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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 95


Chapter 95 - Wrath of the Desert (4)

On one hand, she felt resentment towards him.

’’Why didn't you rage like this before?’’

The Immortal she remembered was the monarch of Alandal.

He took the land abandoned by the dead, and he had declared the region his. He declared it to be Alandal. He never coveted the other lands, and he never invaded other territories. However, if his territory was breached, he would use all the power under his disposal to fight against the invaders.

The only thing under his protection was Alandal.

When Kingdoms were being torn apart,they had made an alliance to barely preserve their lives, yet the Immortal only protected Alandal. If only the Immortal had tried to protect Alphen instead of Alandal... If that had happened...

Would Alphen be safe now?

’’Oh goddess. Please block his anger...’’

Azell couldn't become enemies with his fellow people of earth. If he became disillusioned, he might seclude himself once again to become a spectator. In a flash, Earth would be put in the same spot as Alphen.

The people of Earth was busy trying to save their own planet, so would they even think about saving Alphen?

’’Please let his anger lead to the downfall of Trahnet....’’

She understood everything now.

Woojin wasn't a savior. No, he couldn't become one.

He was the god of Destruction Thrash's Champion.

It was better to make an alliance with the detestable Imp race rather than ask help from the Immortal.

She just have to hope his anger would be turned toward Trahnet.

She wanted him to kill and destroy their enemies. She wanted him to become the supreme being.

’’Please let there be order after the destruction....’’

Praise and yearning wasn't the only way to worship one's god. One could also fear one's god.

’’May the Immortal be reborn as the true god of destruction...’’

Melody wished with a sincere heart.

She didn't know if her earnest request was being heard. She couldn't tell if her goddess'statue was smiling or crying.


The command room of the rebels.


The rebel's leader Karim grinded his teeth.

’’What the hell are those crazy Skeletons!’’

All their main rebel bases had fallen. The troops occupying the city was also gone. It was a place where civilians were mixed in with the rebels, so it was impossible for the US army to bombard the city.

Even the US infantry wouldn't dare to come in so deep into the city. The civilians were basically the Insurgent's main shield.

However, a crazy Skeleton Army had suddenly shown up out of nowhere, and they had swept across the city.

Guns were useless against them. The ugly Skeletons looked as if they had just popped out of the Dungeons. Moreover, they showed the ability to be able to only pick out the insurgents.

Still, it wasn't as if the Skeletons left all of the civilians alone.

It didn't matter if one was a civilian or a soldier. The Skeletons killed anyone, who resisted.

The more maddening thing was the crazy horde was heading towards him.

When he felt threatened, he always moved to a different hiding spot. However, these bastards always corrected their course to head towards his location.

'My location is being leaked.'

He had no idea what method they were using, but those bastards kept heading towards him.

Some crazy war correspondent was following the Skeleton Army, so he was sure of this fact. Their target was himself.

If he couldn't run away, then he had no choice but to fight.

It would be better to fight them early on as possible.

He had to gather all his forces before they were defeated one by one.

Moreover, those bastards used the dead corpses to revive the Skeletons. The number of Skeletons didn't decrease with time. Instead, they were growing more numerous.

’’We've finished assembling here.’’

’’Let's head out.’’

He had always given order from the darkness, but now he would come face to face with his rebel army. He had no idea how they were tracking his location, but he would eventually die if he did nothing. He couldn't just stay within his hidden bunker.

It wasn't as if their secret stash of weapons were small.

He'll show them.

Agent of god Karim stepped out of the bunker, and his shadow smiled without him noticing.


The reporters took their place on top of a distant mountain.

In the beginning, it was only Tom and the other three war correspondents. Now there were 30 total reporters following Woojin. Their equipments were quickly sent here, and it was even possible to do a live broadcast over the internet.

There were a total of 5 vehicles here to broadcast this event.

They were quite far away since they might be swept up by the enemy's assault weapons. However, the view was unobstructed here, so they could capture everything on the battlefield using the high-performance cameras.

[The final battle is ahead of us. ]

The war correspondent Tom was broadcasting to a record-breaking number of viewers. In only a day, his voice resonated across the people of the world.

[This is a severe warning to the terrorists. That is his only purpose.]

The telescopic lense of the camera caught the sight of a bold Woojin leading an Undead army. He was on a Phantom Steed, and he was surrounded by Death Knights. He rode his horse slowly. He looked like a general looking ahead to the battle. He looked like a knight, who was about to take the field.

[Necromancer Kahng-woojin. This is the message he is sending to the world.]

The camera turned towards where the rebels were gathered. There were tanks lined up, and there were even vehicles renovated to carry missiles. One could see some magic being used, so it seemed Roused were mixed in with the Rebels. They weren't wearing matching uniforms, and they didn't possess any shiny equipments. Still, there were over 10 thousand insurgents, and their firepower was nothing to scoff at.

[He raised an army to end the terrorists.]

The camera reflected Tom's face.

[The US and the UN security council are discussing sending troops and aid to the region, but nothing concrete has been decided. However, at this time, Kahng-woojin is getting ready for the final battle.]

After speaking those words of deep import, Tom's face became serious.

[I'm sure there are those who will be wary and guarded against a Necromancer, who controls this incredible army.]

Tom's face was beyond serious. He had on a resolutely determined expression.

[I've been a war correspondent for the past 15 years. This is the first time I've seen hope in midst of all the despair here.]

The camera panned towards the Undead Army.

There were already over 10 thousand Skeleton Soldiers in the surrounding. There were even several hundred Skeleton Magician in black robes present.

The camera took a close-up shot, and it took in the sight of Kahng-woojin.

[I truly wish he would transcend from being the king of the dead to a deity.]

Both sides were getting busy, and it seemed the battle was about to start.

[If he is able to win this war, I'm going make him a deity.]

After letting out his fiery words, Tom let his tears flow.


Woojin was atop Shing Shing, and he let the horse run on a leisurely pace. Death Knights were surrounding him. