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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 416


Chapter 416: Surprise Attack! Light Meteor (II)

Following his order, Wang Yuanyuan was already taking large strides. Gliding three meters with each step, and treading heavily on the ground with her left feet, she welcomed the Jacques Demon Patrol on the ground.

Those Jacques Demon reflexively threw their spears at Wang Yuanyuan, but she didn't even avoid these, not even making use of the divine Soul Shield to block these. In the air, her silver Spatial Guarding Armor let out ripples of silver light, showing a hugely impressive Spatial Armor, which stopped all the spears flying at her.

What followed was the scene of a tiger in the midst of a flock of sheep.

In Wang Yuanyuan's hands, the divine Soul Shield swung, making a horizontal movement before splattering forward.

Screams accompanied with splashes of blood filled the whole street, as the bodies of the Jacques Demons were far too weak compared to the divine Soul Shield. In front of that terrifying heavy shield, not a single intact corpse was left.

Cai'er eyes were wide open, hiding herself behind Long Haochen's back, she even trembled at this sight. The scene before her eyes was just too violent. Seeing the scattered limbs of the Jacques Demons fly in all directions, and the burst of their blood, sputtering the walls on the sides of the street, her face was completely pale.

In the past few days, she was always following Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying'er. How could she expect that this tall and very good-natured girl actually had such power, and to be able to act with such violence?

Long Haochen looked at Cai'er in silence, sensing the changes in her mood, but he didn't say anything. Cai'er, who lost her memories, was to be stimulated in all aspects in a hope to recover her memories. Among these, combat was an indispensable part.

Twenty Jacques Demons looked harmless in front of Wang Yuanyuan, who finally got to vent her inner rage. She wasn't using any abilities, completely relying on battle technique, and the destructive power of the divine Soul Shield. During the times she stopped, no one in this Jacques Demons Patrol was able to breathe.

However, even more Jacques Demons were rushing in their direction now.

Long Haochen told Cai'er in low voice, ’’Stay close to me. Don't be afraid, I will protect you. No matter what, as long as I am alive, I will definitely stand in front of you and protect you with my life.’’

For some reason, hearing him say this, the panic filling Cai'er lessened, and she suddenly had an absolutely secure feeling when standing by the side of this good looking man. This feeling of security greatly lessened her fear.

Almost unconsciously, Cai'er took the initiative for the first time after losing her memories to take Long Haochen's hand.

Her small hand felt ice-cold, and Long Haochen wrapped his own hand almost reflexively to warm it up, showing her a smile.

In the meantime, the battle was in full swing. The position Long Haochen's group chose was a dead end, and thus the enemies could only approach from one direction.

After Wang Yuanyuan finished her first round of slaughter, Sima Xian went up and swapped with her.

Compared to Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian's rage was even more volatile, taking the shape of an even more terrible display of strength. The Energetic Ball of Light flew directly in this narrow street, where none of the Jacques Demon were able to dodge.

When the divine Soul Shield was used, there remained at least snapped limbs, but now all that remained was meat paste. The Smash ability fully emerged, combined with the Crush ability from the evolution of the Energetic Ball of Light and Triple Blast, swept everything by the wind.

Let alone the ordinary Jacques Demons, for a Jacques Officer of the sixth step that reached this place for the first time, being immediately faced with the Energetic Ball of Light produced a result one can well imagine. The enemy was sent flying and his spear crushed. Sima Xian then followed up with another blow, immediately getting rid of him.

Yating's incantation was finally completed. Waving the staff in her hand, at the time her last syllable was chanted, a fully translucent glint of brilliant golden light rose to the sky.

This golden ball of light grew bigger and bigger, but because its distance was growing, its size seemed unchanged in the process, as if it remained that big all the time.

However, when this golden ball of light rose to its peak, and started its descent, its size started to look unceasingly bigger to the public. And its goal was the seat of government of Major Jacques City.

Long Haochen gave a nod to Lin Xin, who immediately went into action. The red scroll in his hand was suddenly opened, and an incomparably strong fire element essence burst out from it. Countless human head sized fireballs were fired in quick succession from it. Lin Xin had one hand on the scroll, while the other one was grabbing his Fire Cloud Crystal, relying on his formidable magic control to guide these fireballs with whizzing sound, splitting them apart. One was aiming at smashing the streets, while the other one aimed straight at the official residence.

