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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 420


Chapter 420: Swamps of Gloom, Land of Death (III)

With the help of his spiritual wings, he naturally didn't let that massive snake swallow him. His body slowly came to a stop in the air, performing a flip followed with a clever flap of wing to flip sideways to the left, and crossing the massive head of that snake. The gigantic body of that massive snake then dropped to the ground.

However, coming out was simple, returning wouldn't be so easy.

After a brief period of shock, everyone from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad attacked.

Having already fought together for a long time, they remained unmoved by the sudden attack. The mages rapidly drew back, creating some distance from the gigantic snake, and in close quarters, Han Yu didn't immediately went to the offense, but raised his Wild Scarlet Blood sword, defending the mages. In the meanwhile, the other close quarter warriors all aiming their attacks against the gigantic snake.

Wang Yuanyuan was the closest, and her massive silver shield blew brazenly, chopping its sharp end fiercely against that gigantic snake.

The offensive power from the divine Soul Shield was great as always, and although she didn't embed all her spatial crystals, Wang Yuanyuan's current strength was enough to insert two of her spatial crystals in the divine Soul Shield from beginning to end without too great of a consumption.

Unfortunately, the gigantic snake also had an astonishing defense, and its skin was extremely thick, to the extent that the divine Soul Shield didn't get deeper than a sixth of meter into its skin, before being forced out by the strong muscles of the snake. Nonetheless, it still let out some dark green colored juice.

Wang Yuanyuan's attack was only the beginning, and was followed by a flash from Sima Xian's huge metallic ball, striking the body of the gigantic snake, and immediately producing a violent bang. The gigantic snake that was shot high in the sky, let out a mournful cry from its immense mouth.

Although Sima Xian didn't trigger the power of the Godly Purple Thunder Spiritual Stove, the destructive power of his divine Soul Shield was sot great, it could rank amongst the best of the Legendary Equipment.

Smash, Crush, and Triple Blast.

Bang, bang bang.

With three violent exploding sounds, that massive gigantic snake was bombarded sideways, lying at a crooked angle, lying in the center of the explosion, great damage was inflicted on the snake.

A fiery red colored flash passed, and the Asura Strike from the Twelfth Holy Guard cut fiercely into wound caused by Sima Xian which was over one meter.

Lin Xin's Fire Curse Technique and the Ice Spear of the Eleventh Holy Guard were shot out almost at the same time, and the gap in magic control was once again visible.

These two spells were fired almost simultaneously, but Lin Xin's Fire Curse was slightly slower. Right after being hit by the Ice Spear from the Eleventh Holy Guard, the gigantic snake suddenly came to a standstill, before being bombarded with Fire Curse. The massive power gave the snake another shock, substantially increasing the wounds on its body.

Meanwhile, a white glow landed noiselessly on that immense snake, fired from Yating's Saint Spiritual Stove, or rather should we say Long Haochen's. All the killing intent of that immense snake was then focused on Long Haochen alone.

Right at this time, a ringing voice could suddenly be heard, ’’You're looking for death.’’

Immediately, everyone felt a clear chill pass through their backs, and the massive slaughter aura actually even caused the poisonous marsh gas to disperse rapidly, as if cowering in fright, with a sparkling and translucent grey flash.

The gigantic snake which was in a free fall abruptly came to a standstill, and right then, a melodious shattering sound was heard in the air. Following which, dark green liquid gushed out in all directions. That thick snake was actually cut off right on the middle just like that.

In fact, even with everyone attacking, its body was only wounded and in this process, everyone realized the astonishing defense of this gigantic snake. But right now, it was cut brazenly in two. Just what tyrannical attack was needed to accomplish that?!

At some time, Cai'er's eyes was filled with coldness. Just like before her state of amnesia, the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand appeared in her hand, as if being one with the essence of the god of death. A terrible mental pressure was inflicted on everyone present, who felt an intense chill in the air.

No one expect that Cai'er that they were guarding, would choose this time to break out.

A dazzling golden barrier was lit up this time, enveloping everyone inside, and the splashing snake blood was blocked, with the help of Han Yu's Holy Mantle.

Of course, Long Haochen saw all this. His heart was immediately filled with great ecstasy. Cai'er recovered?

However, he couldn't keep having these thoughts the next instant.

Although the gigantic snake was chopped in half, its attack still didn't stop, as one saying goes, that a centipede dies but never falls down. Moreover, this gigantic snake already lived for who knows how many years in the Swamps of Gloom. Being cut, and furthermore affected with the terrible slaughter aura emitted from the Sickle of the God of Death, its body was terribly damaged. However, this wasn't enough to take its life;and actually, as long as it remained in the swamps, this beast would have the opportunity to recover if given time. But under the effects of the Saint Spiritual Stove, its was only able to target be Long Haochen, and the snake was naturally full of a bitter hate toward this human.

