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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 412


Chapter 412: Return (I)

Wrinkling his eyebrows, Long Haochen asked after some time of pondering, ’’Then, what if we want to buy information from you in the future?’’ He really didn't want to compel Yue Ye. Ever since they became a Demon Hunt Squad, Yue Ye could be said to be their greatest support in the demon territory. If they lost her intelligence network, the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad would absolutely not be so relaxed in demon territory as they were now.

Yue Ye's eyes flashed with distress, thinking to herself: So as it turns out, I am only someone you want to use. Right! I am a demon, and the daughter of the Moon Demon God. Aside from someone you can use, do you even think something of me?

’’Yes. But the price of my information isn't low.’’ Yue Ye replied coldly.

Long Haochen nodded to her but he didn't say anything more. He was only thinking about Cai'er, who lost all memories.

Yue Ye suddenly asked, ’’Was it Ah'Bao who gave the order to attack you?’’ Her face portrayed complicated emotions.

Long Haochen nodded.

Yue Ye replied, ’’I want to know the details about the battle. I will exchange it for some information that will be valuable to you.’’

Long Haochen finally sensed that something was wrong with Yue Ye's mood, ’’What's wrong? Do you feel unwell?’’

’’This has nothing to do with you.’’ Unable to control her own feelings, Yue Ye mumbled these words.

With a light sigh, Long Haochen offered her some words of consolations, ’’Don't overthink this. He's not the same as me. As the demon crown prince, and successor of the Demon God Emperor, he will certainly often have to consider the wellbeing of the demon race. At that time, Cai'er was having her awakening as a god's chosen one, so even he felt restless, thus giving the order to attack us.’’

Yue Ye stared blankly at Long Haochen, ’’Why are you defending your mortal enemy?’’

Long Haochen appeared slightly shaken, but shook his head with a bitter smile, ’’He's my mortal enemy, but you are my friend. I only hope that you can feel better. Otherwise I'd feel ashamed, for having used the threat of that restriction for so long until now. It's also good that the restriction got dispelled, now there won't be any barriers between us.’’

’’Do you really consider me as friend?’’ Yue Ye gazed at Long Haochen's eyes.

Long Haochen nodded, ’’As long as you don't participate in killing humans, you will be my friend.’’

The haze in her heart suddenly dispelled, and Yue Ye regained that sweet smile on her face, ’’Okay, we are friends. In the future, when you come to buy information from me, I'll give you a discount (note: literally ´to break').’’

Seeing her mood recover, Long Haochen couldn't help but show a smile, ’’Is it my left leg or my right leg that you are going to break?’’

Yue Ye showed a smile, ’’So actually, you weren't sincere. That means, you're not such a good person.’’

Long Haochen was startled, ’’What's not good about me?’’

Yue Ye snorted, ’’I'm not telling you. Hurry up and start focusing on your recovery!’’

Long Haochen revealed a smile. Closing his eyes, he allowed his body to start cultivating, as safely as he could.

Seeing his expression regain calm, Yue Ye had a silly look, thinking to herself: Your fault is having no fault! Otherwise, how could you have influenced me?

Modu Core City.

’’What? Austin Griffin is with Long Haochen, and as his mount?’’ The Demon God Emperor stood on the pedestal in front of his throne, facing the pale-looking Ah'Bao.

’’Bang!’’ The dragon head decorating the throne suddenly exploded due to the force of the Demon God Emperor, turning into dust.

The Demon God Emperor's breath was visibly rushed, and his handsome face actually warped, while he emitted a very dense killing intent flowing around like water.

Even with Ah'Bao's toughness, he actually couldn't bear this killing intent coming from the Demon God Emperor. With a stuffy groan, he drew back slightly and spat out some blood.

The Demon God Emperor had just lost his temper due to this realization. With a wave of his hand, a purplish black radiance àspread over Ah'Bao's body, and his complexion improved.

Ah'Bao was no less shocked than his father. That was still the first time he saw his father lose control like that. Actually, even he didn't know what kind of existence Austin Griffin was. This secret seemed to be only known by the demon gods.

The Demon God Emperor walked back and forth in front of his throne, marching through the broad hall. His black eyes turned red for some reason, and his breath became a lot rougher than usual. The spiritual energy from his body produced unstable fluctuations, and his sinister face promised another outbreak of his temper anytime soon.

Ah'Bao didn't dare utter a word, much less give a suggestion. Facing a Demon God Emperor in this kind of state, even the top ten ranked demon gods would surely not even dare make a sound in front of him. Such a powerful aura even shook the whole Modu Core City.

After no less than half an hour, the Demon God Emperor finally stopped in his tracks, letting out a loud shout, ’’Huang Shuo!’’

’’Yes.’’ In the darkness, the tall Huang Shuo appeared, quietly kneeling down with both his knees touching the ground.

