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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 426


Chapter 426: Saw Skate (II)

These monsters were indeed extraordinary. Every one of them wasn't huge in build, only reaching a length of roughly two meters. It seemed like a special fish, entirely flat and not really wide, roughly reaching one third of a meter in width. Its body was flat and thin, but its appearance was too fierce. On the top of its head were sharp sawtooth extending over more than one meter. In the dark Swamps of Gloom, the glint from their sawtooth let out a brilliant light.

In fact, this thing reached a length of about two meters, but the sawteeth of its head occupied a meter of that length, making it's body half of its entire length! What kind of terrifying physique was that?! On its back, a large fin was energetically pushing its body. And furthermore, each of these monstrous fishes produced fearsome fluctuations of spiritual energy. This spiritual energy was of a kind that Long Haochen has never seen before, absolutely incomparable with the water element from an ordinary aquatic magical beast, as there were some wind and space elements mixed in it. Or perhaps it was a mixture of the two.

At the time these monstrous fishes appeared, they clearly had an impetus from the wind element, while their monstrous sawteeth on their body emitted fluctuations of the spatial attribute. Because of this, their attack power was that great. What they used was Spatial Cut!

Right now, dozens of these monstrous fishes appeared before everyone's vision. Under the bombardment from Haoyue's five elements, the targeted monstrous fishes filled the air with a white liquid, and overwhelming majority of them stayed unharmed. From their extremely glossy skin, some dim silver colored radiance could be seen spreading out. The aftermath from the bombardment was the regeneration of their bodies, and no real harm was inflicted to them.

Being of spatial and wind dual attribute magical beast, their most terrifying aspect was their offensive power, but neither their defense nor their speed was nothing to be laughed about. So this kind of magical beast still existed in these Swamps of Gloom! And more terrifyingly, they were living in a pack. In fact, there should be more than a hundred of these living in this lake.

Long Haochen drew a breath, immediately summoning the two holy guards from the Eternal Melody, having them identify these monsters.

The two holy guards looked unflustered, as they simultaneously mentioned a name unknown to everyone.

’’Saw Skates! How surprising! Isn't this species supposed to be extinct since long ago? How could there be some here?’’ These two powerhouses who ordinarily didn't show any emotion, but now, they were clearly very shocked.

Long Haochen asked, ’’What are Saw Skates?’’

The Eleventh Holy Guard replied with a voice still filled with some fear, ’’They are terrifying magical beasts. Their individual strength is really high, equivalent to a magical beast of the eighth rank, and atop of that, they are generally found in a pack. Their destructive power is massive, their most peculiar feature is the horn on their head. Although it is a part of their body, it's still their most terrifying weapon. These magical beasts are fearsome both on land and sea. Their biggest weakness is their inability of flight, but their camouflage capabilities are also outstanding. Even magical beasts and humans with the ability of flight can very easily be put to death without even being given the time to escape using it.

In ancient times, these magical beasts had a tyrannical presence, but afterwards, they met destruction from encountering their predator, the gigantic dragons. I didn't expect to really encounter some, in this lifetime. Their existence is only known from ancient books!

Long Haochen gasped at this information. No wonder these monsters are that powerful, so they were actually magical beasts of the eighth rank! That was over a hundred magical beasts of the eighth rank! If they were gifted with the ability of flight, his only choice would be to lead his comrades back to the Tower of Eternity, since they weren't strong enough to resist against that threat.

At this moment, the Saw Skates below were howling one after another. Their howls weren't incredibly loud, but had a deep resounding feeling. The Saw Skates that Haoyue killed just before with his power-burst were roughly three, and some were injured. All of them being at the eighth rank, if they were in one versus one, Haoyue would be a lot stronger than them. But when encountering this many Saw Skates, Haoyue could only stall.

However, Haoyue wasn't so easy to bully. From being injured by their surprise attack, further adding the danger of death Long Haochen was exposed to, he was completely infuriated.

Incessantly, he spit again and again towards the little lake below, especially for the newly born Little Purple, whose poisonous spit was highly toxic, causing even the members from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad to have alarmed looks at its sight.

However, Saw Skates really deserved being called tough antique creatures. They had a special technique of resistance, forming a whirlpool with their saws. One could clearly see circles of purple white spread outwards, filling the air and taking the shape of a silver white protective dome covering a large area. Meanwhile, the even more bizarre thing was that the lake underneath turned muddy because of Haoyue's bombardment, but from that silver light spreading, it rapidly regained a limpid coloration, as if all the poison was flying up to the sky.

