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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 411


Chapter 411: Using his Body as a Shield (III)

Ye Xiaolei's mouth twitched at the corners, ’’Look at this! He suffered so much for your sake, and yet you actually forgot about him?’’ Saying this, she raised her hand and revealed a deep green screen in front of Cai'er. Its display was a bit distorted in the middle, but it revealed traces of light and shadow.

The bright screen grew till it reached a meter in size, and in its middle appeared a clear scene. The image portrayed Long Haochen and Cai'er, and the scene of the demons besieging their group was displayed.

In the image, each of Long Haochen's movements was concise and exact, and he showed no hesitation to use his own body to block the hits aimed at Cai'er, time and time again.

Even from only looking at this depiction, one could clearly feel Long Hoachen's body being broken while he suffered a mad loss of vital energy . However, Cai'er who was protected by him didn't have the slightest wound on her, and even when besieged by that many demon powerhouses, the only one who ended up wounded was Long Haochen himself.

The scene changed fast, but this short record was enough to fill anyone with shock.

Cai'er's look was still blank, but didn't have the same coldness and alarm as before, as she murmured to herself, ’’That... Is that me? Is that really me? Who... Who am I?’’

Another person was in even bigger shock than her, and that was Yue Ye. Seeing the desperate scene in the image, she finally understood why this young knight ended up with such a mass of injuries. He only suffered them to protect Cai'er! He not only protected her life, but also defended her mystical burst of insight, and didn't even mind igniting his own life to do so. If not for Ye Xiaolei's prompt arrival, if he didn't die from this, he'd definitely suffered sequelae, or perhaps even remained maimed for his whole life.

For a man to go that far for a girl, there was already no need to prove anything else.

Conversely, in the image, she also saw Ah'Bao, but he was attacking with all his might, attempting to kill both Long Haochen and Cai'er.

Yue Ye was deeply pondering. At the time he attacked Long Haochen's group, just what was Ah'Bao thinking?

Her face looked pale, and the grievance turned her insides ice-cold. When she shot a glance at Cai'er, she couldn't help but show some sincere envy, or perhaps even some jealousy. If I had gotten to know him earlier, no matter what, I would have grabbed his heart at any cost. But now...

But she only revealed a regretful look, and did no more. She actually didn't have any courage to fight for him now.

After the display faded away, Cai'er still stood here, repeating the same words as before, looking more and more frantic.

Long Haochen was unable to move, otherwise he wouldn't have spared any cost to hold her in his arms, and console her terrified heart, even if she had that massive sickle as a part of her.

With a wave of her hand, Ye Xiaolei spoke, ’’Hey, you understand now, don't you? He's your man! If you don't want of him, I'm sure many other girls will be fighting over him.’’

But Cai'er didn't even pay the slightest attention to her, only standing there with a blank look, mumbling those same words to herself.

’’Xiaolei, what's going on with Cai'er?’’ Long Haochen hastily asked.

Ye Xiaolei turned around to look at him, revealing a bitter smile, ’’I don't know either. During one's awakening as a god's chosen one, that person is sure to have an awakening of his or her spirit. Although the energy from her awakening was already all absorbed, a problem must have occurred in the process of her spirit awakening. This should have affected her brain and probably caused a temporary loss of memories.’’

’’Then do you have some way to help her?’’ Long Haochen kept asking hastily.

Ye Xiaolei shrugged her shoulders, ’’I'm not a god, and even a god isn't omnipotent! The human brain has a very complicated structure, and everyone has an entirely unique spirit.

I can heal injuries on one's body, but since her spirit and brain were affected, which relate to her soul, even a necromancer would have no way to heal her. Unless you kill her, and take away her soul. Perhaps that kind of necromancer would do something like that.’’

Long Haochen asked in alarm, ’’Then... Then Cai'er won't ever recover?’’

Ye Xiaolei replied, ’’Of course not. Among the known spells, none can wipe a human's memories, it is unlike taking one's soul and life. That's how deeply one's memories are rooted in the brain. Therefore, her memories didn't really disappear. It's just that along with the change of her spiritual energy, they became blocked by something like a screen, during her awakening as a chosen one of the god of death. That's just like when you encounter a bottleneck during your cultivation. As long as she breaks through this screen, her memories will naturally return.

Usually, the bottlenecks of your human cultivation require continuous understanding and cultivation to break through them, but this kind of screen will need you to treat her well, and try to summon her memories, to possibly break. It's just that her condition looks quite critical. Don't be overly impatient, you need her to accept you by her side first of all. Okay, I'll give you a little more help. Perhaps putting her to sleep for a little while will do some good.’’

