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Shen Yin Wang Zuo - Chapter 410


Chapter 410: Using his Body as a Shield (II)

Surrounded by green ripples of light, a fair little foot touched the ground, and a little girl, beautiful as a piece of jade, appeared from the gate. Her light blue hair was combed into two pigtails swaying on the two sides of her head, and her tender little face looked very child-like. Even while she was wrinkling her brows, she looked really cute.

’’You?’’ Yue Ye cried out in alarm. She obviously recognized this girl as one of those who inflicted great damage to the group of the demon god's successors in the Illusory Paradise. Afterwards, she had realized that this little girl was not only Ah'Bao's target, but most of all the target of the Demon God Emperor, though Ah'Bao didn't tell her about the greatest secret involving her.

Ye Xiaolei pinched her own nose, ’’Annoying darkness smell, stay far away from me! Although you are his ally, I still don't like you.’’ Saying that, she didn't pay any more attention to Yue Ye and crouched near Long Haochen.

Seeing Long Haochen in such state, Ye Xiaolei couldn't help but wrinkle her brows even further, ’’Although the good points of the Scion of Light are distinct in him, his bad ones are also obvious. To turn yourself into such state for no much reason, and have me come to this loathsome place, you're really really annoying!’’

Although she was saying this, both her hands already started moving.

Her dexterous hands lightly touched Long Haochen's chest, and a soft green radiance immediately scattered from her hands. In the time of a few breaths, Long Haochen's entire body was filled with the light green color of this aura of life.

Ye Xiaolei's delicate hands moved lightly and rhythmically, and after pondering for a short while, she prudently turned Long Haochen's body, laying him on his stomach. When her hands examined Long Haochen's ruined back, her face immediately had a concentrated look.

With a dense green light spreading out, the rich and powerful aura of life clearly felt incompatible with the deathly aura inside. But that powerful deathly aura present in the Tower of Eternity clearly dispersed to some extent

Ye Xiaolei was kneeling on the ground, and currently, her plump butt was stuck up as her back traced an arc, her hands slowly making a lifting motion.

Immediately, one could clearly see Long Haochen's originally devastated back regain swelling, and a dense green light kept rushing forth into his body.

The whole process was very slow, but extremely effective, and Long Haochen's back gradually regained its original shape.

Ye Xiaolei once again lifted both her hands and her fingertips undulated, threads going from one part of Long Haochen's body to another, and vaguely, the sounds of contact between all bones in Long Haochen's body rang out. Every time a finger was pushed against Long Haochen's body, he shook slightly.

Her movements looked increasingly like someone using a green thread to make a cloth. With green glints, her movements were observed by Yue Ye who had a dazzled and stunned look.

After close to a quarter of an hour, Ye Xiaolei's movements gradually slowed down, and finally her hands fell onto Long Haochen's back. It looked as if she was rubbing his back for a moment, before she turned his body around, now lying on the back.

Yue Ye carefully watched Long Haochen's condition all along, and after going through Ye Xiaolei's healing, Long Haochen's chest finally started to show movement. His life would fortunately not be affected by that accident. That made her secretly loosen her breath.

As Long Haochen was being brought back to life by Ye Xiaolei, Yue Ye also started thinking over all this. For Long Haochen to have sustained such wounds, the only possibility was that Ah'Bao acted against him. But with her in Long Haochen's hands, how could Ah'Bao have the certainty of being able to save her then?

Being extremely intelligent, Yue Ye seemed to have realized something, and a great pain and agony followed in her heart. She seemed unwilling to keep thinking over this, but the answer was already clear in her heart.

Ye Xiaolei continued her healing, and after handling the close to fatal injury on Long Haochen's back, she operated on his shoulder next. This time, because it was an external injury, Yue Ye could clearly see Ye Xiaolei's hands move rhythmically, letting out a green trace after coming in contact with Long Haochen's broken bones, muscles, and energy channels. Just like the creation of an art piece, his bones were put back together, and the same went for his muscles and channels. The soft green light produced the best stickiness, and after only a short time, all the wounds were healed to their state from before. Not even a single scar could be seen.

After his shoulder came his leg. And after Long Haochen's right leg was healed, Ye Xiaolei followed with a massage of his entire body. From beginning to end, the most distinct feeling Yue Ye had was that an intense energy of life kept entering Long Haochen's body, arousing his latent potential while replenishing his consumed vital energy.

Although Yue Ye didn't have comprehension of human priests, she was completely certain that even the best human priest couldn't possibly have healed Long Haochen's injuries in such a short time. And furthermore, it looked that no sequelae was going to remain. This healing force originated directly from the vital power of the great nature, making it go completely against logic.

Just what happened in the Illusory Paradise? How could she tear up the space to get to Long Haochen's side?

