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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 424


Chapter 424: Haoyue enters his mature stage

Cai'er was right next to Long Haochen before, and seeing him disappear and without any warning, so suddenly, she revealed a panicked look.

Wang Yuanyuan hastened to join her side, reassuring her in low voice, ’’It's nothing. Captain should have gone to help Haoyue evolve. Let's wait here for now.’’

Since Long Haochen didn't bring them along to help Haoyue, it meant he had confidence in facing any possible obstacles, thus Wang Yuanyuan didn't tell Cai'er about the possible danger Long Haochen could confront when accompanying Haoyue.

Indeed, Long Haochen was really confident. That's because before their teleportation, Haoyue informed him that the evolution this time would be very short.

This was the so called preparation is key to success. Through one year of seclusion plus the great amount of Devil Man-eater Flowers essence and spirit confusion poison Haoyue absorbed gave him a massive power. Compared to all his past breakthroughs, this time, it was a lot more pressing, but also a lot more certain.

With a flash of light, Long Haochen and Haoyue reappeared in craggy hills. The black and red as well as the dense muddy air once again appeared in Long Haochen's senses.

Heaving his two swords, Long Haochen assumed a defensive posture with no hesitation, while devoting all his attention on Haoyue.

Compared to the previous breakthroughs when he tried to hide his presence to be as covert as possible, this time was different. Right after reaching this world, Haoyue immediately lifted up his four heads, and let out roars and bellows to the air. That was the kind of lofty shout like when a king signaled his return, as if telling that he would regain all control as a king.


The bulge on Haoyue's neck burst once again, and a brand new large head abruptly stretched out from there. The instant this large head burst out, only the time of three breaths passed. From that speed of breakthrough, it could be seen how anxious Haoyue was to get over with that.

This new head was like the other four in size, but the greatest difference lied on the top of this head. The horn was very peculiar, it was like a chrysanthemum, blossoming above. And right in the center of this flower was a character rarely seen in the current Shengmo Dalu, ’’关’’.

The eyes on this large head were all dark purple, but there was some notable difference on this color compared to the purple emitted from Haoyue's whole body before. The aura emitted from Haoyue's body and the color of all his eyes changed, turning light purple. But the purple color on these eyes was a lot darker.

Flinging this large head with a chrysanthemum as its horn, he let out roars with a somewhat rough voice, followed by powerful roars.

An exceedingly terrifying aura abruptly burst out from Haoyue, and even as his blood contracted partner, Long Haochen retreated in front of his imposing manner, secretly in shock.

He could clearly sense that the current Haoyue already surpassed him in strength. That was magical beast of the eighth rank, equivalent to a powerhouse of the seventh step.

And furthermore, never forget that Haoyue was a penta-elemental magical beast of the eighth rank! The aura that emanated from him was actually something not even a magical beast of the ninth rank could compete with.

The eyes on Haoyue's fifth head were different, but without exception, all regained at this time in thick and powerful intent. And on his body, changes started to appear from the birth of this fifth head.

His originally ten meter long build started once again to expand, and the scales on his body grew even more thick. His bones becoming bulkier, each of his head started to enlarge along with his body, and the same went for his neck.

When Long Haochen watched attentively the changing body of Haoyue, another scene suddenly filled him with even more shock.

’’Pu- -’’

A sound close to broken li suddenly rang, and the two massive bulges on Haoyue's back suddenly split open, oozing a large clump of deep purple coloured blood. These were two meters wide immense wings, with a wingspan of six meters.

On Haoyue's wings were no feathers, looking closer to a bat's wings. Yet it was incomparably more solid than a bat's, the exterior bone being of massive thickness, completely deep purple in color, just like the color of the eyes on his fifth head. The broken parts on his new wings healed at an astonishing speed, and thick scales started to grow from these wings, extending from within.

Along with the appearance of these wings, Haoyue now reached fifteen meters in height. But his total volume was at the least doubled, and the terrible pressure from him felt somewhat unreal to Long Haochen. Is he really a magical beast of the eighth rank? But could a magical beast of the eighth rank really have such a tyrannical and domineering aura?

