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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 423


Chapter 423: Devil Flowers(III)

Who knew how many more of these large flowers were concealed in the poisonous fog, and who knew how much longer this fog would last. Although his spiritual energy was sufficient to maintain Holy Mantle for a long time, in case they launched attacks, it would be difficult to guarantee that no poison would leak through them. He naturally didn't want to take risks, so the priority was to withdraw from the range of attack of these large flowers.

Right at this moment, Long Haochen had a sudden thought, and an eager voice sounded inside of him.

’’Wait a bit.’’ Long Haochen shouted to the others that were prepared to withdraw, and with a flash of purple, the veined patterns on his forehead appeared once again. Meanwhile, his Holy Mantle spread out to an even larger area.

One Holy Mantle spell from Long Haochen could at least last for ten second in this poisonous fog, and from this one could be seen the gap in spiritual energy.

An immense figure appeared in front of everyone: that was Haoyue.

Right as he appeared, Haoyue's four large heads let out a bellow towards the sky. That was not out of rage, but rather of cheer. Long Haochen didn't even block him, who charged out of the Holy Mantle, and lifted his four heads, opening his four mouths wide to breath the pink gas.

The current Haoyue was simply like a sponge. Amongst his heads, Little Green didn't forget to use a Float Technique on himself, to avoid having his massive body sink in the swamps, voraciously absorbing all the pink gas in the air.

Long Haochen's group was standing right behind Haoyue. With his powerful suction, the fog released from them was naturally weakened.

’’What is Haoyue doing here?’’ Everyone gave foolish looks at Haoyue who was absorbing the poisonous fog without pause, completely unable to comprehend.

Long Haochen revealed a bitter smile, ’’I don't know either, he did that voluntarily. It seems that this poisonous gas is beneficial to him. Lin Xin, still remember that rock I bought back then in the auction house? That time, Haoyue seemed as eager as now. Afterward, he just started his evolution. And this time, Haoyue seems just as eager, which means he will start evolving later. It looks like this poisonous fog is of great benefit to him.’’

Lin Xin, ’’I've never seen such a monstrous magical beast as Haoyue. Boss, I feel that by now, Haoyue is already not inferior to you in strength.’’

Long Haochen responded, ’’Very possible. I don't even know what Haoyue's limits are. We'll just see later. Haoyue shouldn't do things he's uncertain about.’’

The last time they were besieged by the Demon Hunter Removers, Haoyue displayed great strength. Even Ah'Bao was held up by him for a long time. It could be said that without Haoyue's assistance, Long Haochen wouldn't have had any certainty to be able to protect Cai'er during her awakening when she was absorbing the inheritance from the God of Death, and his condition could only have gotten worse. Because of that incident, Long Haochen realized the tyrannical nature of Haoyue's strength. Everything aside, the simple quadra-elemental spell Essence of Disorder was already breathtaking.

And ever since the group started their seclusion in Holy City, Haoyue was also silently cultivating. The bulge on his neck was already as long as his other heads. Without a doubt, he would soon grow a fifth head. At that time, what level will Haoyue reach as a magical beast? Long Haochen didn't know, but he had already a guess deep inside regarding Haoyue. This good brother of his was really not a simple person.

Haoyue's suction speed kept going up, and his massive build over ten meters tall was raised up toward the sky. One could faintly see that the scales on Haoyue's body were letting out a pink gloss. Its body also started to expand slightly. Intense fluctuations of spiritual energy kept emanating from him, and on his four large heads, his eyes of the different colors of their element turned all purple.

The blood contract between Long Haochen and Haoyue made the former's perception all the more distinct. He could clearly sense that the current Haoyue had a boost in his spiritual energy due to absorbing some energy frantically. Just in this short span of time, his spiritual energy was increased at least by fifty units.

Long Haochen and Haoyue were so intimately related that the two of them could sense the others' breakthrough, and would always at that time greatly affect the other one. At the time Long Haochen broke through the seventh step after saving Cai'er, he sensed that Haoyue was about to break through, and that this breakthrough was always kept suppressed by Haoyue. Long Haochen clearly understood that he was the very reason for that. When Cai'er lost her memories, how could he have the heart to attend anything else? And Haoyue's evolution would very possibly have needed him to return to his original world, and to defend himself there. Out of fear of getting distracted, Haoyue didn't start his evolution. Indeed, Long Haochen had been neglecting his good companion lately.

Looking at Haoyue with some guilt, Long Haochen told himself secretly that no matter from where Haoyue came, and no matter what will happen in the future, he will protect this little brother of his, just like he has always been doing for him.