Right as Yue Ye was secretly alarmed, Ye Xiaolei lifted up her right hand, pointing a finger between Long Haochen's eyebrows, ’’Hey, you should wake up now. I'm really tired.’’

A light groan was let out from Long Haochen's mouth, and after his body shook slightly, his eyes both slowly opened.

Coming back to his senses, Long Haochen felt that his entire body was filled with warmth, yet he couldn't use the slightest bit of strength.

With a tired look, she faced him, and her little chubby hand waved in front of his eyes, ’’Hey, what an idiot you are. You just wasted a whole half day of energy from me. It's lucky that one doesn't get infected from another's idiocy.’’

’’It's you? How did you come here? Did you just save me?’’ Long Haochen blankly looked at Ye Xiaolei, gradually regaining his senses, and struggling to sit up, but not the slightest bit of strength was left in him.

’’Of course, I was the one who saved you. Who else than me could heal you to such a good state? Hey, stop speaking, your injuries were too heavy. You need to lie down for twelve hours if you don't want sequelae left on you. You're really dumb to all limits, to prefer facing death rather than immediately return to this annoying place. Yet, I really find your idiot side quite cute.’’

’’And Cai'er?’’ Long Haochen impatiently asked.

Ye Xiaolei revealed a dumbfounded face, ’’And you're not immediately thanking the benefactor who saved your life. Are you really dumb?’’

’’Thank you, and Cai'er...’’

As if admitting defeat against him Ye Xiaolei stepped aside and pointed backwards, ’’She's right there, no worry.’’

Long Haochen followed the direction of her finger, indeed finding out Cai'er standing here. But right at this time, Cai'er's body showed slight movements and her dull look regained spirit.

’’Cai'er!’’ Long Haochen called out lightly.

Ye Xiaolei naturally also noticed the change on Cai'er, ’’Oh, she's awake too.’’

Cai'er's stiff body gradually loosened, but her eyes looked once again at a loss. Seeing Long Haochen lying down to the ground, before seeing Ye Xiaolei and Yue Ye, she suddenly abruptly released a cold aura all around.

’’Be careful!’’ Ye Xiaolei cried out, abruptly throwing herself at Long Haochen, holding him and immediately rolling along with his body. The next instant, with a flash of grey light, with a slight pop sound, her gigantic sickle cut the ground like tofu.

Ye Xiaolei was really delicate, and the sight of her holding Long Haochen was really funny. Nonetheless, at the current time no one was laughing.

’’Stop, are you crazy?’’ With a wave of her hand, Ye Xiaolei created a dark green colored barrier in front of Cai'er, pushing her body several meters backwards.

However, Cai'er's terrible massive sickle only flickered, before that dark green protective screen disappeared, split into pieces.

The cold voice sounded filled with killing intent, ’’Who are you all?’’

Cai'er's sudden act also gave Yu Ye a great fright. Swiftly running to the side, Ye Xiaolei shouted in anger, ’’So you're really mad, to the point of not even recognizing him?’’

Cai'er blanked out, looking at Long Haochen, before lightly, shaking her head, ’’Of course I don't recognize him. Just who... Who am I?’’ She looked at a loss, but fortunately the murderous spirit emanating from her weakened greatly.

Ye Xiaolei shouted in anger, ’’He's your man! After he paid that much for your sake, nearly losing his life, don't tell me you don't even recognize him? Do you even have a heart?’’

Cai'er's face scrunched. Lowering her head to look at herself and at the massive sickle in her hand, she then put her sights on the three before her eyes, ’’But, I really don't know who I am. You're trying to deceive me aren't you? Those deceiving me have to die!’’ Saying that, she raised up once again the sickle at her hand.

’’Cai'er? Cai'er? What's up with you?’’ Long Haochen called out in alarm. His face was full of anxiety, and when Cai'er looked at him, the sickle in her hand, finally stopping.

’’I... I seem to really know you. You shouldn't be a bad person.’’ Cai'er's cold voice appeared immediately somewhat softer, and from beginning to end, she watched Long Haochen's two eyes, as if trying to say something, but very rapidly, she buried her two hands into her face, letting out a cry of pain. The massive sickle in her hands disappeared right then.

’’Cai'er, how are you?’’ Long Haochen absolutely didn't expect this change to happen after Cai'er's awakening. She actually didn't recognize him, and seemed even to have forgotten about her own self.

Ye Xiaolei also had a blank look, murmuring then, ’’Stop playing the amnesic one. Just what's wrong with you?’’

After no less than a quarter of an hour, Cai'er finally recovered her calm. When she looked back at Long Haochen, she had yet another alarmed heartache.

’’Who... Who am I? And who are you? Why... Why is it that I think of nothing?’’


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