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She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman (WN) - Chapter 57


Chapter 57

Last translation for a little while, until I get my translation software set up, so the translation is more precise and less grammar-related mistakes.

Somewhat, lily-depicted depiction

Fifty - seven: Name

Mira wraps the body that burned hot enough with a bath towel, and wraps the body of pure rabbit as it is. Pure rabbit that puts a face out of the gap and raises cries comfortably. When you gently put it on the shelf, Mira opens the bag that was left as it is. Although rabbit pajamas and babydolls are contained in Mira, Mira reaches for the area of underwear with swing without looking at it.

(Un ...... Increasing ...? ... Oh, it's a laundry part I gave you the other day.)

Thankfully, thankful to Mariana, some minor undergarments are getting low, Mira took out a pair of pants out of the bag and put it back in the item box.

Mira wearing a pants reminds me of the intangible technique taught by White, when I solved the hair that was brought up.

(...... Well, I will try to dry it for the time being.) In addition to that, I came up with a method of caring for the hair that I was taught with, but I will push it to a corner of my head and try only intangible techniques. Every time you comb my hair with hands that made ’’Oh ... ...!’’, Miraglossy silver hair melts softly and it also tried pure rabbit, blue fur like an empty in the blink of an eye.

A sense of humanity that is closely related to life. In fact, when I tried it, the big film which set in the magic school on the mind of Mira passed. This is fantasy. I will be touched again by such a technique to richly color everyday life not only to fight.

Mira wears the robe that was prepared as a matter of course, and leaves the changing room with Pure Rabbit.

In the living room there is a gentle aroma of spicing appetizing. The cooking has been completed in a way that leaves the finish, and now Mariana was just laying tableware on the table.

’’Mira-sama , since it's been a while, please sit down.’’


’’I understood, and it seems like we had put the last washing in. Thank you.’’ ’’No, it's natural.’’

Mira walks to Mariana when he gives thanks and turns his eyes to his hair. Even though the hair like a sapphire of Mariana is slight movements, each one flutters. Mira will be a little disappointing to see it and sit down on the sofa. Following that, Pure Rabbit jumps to the sofa and gets rounded next to Mira.

’’How did you do?’’

Mariana who seemed strange at Mira's behavior seemed to skew his head. While doing so, the natural work of putting a tea cup on the table and pouring in black tea shows a skilled hand.

’’No way, I learned the technique of drying my hair, I just thought of letting me dry it if my hair was wet, but it seems to be dry already.’’

Mira said so, with his tea in his mouth Suddenly Mariana goes to the change room quickly by removing the apron.

’’Mmm, what's wrong?’’ When

Mira calls out to the sudden action, Mariana looked back and said

’’I will wash my hair again,’’ so I will open the door to the changing room. ’’No, wait wait’’, Mira hurriedly stopped, pick up the apron and hand it to Mariana.

’’I'm sorry, the meal was earlier.’’

’’No, it does not mean that.’’

Mariana restarts preparations for dinner with a new apron. Mira murmuring while biting a bit of bitter smile,

’’Mira would not touch me unless this is the occasion. I would like to feel Mira more, I want to touch so much.’’

Somehow sadness I will leave the real sound without matching Mira and gaze.

Mariana wanted to be touched by Mira. In the heart, the warmth of the hand when wiping away tears is clearly engraved. However, there is no other thing. In such a mind, Mira told himself to touch himself to dry his hair. I knew that it was impressive to the Lord, but Mariana still could not help falling into this. It can be said that thirty years was long as the usual feeling became Ayaya.

Mira is also noticed by that word. I was in touch with the bath and the bed many times, but it was from Mariana. I also realized that I was conscious of touching a woman somewhere, and I was surprised myself that I thought that I would dry my hair. Even more if you are conscious.

Mira chases the appearance of Mariana and looks at the dedicated girl, it is love, the urge to hug and the feelings to care for and to cherish at the same time. Mariana, who noticed the eyes directed to

’’Mr. Mira?’’,

Took the line of sight straight.

’’Ah, no ... that's ...’’

Mira said sweetly thoughtfully, but he never sets the point of focus. The gathered feeling converged to one form. Although it is still unstable, in Mira it certainly lights, it warms and spreads to the chest very warmly.

’’To be sure, ... maybe you were sorry,’’

Mira stretched out his hands and touched Mariana's cheeks. And slowly feel the temperature with your palm. Maryna closely closed his eyelids,

’’This is the second time,’’

this time she smiled like blooming, Mariana muttered.

My hand touches the cheek of a girl in front of me. When you move your fingertip, Mariana reacts a bit like a tickle, and the two gazes overlap.

(... I think I flew something too much !?) While staring at Mariana, Mira was noticed that several steps of common sense were skipped. The first step should have been to the extent that it connects hands or strokes your head. But the first thing I mentioned was cheeks to wipe away tears, so Mira did the same action without resistance.

Being touched gently on the cheek of a woman, it is a drastic action.

’’Well, I'm going to eat it soon!’’

Mira who hands down despisedly walks back to the sofa and returning to the sofa.

’’Yes, I fought.’’

Mariana's hand warmth will remain on his cheeks and if he gets a little more carefully, he will resume preparations more and more.

Cooking dishes that chewed enough to make you feel as if you came even somewhere in a high-class restaurant, were handed more carefully by Mariana's hands.

’’Much much more luxurious’’

’’Because there was a very good food ingredient’’

While saying that, Mariana which cuts out exquisite grilled meat. As it is said, all the ingredients used in cooking are first grade items. Even those with no

knowledge of ’’this is brilliant’’

, the cross section is brilliant so that we know so, Mira spontaneously swallows.

On the table, a colorful salad with amber soup, sliced bread and sliced steak. And vegetable sticks for pure rabbit were arranged.

’’Please, take this as it is.’’ When

preparation is completed and Mariana bows, Mira pierces the fork in the meat as soon as possible.

(I did not understand the comment saying that it melts in the mouth so far, did it happen like this!)

’’Well, it

is wonderful ’’ Mira keeps the inner feeling of being raped by jubilation and takes care of itself. However, only suppressed was words. The pretty face of the girl showed pleasure at its maximum with a full smile.

’’Thank you’’ In

the state of Mira like this, Mariana smiles a little when smiling and wipes Mira's mouth with a napkin. On the other hand, she says, ’’I'll do it myself because I do it,’’ but Mariana stubbornly wants to swing his neck and serve.

’’Oh, are not you going to eat, how about you together?’’

’’Because I already have done.’’

Mira's suggestions are immediately broken down, and as a result, supper is cooked to such a perfect Mariana as dinner It becomes things. Because it is Mariana, it is a work that can be done, or a detail that gets attention to detail goes up to Pure Rabbit, and Mila spends a satisfactory time while loving Aoba.

Mira who became full is looking at the map lying on the sofa in the living room where the sound of the washing echoes comfortably.

(It seems that it takes time to move so much if you can use Ukimajima. If it is far, it may be the end of the day alone, perhaps there may be a campus in some cases.)

The distance to the forest of the prayer child and While comparing the required time, assume the time it takes for the forests of the four seasons that there is a base of the Isuzu Federation. And as a result of considering the break and the campus, if we conclude that it will take three days, we will face down on the sofa with a refreshing look.

(I feel like I have a body for three days, I feel like I have a body like that)

I thought that Mira came back from the prayer child forest. Although it is early, it is a heavy burden to finish half of the day with Pegasus on board. Even just a few days now it is the current situation, as long as three days in a row, Mira has no confidence of dust.

(Okay, this is postponement. Let's go once

the wagon is completed. ) If you could get the wagon you wanted, there was confidence in Mira that you can withdraw all day. Thinking that after completion, Mira that a comfortable air travel was envisioned in the brain, when it comes to his back lift up the pure rabbit with both hands,

’’Jarou? I think even people that your main is good’’

in the hands Speak to the blue rabbit rejoicing with excitement. At that time, Mariana who finished tidying up, let the face peep at the other side of the pure rabbit. Mira who was completely oblivious and relaxed facial expression stiffens with its appearance.

’’By the way, Mira-sama’’

’’What, what !?’’ When

you jump to the word of Mariana, Mira puts pure rabbit on the knee and strokes its back elegantly. How we cleaned up, the reality that exposed the figure that the pet is too cute to say that the mental age has fallen is never disappeared. However, Maryna did not seem to care about that,

’’What is the name of that child?’’

So, I told Mira that it has nothing to do with Mila. However, Mira notices it. By the way, I did not name it.

’’That reminds me, is that ... Lord, is there a name?’’

Pure rabbit stared stared, as he understood the words of Mira, shook his head.

’’Oh, I saw you Mariana, I answered that it is not yet there!’’ In

response to a reaction that seems as if you understand the words, Mira turns towards Mariana with excitement when she lifts up Pure Rabbit. And again asking if there is a name, shake his head like saying that Aoba does not exist either.

