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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 413


Chapter 413: Return (II)

Long Haochen felt a very sharp pain in his heart, and couldn't help but take her in his arms. Alarmed, Cai'er fiercely pushed him away. She protectively placed her hands on her chest, ’’What... what are you doing?’’

Long Haochen hastily replied, ’’Don't be afraid, Cai'er. I won't do anything else than keeping you company, is it okay? Calm down for now. The more anxious you feel, the harder it will be for you to regain your memories. Are you willing to listen to me as I tell you everything about you?’’

Repeatedly comforted by Long Haochen, Cai'er gradually calmed down from her state of fear, but still gave Long Haochen a wary look, ’’Don't come near, speak from there!’’

’’Okay.’’ Long Haochen agreed, using a warm voice to speak, ’’You are called Cai'er, and are an assassin from the Assassin Temple of the Temple Alliance.’’

’’Temple Alliance? What's that? And what is the Assassin Temple?’’ Cai'er gave Long Haochen a blank look.

Long Haochen was astonished. He didn't think Cai'er's memory loss would be so extensive.

’’Cai'er, then sit down. I will slowly tell you about it.’’


Cai'er's resistance seemed to weaken, as she complied to his recommendation, slowly sitting down. However, just after sitting, she wrinkled her eyebrows, ’’I'm really hungry!’’

Indeed, the three of them didn't eat anything for a day and a night.

Long Haochen hastened to take out food and water to give to the two girls. Long Haochen carefully provided food for Cai'er, and even intentionally used Holy Fire to roast her portion, taking meticulous care of her.

Standing nearby, Yue Ye watched Long Haochen cook food for Cai'er as he started telling her about the condition of Shengmo Dalu, sounding sentimental. For some reason, she felt her heart ache and her nose sour, while tears glinted in her eyes.

If one day, a man would do all this for me, I would be willing to go as far as to die for him.

Cai'er's fear and rejection gradually disappeared, melting under Long Haochen's care and his recounting of her story. Hearing everything said by Long Haochen, her mind gradually stabilized. She appeared just like a thirsty traveler suddenly finding an oasis in an endless desert. Carefully listening to everything told by Long Haochen, at least her mind didn't feel blank anymore.

About every half hour of talk, Long Haochen gave Cai'er have some time of rest to digest everything he told, before continuing. Just him telling about the continent's history and the present condition of the continent took nearly two hours.

’’... The first time we met, I was very little. At that time, you were a lot stronger than me. I was just nine years old at that time, and picking vegetables to bring them home. Then suddenly, the you who was back then a thin girl of seven or eight years old fell to the ground.

I still remember our next encounter. At that time, I didn't even recognize you, but you recognized me through the forget-me-not ring, yet didn't tell me. That was so mean of you! But that period passed so fast, as if the Demon Hunt Squad Selection Competition wasn't of much importance.

... In the Exorcist Mountain Pass, we were living in a dormitory. As though nobody else was present, you built us a little home, and that touched me greatly. I secretly pledged to myself that in the future, I would definitely give you a warm home. Your suffering is all my fault. Because I didn't take good care of you, you are hurt so badly now.’’

Long Haochen kept speaking slowly, his voice sounding warm, as if soaking Cai'er's heart in a clear spring. That was until she fell asleep, her head sinking on her own shoulder.

On the other side, Yue Ye had become silly from listening long ago, focusing even more than Cai'er herself on listening.

This situation lasted for a total of three days. Every day, Long Haochen kept telling Cai'er about everything, providing food and drinks for her, but as for the private business proper to a girl, she naturally let Yue Ye teach her about it.

Long Haochen's account was very detailed, and he was very patient, repeating himself when necessary, and through the three days of contact, Cai'er finally stopped being indifferent to him and instead saw him as someone close to her. Still, she could as before not remember anything, and could only barely accept everything told by Long Haochen.

Cai'er's strength wasn't lost, but in the contrary, greatly increased. The only good news were that she still preserved her battle instincts. The only memories she had left were her abilities as an assassin. And furthermore, based on everything Cai'er said, she seemed to be able to control a new power, that she didn't know much in detail about, but according to Long Haochen's judgment, would be fit for close-quarter battles. Making use of her new insights, the new powers she got was of course related to her identity as the chosen one of the God of Death.

Through several days of contact, the amnesic Cai'er gradually accepted Long Haochen. But right now, she was like a piece of white paper, unaware of the affairs of the world, who could only regard him as a friend, without her past feelings towards him. Yue Ye saw many times how Long Haochen gazed at her, sad and depressed, when Cai'er was sleeping or cultivating.

’’We should return. Cai'er, are you ready?’’ Long Haochen finally asked her.

’’Yeah.’’ Cai'er lightly nodded, winking with her pair of large eyes. Contrary to the expectations, she was a lot more lively than before.

Secretly letting out a sigh, Long Haochen called out to Yue Ye and activated the Eternal Melody.

