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Shadow Rogue - Chapter 57


Chapter 57 Blade of Abjuration (2)

Spider Queen’s Venom Sac: High Level Poison

Can be used to create 10 sets of deadly venom

Spider Queen’s Legs: Mid Level Material

Can be used for smithing or in medicine

Venomous Spider Fangs: Mid Level Material. There is some poison remaining.

Can be used for smithing

After glancing at the materials, Rui placed them in his bag. Although these things were quite good, the equipment and items that Elise dropped were more enticing at the moment.

Four pieces of equipment, one scroll, one unique tool, and over 80 gold coins! This was the final loot that Spider Queen Elise had dropped!

The 4 pieces of equipment comprised of 2 Gold Equipment and 2 Silver Equipment. One was a Knight’s spear, one was a shield, another was a staff, and lastly, there was a pair of earrings. They all required appraisal, so he couldn’t do much with them at the moment.

Soul Devouring Swamp: Gold Scroll (Magic Spell —— Soul Devouring Swamp)

Activation –will turn a 20 x 20 area into a swamp filled with lethal poison.

Uses available –1/1

Spider Queen’s Heart: Unique Tool

Upon Consumption, will increase Poison Immunity by 10% Permanently!

Looking at the two items in his hands, Rui’s jaw dropped. One was a magic scroll with what amounted to nearly a Forbidden Curse in the current power levels, while the other was a unique tool with a permanent effect! Damn, was this the special rewards that a Unique Hidden Boss dropped? It was an unbelievably good haul! Even if you discounted the Soul Devouring Swamp Scroll, as it was just a one time use item despite its crazy power, the Spider Queen’s Heart alone was already more than worth the ordeal. What kind of boost was a permanent 10% increase in Poison Immunity? It would reduce all poison damage by 10% forever!

In 《Kismet》, besides physical defence and magical defence, there were still many other different immunities and resistances. The most common ones were of course fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, the five main magic types, as well as poison.

Immunity was of course, being immune to the particular damage type;for example if a poison dealt 100 damage to you, and you had 10% immunity, it would only deal 90 damage. If you ever managed to get 100% immunity, then you would never take any damage from the damage-type.

As for resistances, it was similar to ‘dodging’ against physical attacks, which was the chance of resisting the particular damage type once. Many of the poison or elemental damage types were not a 100% or guaranteed hit chance, and as long as there was no guaranteed hit chance, then the higher your resistance was, the higher the chance you would get a MISS. Of course, even if your resistance reached 100%, you would not be able to MISS an attack with a guaranteed hit chance.

As such, when comparing immunity and resistances, immunity was still considered a better stat. After all, if you could reach a 100% immunity, even if there was a guaranteed chance to hit, there wouldn’t be a difference. Hit me all you want, I’m immune!

Being able to increase 10% poison immunity permanently, the Spider Queen’s Heart was of immeasurable value. Such tools which increased immunity permanently were usually only able to increase 1-2%, and even then they would be sold for a sky high price, let alone this one with an amazing 10%.

Without hesitation, Rui swallowed the Spider Queen’s heart, and looking at the brand new stat on his status screen “Poison Immunity: 10%”, he couldn’t help but give a faint smile. Keeping the Soul Devouring Swamp Scroll into his backpack, Rui started to check the other rewards he had gotten.

Strong Spider Silk Ring: Unique Equipment

[Description] Able to shoot out a strong sticky spider silk. Longest shooting range: 3 metres

Cooldown: 5 mins

In 《Kismet》, besides the ordinary equipment, there are a few of these unique equipments, which are usually used as auxiliary gear. This Strong Spider Silk Ring was one such equipment. Although it did not add any stats, but it had the unique capability, and if one made good use of these unique capabilities, you could have an unexpectedly good result in special circumstances.

Black Ore : 24 Quality

Smithing Material, Highest Grade Ore

[Description] Blacksmiths love these ores. When smithing weapons, these black ores can be added into the mix to vastly improve the the quality of the weapons produced.

10 pieces of black ores, all of which being highest grade ores, this was quite a decent haul. Such ores were common in many various games, and were always a popular commodity. Being able to get ten of these at one shot, Rui was naturally pretty happy.

Lost Magic Box

[Description] A mysterious box of unknown origins. It has been passed down by the spider clans since the ancient times as a clan heirloom. Requires a special key to open.


Rui looked in puzzlement at the box, examining the mysterious drawings carved onto it, and flipping it around as he tried to figure out how to open it. Despite his attempts, he was unable to open this fragile looking box.

Heaving a sigh, he kept the box in his backpack. Since it was something passed down from ancient times, it might possibly contain something exceptional. No matter what, keeping it first would be best til he could figure out how to open it.

However, just as Rui placed the box in his backpack, a sudden sound caused his jaw to drop.

Ting! Congratulations, you have found the Lost Key. Do you wish to open the Lost Magic Box?

What? Your Father, I, have the key?

Rui’s eyes widened in shock, his face full of disbelief as he opened his backpack and went through his things. Finally, in a corner of his backpack, he found a strange looking key.

Looking at the key, Rui’s expression turned extremely strange. He had gotten this key when he had killed the Gray Wolf King;and not knowing what it did, he had just dropped it in his backpack and by now had almost forgotten about it. He had never expected that a random drop from ages ago would actually be the key for this Lost Magic Box. This was just too much of a comedic scene… A key to a box from the ancient times, how did it end up with a small little Gray Wolf King?

TL: The Gray Wolf King appeared in Chapter 16.

Whatever, who cares what reason? As long as I can open this box, at least I’ll be rewarded.

Picking up the Lost Magic Box once again, and the key, he carefully inserted the key into the keyhole and twisted it gently.

*Creakkk* A very old-sounding creak issued from the internal parts of the box, and it finally opened a notch.

Swallowing a gulp of saliva, Rui flipped open the lid.

There was no special effects, no lights, no thunderous sound. Everything seemed so normal, as if it was just an ordinary box.

In the instant that he opened the box, Rui could clearly see what lay in the box, and a bright light flashed in his eyes.

There was nothing else in the box besides a strange looking blade lying peacefully in the middle.

Looking at it, Rui felt as if his soul was being drawn to it. As an assassin king, one who was well versed in bladed weapons*, and he was very sensitive towards such weapons.

*TL Note –It actually says 冷兵器 here, where there isn’t any direct translation. Pretty much means non-gunpowder weapons. I used bladed weapons here to fit the context.

This blade, it was dangerous, and very strong!

As he reached out his hand slowly and grabbed it in his hands, he saw its name!

Blade of Abjuration: ? ? ?



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