’’Oshiguchi-san's party’’

’’Yes, it is very clever.’’

Mira plays in a good mood when putting Pure Rabbit on the knee. Maryna who looked very gentle and warm, smiled softly like that of Mira. Mira forgot to keep the appearance perfectly.

Stare at the blue rabbit on your knees. Pure rabbit glanced down gladly when he looked straight at the line of sight. Then lick a face to the hand of Mira that is attached and lick a fingertip.

(Oh, it's cute!) When

regaining a slight calm, Mira will speak of the name that flashed on its mind, while somehow tolerating the facial expression to become loose again.

’’How about Pyeonemon gate!’’

Mira said so, cold eyes that are impossible to date are directed from Mariana. Pure rabbit, who realized that it was the name given to him, faced the other way.

’’I do not have a present, a little, that is just that, I was just being pulled’’

Due to being with Yin Yang, Blue, the inside of Mira's brain was eroded by the image of Kagura. If you are suffering from nagging sense of Kagura who is induced unconsciously and affects even if you are not, Mira will start thinking about another name.

’’What kind of name is good ... Pinyin New ...... No ... ... It is a joke ... ... Hmm ... Pic ... ... Rabbit ...... Blue ......’’

Mira groaning all the while saying like shining blue rabbits. Purerabit is looking up at Mira as expected. Then Mariana, who noticed something, calls out to me.

’’By the way Mr. Mila, is that boy a boy?’’ Although

it was Mariana thought that it was a males from the name Piyonemon gate proposed first, the overall line is more round than the male of Purarabit who is remembered, ear It felt that it was long.

’’... Which way?’’

Mira that was not at all in the head, while facing Pure Rabbit, gradually tilted his head. Next to me, my neck is leaning like Mariana can be dragged.

’’Well, it will be early to see.’’

Mira said that when Puy rabbit is lying on his back on the knees, it grabs both legs and opens. However, it can not be distinguished because it is covered with bushy hairs. Maryanna crouching on it starts assistant.

’’Mr. Mila, should it be made a bit more gentle?’’

Mariana suggested so, suddenly overturned and prudished the pure rabbit which was surprised, and discriminated between male and female with gentle hands.

’’It looks like a girl’’ The

released Pure Rabbit stands on Mira's knees with two pairs of legs and takes the posture that both front legs look up to the abdomen of Mira.

’’Did you do so ... ... then, Piko child ...... ─ ─ No, are you kidding?’’

Pure rabbit that faces away like a mess. Maryna also turned his mindless or chilling line of sight, Mira immediately withdrew his impromptu name.

’’What kind of name is good ... Pheasant ...... Umm. Blue rabbit, footsteps of good luck, blue sander, blue persistence, Noriko, Blue Marumo, Alive or Alive’’

Mira is called among players thinking name I remember the alias of Pure Rabbit I was muttering and muttering. Pure rabbit trembles with ears shining while looking up at Mira like this with an unsteady pupil, occasionally crying. In such an adorable appearance, Mira strikes consciousness and concentrates intensely, stroking heads, ears, backs and feet and begins to pretend.

’’That ...... Mira like ......’’

Mira was returned to us in small whisper voice, such as is,

’’No, properly Do not. This is because Nikki thought, Ja the things necessary in order to determine the true name of’’

panic so When you mention an excuse, slowly raise your face. And Mariana 's face reflected in Mira' s eyes was very ...... It seemed that he endured something.

Mira warned that it could be directed even with a cold gaze, cautiously stroking his chest and chasing the point of sight of Mariana.

’’... ... Do not hold back, do your lord touch?’’

’’ Yes. ’’ When

Mira says, Mariana squat down without waiting and touches the pure rabbit's coat softly. At the moment, I smiled happily.

’’By the way, have you decided on your name?’’

Because Mr. Maryan who asked for his eyes, asked if he had matched the height of his line of sight to Purerabit. Furthermore, after being nailed for a few seconds to the exquisite angle of the necklace, Mira diverted his line of sight and answered ’’not yet ... ...’’ to the buttocks.

’’It is a little troublesome when calling, but I will not decide anything right now.The name given to me by a valued person is the treasure.When Mira seriously thought and attached, what kind This baby will surely rejoice in his name. ’’

Saying that, Marianna passes his fingers like combing blue hair. The expression was very gentle and as calm as my mother loving her child. Pure rabbit seems pleasant to close the eyelids, as if to agree with the words of Mariana, let the voice echo in a long time.