Saying that, Ye Xiaolei slightly opened her mouth in Cai'er's direction, exhaling a dark green fog that drifted towards Cai'er.

Cai'er's terrified look gradually became tranquil, as if that dark green fog was very pleasant. Lightly breathing it in, her expression became hazy, and soon, she fell softly to the ground, already sound asleep.

’’Thank you, Xiaolei. I will forever keep this favor in my heart. You really are a lifesaver.’’ Long Haochen declared with resolution. He was the most clear on how critical his own injuries had been, and that Ye Xiaolei definitely needed to spend a good quantity of mental and physical effort to heal him. He wasn't an expert at praising others, but would deeply engrave this kind of favor in his heart. It wasn't the only time Ye Xiaolei helped them, and he clearly remembered the promise he made to her in the Illusory Paradise.

Ye Xiaolei unhappily replied, ’’No need for thanks. This was for the deal between the two of us. However, be careful in the future. If you get fatally wounded, even I will be helpless. I have to leave now, the aura of death here is really too annoying. Still, I have no choice but to admit that this necromancer ought to have been a terrible existence during his life. Don't forget our promise!’’

Long Haochen nodded to her, ’’I promise that I will do it no matter what. Anyway, I still have to thank you.’’ He already stopped seeing Ye Xiaolei as a mere little girl long ago. This young lady from the Illusory Paradise was not only intelligent, but also had a knowledge that adults would envy.

Ye Xiaolei suddenly had some thoughts, and said resolutely, ’’Your strength is growing very fast, I'm very satisfied. However, you have to keep something in mind. Although this necromancer is of the light element, which is extremely rarely seen in this field, his inheritance is absolutely not suited to you. That's because his power contains a massive rancor, which isn't something you can bear. In case you succeed in inheriting his legacy, you will very possibly be affected by this rancor, and soon after become like him. This is something you are unable to change. For this reason, you can keep training in the tower of this necromancer, but never cross the last step, no matter what. In other words, never try to get enter the last floor of this tower.’’

In puzzlement, Long Haochen asked, ’’Can't this rancor be dispelled?’’

Ye Xiaolei shook her head, ’’At least you cannot. Being of the same element as him. In case you inherit his power, even the goddess of light won't be able to protect you from having this kind of rancor enter you. And you won't be able to surpass it! Your girlfriend, who just lost her memories, is more suited to it.

The power of the god of death she succeeds is extreme. However, this necromancer has already chosen you, and you can't do anything to change that. Anyway, listen to me and you will be fine. I wouldn't try to cause harm to you! Okay, then I'm going. Remember my words.’’

Saying that, Ye Xiaolei pointed her finger to the void, once again opening that green gate of light. Taking a step forward, the little girl shook the braids on her head, and disappeared into the green light.

Seeing her vanish, Long Haochen's eyes flashed with thankfulness. But rapidly, it got replaced by worries. Even he felt confused about the fact that Cai'er lost her memories. Since even Ye Xiaolei was unable to treat her, recovery was probably only possibly by relying on herself.

’’Yue Ye, please help me sit straight.’’ Long Haochen asked the nearby Yue Ye. Because of his worry towards Cai'er, he didn't even notice that something was wrong with Yue Ye's state of mind.

Hearing Long Haochen's voice, Yue Ye was slightly shaken, and unconsciously joined his side, placing him in a cross-legged position.

’’Didn't that girl just say you need to rest? What are you doing?’’ Yue Ye asked with doubt in her voice.

Long Haochen forced a smile, ’’Now that Cai'er lost her memories, I have to recover as fast as possible. Otherwise, how can I take care of her? Be at ease, when my strength is back, I will bring you out of here. Only, I'm worried about the restriction Cai'er left on your body. I don't have any way to dispel it, but I will definitely do my best to help her recover her memories as soon as possible, so that you can get rid of it.’’

Yue Ye shook her head, ’’No need, the restriction is already dispelled. At the time you brought her back here, I noticed that it disappeared from my body. This should be related to her insightful awakening. Long Haochen, I am grateful for the time you saved my Yue Ye Caravan at the edge of the demon territory, but over these years, I also provided considerable help for you. I believe that this was sufficient to repay your kindness from that time. From today onwards, we won't have any relation, and in the future, don't put me in impossible situations again. Given your current cultivation, you can already enter the demon territory without the help from my merchant group.’’

Yue Ye's voice was becoming colder and colder, before turning cold as ice. It was as if her voice was a mirror of her mood. Even she herself didn't understand why she became so cold. That wasn't her original idea, yet she unconsciously said all these words. Was it to run away? Or something else?


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