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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 414


Chapter 414: Return (III)

Over these past days, they couldn't help but leave twice, looking for traces of Long Haochen, but ended up empty-handed both times. For his part, Tian Qing brought his comrades to search for them frantically after taking a short time of rest, and did everything he could. Although he didn't say anything all this time, from his bloodshot eyes, one could see how guilty he was feeling.

Right! How could he be at ease? It was because of his mistake that their two Demon Hunt Squads were put in such such danger. If not for what Long Haochen did, surely none of them would have returned alive. Right now, they were safe and sound, but Long Haochen and Cai'er could be in mortal danger, and this feeling was even more painful than if he was the one being killed.

’’Han Yu, let's go to Modu City in search for Boss.’’ Wang Yuanyuan abruptly stood up, telling in a high voice.

Without Long Haochen here, Han Yu temporarily took over the position as leader of the team.

’’I agree.’’ Sima Xian brazenly assented, the veins on his clenched fists clearly visible.

When they departed from Holy City, every one of them sensed a great increase in their strength, but when they really battled against demons, especially during the last battle, they realized that their strength was still insignificant, and that at the crucial time, they were unable to help Long Haochen. Facing so many demon powerhouses, they didn't even have the opportunity to act.

Lin Xin and Chen Ying'er got up with very red eyes, and the four of them all looked at Han Yu.

Looking at them, Han Yu also slowly stood up, ’’Rationally speaking, I should stop you. This time, we will have ninety percent odds of departing from this world forever, and I shouldn't let you rashly take such risks. However, f*k reason. Let's go.’’ Saying this, he grabbed the sword on his side, and was the first to head out.

Just as they were going out, the five of them were stopped by a tall person.

’’Get out of the way.’’ Sima Xian shouted loudly, immediately picking up the Energetic Ball of Light in his hand.

The one blocking their way was the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad captain Tian Qing.

’’I cannot let you go. We already made a big error, and cannot keep continuing to make them. Without Haochen here, I will protect you on his behalf no matter what.’’

’’F*k off!’’ Sima Xian shouted in anger, this time becoming blunt. The Energetic Ball of Light was accordingly swung above his head.

The others from the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad also successively released their spiritual energy. The discontent and resent they had all this time toward Tian Qing finally erupted.

Tian Qing took a deep breath, ’’If killing me can quench the grief in your hearts, I won't stop you. But we are Demon Hunters, as such, how can we die at the hands of our own people? I know that everything is my fault, please give me a chance for redemption. I don't ask for much, just please let me be the one to head for the Core City. If within ten days, my comrades and I cannot bring back news, it will not be too late for you to move on your own. The danger Haochen is facing is all due to my mistake. If someone has to throw away his life, please let me be the one to do so. My only hope is that while facing death, I can avoid that fate for others.’’

At this point point, his body erupted with a powerful energy, furthermore, being a Mythril Foundation Knight, he was already at the peak of the seventh step. Through the battle against Ah'Bao, he came a lot closer to the eighth step, and he seemed very determined.

Over the past few days, the five remaining members of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad were very mournful. How could they possibly feel good? Their pain even kept increasing with time. Having gotten no news after several days, everyone already had the worse possible scenarios playing in their minds. At this time, they couldn't keep enduring this torment.

Sima Xian's face eased up, and indifferently, he said the words, ’’Please step aside, saying all this is of no use. You may do whatever you want but it won't matter to us. Boss is our captain and we believe in his strength. Unless you kill us, you won't be able to stop us from leaving from here.’’ Saying this, purple electricity was curling up around his body, and his whole body burst out with cold killing intent.

’’Sima, calm down.’’ Han Yu shouted. Saying this, he joined Sima Xian's side, and declared to Tian Qing, ’’Captain Tian Qing, we don't want to play the blame game for the mistakes in the last operation. You should understand the decision you made, but the mistake is already done, and we won't blame you as it cannot change anything regarding the safety and well-being of our Captain. Now, please don't stop us. Like Sima said, mind your own business, because looking for Captain is our duty. We are absolutely sure that Captain and Vice-captain are still alive, and as long as there is a glimmer of hope, we will absolutely not renounce.’’

Tian Qing silently shook his head, ’’Even if you knock me down, I still won't let you go. Come.’’

’’Then, let me just knock you down again and again.’’ Sima Xian was already unable to hold back. The team section was narrow, but this didn't affect his shot with the Energetic Ball of Light, and so the massive golden metallic ball was launched right at Tian Qing.

’’Sima, stop your hand.’’ A distinct shout sounded out from Tian Qing's back.

Hearing this voice, the Energetic Ball of Light thrown by Sima Xian suddenly fell to the ground, producing a massive rumbling that gave some pain to the ears of everyone present.

Everyone had a blank look, and immediately, all of them displayed unconcealable happiness. Tian Qing suddenly turned around, and saw right behind his back, Long Haochen walking with large strides with a curious Cai'er at his back, who had a somewhat apprehensive look on her face.

’’Boss.’’ Sima Xian shouted, charging at Long Haochen in big strides. His robust body directly knocked Tian Qing, who was blocking their path, out of the way, and right when arriving in front of Long Haochen, he gave him a bear hug.

It was not only him, but everyone in the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad was filled with excitement, and charged at Long Haochen. Even the stoic Han Yu couldn't help but overflow with tears.

Due to the excitement from seeing them, everyone felt as if their blood was set on fire. Their joy could already not be described with words. Chen Ying'er even threw herself at Long Haochen, giving a kiss on his face, causing him to blush.

Cai'er unconsciously drew back, and increased the distance separating her from Long Haochen, giving these people who looked strange to her, a curious look. Although due to her memory loss, she didn't understand the reason for this kind of situation, she could vaguely sense the sincerity they had towards Long Haochen.

After giving all his comrades a hug, Long Haochen suddenly gave a look to Tian Qing who was silently leaving, calling out in haste, ’’Brother Tian Qing.’’

Tian Qing's body went very still. Stopping his steps, he turned around with a bitter smile, ’’I don't deserve to be called brother by you. Just call me by my name.’’

Long Haochen took large strides towards Tian Qing, placing his right fist on his left chest, and giving him a knight salute. Almost unconsciously, Tian Qing saluted back.

Long Haochen told with a deep tone, ’’Why are you discouraged just from failing once? Although you were a bit extreme during this operation, not everything you did was wrong. At the time of battle, you repeatedly proposed letting your comrades and you stay behind for us, and didn't lose your honor as a knight. In my heart, you are still an elder, brother-like knight. You shouldn't be discouraged like that, but keep leading your comrades for the honor of the knights, and fight for the future of humanity. Brother Tian Qing, I don't blame you.’’

Foolishly looking at Long Haochen, Tian Qing started to weakly tremble. Actually, his lips were frozen, and even from this unshakable man, tears incessantly welled up.

’’Haochen, I'm so sorry!’’ With both his knees turning soft, he kneeled down.

Long Haochen hurried to give him a hug, ’’Brother Tian Qing, everything is already over. Aren't we still well and alive?’’

The constrained emotion he had been suppressing during these past days completely broke its way now, and this powerful Mythril Foundation Armored Knight, a vigorous man who usually shed blood on the battlefield, not tears, was now crying like a child. This was how powerful his pain was. Nonetheless, crying here was the best, otherwise if he didn't vent these feelings, perhaps this would lead to his ruin later.

’’A man and another holding each other, that feels a little strange.’’ A voice that carried some reservation and shyness suddenly remarked.

Wang Yuanyuan unconsciously rebuked, ’’Ying'er, stop joking around.’’ Nonetheless, after saying this, she felt that something was amiss with these words she just heard, because in front of her, Chen Ying'er was looking back with stupefaction.

Wang Yuanyuan immediately turned back, seeing with shock Cai'er move back with a pitiful expression, while giving them a furtive look.

It was not only the two of them, but everyone else in the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad couldn't help but look shocked.

In their hearts, Cai'er was always cold, silent, resolute, daring, and powerful. In the team, they respected Long Haochen the most, while they certainly all feared Cai'er. Although Cai'er didn't speak a lot, whenever the need arose, she would step forward and filled Long Haochen's position in the team, and no one would doubt her. Her strength was obvious to all of them, being a powerful being capable of instantly killing powerhouses of the eighth step. In the past, Long Haochen and her were the dual cores of the team.

Who would have thought that at this time, Cai'er would actually suddenly say such words. This could already not be called strange anymore.

Cai'er unconsciously shifted to Long Haochen's side, and with a dodge, hid herself behind Long Haochen's back, grabbing the back of his clothes with both her hands.

While supporting Tian Qing with his hands, as he saw the shocked looks on his comrades' faces, his expression darkened as he said, ’’Never mind. We'll speak of this after going back. Brother Tian Qing, your complexion doesn't look good. We are already back here, safe and sound, so you should also take some rest. We cannot stay in Major Jacques City for much longer. Leaving as early as possible is better. Right, I'm giving you back your Mythril Foundation Armor, Brother.’’

Saying this, he released the silver box-shaped legendary armor in front of Tian Qing.


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