Seeing the changes on Haoyue's body, for some reason, Long Haochen was flustered deep inside. This feeling of panic was somewhat unclear to him, but he was pretty sure that even with the addition of Yating, he would be no match for Haoyue.

Right at this time, Long haochen suddenly realized that his body started to emit heat. If someone was here, they would be able to see that nine purple patterns was densely spread on his forehead, and that even his skin turned purple.

An aura similar to Haoyue's started to spread out from Long Haochen's body. He could clear feel his own internal and external spiritual energy suddenly increase at an astonishing speed.

The gained spiritual energy wasn't of light attribute, but a kind of special existence unknown to Long Haochen. This spiritual energy was extreme pure, but didn't have any elemental attribute. When coming in contact with his own light elemental spiritual energy, it turned into the light element.

100, 200, 300, 500...

1,000, 2,000, 3,000...

Long Haochen gained a whole 3,000 units of internal spiritual energy, before this increase started to slow down. And further, this was only the amount of internal spiritual energy he gained. As for to how much his external spiritual energy increased, he didn't even know himself. He could only sense that his own body was full of explosive power.

This was truly a wonderful feeling, brought without a doubt by Haoyue to him.

In the previous evolutions, it could be said that for the majority of the time, it was Long Haochen giving help to Haoyue, but a situation like right now, when the counterpart's breakthrough brought an increase of 3,000 units of spiritual energy, was completely unheard of. But one might well imagine how massive the current boost to Haoyue was. And furthermore, with wings on his back, Haoyue undoubtedly gained the ability to fly. If Long Haochen was still at the fifth step, he would have turned into an Airborne Knight from Earth Knight.

Haoyue turned back his massive figure, as the thick scales on him started to spread out some light purple color. Lifting up his two foreclaws, he stood up straight, revealing a great contrast compared to Long Haochen due to his massive stature.

With his five large heads looking up to the sky, his eyes displayed a hard to describe coldness. Looking afar, he let out another cold shout. This shout gradually turned out into a whistle, as if giving vent to all the depressed feelings in him.

Long Haochen silently sensed the changes on Haoyue's mood, but didn't say anything, only watching him silently.

Afar, some creatures seemed to have started heading this way, but at that sight, Haoyue seemed to be leaking out a dense unremitting feeling from his eyes.

His four claws slowly reached the ground, and Haoyue simultaneously crawled to Long Haochen with his five large heads. Along with the new head, all of them pressed close to Long Haochen, and their eyes showed gentleness.

Long Haochen heard Haoyue's voice in his heart, ’’Brother, I have evolved. I am now finally in my complete state. Haha, those insignificant trashes will not threaten my life any further. One day, when I return here, I will definitely crush them all to pieces.’’

’’Complete state?’’ Long Haochen asked Haoyue in confusion.

Haoyue nodded in response, and Little Light lowered his head, going in contact with Long Haochen's legs. A soft force immediately held Long Haochen's body, from Little Light's thick neck, letting him slide onto Haoyue's back from his neck.

’’Brother, at the time you just summoned me from your space, you used your own blood to help me break away from my newly born state, to my maturing state. And right now, I finally broke through from my maturing state, achieving my complete state. After reaching my complete state, my strength will now gradually emerge. In the future, my body will progressively get perfected, and my real strength will gradually awaken from there.’’

Long Haochen was secretly startled. If the current Haoyue just entered his complete state, then what level of power was he going to attain after really developing in his complete state?

Haoyue could sense Long Haochen's thoughts, passing him a kind of proud feeling, as if being full of pride about his own future strength.

’’Brother, my words are unclear right. I don't know what level of power I will get after evolving from my complete form, to my ultimate form. Only, my body is longing for the day that will come.’’

Long Haochen revealed a slight smile, softly stroking Little Light's neck, ’’Actually, to me, your safety is the most important. As long as you come unharmed and safe, I don't mind the level of strength you can possibly reach.’’