A glint of golden light enveloped the three of them, and Cai'er unconsciously pressed close to Long Haochen, grabbing his sleeve and tightly shut both her eyes, looking very nervous. Yue Ye also quietly pressed close to Long Haochen, taking a furtive look at him, but all she saw was that his whole attention was on Cai'er.

With a glint of golden light, the three of them returned to the wilderness. On the surface, it was night, but neither the moon nor the stars could be seen, because everything around was pitch black.

’’Cai'er, it's done, we are back on the continent.’’ Long Haochen lightly touched her to get her attention.

Cai'er opened her eyes, giving a curious look to the surroundings, ’’Is this our original world?’’

Long Haochen showed her a smile, ’’That's right! In a bit you will get to meet our comrades.’’

’’Oh. But you will always stay by my side, right?’’ Cai'er asked with an expectant look.

Long Haochen nodded, ’’I will, forever.’’

Cai'er laughed at him, ’’Then that's good. You're a good person. Tell me about those I forgot. You are my boyfriend right?’’

Long Haochen chuckled, ’’Yes! I will stay by your side and defend you forever.’’

’’Hm!’’ Cai'er nodded.

’’Haochen, I have to go.’’ Yue Ye's voice resounded from the other side.

Turning his head to look at her, Long Haochen saw a lonely look on her face, ’’You should go back. Don't overthink this. If you need anything from us, you can tell the people from the Yue Ye Caravan to look for me in Holy City. We have already completed the great majority of the missions we have accepted. Perhaps we won't keep accepting missions for some time. I'm thinking about bringing Cai'er back to her parents, and see whether this will help her recall anything.’’

Yue Ye suddenly became silent, lowering her head, thinking of something no one else knew.

Long Haochen gave her a puzzled look, and at his side, Cai'er also raised her head. Only, she visibly didn't have that good of an impression of Yue Ye, her look towards her still containing some hostility.

Yue Ye suddenly raised her head, looking straight at Long Haochen, ’’The Devil Snake God Andromalius is in the eastern part of the Andro Province. Reportedly, he was looking for something in the Swamps of Gloom as of late. Andromalius is naturally disposed as a mistrustful and powerful person, who always carries his demon god pillar with him. Although he is merely the last ranked of the seventy-two demon gods, his sub-ordinate Devil Snake Clan is very strong, otherwise they wouldn't be guarding a province by themselves. To handle him, you must kill the four Medusas standing by his side first. However, never look into the Medusas' eyes. If you see their eyes, you have to get rid of them before the petrification ends. Otherwise, you won't ever be able to recover. Medusas are demons of the sixth step, and the regular Devil Snakes are mostly between the third and the fifth step.’’

Long Haochen gave her an amazed look, ’’You...’’

Yue Ye smiled as if laughing at herself, ’’It's nothing. That's your reward for comforting me. In the future, if you want to get information from me, the cost will be high. I will be going now.’’

Saying this, she turned around and looked afar, but without taking many steps, she once again stopped in her tracks. Abruptly turning around, she gave a provoking glance at Cai'er, and declared towards Long Haochen, ’’If you had met me first, I would definitely have made you fall for me!’’

With a glint of purple light, Yue Ye once again turned around and moved quickly. Her eyes were filled with tears, as if ready to overflow at anytime.

Long Haochen was shocked, seeing her disappear, and for a moment, he was unable to say anything. Actually, he wasn't someone who couldn't understand cues, but it was just that during these past few days, all his attention was focused on Cai'er, so he didn't pay much attention to Yue Ye.

Yue Ye's words rang in his ears, and for a moment he couldn't help but feel unable to think.

’’Humpf, what's so amazing with her?’’ Facing the direction of the departing Yue Ye, Cai'er stuck out her tongue, ’’I have seen through the malicious intentions she harbors long before. Long Haochen, tell me, do you like her or me?’’

Seeing that obstinate face of Cai'er's, Long Haochen couldn't help but feel torn between laughter and tears. Still, he felt some difference. In the past, Cai'er would never have asked him this kind of thing.

Cai'er was originally a reserved person, but after losing her memories, her personality became more extroverted. Wasn't this a perfect exemple?! What susceptible girl she became now.

’’Of course I like you! In my life, you are the only person I will ever like.’’ Long Haochen softly pulled her hand, seriously telling these words.

In some panic, Cai'er evaded his look and took back her hands, ’’You... Don't be like this. I feel a little strange. Didn't you say you would bring me to look for our comrades? Let's go then.’’

Major Jacques City, team section.

Over the past days, the atmosphere in the whole team section has been staying very dark. Be it the 17th king grade Demon Hunt Squad or the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, all of them were in a very gloomy mood, especially the five of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad, who were extremely depressed. If not for the fact that they could feel that Long Haochen and Cai'er were still alive through the Soul Linking Chains, they would have already broken emotionally.


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