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Shadow Rogue - Chapter 81



The dagger flashed across the ankle, indeed it was truly made of stone, its f*king defense is first-rate. Luckily this is only a game, the dagger would be destroyed only when the enemy has a destructive attribute, so although it's a pain in the ass, it's good that it would only consumes a little bit of its durability.

Leaping up, Chu Rui soared high as if he had wings then stationed himself on the Earth Golem's body and ran on top of it. After putting strength on his legs, he suddenly kicked hard, and with the kick's force, Chu Rui rapidly flew up. Putting strength on his arms, he attacked again but this time on the Earth Golem's shoulder. Raising his head as he was falling in the air, he saw the Earth Golem's incoming fist and tried to dodge it, but still ended up grazing his cheeks, as the wind blew on him, Chu Rui felt his face stung.

Revolving in the air, his body assumed a half-arch position, the moment he landed he immediately pushed the ground, quickly bursting forth. The Earth Golem's fist immediately hit the place he was at.

Running fast, Chu Rui quickly went around the Earth Golem's back, aiming his daggers at its ankles where he struck a while ago, continuously cutting it.

After the two dagger cut a total of seven times, the Earth Golem turned around, ruthlessly striking down.

This time, Chu Rui definitely found a good way to deal with this Earth Golem.

As a boss the Earth Golem has absolute power, although it's very strong, and have huge HP, but its big weakness is its speed. However, as a boss, even though it has a slow speed, it still wouldn't be that slow. Currently, Chu Rui was only level 15. Therefore, even if Chu Rui's speed is high, when in a real fight, he discovered that his own speed was only slightly better. This thing didn't have any intelligence, but its combat ability was extremely terrifying, after exchanging a few blows, Chu Rui was only able to survive because of his sharp perception and quick response enabling him to dodge its attacks. Still fighting the Earth Golem very hard, even with his inherent advantages, Chu Rui was still under pressure. But suddenly, the Earth Golem made a big mishap, and was currently, discovered by Chu Rui.

Fighting the Earth Golem head on would definitely be suicidal. Having no magic attack he was always focused on this giant, because of its 10000 HP, making the fight prolonged. In the long-run, Chu Rui would certainly suffer. And a little bit of neglect, would possibly kill him. Now, however, it's become much easier. The Earth Golem is strong, having its body as its greatest weapon, but at the same time is also its greatest weakness. If his lucky, the battle may become in his favor. At the same time, its body was made out of stone making it extremely slow. If Chu Rui attacked it from behind, the Earth Golem would take a while before it could actually turn around. Taking advantage of this time difference, Chu Rui would be able to perform his strategy. Intensely attacking the weak joints of this stone person, would definitely send it to hell!

After finding out a method, Chu Rui immediately implemented his plan. Unceasingly circling around the Earth Golem he attacked, daggers aimed at the same ankle he previously attacked.

After ten minutes, the Earth Golem's HP dropped by more than 2000, having attack it's ankle for more than a 100 times which was actually beginning to damage it.


’’Earth Golem's ankle has been injured, flexibility is decreased by 20%’’

Hearing the system alarm made Chu Rui burst into tears. F*k, my long hard work finally paid off.

Looking at the Earth Golem's broken ankle, part of its body suddenly towered down, having one side higher than the other. Just like before it attacks very fiercely, but at the same time moves awfully.

I'll certainly kill you!

Seeing his plan work, Chu Rui would naturally be impolite.

Formerly he could only attack at most five to six times every three seconds, but now he was able to attack about ten times every five seconds. After Chu Rui destroyed its ankle, the Earth Golem previously was able to turn around in three second which now became five seconds, giving Chu Rui sufficient time to inflict crazy damages.

Watching the Blue dagger on the right and the Green dagger on the left constantly knocking on the stone, it issued a ’’clang clang’’ sound, which made Chu Rui make a forced smile. Fortunately this was only a game, and the Earth Golem didn't have a destruction attribute, otherwise this two daggers would certainly break. Even so, the rapidly declining durability cause Chu Rui heartaches. This f*king green dagger was okay, but the f*king repair cost for the gold dagger is expensive to the point that Chu Rui wanted to directly kill the Black Smith.


’’After continuously attacking the same spot, the ankle has now been severely injured, flexibility, decreased by 40%!’’

Once again blasting back and forth, the Earth Golem's ankle was now dislocated, now it basically didn't have any flexibility.


Chu Rui was secretly pleased, when suddenly, the Earth Golem's broken ankle issued a dull sound, then it lifted its injured feet, and chopped it down towards the ground.


Dust flew out, under the tremendous bombardment, there appeared a giant hole on the ground. Powerful energy ripples spread, the powerful wind directly headed towards Chu Rui knocking him back.


A huge damage emerged on top of Chu Rui's head. Surpressing the pain, Chu Rui sprang up from the ground, immediately using HP potions, restoring a portion of his HP. Looking up, the sudden scene made Chu Rui dumbfounded.

Seeing the Earth Golem's attack range of 10 meters, the ground looked like it's been hit by a road roller, the ground went down by one layer.

Looking at the Earth Golem somewhat frightened, Chu Rui crazily sucked the air. This f*king thing's strength, is too terrifying!

War machine, it's a facing war machine. If this thing is used on the battle field, with its great power, absoluted defend, coupled with such a move, existence is simply like road roller.

After releasing its skill, this thing stopped for a while. Chu Rui not fearing death threw his body once again, using his speed advantage, once again toying with the miserable Earth Golem, targeting once again its pitiful ankle.


’’Earth Golem's ankle has been completely damaged, flexibility decreased by 80%’’

The already non-flexible Earth Golem, having dropped 4/5th of it's flexibility, is a sad reminder of getting itself slaughtered.

Looking at the Earth Golem's feet, Chu Rui burst into silence. Now missing a foot, the left was lower than the right side of the Earth Golem, can it still be his opponent? After running for a long time, Chu Rui was now tired. And now he can finally slow down a little bit.


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