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Shadow Rogue - Chapter 90


Shadow Rogue: Chapter 90-Onrush

Originally he only had over 1000 hp left, suddenly shaking off 300 of his hp, this was still not worth his attention. But that disgusting more than two second stun really wanted to take Chu Rui's life! With that Variant Tiger's abnormal striking power, if it wreaks havoc at Chu Rui for more than two seconds, then the moment Chu Rui recovers he already wouldn't be standing here, but returned to the resurrection point at Taga city.

Looking at the golden halo on top of Chu Rui's head, the tiger variant revealed a grim smile! Stretching out his claw, the Tiger Variant extended its fierce tiger claws to grasp Chu Rui.

Three seconds were really too long! Regarding Chu Rui, so long as he was given 1 second, it would have been more than enough for him to kill at least five people who aren't able to resist! In three second, it's difficult to imagine what would happen next. Looking at that nasty claws, Chu Rui was unwilling. He worked so hard to get here, and because of a shameless stun skill he'll lose all his hard work? Grievances filled Chu Rui's mind, suddenly a heavenly defying skill flashed in his mind

’’Spirit Immunity!’’

A touch of spiritual ligt shine into the sky, a surge of pure clean energy suddenly emerged. Chu Rui found himself able to move, his wasn't stunned any longer. He was immediately relieved that the stun was now gone, and immediately moved to dodge, but was still a bit late, so the tiger's claws had still scratched his body. At that moment, Chu Rui avoided the strong blow and was just grazed.

Retreating backwards, Chu Rui used instant recovery and hp potion, allowing his hp to temporarily be stabilized.

Seeing that Chu Rui was able to free himself from the Tiger's roar, the Tiger Variant was surprised, one should know that he had been hit by the fierce tiger's roar, perhaps it wouldn't be able to intimidate it's master, but Chu Rui was still new, even if his consciousness is outstanding, his strength and spiritual power was still too weak, logically he should be unable to endure it. But it never thought he would still be alive, and unexpectedly recover his consciousness, what the hell was this?

Actually, the Tiger variant thinks highly of Chu Rui, because of his ability, even with a full spirit toughness points, three seconds stun could only be reduced to 2.3 seconds. It helped him, the skill that he obtained Spiritual Immunity, makes him immune to all spirit class attacks! This stun was naturally a spirit class attack. Unfortunately, Chu Rui didn't know, otherwise in advance, he would have never been stunned, and that 300 hp damage wouldn't have been there.

Taking advantage of the Tiger Variant who was in a trance, Chu Rui whether it was in its full state, as he held his dagger and directly slash past it.

A minute has passed after he had released his skills, so Chu Rui's skills cooldown was gone, and at that moment he without hesitating, he stabbed at the Tiger Variant with his dagger.

Five minutes later, the hp of the Tiger Variant was only a few hundred left.


’’Tiger Claw!’’

Suddenly, the speed of the Tiger Variant became faster, it's desire to win against Chu Rui couldn't compare to before. It suddenly accelerated as it used its claws, and unexpectedly scratched Chu Rui's chest with its claws reducing his life by more than 300, moreover it had also caused the bleeding effect.

Using his Hp potion, Chu Rui didn't hurry to kill off the Tiger Variant remaining few hundred hp, and began to focus on defending. Although the speed of the Tiger Variant was a lot higher than before, but with the assistance of his God-like senses, saved the day again, occasionally damaging him, but wasn't that fatal.

After about thirty seconds, the Tiger Variant began to slow down, and regained it's former condition. With the attacks that suppressed Chu Rui for 30 seconds gone, he was finally able to attack, and immediately slashed at it with his dagger.

He crazily used his dagger, and with only a few hundred hp left, the Tiger Variant's hp in five seconds, cutting down the remainder of its life, and without howling fell down dead!

Chu Rui sat down on the ground as he grasped for a few mouthful breaths.

Opening the status bar, with him killing four enhanced Varaint monsters, Chu Rui's level rose to level 16 at 64%, which wasn't generous.

Looking at the surroundings of the Tiger Variant, this kid was more generous than the other ugly three that he killed before, giving him three pieces of equipment plus a skill book, as well as 13 gold coins which made Chu Rui delighted. His luck erupted, as he hadn't thought that the harvest he got from killing a strengthened monster was more generous than when he kills a boss, even a skill book pop out? This was really f*king generous to the point of dying!

The three equipments were a silver-tiered Fire wand, and a blue tiered archer boots and knight's armor. Putting the equipment into the backpack, Chu Rui was full of expectations as he looked at the skill book.

Onrush: [Active Skill]
Able to advance in a distance instantaneously, and increses the speed over the next period of Time!

Job Requirements: Thieves, Archers, Soldiers!

Scratch, unexpectedly the Tiger Variant's skill popped out! Advancing and speed-up skill, was needless to say an important skill for thieves and bandits in an assassination which would even allow them to escape. Patting it with his hand, the skill book turned into smoke and went into Chu Rui's body.

Opening the skill bar, he saw the impressive Onrush skill.

<Active Skill>Level 0/1000

Consumes: 30 mp

Instantly moving one meter forward, and increases their speed by 20%

Duration: 30 seconds

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Good Powerful Skill!

Looking at the skill effect of Onrush, Chu Rui revealed a happy expression. With this skill, whether it be killing or playing around with the best would be a lot easier.

Satisfied with the skill, he closed the skill bar, Chu Rui went towards the Tiger Variant's body and used gather, but wasn't able to get anything, making him suddenly silent. Among these four groups of Variants, he was only able to collect the snake's poison and fangs, and wasn't able to get anything from the others. Was the Snake Variant transplanted with a real snake's poison sack and fang into his body? Possible! Otherwise, how can a person transplanted with a poisonous snake's cell have a poison sack and released the venom from its fangs.

Resting for a while at the place, Chu Rui looked at the time and saw that six hours have passed now, and today's game time only had two hours left.

Frowning slightly while thinking for a moment, Chu Rui decided to continue deeper. Wasting a little time when he entered the game, used up three hours crossing Lake Eyre Zegna, using half an hour in killing the Earth Golem, and another half an hour in killing the four biological variants, the time of just walking was a lot.

Shaking his head, Chu Rui tidied up everything into his item bag, going out of the lab, and continued to go further down....


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