Fiercely opening its wide mouth, a dark green colored ball flew towards Long Haochen.

Right when this ball of light came out, Long Haochen could sense immense danger. The Brilliant Holy Shield in his hand immediately moved, launching Holy Shield Technique and Shield Wall, two great defensive spell launched together. And the instant that ball of light reached him, his Glorious Holy Shield was positioned in front of his chest, coming to a standstill: divine Obstruction.

But one thing should never be forgotten: Long Haochen still had Yating. After arriving on Long Haochen's back, Yating abruptly flashed with a chain of starry lights, coming out from her staff. Instantly condensing into the shape of a spear, it took the lead to strike that dark green ball.

Brilliant Stars Spear.

Since the instant right after she released the Saint Spiritual Stove just before, Yating was chanting this incantation. Through the effects of Pull of the Saint Spiritual Stove, she appeared right beside Long Haochen, and immediately fired Brilliant Stars Spear.

With a loud bang, that dark green ball came to a standstill, and along with innumerable golden starlight that dispersed, the Brilliant Stars Spear was pushed away. However, that gigantic snake's situation wasn't good either, and it's falling body let out a miserable shriek.


The external defense of Holy Shield Technique and Shield Wall broke, and the Glorious Holy Shield finally ended up bombarded.

Long Haochen felt the surge of an odd power in him, and in spite of his cultivation plus the mystical defense from divine Obstruction, he still ended up knocked behind. Letting out a stuffy sound, he had a large gap appear in the Glorious Holy Shield, with also a crack on its core. This piece of equipment of Glorious Tier was now seriously damaged, and although recovery was still possible, this was not doable simply with the magic of self-recovery accompanying the shield, and needed to find a greatmaster in smithing who would be able to restore it back.

After that dark green ball blasted past Long Haochen, it went back straight in the large mouth of the gigantic snake, as if possessing a life of its own.

However, right this time, the battle strength of the gigantic snake plummeted because of how its body was cut down. A blazing figure abruptly rose, and a pair of spiritual wings condensed out of flames appeared in a flash to speed it up. The Twelfth Holy Guard almost took a blink of an eye to appear above the mouth of that gigantic snake, immediately letting the blade in his hand burst out with the light of Asura, this time for Asura Thrust? It aimed right at the dark green radiance.

The Eleventh and the Twelfth Holy Guards matched with an extreme perfection. An immense iceball followed, tracing a parabolic arc close to perfect, and accurately landing in the month of that snake.

The others naturally wouldn't stay idle, and in this short while, Wang Yuanyuan added another two spatial crystals in her divine Soul Shield. She naturally could tell out what these two guards were doing, and wasn't going to let the snake swallow back its dark golden ball. Hence her Space Splitting Sautéwas aimed right on the side of the snake's cheek.

Sima Xian and Lin Xin's attacks also came from the back. Fire Curse reappeared and entered inside of the gigantic snake from its ruptured part, and Sima Xian's Gigantic Ball of Light followed closely, with a purple electric light on it.

In fact, at the current time, Long Haochen and his comrades already had the actual strength of a king grade Demon Hunt Squad.With a combined assault at fullpower, except from Han Yu and Chen Ying'er who had yet to act, the others all made all out attacks, release a destructive power that one might well imagine. The crucial point was their very good mutual understanding, combining their strengths not as simply as additions, but to an even greater extent.

The Asura Thrust from the Twelfth Holy Guard and that dark green ball violently clashed with each other, and the darkened ball flew more than a dozen meter afar. However, he was shot back by the propelling power, standing straight with a good difficulty.

And the gigantic ball of light fired by the Eleventh Holy Guard was already in the mouth of that snake.

The feeling that a living creature with its mouth opened towards the sky, would have when engulfing a large ice ball full of spikes, was as one might well imagine.

And right at this time, Wang Yuanyuan's Space Splitting Sauté, and Lin Xin and Sima Xian's attacks from the rear reached this gigantic snake.

The whole body of the gigantic snake splashed out by the effects of the Space Splitting Sauté, naturally unable to engulf back that dark green ball of light. Afterwards, with a loud bang, another three meters long piece of its body was cut, and scorched black. Its massive body twitched and finally fell on the swamps.

However, the swamps didn't turn out moist and muddy, but a hard and frozen land full of ice-cold.

After completing his Ice Ball, the Eleventh Holy Guard used his next spell onto the ground, Icebound Land! This powerful spell of the seventh step froze the area of swamps onto close to a square kilometer, and wasn't close to dissolve that soon. After releasing this spell, the Eleventh Holy Guard finally looked close to exhaustion.


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