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Shadow Rogue - Chapter 88


Shadow Rogue: Chapter 88-Chu Rui's Being Look Down Upon


At the critical moment, Chu Rui instantly used his equipment Wolf King Light Armor's skill - Block! Increasing his defense by 10%


Suddenly the alligator's tail striked his stomach, at that time, he felt like he was run over by a train, his internal organs vibrated crazily, transmitting a disgusting feeling to his body, if it weren't for the fact that this was a game, perhaps he would have already vomited.


A gigantic damage floated above Chu Rui's head, he's life had almost instantly disappeared.

Without even a single thought of the pain, after Chu Rui was sent flying by the alligator's tail, he immediately stood up. Quickly using the instant recovery, holding his dagger with a cold look, a look like a mad dog who wants to kill the Alligator Variant.

’’Dim Glowing Stab!’’

The faint light emerged on the blue dagger, Chu Rui severely stabbed the alligator's body, smoothly taking away 500 of its hp and additionally caused a poison effect.

Glancing at the Alligator Variant's health, it was now less than 400, it also continuously drop by 20 for every second, and after ten seconds its hp would drop by 200, with that even with just Chu Rui's ordinary attack he'll still be able to slice it off.

At the front, the blue dagger on Chu Rui's hand flashed, neatly swiping at the throat of the Alligator Variant, immediately slicing off 127 of its hp.

Looking at the Alligator Variant's hp, Chu Rui sneered, leapt back, separating himself from the Alligator Variant attack range.

Two second, three seconds!

Five seconds, six seconds!

Nine seconds, ten seconds!

Ten seconds passed, and the Alligator Variant's last bit of Hp dropped, then thinking that the arrogant Alligator Variant had died under continuous poison, was really such a tragedy.

Seeing the Alligator Variant die, Chu Rui couldn't help but sit down on the ground. Just from the blow from the Alligator's tail gave him wounds that weren't even dull, his stomach was throbbing, his internal organs were vibrating slightly. Fortunately, this was a game, otherwise he would have suffered a heavier blow, making Chu Rui lying in the hospital for a month. In fact, this was also his fault, if not for the adjusting the pain to the maximum, he wouldn't be affected by the pain. If the pain adjustment was in the minimum, then, he would only feel a slight shock, the degree of pain would be like being hit by a thin stick and not like that heavy blow from the tail whip the Alligator Variant had done.

This time, Chu Rui had a full rest of five minutes before getting up. After the Alligator Variant collecting the equipment and gold it burst out, he didn't find any of use of them and had just thrown it into his item bag.

Hawk Variant, Snake Variant, Alligator Variant, killing them one after another with his own hands, now of the four big Variant only the Tiger Variant was remaining.

Taking a deep breath, Chu Rui finally went towards the Northern region.

Entering the last region, without walking much he immediately saw the extremely grandiose Tiger Variant.

This Tiger Variant was very strong, compared to its the three soy sauce brothers. This was what Chu Rui felt, concluding that the Tiger Variant was a powerful being.

He had a look of dignity, looking at the skill, he found out that it had completely cooled down.


Using stealth, Chu Rui had instantly gone into a hidden state.

He crept, and with each step he was getting closer and closer to the Tiger variant.

Ten-meter distance, but Chu Rui had actually used 20 seconds to get there.

Entering the Tiger Variant five-meter range, he used the skill observe.

Tiger Variant: Strengthened Monster
Level: 23 [Passive Skill: ???
HP: 8000/8000
Attack: 500 [Active Skill]: ???
Defence: 150

Looking at the Variant Tiger's stats, Chu Rui was stunned. Level 23, hp is as high as 8000, attack is a massive 500, luckily its defense was only 150. But the thing that had made Chu Rui an eye sore was that damn passive and active skill not being seen through. Chu Rui right now was merely level 15, but this guy's already level 23, higher than him by 8 levels, and seeing its stats it was formidably strong!

Without time to think, he only tested the actual situation, to see how strong this Tiger Variant at actual combat. Although stats were important, but if there was no sense of fighting, it would simply be like an empty shell.

The hidden state had only three seconds left, regardless of the enemy, Chu Rui went straight towards the Tiger Variant stabbing it with his dagger.



Stomping his foot, he quickly used both skills at the same time, concentrating on the Tiger's chest and its loin muscle.

Being suddenly attacked, the tiger was surprised, its body muscles tightened, showing its strong fighting quality immediately manifest. It kicked off, immediately leaping backwards in an attempt to avoid the attack, and also clarify its current situation.

Seeing his strike went well, Chu Rui naturally didn't let him off, and try to beat it before the Tiger Variant would be able to clarify its situation, otherwise, later it would certainly be a hard battle.

Taking advantage of the situation, Chu Rui demonstrated his limits, finally leaned his body forward almost touching the ground.

Holding his vicious daggers, Chu Rui arrogantly rushed towards the Tiger Variant and once more sliced towards its throat.


This time, the Tiger Variant finally saw Chu Rui's attack. Feeling a slight pain on its neck, the tiger suddenly cried out, raising its arms, while trying to use those burly muscles to realease a powerful force together with its fist, as it maliciously smash down at Chu Rui.

Originally because Chu Rui had excessively leaned his body forward, his body fell, and was now looking at the tiger's fist smashing down at him, straightforwardly attacks towards the ground.

Chu Rui who was just lying on the ground immediately rolled over, making the tiger's endless rage fist to hit where he had been, the force of the fist had even punch a pit on the ground.

What did this f*king father do? This was a stone, a stone! Its fist had just punched a hole into it. System your sister! Daring to even play with modifications like that?

Supporting himself with his hand, Chu Rui jumped up from the ground, body low, and under the Tiger Variant's stunned looked, he sliced his dagger again at his throat.

’’Have a little skill!’’

Feeling its throat, the Tiger variant backed up two steps to evade Chu Rui's incoming dagger, both of his eyes shot a look of excitement.

The hell is this, is it crazy for a fight?

Seeing the tiger's look, Chu Rui couldn't help but speculate.

’’For you to appear here, means that you must have definitely passed the first hurdle, and defeat the earth golem. On your left hand I can smell the Hawk's beak, which you are holding right now on your hand. Yes, very good. It seems like your capable of making me give it my all.’’

The Tiger Variant's eyes burst of enthusiasm, as it coldly looks at Chu Rui

Give it his all?

Chu Rui raised the corner of his mouth, revealing a hint of sneer.

It seems that they've both been looking down at each other! In the Tiger Variant's eyes it believe that he could only make him give it his all? Ah!


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