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Shadow Rogue - Chapter 55b


Chapter 55b Final Stand

TLN –There were 2 different Chapter 55s, so I took the liberty of just calling it 55b

“Ting, you’ve received Angel’s Heart’s Blessing. All stats increase by 50%. The effects of the divine Light’s Blessing last for 1 minute!

divine Light’s Blessing: Restore HP and MP by 10% every second. Effects last for 1 minute!

“Ting, Spider Queen Elise has been affected by Angel’s Heart. Resistance decreases by 20%. Effects last for 1 minute!”

“We’ll leave the rest to you! Warrior from the outside world, you cannot be defeated!” Ronnie’s sincere voice said.

“Thank you, Brave Warrior Sly Hand. I hope that you can forge a brand new tomorrow with your hands. We’ll be fighting together with you.” Kris’s warm voice said.

“Brave and fearless warrior, use your hands to end that ugly monster’s life. This is my power, accept it!” Halief said in a tone filled with righteousness..

An orange glow loudly rushed into Rui’s body, and a special energy immediately began to rise from within him.

Rui was filled with joy because of that orange light. In《Kismet》, equipment was split into ordinary (colourless) and tiered (coloured) equipment, the two large categories. For the coloured equipment, from low to high, it was divided into Green, Blue, Silver, Gold, Dark Gold, Orange, Red and Purple. Of course, the corresponding equipment was sorted as Green Equipment, Blue Equipment, Silver Equipment, Gold Equipment, Dark Gold Equipment, Epic Equipment, Legendary Equipment, and Mythical Equipment respectively. This was the same for skill books, except that for skill books, only those of Gold Level and above would have a surrounding coloured glow. Naturally, Gold Level Skill books were Gold, Dark Gold Level Skill Books were Dark Gold, Epic Level Skill Books were Orange, Legendary Skill Books were Red, and Mythical Level Skill Books were Purple. Earlier, when the burst of orange energy had entered his body, no matter what it actually was, it was likely of Epic tier quality. After all, the higher tiers no matter whether it was skill or equipment, were all of absolute top strength, especially the three tiers of Epic, Legendary and Mythical. It was rumoured that all of the equipment and skills of these tiers had their own backstory and legend behind them.

“Ting, congratulations for learning the Epic tier skill: Final Stand! Fame increases by 500!”

Final Stand: Active Skill. Level 0, 0/1000000

100 MP Cost

[Description] Add the total of your Vitality, Agility and Intelligence to your strength. Add the total of your Physical Defence, Magic Defence, HP and MP to the Physical and Magical Attack respectively, and double your damage. During this period, all other stats besides Strength and Attack will be reduced to 1. HP, MP, HP Recovery, MP Recovery are all forcibly restricted to 1. Speed is unchanged. When this Skill ends, all stats will be reduced by 10%.

Duration –1 Hour

Cooldown –10 Hours!

Such an overpowered skill, an unbelievably overpowered skill! As long as he made proper use of this skill, Rui could deal an instant-kill blow to finish off any enemy without question. The combination of the four basic stats to boost damage, in addition to weapon damage and then doubling that new amount, was beyond terrifying. If you added critical chance, as well as the addition from hitting weak points, it would be even more frightening. However, having all other stats besides speed be reduced to 1 meant that this would be a suicidal attack. If you did not finish off your enemy with this blow, it would mean that their next attack would definitely finish you off. With all stats at such a low, even a little rabbit would be able to kick you to death. If this skill were in the hands of a warrior or knight, it would really be a somewhat useless, suicidal attack. However, in the hands of Rui, a Rogue with high speed,and excellent reflexes, it was tantamount to a godly skill.


Just as Rui was still immersed in looking at the skill description of Final Stand, there was a sudden violent swaying and his body flew up into the air. Although he was soon smashed violently into the ground. Rui noticed that his HP had not dropped. He looked coldly at the raging Spider Queen Elise, the corners of his mouth edged upwards in a vicious smirk.

The current Elise only had 2157/120000 HP remaining, and under the Angel Heart’s boost, Rui’s stats had increased by a terrifying 50%, while her resistances had all dropped by 20%. Aside from her HP remaining untouched, everything else had changed. For the current Rui, depending on his speed alone and the massive regeneration he got from divine Light’s Blessing, he could totally face the severely injured Elise head-on. However, he did not want to do so. Kris, Ronnie and Halief had left all their hopes with him, and Halief had even given him the “Final Stand” Epic Tier Skill. What he needed to do was to use his maximum strength to kill off Elise, to let them see how courageous humans could be, and to understand how the feelings of humans made them stronger.

“Ting, Spider Queen Elise has entered a state of fury. She has evolved and all her stats increase by 30%!”

Despite the system notification, Rui didn’t show any signs of panic. Instead, he sneered at the Spider Queen;looking at her evolving into a sturdier form, his cold smile showed no signs of weakening.

“Bang Bang Bang…”

Dust rose and rocks swirled through the air. The evolved Spider Queen Elise was like an unstoppable tank, rumbling as she steamrolled towards Rui.

With the pressure from the Spider Queen’s large body and her imposing aura, Rui’s tiny body seemed like a small boat stuck within the raging waves of a stormy sea, about to meet its destruction.

Rui’s expression remained unchanged. His gaze was so very concentrated, so very intense.

“Final… Stand…”

An incomparable feeling of strength welled up from within him, and instantly Rui felt as if he had been injected with massive amounts of steroids, feeling a burst of exhilaration surge up. In that very instance, his Vitality, Agility and Intelligence were all exchanged for Strength, his HP and Physical Defence into Physical Attack, and his MP and Magic Defence into Magic Attack. With the increased 50% in stats from the Angel’s Heart’s Blessing, as well as the additional effects from this Final Stand Skill, Rui’s attack power was truly godlike now!

For Rui now, just his physical attack alone was at an insane high –1721-1744 (Dim Blue Dagger’s attack being 35-58). This could rival even the gods!

Final Stand would also double the damage done. If he added on…

“Last… Stand…”

Rui whipped out his old Wolf Fang Dagger, and ruthlessly threw it with the Last Stand Skill at Elise, who was charging at him.

The Wolf Fang Dagger warped into a bolt of light that seemed to cut the skies, savagely stabbing into Elise’s human-like face.

1694-1701 (Wolf Fang Dagger’s damage was 8-15) Attack strength, Final Stand’s doubled damage, Last Stand’s double damage, and he even had a critical strike!

As such, the damage number that appeared over Elise’s head was 9992! The damage was actually 10200, something that Elise’s currently pitiful 208 defence could not possibly withstand. Such a damage of nearly 10,000 was sufficient to take off half her life even if she were at full strength, let alone her current state at only 2000 HP.


The high-speed tank that she had been earlier, now just heavily crashed onto the ground;it was an instant kill.

Looking at the completely lifeless Spider Queen Elise in front of him, Rui finally sighed in relief. Such a powerful enemy had finally died by his hands!



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