The Demon God Emperor coldly ordered, ’’Summon the Moon Demon God Agares, the Star Demon God Vassago, the Specter Demon God Saminaga and the Hell Demon God Marbas to the palace for an urgent discussion.’’

’’Yes, your highness.’’ Huang Shuo gave him a respectful reply, immediately turning back.

Ah'Bao fell down to his knees because the pressure unleashed by his father filled him with astonishment. The Demon God Emperor summoning the second, third, fourth and fifth demon gods to a meeting was an extremely rare occurrence. In his eyes, this Austin Griffin may certainly be quite powerful, but was he really worth this much attention from the emperor? Nonetheless, he didn't dare ask about it, because the current Demon God Emperor was really too fearsome.

Tower of Eternity.

Long Haochen's cultivation was at its lowest level. Just as Ye Xiaolei said, the injuries he had just sustained were really too heavy, injuring him to the roots. Although after Ye Xiaolei's treatment, the wounds on the surface were already healed, the overdraft to his body couldn't possibly be recovered so rapidly, and would require some time of rest.

But how could Long Haochen give himself that time of rest? Given the ominous matter about Cai'er, Long Haochen was filled with self-blame, and wanted to look after her with all his might.

The feeling he continuously experienced in his whole body was nowhere close to comfortable. Long Haochen could feel that his own spiritual energy channels still contained some spiritual energy, but it was scattered in his entire body. Even during cultivation, he was only able to gather bits by bits of it.

Facing an unprecedented challenge, he had difficulties to even maintain his consciousness in his current weak state. However, Long Haochen was still a god's chosen one after all, and therefore far surpassed ordinary fighters in elemental control. After meeting some difficulties in attempting to gather his spiritual energy, he found another original method.

Rather than focusing on the transfer of his spiritual energy, he chose to arouse it. Very cautiously, he stimulated every little bit of light energy in his body, letting the light essence distribute itself in him. This way, the aura of light flooded his body even better.

The results at the beginning weren't very distinct. When the light essence got aroused by his spirit, it only appeared to shine more brightly at first. But as the quantity of light energy aroused by Long Haochen increased, a sensation of warmth started to spread to his flesh, his energy channels, his internal organs and his bones, and they started to glow with vital energy. This undoubtedly accelerated his recovery speed to an extreme extent.

Given Long Haochen's level of intelligence, he immediately had some understanding of this accidental discovery. Although this couldn't be called magic, it could at least be considered as a self-healing method, able to greatly accelerate one's self-recovery and healing. Of course, this method wasn't suited to everyone. There existed two premises, one, to have a sufficient mental force and to have a fine control over every bit of light essence. Second, there was also the matter of the element. If it was Lin Xin instead, wouldn't having his fire essence ignited cause self-iinflammation?

Only the light element and the water element would be fit for this kind of self-healing method. As for its name, Long Haochen didn't give it much thought and just called it Light Treatment.

Under the effects of Light Treatment, Long Haochen's body gradually produced golden colored light, and as his body recovered, the speed at which it absorbed light essence also kept going up.

According to Ye Xiaolei's words, Long Haochen would need twelve hours to recover his body's functions, but after twelve hours passed, he had not only recovered his body's functions, but also over seventy percent of his spiritual energy.

Through cultivation, Long Haochen found out that in the process of absorbing the light essence to purify his spiritual energy, it started by accumulating it in the spiritual cavity in his chest, while his other spiritual cavities between the eyebrows and on his abdomen still didn't show any activity. It seemed as if only after the spiritual cavity in his chest was filled up completely, would the other two start gathering light essence.

However, the fact it wasn't able to store any of it didn't mean it couldn't help him in the process of purification. The other two spiritual cavities did the same work as the one on his chest habitually did, only working a lot slower than the one on his chest.

As for the mastery of his spiritual cavities, it would need continuous cultivation. But currently, Long Haochen didn't have much time, because Cai'er was already starting to wake up from her long slumber.

Although Long Haochen was cultivating all this time, his attention was still focused on Cai'er, and when she finally came back to her senses, he immediately awoke from the state of cultivation.

’’Cai'er!’’ Long Haochen called her lightly, rushing to join her side.

Cai'er slowly opened her hazy eyes, and gave a dull look to Long Haochen, before looking at the surroundings and suddenly grabbing Long Haochen's hand, ’’Why? Why is it that I can't think of anything? In the end, who am I? And what's this place?’’

Long Haochen replied gently, ’’You are Cai'er, and I am Long Haochen. Because of the awakening of your power, you suffered some setback, thus you temporarily lost your memories. Don't worry, everything will get well. I will definitely help you recover your memories.’’

Cai'er shook her head forcefully, grabbing strands of her hair that had turned a lusterful grey color, revealing a pained look on her delicate face.

’’I... I really cannot think of anything. I feel so bad, so bad.’’


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