Haoyue turned his five large heads back, watching Long Haochen with his five different colored eyes, seemingly about to melt from seeing his gentle looks. All his eyes were directed towards Long Haochen, softly rubbing against him. These childlike emotions gave Long Haochen a warm impulse deep inside. Right, no matter how powerful Haoyue grows, he will always be my good companion, and my good brother.

Feeling his heads with the hand, Long Haochen declared, ’’Let's go. Since you are already at your complete stage, we should return, to spare the others from waiting for us.’’

This time, he took note of the fact that afar, a large quantity of undead creatures were rushing to this direction, with some especially powerful aura appearing, full of pressure.

Haoyue's five large heads were once again raised upwards, letting out a very dignified roar, as a purple glow covered Long Haochen and him. With a sparkle of purple light, the man and the beast disappeared from this black and red world.

This time, travelling, Long Haochen came to an obviously somewhat startling realization. When teleporting in the past, he could feel himself travelling back and forth from space to space, before joining Haoyue's side. But this time,it wasn't the same, he faintly sensed that Haoyue had a grasp on the spatial power, and directly sent them to their original world.

With a radiant flash, when the massive Haoyue reappeared in front of everyone, all the members from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad couldn't help but let out a gasp.

Seeing the massive wings on the back of Haoyue, Lin Xin couldn't help but remark, ’’Damn! Such a tyrannical power. Is that really... Haoyue?’’

Wang Yuanyuan was startled, ’’This is... A fifth head? Is there in the end any limit to Haoyue!? Would he be keep growing heads forever?’’

Han Yu shook his head, ’’Maybe not. See, this time, there's no more bulge on the sides of Haoyue's body. There should be no more new heads growing, I think? However, he's already very powerful at five heads. The aura spreading out from him should make him at least a magical beast of the eighth rank.’’

Chen Ying'er pondered, ’’I am very curious about the element of Haoyue's fifth head.’’

Sima Xian concluded this upright, ’’Who cares about that element? It's enough as he's powerful. Haoyue's strength is our Demon Hunt Squad's strength.’’

Haoyue turned around, and let out a light howl. His massive body slowly crawled and that time, everyone got to notice that under Haoyue's four thick limbs, some marks of ice fracture started to appear. It seemed at its limit bearing his massive build.

Long Haochen said with a smile, ’’Haoyue is welcoming you to come. Eleventh and Twelfth Holy Guard, you can temporarily return to the Eternal Melody. Yating, you also do the same.’’

Three flash of light simultaneously returned to Long Haochen's body. After the completion of Haoyue's evolution, Long Haochen's confidence increased even further. And Haoyue already passed him a certain message, that these Swamps of Gloom weren't a big threat to him. Since things were so, it was better to conceal some of their assets, to give them even more cards up their sleeves for the crucial times.

With a flash, Long Haochen joined Cai'er's side, and stretched his hand to her.

This wasn't the first time for Cai'er to see Haoyue. Originally, in the scene played by Ye Xiaolie, Long Haochen and Haoyue were both protecting her, and she naturally knew that Haoyue was Long Haochen's mount. With great curiosity in her, she passed her right hand to Long Haochen, her charming face blushing slightly, filled with an inimitable pure beauty.

Long Haochen looked slightly dazed, and couldn't help but blush at that. But deep inside, he felt a joy of victory coming above the warmth. Since Cai'er agreed to let him hold her hand, that obviously meant that she was ready to accept him more.

Holding her soft and frail little hand, Long Haochen forced his surging mood with difficulty. With the support of spiritual energy he pulled her to him and sat on Haoyue's back.

The others all followed, climbing on Haoyue's back. With Haoyue's protection, they maintained their formation, making it easier to adapt to changes.

Right this time, Haoyue's fifth head suddenly turned round, stopping in front of Lin Xin, giving a look to the Forest Boa internal pill hanging on his neck, letting out a low howl.


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