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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 425


Chapter 425: Saw Skate (I)

Lin Xin held the internal pill close to his chest, ’’Haoyue, this cannot be given to you. I need it to make pills.’’

This fifth head disdainfully snorted. After shaking his head, he turned it back.

Long Haochen explained with a little smile, ’’Little Purple is telling you to put the Forest Boa internal pill inside. With him here, the poisonous gas in here is absolutely nothing.’’

’’Eh?’’ Lin Xin was startled. Being an intelligent person, he suddenly realized, ’’Boss, are you saying that the element of Haoyue's fifth head is...’’

Long Haochen nodded, ’’It's as you guessed, poison.’’

Hearing the word poison, everyone couldn't help but reveal a change of expression. No wonder Haoyue swallowed all that poison. So that was actually for the development of his fifth head of poison type. The poison attribute, it was something time that they heard about something like this. Amongst all known magical beasts, this attribute didn't seem to exist. Of course, this was outside of those previous Devil Man-eater Flowers.

Haoyue raised up his fifth head and with a low roar, both of its eyes lit up, with a resplendent purple colored light. It was quite strange, but along with the sparkle of his eyes, the surrounding poison seemed to disperse in terror. In a few blinks of an eye, the poison on a range of at least three hundred meters around them dispersed, and along with Haoyue's advance, the poison was continuously scattering.

A lot more effectively than Eleventh Holy Guard or the Forest Boa internal pill, their line of sight became clear and everyone saw with surprise the environment of this land of death improve incredibly.

The color of the swamps actually varied greatly. Some areas were dark brown, while some were dark yellow, and some dark green. Thus, when their visibility increased, everyone traced a lot more details.

In the range of growth of the Devil Man-eating Flowers, they were the only kind of plant. But past this area, other plants also started to appear.

Vines were still the majority, and some unfamiliar plants appeared.

Haoyue started to move, taking large strides deeper into the Swamps of Glooms. He seemed totally devoid of worries, and didn't give any look to the surroundings. It was quite strange to mention, but ever since everyone climbed on his back, no more magical beast dared ambush them.

’’Ai, don't you think it's strange, that those omnipresent lizard just disappeared?’’ Chen Ying'er gave a curious look to the surrounding. There was no more need to walk, yet everything was a lot more safe, causing her to be in a better mood. The depressed feeling she had from being hit by the previous poisonous gas was appeased by a lot.

Lin Xin replied with a laugh, ’’Don't you understand? When encountering an ancestor of their race, which lizard would dare approach recklessly?’’

’’Roaa!’’ Little Light suddenly turned back, staring at Lin Xin with a very fierce glance. Lin Xin was startled from the ominous glint that came out from his eyes.

’’Boss, what is Haoyue doing?’’

With a gentle laughter, Long Haochen replied, ’’He said that he's not a lizard, and that you should please not compare him with those inferior reptiles, otherwise he's throwing you down.’’

Lin Xin laughed in response too, ’’Right, right, our Haoyue is the most powerful. What reptile, even a gigantic dragon is nothing in comparison. Right?’’ Since boot-licking didn't require any money be spent, he was very generous with his compliments. At least he wasn't stingy in this aspect.

After snorting once at him, Haoyue didn't pay him any more attention.

Perhaps this was because Haoyue's fifth head Little Purple was newly born, he really put a lot of energy to accomplish his given task, relying only on his own ability.

Little Purple's methods to open up a path was very simple. Opening his mouth, he would release some breath forward. This breath was the same color as his eyes, dark purple. Once it passed through, no matter how rough they were, the vines in the way immediately melted, making their way smooth.

However, Long Haochen realized that this Little Purple was taking very deep breaths every time.

At every breath he took, he seemed to absorb some of the energy concentrated in the swamps, and as he spat it out, the poisonous marsh gas that scattered became more and more powerful.

Although Long Haochen couldn't be certain that Little Purple's strength was different from the other heads, if this poison attribute was used well, perhaps it could turn out to be a lot more terrifying than the other attributes.

In a few moments, the distance covered by Haoyue was already greater than the total distance Long Haochen's group covered until then. While getting even deeper inside of the swamps, everyone had time to recover.

Haoyue's wide back was over a dozen meter long. Although seven of them were seated, they didn't feel crowded at all. It was just that for safety, Long Haochen kept himself close to Cai'er, thus why the two of them were relatively close.

Still advancing forward, Haoyue rushed for roughly another half hour, before they entered the depths of the swamps. Haoyue's powerful bearing was really effective on the road. Before his appearance, even with thrice more time, they wouldn't have made it here yet.