’’Hmm ... ... the responsibility

is serious’’ The name is a treasure. Although it was Mira that never thought like that, Mariana 's state when he said it was a treasure gave me a glimpse of something appealing to my heart.

Mira once again tightens her mind and faces Pure Rabbit.

’’Ah, this is’’

Mariana murmurs in a low voice, holding the blue hair entangled in his hand and putting it on his palm. It is a very bright blue and flourishes on the hands of Mariana with just one.

’’Hmm, even when I was stroking it would have gone out, how about if you keep it, I am a lucky charm


’’ May I accept, are you?’’ ’’Of course not.’’

’’Thank you very much I will cherish ’’A

certain meaning is all you can do. There must be no need to withhold. Mira thinks of the name of Ao rabbit while looking at the appearance of Puer rabbit's hair in a handkerchief while Mariana is happy. Then Mariana who raised her face notices something again.


I'm with Mira-san's clothes,’’ he says so Maryan shows Mira's robe, where several blue lines were visible. I was pretty much on the knees, so it probably passed out of nature.

’’Maybe cleaning might be serious ... ...’’ When

Mira is out, it is Mariana to clean this room even when you are. That is also the job of the aide. Miriana gently picked out the few hair, she said,


I 'm going to be filled with luck here, is not it?’’ That's why I smiled. For a moment, Mira thanks Mariana nodding as ’’to be sure indeed! And in response to the voice of Aoi stroking her head, the unexpected name passed by.

Pure rabbit is a child of a blue rabbit woman wearing good luck.

’’Ok, the name of the Lord is Fortuna! Nickname is Luna!’’

Mira remembered the name of the lucky goddess in the corner of his mind. While declaring so, we secretly look to Mariana.

’’Fortuna, it is the name of a goddess transmitted to the fairy tribe, it is a nice name that is perfect for this baby.’’

Praised by Marianna, Mira rejoiced in a good spirit with his hands and holds Pure Rabbit with both hands Lift high. Whether the person himself or herself understands, or when the reaction is obviously different from Pyo Yanmen, he felt happy and he gave a voice of joy to the treasure he received for the first time in Mira's hand.

(I got tired

of something) Because I was relieved because I was relieved, Mira made a brief breath and then closed my eyes closely to the comfort of the sofa. Then, my hand gently touched the shoulder.

’’Mira, if you sleep, you sleep here, you will catch a cold.’’

’’... Oh, is that so. So what?’’

Mira, who had been jumping into a dream a bit, said Luna from his knees I get up with a relaxed movement from the sofa when I lower it. And prepare to go to bed with guidance as it leads by Mariana. Meanwhile, Luna followed me after Mira.

Mira that is ready to go sleeps with Luna and enters the bedroom.

’’... this is today, too,’’

’’If Mira inevitably says that it is useless, I will clean up ... ...’’

Mariana says with a voice that tone-downs suddenly.

’’No, well ...... Well ...... Sorry.’’

’’Thank you’’

There are two pillows and one cushion on the bed and one of the pillows was what Marian had on the other day, no matter how you look. In retrospect, Maryan who is preparing for herself as well as natural is abandoned.

I also do not dislike Mila. There are even emotions that I feel happy. It's just that I'm not used to sleeping with someone.

’’Well, tomorrow I will go to the castle from the morning. Let's suppose I will go to bed early.’’


That's what I said, Mira laid Luna in the cushion and lie down after changing the location of the pillow. Looking at the bird's-eye view, Mariana is on the left and Mira on the right. Maryna slipped herself on the bed quietly without noticing the meaning of that action.

’’Oh ...... Mira ... ...’’

’’Huh, that 's it, I guess I have not updated it yet.’’ So

Mira dyed his cheeks in red and wandered his gaze. As the lights are falling, it is not enough to light Mira's utmost only by the moonlight that plugs in through the window. Under the blanket, Mira stretched his right hand from himself and was holding the left hand of Mariana. Mamma has changed the position of the pillow so that you can align your hands with your back on your back as the renewal of protection is determined to be your right hand.

’’Well, I see.’’

Even if it seems to be only a slimmer, I feel the utmost from the temperature of Mira's hands. Maryna does not know the relationship between men and women. The meaning of Mr. Mira occasionally makes me swing. However, it can not be said that it is understandable. Marianna who dedicate his body and mind and thinks that he is his belonging to Mira. Because that feeling is beyond gender.

It is nice to be treated like a woman. However, Mariana wanted it.

A little light falls out from the gap of the blanket.

The hand he connected was warm, Mariana gently closed his eyes. While wishing that the warmth I feel certainly will never be far away.


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