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Shadow Rogue - Chapter 86


Shadow Rogue: Chapter 86-Snake Abuse

Well, I don't know if you'll enjoy this chapter, as it was harder to translate than the previous ones, because of all the language it used, the easy part the last bit. So hopefully you guyz enjoy this chapter as it took me hours to finish, don't want it to be a waste of my time. I'll keep on doing SR, still 1 chap per week though until someone wants to pick it up. ENJOY!!!!!!!!


’’You've hit by the variation snake's attack, HP is reduced by 227!’’


’’You've been inflicted with poison by the variation snake, every second HP drops by 30, for 10 seconds!’’

Two consecutive system prompt sounds transmitted, making Chu Rui greatly appalled.

This f*king sinister c*nt!

At a glance, it resembled a real snake as the snake person concealed itself on the ground, Chu Rui's eyes became extremely cold. The snake was also raised its eyes staring back at Chu Rui, showing a cold eyes and a ferocious grin, revealing a hideous smile.

It has guts!

Seeing the snake person sneer, Chu Rui couldn't help but also sneer back at it.

Is that a smile? Provocation? Interesting! How long has it been? How long has it been since the last time I've been provoked? Chu Rui suddenly felt his blood rush up, maybe it was caused by the snake's toxin, perhaps it was blending with his blood.

Looking at the snake, Chu Rui's eyes became colder and colder again. A mere alienated foreign object that turned into a disgusting monster, dares to provoked him the Crimson Shadow Ghost? Since its very daring, then it should also have the confidence to cope with his violent side.

He will die!

Chu Rui without hesitation sentenced this snake to the death penalty in his heart, moreover it will be one that's more a more miserable death than the eagle!

What's the duty of an assassin? It's sneak attacks, in the case of unknown enemies, and the use of strikes that violently kills the enemy. As the Supreme Assassin King, he's always had a shadow, he didn't think that today, this snake person would be his shadow. Really! Even some good hunters are blind! As long as I'm alive, no matter what class you are as long as you're my shadow, I will overshadow you. This are not planned by people, absolute not. No matter, in one's heart there would always have its own small stupidity. Selfless, saints aren't completely one, absolutely impossible. Believe it or not, anyway, Chu Rui doesn't believe so.

As the king of shadows, Chu Rui was unexpectedly being overshadowed by this snake person. So what if it used to be human in the past, what sort of existence was Chu Rui? The Crimson Shadow Ghost! The Supreme killer! He had always been targeted by others, but it's not that simple to overshadow him, but being provoked like this, was blasphemy to his dignity.


Fiercely kicking out, the snake was kicked back.


Snake Variant: Improved Monster
Level 22 <Passive Skill>: Poison Fang

Attacks have a certain chance of inflicting poison!

HP: 2816/3000
Attack: 320 <Active Skill>: Venom Injection

Gathers the reserved venom inside, and instantly spits out, hitting enemy within an area, Maximum effective range: 3 Meters, 150% damage, and additionally inflicts poison effect!

Defense: 100

It's Hps was only 3000, Defence was only 100. But this snake's attack is 320, and that disgusting endless Passive skill and that abnormal active skill, is worthy of being a snake, this f*ker is poisonous!

Being sent flying by Chu Rui's kick the snake immediately stood up, licking a bit it's disgusting mouth, as if trying the aftertaste of Chu Rui's blood, holding out it's slender and twitching tongue, which doesn't need to vomit.

’’Power is good! But I don't know how long you can last under my poison!’’ The Snake variant revealed a cold smile.

Chu Rui's cold face, didn't respond, just silently using an HP potion and an instant recovery medicine. This f*k had already made him use his potions, Chu Rui had never been subjected to such treatment. One must know that there's a cooldown for using potions. The cooldown time for a HP potion, recovers a fixed amount of HP per second for 10 seconds, and a cooldown time of 30 seconds. The Instant Recovery Medicine, although right away restores a fixed amount of HP, but the cooldown is a minutes. If, as the snake variant said, if Chu Rui is poisoned, the snake without needing to attack, and just the 30 Hp reduction per second alone could threaten his life. However, this whimsical snake variant, in other aspects Chu Rui didn't dare to absolutely match it, however in speed, it was needless to say that Chu Rui was confident. Getting sneak attacked is one time at the most, but also want to do it a second time? This snake variant thinks too highly of itself!

’’Since you want to play, your father will accompany you to play!’’

Chu Rui sneered, body instantly flashed, while the snake variant looked at its side with an astonished expression.


Seeing how straight forward Chu Rui was attacking, a touch of disdain was revealed on the snake variant's smile, swinging down, its huge tail was heading towards Chu Rui.

’’You are too naïve!’’

Chu Rui shouted, body rolled, going around the snake as he loudly shouts at the its side.



The Eagle Beak on the left, and the blue dagger on the right, Chu Rui simulataneously manipulated his two weapons as he released two dagger skills.

Generally speaking, even if you're very awesome, the most skilled mages can instantly use lower-level spells, but this is only instantaneous, although it seems the same as using two skills at the same time, but it's used in succession. However, that's only using one skill. Because of Chu Rui's god like skill 'Dual Wield Master', he could use both daggers, a two-point attack. But this doesn't mean he could simultaneously use two skills. At this time, he erupted crazily, and instantly used the two skills together, the left hand and the right hand together, it was because his mentality is so powerful, that it was enough for him to manipulate both without being pressured by it.

Usually, the human brain would dominate the body's actions, wanting to simultaneously do two task and perfectly operate it separately, is almost unlikely to happen. However, there are some exceptions, using the double-line operation of the brain is possible. One of the most famous and well known representatives of this was Mr. Jin Yong's masterpiece 'The Return of the Condor Heroes' that invented the mutual use of both hands in combat.

The two dagger fiercely stabbed the snake variant's body, taking nearly 800 of his hp. Experiencing pain the ferocious snake opened its mouth in an attempt to bit towards Chu Rui, Chu Rui slightly squat his body, and escaped the bite, bracing his body, he quickly went around the snake's back, and in a flash used both of his hands.

’’Brutal Blow!’’


Two ferocious attack directly cut off more than a thousand of the snake variant's Hp, and also inflicted the daze effect, the snake variant just froze in its spot.

Looking at the tops of its head, the hp of the snake variant was only a thousand, seeing this Chu Rui's mouth revealed a cruel smile........


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