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Shadow Rogue - Chapter 78


Shadow Rouge Chapter 78: Finally, a Boss(s) (Part Two)[i]

’’Dimmed Glowing Stab!’’

Shadow Wolves are a low-level monster making it impossible to stop bosses for a long time. Although the Water Sprite only has 3,500 HP, Chu Rui almost took it down to 2000 HP in a few attacks. He wanted to step by step take her down but it's impossible he was running out of time. This time we have no other choice, most of his skills were on cooldown.

A line of light flashes clean across the throat, taking nearly 1000 HP away from the Water Sprite, which also poisoned her dealing an additional 30 damage per second!

’’Brutal Blow!’’

His two daggers slashed across her chest, Chu Rui's unstoppable force once again disrupted her attack. His blue dagger's skill and a common green dagger attack worked together to deal nearly 800 damage.

He glanced at the Water Sprite's state of health and she had only 700 HP left. If his poison was left it would more or less deal close to 700 damage.

Finally, his poison almost killed her she has less than 200 HP left. But right at this moment his two Shadow Wolves were killed. And the other bosses began to lumber over to them

As thoughts rushed through his mind Chu Rui clenched his jaw. This must be resolved or the other two will support her! Without the help of his Shadow Wolves he might only have a 30% chance of success when they team up. She must die!

Now even a small injury can kill the Water Sprite. Chu Rui hurriedly drank a health potion. And continued to avoid her attacks as he waited for his health to recover. She began to cast a spell but it was too late the poison finally did its job and finished her.

As he ignored the pile of items that burst from her corpse, Chu Rui looked at the Sinister Water Creature.

While the Shadow Wolves are just cannon fodder, they were able to drag it out enough that they couldn't aid her.

The Rotting Mud Monster and Sinister Water Creature are full of bloodlust and without a hint of damage to them.

Avoiding the Rotting Mud Monster's slow attacks, Chu Rui rushed past to kill the Sinister Water Monster behind it. He mercilessly cast ’’Gouge’’ into its chest.

The Sinister Water Creature took the strong blow as Chu Rui quickly drew the dagger out, and cast a ruthless ’’Eviscerate’’ with the other dagger.

He took a step back, waiting for the bosses to strike. The Mud Monster tried to whip him with a tentacle but one ’’Kick’’ towards it causing it to stumble back.

After that, Chu Rui rushed behind the Sinister Water Creature, taking aim at it the back of his neck, the blue dagger went in



’’Backstab was successful! Skill rate 97%. Attack triggered a critical hit!’’



Now that the Sinister Water Creature was stunned he tried to attack again but was blocked by the Rotting Mud Monster.

Chu Rui recovered as he held his daggers he went to strike Sinister Water Creature's neck again.

Even though there doesn't seem to be an effect, it clearly doesn't like being stabbed in a vital spot. Even with another boss backing it up they're still being toyed with! It's shameful![ii]

The stun only lasts a second, so the Sinister Water Creature is active again. After being attacked twice in the back of the neck it seems to be very angry now. He instantly cast ’’Disease’’ on Chu Rui.


’’You now receive 30% less healing from all sources!’’

Aw f*k!

Hearing the system notification Chu Rui was slightly pale.

Damn, this is indeed boss fight, the effect of this skill is awful.

Chugging down a healing potion, Chu Rui took a step to the right side, just barely escaping from the Sinister Water Creature's suddenly attack but on the left the Rotting Mud Monster started to attack again.

Seeing the oncoming attack, he gritted his teeth, Chu Rui tried to defend against their onslaught. While they did hit him the good news is they only did 300 damage, his Defense offset it a lot so they can't do much damage and because his health is in the thousands he is not very pressured. Even if his healing is reduced there isn't much pressure.

Chu Rui does not wish to kite[iii] a lot but he has to. His speed is better than the Rotting Mud Monster and Sinister Water Creature, but facing two at once isn't going to be a walk in the park. So he has to kite and wait for an opportunity to attack rather than taking hits. He is a Thief after all. Anyway, he just runs around the Evil Creature using it as a wall, isolating him from the Rotting Mud Monster. Trying to maintain a straight line of the three of them.[iv] Being attacked by the Sinister Water Creature is enough to deal with. Judging by how this fight is going he estimates that it will take just over a minute to kill it.

The price of which would just be a few bottles of healing potions.

’’Water Column!’’

Suddenly, a sharp attack coming from the Sinister Water Creature, as it stopped moving. Chu Rui knows this guy is casting but he had just used ’’Kick’’ so it was on cooldown so it's impossible to interrupt him!

A jet of water suddenly blasted Chu Rui's head.

Chu Rui's HP fell by one-third in one hit! He immediately drank an instant healing potion getting back some HP.

Being a Thief means his HP isn't that high, this is a major weak point.

Fortunately, he was able to escape quickly enough to avoid too much danger.

He began attacking again before any of the Sinister Water Creature's skills could be used again, they don't hold much of a threat anymore, it's only a matter of time now.

A minute later, the Sinister Water Creature died.

Five minutes later, the Rotting Mud Monster died.

Looking at himself he was filthy so he cleaned himself off in the lake then, Chu Rui went to check out the equipment of the three bosses.

Checking his experience bar he had already gotten to 89% which is a lot.

Killing the three boss gave a total of ten pieces of equipment. Six silver equipment and the rest was green. None he could use, Chu Rui doesn't mind, he put them directly into his backpack. Then rested silently for a moment, Chu Rui finally defeated the three bosses that were guarding the entrance front.


As Chu Rui prepared move forward, suddenly the ground starts shaking! Stunned, Chu Rui stood up.

[i] This is an MTL if you see any errors let me know!

[ii] Yes, it seems to switch to the boss' perspective for a moment

[iii] Kiting is basically having the monster chase you around so it deals as little damage as possible to you while you damage it.

[iv] Might sound confusing. He's trying to keep the Sinister Water Creature in between himself and the Rotting Mud Monster.


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