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Shadow Rogue - Chapter 87


Shadow Rogue: Chapter 87-The Vicious Blow of the Alligator's Tail

’’Venom Injection!’’

A second after the dizzy effect, Chu Rui cruelly smashed his two daggers towards the variant snake, reducing its HP by 700. The snake variant's hp was now only three digits while it turned and spit venom directly towards Chu Rui.

The scope of the attack was within three meters. This was a skill that Chu Rui couldn't evade, as it immediately spurted all over his face.

Seeing that his hp dropped by 100, and also poisoned, Chu Rui still wasn't startled.

Stepping back, he escaped the snake variants bite attack.

And suddenly using a bottle of hp potion, the recovering of hp per second of the potion and the continuous damage of the poison cancelled each other out.

Stomping, Chu Rui again drew closer to the snake variant, and sent out a chop to even the score. Under his perfect reaction, even with the snake variant's strange and unpredictable movements, was still not able to hit him.

The mere 300 hp, Chu Rui had only used two seconds, delivering three dagger strikes to send the snake variant to hell.

Raising his dagger, he saw that the snake variant didn't have any sign of breathing, as Chu Rui revealed a cold smile.

Using his gathering skill, he collected a poisonous pouch and two poison fangs from its body. Picking up the two equiments that appeared, it seemed like it wasn't anything specially, it was merely a blue equipment, as he throws it into his item bag. The gold he got was great, there was five of them, it was very formidable!

Sitting on the ground, he was waiting for the poison to disappear, and then waited for his hp to slowly restore. After 30 seconds, after the use of a bottle of hp potion, his hp had already restored up to 50%, so Chu Rui stood up and left. The remaining hp with the use of the instant restore medicine, should restore his hp fully before his next opponent, it wasn't worthwhile to wait for it to recover, as it was a waste of time!

Arriving at the east side, Chu Rui saw the alligator person's tail from far away.

The hawk person had agility, the snake person has a cheat poison affect, while this alligator person should be an offensive type. Such existence made Chu Rui both happy and worried at the same time, as high offensive attacks would damage him a lot, if he gave it a go the same way he did as before he'll have to take risks, and with its, strength equally that of the Earth golem, it speed should be very slow, and have an utterly awful reaction time, with a thief's flexibility and speed, wanting to play with him, should be very easy.

Although the alligator person is not weak, but nevertheless Chu Rui still attaches a great importance to it.

In tactics the person needs to value the enemy, and strategically detest the enemy!

Even though the alligator variant is not a boss, but through fighting the eagle variant and the snake variant, although they weren't a boss, but with the strengthening given by the change in their biology they've become similar to a boss, moreover their skills are abnormal and disgusting, and with his frail little body if he were to be incautious he may be killed.

Carrying two daggers, Chu Rui slowly got near to the alligator variant.

In this place there was a magic lamp making it a bright, he simply didn't have the means to sneak attack, and could only do a direct attack.

When he entered the alligator variant's five-meter scope, he was immediately on guard.

An alligator's attack scope is a fan-shaped area, assuming this then the alligator variant who had inherited the alligator's genes should also be the same.


Alligator Variant: Enchanted Monster
Level 22 [Passive Skill] Sharp Teeth: Attack has a certain probability to cause tearing damage!
HP: 5000/5000
Attack: 400 [Active Skill] Alligator tail Sweep: Pouring strength on the tail, it's instantly used, causing 150% damage to the enemy, knocking down the enemy, and having a very high probability of causing the knock down effect!
Defense: 120

HP is 5000, Attack is as high as 400, defense of 120 is also not bad. This alligator is worthy of being a ferocious beast, and this variant person who inherited its genes is also violent.

Rushing, he lured the alligator to attack, at the same time quickly shifting his direction to avoid the attack.

It took ten seconds, to roughly get a clear idea of the alligator variant's movement and speed.

’’Boy, don't run, see how this uncle will bite you!’’

Seeing Chu Rui's evasive maneuvers, the alligator's long teeth were unable to bite anything, making it somewhat angry.


Chu Rui narrowed his eyes, gloomily dispatches his blue dagger, striking at the weak point.

The alligator bites crazily, but Chu Rui with only one step, he had evaded the attack, and placed his dagger under his neck, as if the stretched neck of the alligator would be cut down by Chu Rui gently cutting its throat.

’’Boy, don't think that the big fellow guarding the entrance were very great. Although that thing was formidable, it still doesn't have a mind of its own. You're unexpectedly looking down on this Sir, later this Sir's tooth can make you know why the flower is red!’’

The alligator variant's face was filled with angry as it stared at Chu Rui, body is actually not that slow, as it presses on step by step

Why the flower is so red?

Chu Rui found it strange. What is this f*king situation? This monster actually know these words? This f*king game design, makes people's egg hurt!

Hearing those word Chu was surprised of the alligator variant, but with regards to the content of its words, Chu Rui was very frustrated. He wants to ask how many tricks that this clown hasn't used, with its speed alone, where does it get the courage to dare spout such nonsense?

Chu Rui didn't answer, sneered, and instead instead responded by striking with the dagger on his hands.

The alligator variant is really strong, attack power is very abnormal, but Chu Rui didn't give him any chance. This time the recovery items he has are not a lot, as he had used it a lot beforehand, and now has not much left, so he had to save the point in using it. He was a thief, not a soldier, is also not a knight, so it's strange and not worthwhile to go against it and get him by its attacks. Although some expense in time, but safety is of most importance.

Methodically attacking, and dodging. In five minutes, the alligator variant's hp was now less than 1000.

Entering this stage, Chu Rui became more careful than before. Having been abused by him for so long, the alligator was irascibly very angry and fed up, its hp is down to 20%, so who know what surprise it will give to him.

’’Damn kid, see how I'll chew you up!’’

Chu Rui had been relentlessly abusing the child, even while the enemy hadn't even the slightest of his hair, this would make the alligator variant's heart to be filled with anger. After its hp value reached the critical point, it felt that its life was in danger, it instantly didn't care about anything else, and turning its pendulum body, its back was putting strength on its grandiose tail maliciously striking at Chu Rui.

Matchless berserk hit!

Although he had first discovered the alligator variant's plan, but that tail was just really too long, moreover its strike contained the alligator variant's anger, it wasn't only strong, it's speed was the same as his peak speed, so he didn't have enough time to dodge. Feeling the fresh breeze that the grandiose tail brought, Chu Rui fiercely clenched his teeth!


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