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Shadow Rogue - Chapter 67


Chapter 67 Beautiful Cop Guan Yihan (2)

“Who was it who was fighting and causing trouble here just now?”

A beautiful female cop stepped out from the police car, tall and slender, with exquisite features and waist-long hair. The valiant looking police uniform did nothing to hide her alluring figure, and she definitely had curves in all the right places, it was almost a sight out of a uniform fantasy. Her voice was enchanting, but held an authority of a person used to being a protector, causing others to give her a second look. Such a beautiful cop, it was rather rare.

The surrounding crowd shook their heads.

This was the sorry state of the countrymen, apathetic and just watching the scene. It was the terrible state of human nature, and there was no helping it, though under the influence of some great writers, there were still some who were gradually improving. However, under the advancement of today’s world, though the living conditions of people have improved, but the quality of spirit had become empty or even twisted, and all sorts of weird happenings, degenerates appeared unceasingly.

Kindly helping an old man who fell down, and being sued… Helping a lost child to find his way home and being accused of kidnapping… Helping a disabled person and being accused of collaborating an act to con money… Donating money but realising it was being embezzled… Kindness did not often result in begetting kindness, and if you were being framed, you might not get justice…

That resulted in denouncement or castigation!

Many people actually were filled with kindness and had a conscience. Alas, the sight of those few degenerates who made use of others’ kindness, even to the extent of committing crimes, caused a widespread anger and an ever-increasing problem in society.

It’s not that I do not have kindness, but I do not want my kindness to be used by others!

This was a common helpless line, showing how prevalent the darkness and dirtiness was in the society.

Looking at such a scene, the lady cop furrowed her brow, and the middle aged male cop who had gotten off the police car after her shook his head. After having been a cop for so long, he had seen many of such scenes.

“Who called the police?”

The middle aged cop asked. There was no way of hiding this, as there were records to show.

“It’s me!”

A young man stood out.

“What’s going on? Can you tell me the details?”

The lady cop walked over to the young man and asked.

“It’s… it’s like this!” Being approached by such a beautiful lady cop and spoken to at such a close distance, the young man was a little flustered. “Earlier, that man beat up another two men here.”

Following the young man’s pointing finger, the middle aged cop and the lady cop looked towards Rui.

With a height of about 1.77 metres, a head full of short hair and dressed in a large T-Shirt and casual beach shorts and a pair of slippers, he looked rather ordinary. However, when they looked closer at Rui’s face, that changed. With brows like a sword blade, and a face like a knife sheath with sharp features*;a pair of deep black eyes which seemed to hide what he was thinking. Though his body was covered by the large t-shirt and beach shorts, it could not totally hide his muscles, especially the bulging muscles on his arms telling the tale of how strong he seemed. The strangest thing was the disposition he had, a rather complicated one which seemed ordinary yet proud and aloof.

*TL note –I translated that literally, I really can’t picture that in my mind though ><

Having met many different people from all walks of life in his long life as a policeman, the the middle aged man had pretty much seen it all. Although he could not be certain, but he subconsciously categorised this youth as someone who should not be trifled with.

“Oei, did you hit somebody? If so, come with us to the police station!”

Before the middle aged policeman could open his mouth, the beautiful lady cop had walked directly to Rui and said her piece.

“Do you policemen carry out your duties like that? Jumping to conclusions without investigation?”

Rui looked at the beautiful lady cop, ignoring her beauty and saying coldly, with his arms crossed over his chest.

“You… do you think you are correct to hit someone?!”

Seeing Rui’s attitude towards her, the lady cop was rather angry. Even if he did not look upon her as a cop, he should be more polite to her as a lady, how dare this man talk to her like that! That was not only provoking her authority as a cop, but also her attractiveness as a woman!

“You, over there, who did he hit?”

The middle aged policeman looked helplessly at the lady cop, a rookie was indeed a rookie, she had no idea how to judge the situation and people. Alas, she had quite a background of her own, and he did not want to lecture her and get on her bad side. Instantly, the middle aged policeman felt very stressed;and as he rubbed his temple, he called out towards the young man who had called them.

“Yes… It’s Boss Zhang Jinquan and Manager Li.”

The young man hesitated a while before saying.

“So, it’s them!”

The middle aged policeman looked with some scorn at the young man. By now, he could easily guess what had happened. That young man was likely an employee of Zhang Jinquan, and had called the police and pointed out Rui. Of course, any fool would know what had happened. This was after all not the first time he had been here;previously there had been reports of people harassing the beautiful lady boss of this foot store, one of which was that Zhang Jinquan. To someone like that, the policeman knew of him and his reputation. Just like many of the so-called rich men, he was a dirty trash of the society. This time, it was likely once again due to the beautiful lady boss.

“Come with us to the police station and let us know what happened.”

As a policeman, although he despised Zhang Jinquan, he still had to follow the letter of the law. After all, Rui had hit someone, and it was his duty to bring him in.

“Policeman Sir, this is not Little Rui’s fault. What happened was that Mr Zhang…” Seeing that Rui was about to be taken away, Qin Yue quickly opened her mouth and said.

“Alright, whatever it is, you can all tell us at the police station. You both come along as well!” Seeing that there were so many onlookers surrounding them, the policeman furrowed his brow impatiently, before pointing at Qin Yue and the young man who had called the police, and along with Rui, they all boarded the police vehicles.

As the accused, Rui was placed under guard between both policeman and police lady, just like a criminal. Towards this, Rui couldn’t help but furrow his brow in dissatisfaction. After all, he had never experienced this before –let alone two little cops like that, even the FBI of Country M, or the Interpol, had never been able to touch him.

However, in order to maintain his cover and stick to a quiet life, as well as to protect Qin Yue and Little Fei, he decided to restrain himself.

As it turned out, there were still goodhearted people in the world. After some questioning by the middle aged policeman, two of the onlookers were willing to come forward to the police station as well to be witnesses.

Sitting at the back of the police car, Rui was placed between Qin Yue and the lady cop. As the main accused, the lady cop naturally was there to look after him. However, nobody knew what was wrong with her, after boarding the car, she glared at Rui. Even though she did not speak, but her displeasure was written all over her face. Although it was not to the state of any killing intent, her expression told Rui that he was definitely not in her good books. That made Rui rather gloomy as he pondered how he had offended her.



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