaped daggers, also colored green. On top of the weapons, a pointed cone shape could be seen. Without a doubt, this weapon would really be destructive in case of a direct attack.

A gaudy green flame pulsed severely in his two eyes. His body took almost a mere instant to look illusory. Being very familiar with this skeleton, everyone understood that it wasn't that he disappeared, but he accelerated to an extreme limit in a small amount of time, ready to let his speed break out completely anytime.

Right, this green skeleton was a soul powerhouse, a powerful entity guarding the second floor. And after everyone reached the second floor, their genuine air battle instructor was him. That was a powerful skeleton with an excellent affinity with wind.

Seeing him, everyone including Long Haochen shivered. They had been in the past abused quite severely by this green skeleton. His monstrous speed remained fresh in their memories.

Long Haochen respectfully performed a standard knight salute in front of this green skeleton, before expanding the four wings on his back, and letting the powerful Holy Fire soar around him.

In the Swamps of Gloom, the eleventh and the twelfth holy guards used their own strength and battle tactics to prove their value, and just like Lin Xin said, Long Haochen already made his preparations to subdue this powerful skeleton which was most likely the Tenth Holy Guard, thus increasing the strength of their team. In front of these extremely fast Saw Skates, the utility of the Tenth Holy Guard would undoubtedly be massive. This was at the core of the plans Long Haochen had in mind. It was something that came to his mind when Long Haochen and his comrades discussed a countermeasure for the situation.

Right at the instant Long Haochen's body strided forward, the green skeleton made his move.

With an indescribable sight, he appeared at an extreme speed, as if crushing everyone's scenery the instant he moved.

Even in the previous battle, everyone relied almost only on their instincts and perception when learning air battle tactics with him, because their eyes were simply unable to keep up with the green skeleton's moves. From this, it could be seen how terrifying his speed was.

With a dim flash of green light, his back faced the back of Long Haochen, following with a standard assassin double backstab aimed backwards, aiming for Long Haochen's ribs. That green skeleton didn't even turn back, simply holding his daggers in the opposite direction.

At the same time as he acted, Long Haochen also moved. He actually didn't attempt to dodge, but aimed a backstab backward just like the green skeleton. Only, his was with a single sword and not two. Before the instant of clash with the green skeleton, the Rippling Light in his left hand was already gripped backwards.


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