Right! If they didn't have the ability to resist against poison, these Saw Skates wouldn't possibly have survived in this land of death.

Although Haoyue's projectiles were powerful, it wasn't effective enough against so many Saw Skates acting as one unit. It could only send them flying one by one, and didn't turn out as an efficient attack.

By chance, Haoyue had this fifth poison elemental head. Currently, the dense poisonous fog surrounding them was dispelled by the aura coming out from Haoyue's body. As one might well imagine, if Long Haochen's group took off to the sky by the means of their wings, even if they were able to resist the poison, their spiritual energy would rapidly get depleted. It would then be hard to say whether they would be able to rush out of the poisonous fog. Moreover, who could be certain that there wouldn't be other powerful enemies in or beyond the poisonous marsh gas?

Haoyue's five large heads were continuously letting out cries of fury, obviously infuriated by the surprise attack of these Saw Skates. The massive wings on his back were continuously flapping, and the fluctuations of spiritual energy around his body also kept strengthening.

Long Haochen patted Haoyue's back, comforting him, ’’Let it be. This is their dwelling place. We'll just fly through and that will be it.’’

Although Haoyue was unwilling, he wouldn't go against Long Haochen's will. With an dissatisfied feeling, he flapped both wings on his back forward, planning on crossing over this lake from the sky, before finding a point to land and then proceed forward. After all, the flight to the sky, while carrying seven people on his back and having to resist the poison came with a large consumption for him.

However, the complexions on the faces of Long Haochen's group changed rapidly, because those Saw Skate that originally lived in the lake unexpectedly went chasing after Haoyue?

They showed no signs of wanting to let go of them.

What are these Saw Skates doing? Long Haochen was startled. There was no choice but to admit that if they landed to the ground, they would really not be a match for these Saw Skates. Be it physically, in spiritual energy or attack power, they were really no match for this many Saw Skates.

The Eleventh Holy Guard explained, ’’Saw Skates live in a group, and have very good solidarity. This is why they hold grudges particularly deeply. Before, you killed one of their comrades, so they definitely won't leave the matter at that.’’

Long Haochen showed a calm smile, ’’They can perhaps take care of others like that, but us? I'm afraid they chose the wrong target. After having advanced for so long, we should rest. Let's go, and return to the Tower of Eternity.’’

Following a track needed a target, so when these Saw Skates lose their target, what more could they do? Nothing else but to return to their own habitat.

A flash of light appeared, slowly spreading around, enveloping Haoyue's massive figure. It vanished, and the next instant, Long Haochen's group was transported to the first floor of the Tower of Eternity.

Back to the Tower of Eternity, everyone finally let out their breaths. At least here, they felt at peace, and didn't have to worry about some terrible creatures suddenly rushing at them from that land of death.

However, Long Haochen remained quite curious about the Saw Skates. Asking the two holy guards, he obtained some details regarding this species.

Saw Skates were indeed formidable creatures. If not for their weakness of being unable to fly, they would have remained as the tyrants of the continent for even longer back then.

The reason why they had dual elements was due to their body. Their horn was contained spatial attribute, while their body contained wind attribute. These two attributes complemented one another, making their attack speed overwhelming.

Haoyue was already quite lucky to have been able to kill some Saw Skates, because his attack was sudden, and from their inadequate defense.

Based on these two holy guards, in these swamps, even if there was some Forest Boa of the tenth rank, he wouldn't dare rashly invade the territory of this group of Saw Skates. In fact, in terms of attack power, their horns weren't inferior to ordinary Legendary Equipment!

In the same way, because of the great power of the Saw Skates, the body of each of these Saw Skates could be called a valuable treasure.

First of all, given that the body of a Saw Skate had the ability to sustain the constant surges of the two elements inside, it was a lot stronger than ordinary magical beasts in toughness. Of course, this remained beyond compare with a freak controlling so many elements as Haoyue.

The toughest part of a Saw Skate wasn't its horn, but the center of its back, with three silvery white layers of skin, making it extremely tough.Next was the terrible horn, which without any refinement, in it's plain from, was already a piece of spatial element of at least Glorious Tier. And it would have attack power equalling the legendary tier, but, in a human's hands, the power of this horn would be a bit less.

However, what if this horn was processed? The Eleventh Holy Guard told Long Haochen that all the weapons from ancient times that was made with a Saw Skate Horn, were items of Legendary Tier.


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