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Shadow Rogue - Chapter 74


Shadow Rogue Chapter 74: Distressed Loli (Part 2)[i]

Chu Rui has amazing ears, as a killer the five senses are extremely important. The sensitivity of them has reached incredible proportions. If he focused, even in the downtown area, he could pick out specific voices easily. And if the area is quiet then even if they are whispering it would be impossible to hide it from his ears.

As he listened to the wretched voices of the two males and a sobbing voice, Chu Rui's face changed greatly.

Chu Rui hates two things bullying the weak and macho women!

If you're a man and you fight, no one cares. They don't care whether or not you are a good Samaritan either. But if you're a bully then you are scum in Chu Rui's eyes. Nothing but an animal.

He just couldn't sit down and do nothing when he noticed this kind of situation. So when he heard the conversation, Chu Rui walked over and saw the constant sobbing of a desperate girl. What's going on is completely obvious.

His hand trembles when his blood red dagger suddenly flickered into in his hands. But he waited. He wanted to think, so he restrained himself for a moment.

He is not a killer anymore. And this isn't a war zone. The two men still haven't noticed him. He put his dagger away then he kicked his legs and jumped at them. While they were still preoccupied Chu Rui kicked both of them sending them flying several meters away landing on a stone table and tree.

He snorted and thought, let them stay in bed for a few months.

Chu Rui glanced at the girl who was on the ground. Before when he was at a distance he couldn't clearly see her face but now he understands what the men were talking about. She has an absolute baby face, with pale blond hair, she's an almost cartoon like loli. Her face is very delicate and you could easily see she was a minor. And although she looked cute she was still very childish. Right now, she is extremely frightened, her whole body is trembling continuously, her small pear shaped face is tear stained.

The dress she is wearing is very formal, but had already gotten messy. Her disheveled dress showed her shoulder, thigh, and bare back, it's like the ultimate seduction weapon.

’’You are safe now.’’ he said.

She was curled up on the floor as she suddenly heard a faint voice. She lifted up her face and looked at him with blurry eyes with her mouth slightly agape.

When she was stopped by two wretched men, she thought that she was finished.

But this man showed up acting as if he is a God that comes to instantly kill the demons, it's like the Prince trying to protect the Princess. However, when his eyes glance across her body, it made her an instantly wake up. Fairy tales are fictional after all. And she was in the real world. She knows her charm. And in this environment, when she is so disheveled and her seduction is off the charts she had to be wary.

However, she never thought that this man that just saved her would directly after just... Walk away!?

Women are paradoxical and strange creatures.

If you look at her, she thinks you are a pervert, because you're eyeing her, shame on you... 'What are you looking at? Never seen a beautiful woman?' However, when you look at her, and then you completely ignore her she gets even more angry. Ignore and disregard a woman and she'll think you find her unattractive. This line of thought is what make women the most intolerable people to deal with.

She looked stunned for a moment then slowly got up, she didn't know what to think, so she wiped her tears and began to try and fixed her disheveled look.

’’Pa Pa Pa...’’

Sandals hit the stone roads, leaving a crisp sound.

Chu Rui went back to wandering, trying hard to find just the kind of peace of mind he had just lost. But somehow he was unable to recover, not only did the thing that makes him the angriest just happen, the little loli was very untidy. And after watching the scene of her crying had caused his blood to boil which made it almost impossible to calm down. However, just as he was about to calm down he suddenly felt his shirt being pulled.

He turned around, seeing the little loli girl bowing her head, he instantly froze!

This is what happens?

’’Is there a problem?’’ he asked her with a slight frown.

This little loli was definitely a rare beauty but he was not used to being interested in women so he never thought him, the passionless Chu Rui, would have the desires of man again. He had saved a woman in the United States before but he hadn't seen her as a woman. He saved her from a clichémisogynistic villain. If it was a brawl where men were trying to bully a woman, he still wouldn't see her as a woman then either.

’’Can you take me to your house? ’’ the little loli asked softly.

’’What?’’ Chu Rui was instantly startled, what is this girl thinking?

She dared to be so bold? So direct? Not a bit vague?

F*k, what's with this girl? Am I seeing things? This girl is clearly not the ’’voiceless, flexible, and easy to push’’ loli.

’’I'm homeless and I'm afraid I'll encounter men that are just as bad as the ones from before.’’ She spoke in a clear and tender voice her eyes flashing a super cute look, her delicate gestures caused Chu Rui nearly choke.


Chu Rui had no doubt lost!

He was defeated, defeated by the timid look on her face. Defeated by her super cute expression.

He sighed slightly, Chu Rui not talking to her directly, simply turned around. And this time behind him, there is a super kawaii[ii] little blonde loli pulling his shirt, in lockstep with him. The two figures gradually leave. But in the dim light, the two shadow are very long...

[i] This is an MTL if you find any errors let me know!

[ii] Kawaii is in the raws. I know it's Japanese.


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