The pink vapor in the air gradually lost it's shine after being absorbed by Haoyue with all his strength, and his four large heads incessantly let out yells from excitement. As his suction continued, his belly also started to gain in size, and the pink mist coming out from him also grew in intensity.

’’Master, these are Devil Man-eating Flowers, a very dangerous kind of plant-type magical beasts. Every one of them is a magical beast of the sixth rank, that all enjoy living in group. Be it animals or humans, everyone is food for them. The most tyrannical aspect of these Devil Man-eating Flowers is in launching this poisonous fog, so called spirit confusion poisonous fog. In case one gets caught in it, even if it's an even more powerful powerhouse, he will walk straight to the mouth of the Devil Man-eating Flowers to get swallowed. In our times long before, there had been an operation aimed to exterminate Devil Man-eating Flowers completely. I didn't expect some to have survived. And I just recognized this pink gas just now.’’

The one saying this was the Twelfth Holy Guard. Without a doubt, these two souls of powerhouses acting as guards were truly very experienced and knowledgeable. In this trip to the Swamps of Gloom, their utility exceeded anyone else from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad.

Nodding to the Twelfth Holy Guard, something just bothered his mind. Since the holy guards were of such utility, why not...

Thinking, he already had a plan. As long as they managed to find the Devil Snake demon god Andromalius, their group would certainly make a huge bet.

In the air, the hallucinogen flowing was becoming more and more thin, and the Holy Mantle released by Long Haochen already managed to hold out without even the need to be supplemented anymore.

The current Haoyue, was like someone with a really heavy makeup: his whole body was totally colored in pink. His abdomen swelled up, and tyrannical fluctuations of spiritual energy kept bursting forth from his body, as the shouts from his four heads became more and more excited.

The Devil Flowers from afar could now be seen clearly, and everyone found out to their surprise that these Devil Man-eating Flowers looked a lot more dispirited compared to before. Visibly, their continuous release of the spirit confusion poisonous gas depleted quite a lot of energy from them.


Haoyue's four large heads were looking up, stepping forward in large strides in his pink colored body, with a green light curling up around his body. Relying on the Float Technique, he basically didn't need to worry about getting sunk into the swamps. Just like that, he went straight for the Devil Man-eater Flower.

’’Haoyue, be careful!’’ Long Haochen shouted loudly.

Haoyue immediately passed him a message calming him, and rushed forward on his four powerful limbs. On him, Long Haochen saw ripples of the purple light he had seen many times in the past.

It was only that this time, the purple aura was a lot more flourishing than every other time before.

The purple light didn't spread far, only spreading around Haoyue's body. And, as he brazenly rushed through the ranks of the Devil Man-eater Flowers, this purple glow revealed its utility.

The Devil Man-eater Flowers astonishingly seemed very afraid, and didn't dare open their flower bud to launch any attack at him, allowing Haoyue to come. After the purple light released from Haoyue made contact with the Devil Man-eater Flower, those immense man-eaters rapidly withered, be it on the root or the bud, and fell to the ground consecutively. When Haoyue sucked in a large breath, a little ball of pink liquid was absorbed into his belly, before he headed for another one. This process repeated itself over and over again.

The Devil Flowers that frightened Long Haochen were like ice encountering fire in front of Haoyue. With no resistance, it took a while for all the Devil Flowers in front of them to get all withered, disappearing from sight inside the swamps.

’’Go, let's keep going.’’ Long Haochen shouted, and everyone resumed their advance, pacing forward behind Haoyue.

The number of Devil Flowers present was actually not as high Long Haochen guessed, they were actually roughly three or four hundred. Their massive volume, and the area occupied caused the inconsistency, and Long Haochen found out that if they made a little detour, they could perhaps have avoided these Devil Man-eater Flowers. Going through their territory was thus not necessarily the only option.

Undoubtedly, without Haoyue's timely appearance, going this way would have been extremely hard to them. The spirit confusion poison from these Devil Man-eater Flowers was just too terrifying.

Haoyue's speed increased more and more, and one could see that every time he destroyed one of the Devil Flowers, the pink color on his body darkened. And when the last Devil Flower turned into his food, his color actually came back to normal.

But this time, Haoyue requested for help and rapidly returned to Long Haochen. His four heads slightly trembled, before Long Haochen let out low coughs.

’’No problem.’’ Long Haochen vigorously nodded to Haoyue, before turning to the direction of his comrades, ’’Please wait here for now. We are going for a little while.’’

In a hurry, a purple glow shone and Long Haochen and Haoyue disappeared almost instantly.


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