This was an offensive magic scroll of the fifth step, Rain of Fire, a reduced version of Fire Meteors Rain. But its might was absolutely not to be underestimated. These were not ordinary fireballs, but explosive fireball. Further adding Lin Xin's accurate control, what followed was terrible explosions occurring in the seat of government.

However, this was just the beginning. Lin Xin kept changing scrolls, and in a short amount of time, he already tore six of them: three of the fifth step and three of the sixth step. The six powerful offensive magic all smashed into the official residence.

Right at this time, sounds of footsteps could be heard from afar. From the sound, one could determine that powerhouses were coming. But right at this moment, that golden ball of light unleashed by Yating finally landed.

When the ball of light got close to the official residence, everyone saw with shock that its diameter was nearly ten meters.

’’Was it that terrifying thing?’’ Lin Xin was totally stupefied as he said this.

Immediately, a terrible white light descended on top of the official residence, forming a white pillar of light over a hundred meters long. It seemed that every surge of it illuminated the whole Major Jacques City, and the terrible fluctuations of light made even Long Haochen, the one chosen by the Goddess of Light, feel his heart palpitate.

After completing this spell, Yating immediately returned back to Long Haochen's body. This spell almost consumed her whole magic power, and was chanted for a very long time. This was the proof of the issue of grade when releasing this spell. This was a spell of the eighth step, that Yating gained by reaching the seventh step along with Long Haochen, and the most powerful spell she could use, called Light Meteor.

Even among spells of the eighth step, Light Meteor was ranked among the best. But this spell also had many flaws. Yating being of inferior step, the time of chant was excessively long, and the consumption massive. Even half of Long Haochen's spiritual energy was consumed by her to complete the spell.

Furthermore, the time of incubation of Light Meteor was also very long. From its initial state as a ball of light, it would keep absorbing light essence in the air to gain in size and power. This spell was like a huge magnet, strengthening itself through absorbing a great quantity of light essence in their air, otherwise Yating wouldn't have been able to use it.

Conversely, at the time the Light Meteor descends, the target of the attack wouldn't be locked. Thus, the destruction of a building was an optimal use.

’’We are going.’’ Long Haochen said in a low shout, before suddenly spreading out the four wings on his back. Pulling Cai'er's hand, and bringing his comrades to the air, he rushed out of the street like a lightning bolt before his spiritual wings suddenly vanished. When they reached the other street by flight, they advanced at great speed in the direction of the team section.

By then, Major Jacques City was in huge uproar.

From suffering the magic bombardment of Lin Xin and Yating, the city was in complete disorder. In particular, the damage inflicted by Light Meteor was just too terrifying. At least four Jacques Commander were immediately sent to death by it, and to defend the seat of government, the only remaining Jacques Chief clashed against the Light Meteor, ending up seriously injured. In the official residence, extending on a diameter of a hundred meters, a fifteen meter deep huge hole replaced the original building.

This whole attack was just too sudden. From the moment the magic fluctuations were detected to the completion of the spell, only a quarter of an hour passed. As soon as they got the information, the two Demon Hunter Removers rushed back, but the attack was already over, and only a messy scene was left for them to see. And Long Haochen's group had vanished long before.

Smoothly returning to the team section, while killing some more patrolling teams on their way, Long Haochen didn't stop after returning to the tunnel. Bringing his comrades out of the city through the tunnel, they immediately used the night cover to head towards northeast direction.

Everything was within Long Haochen's calculations, launching an attack towards Major Jacques City wasn't done out of impulse, but after careful deliberation.

This attack permitted not only to effectively kill some Jacques Demon, but more importantly drew the attention from the enemies. This was also to tell the enemies that they were in Major Jacques City and didn't leave. At least for a period of time, the attention of the enemies was going to stay in Major Jacques City, as they took advantage of this to leave, aiming for the Andro Province.

Cai'er's abilities weren't lost, only she seemed not to use them much. Always staying behind Long Haochen, her face became pale, visibly frightened by the previous massacre. Seeing this kind of attitude from her only made everyone else feel an even greater pain. Not so long ago, the assassin queen, Saint Daughter of Samsara Cai'er, never showed any fear towards slaughtering demons.


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