After passing through another dense area of vines, a little lake appeared. This lake wasn't deep, and Long Haochen found the land here to be rather muddy, proof of the shallowness of the lake.

Until then, this was still the first time for Haoyue to stop his advance. His five heads looked around to the four directions, showing some hesitation in his actions for the first time.

Since Long Haochen could sense the fear coming out of Haoyue, he also started to feel uneasy.

With shivers running down his spine, Long Haochen shouted, ’’Everybody be prepared for battle! Be careful about the surroundings!’’

Right at this time, Cai'er suddenly looked to one direction out of some subconscious call, and sensing her sudden tight brace, Long Haochen immediately watched attentively towards that direction.

A thick oscillating ray flashed out right at that instant.

This flash of light happened just at a too fast speed. As if sticking close to the surface of the lake, that cold ray moved more quickly than a sharp blade. Haoyue abruptly let out a low roar, leaning his massive build forward.

Long Haochen had a feeling of pain from that low roar, immediately jumping down from Haoyue's back. A golden shadow separated from him, remaining on Haoyue's back.

Then, a spinning bolt of energy suddenly hit Haoyue's thick right foreleg. One could see one of his half foot long scales being cut, revealing a nerve inside. However, this wound still healed at an astonishing speed.

Although Long Haochen couldn't possible use his own attacks to try out the strength of Haoyue's scales, Haoyue and him having been battling together for a long time, he had a considerable comprehension of Haoyue's defensive power. As for the strength of Haoyue's external spiritual energy, it should have crossed 10,000 units even before his evolution. The double of that could possibly have been reached after his evolution. For his defenses to have been broken instantly under these circumstances, letting him no opportunity to even dodge or adapt himself, what level of strength was needed?

Right at this time, Long Haochen's pupils suddenly dilated, because he saw that from the clear little lake was suddenly filled with several dozens oscillating rays, amounting close to a hundred, all shot at the direction of Haoyue. Reaching an extreme speed, it was invisible to the naked eye.

’’Haoyue!’’ Long Haochen shouted frantically. Meanwhile, the Aria of the Goddess of Light was waved, and countless golden dots of light covered the air. This blow was already sparing no efforts from Long Haochen, not only in the amount of spiritual energy contained, but also the attack speed and range of attack reaching an extreme level. That was Demon Wiping Flash.

Haoyue let out a low roar, abruptly spreading out the two immense wings on his side, and flapping them with vigor, propelling his massive body to the air.

Haoyue wasn't a pacifist, and as his body rose in the air, on his five large heads, five breaths already shot out, at the direction of the little lake.

In the midst of an ear-piercing exploding sound, Long Haochen felt as if he was smashed by an immense hammer, and even a powerful weapon such as the Aria of the Goddess of Light let out slight lamentable sounds. A massive backlash force directly landed on Long Haochen's body, flying back, but he still succeed in stalling long enough for Haoyue to fly through Demon Wiping Flash.

Letting out a stuffy sound, Long Haochen's face was very pale, and the golden light from the Soul Sharing Chains appeared in front of everyone from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad.

That cold light didn't show trace of wanting to let go of Long Haochen, and stuck to him, sliding alongside him. In front of the powerful destructive power that wounded Haoyue, Long Haochen's Glorious Holy Armor was unable to resist.

However, right at this time, Long Haochen's body let out the white glow of Pull to the air, escaping by a hair's breath the attack from those white glows.

Everyone felt cold sweat on their back. The critical point was that this situation of danger was just too sudden. Ever since Haoyue got attacked to when Long Haochen jumped down, the whole process just took a few breaths of time.

A violent explosion resounded in the next instant, and five spats of breath fell into the little lake, erupting loudly. Five destructive elemental explosions turned the whole little lake upside down.

This small lake reached only one or two hundred meters diameter. Massive fluctuations of spiritual energy spread out madly, and a surge of oscillating rays were fired in succession, swirling in dispersion in the air.

Relying on this chance, everyone finally saw clearly what those oscillating rays were

Long Haochen fiercely straightened up his chest, clearly feeling his body shake repeatedly from that. If he hadn't made some prior preparations, by making Yating remain on Haoyue's back, the Attraction ability from the Saint Spiritual Stove would have been almost impossible to escape at this occasion. That was because he wasn't even given the time to release his own spiritual wings.

What kind of monster is that in the end? Be it Long Haochen or his other comrades, no one recognized the magical beast that ambushed them.


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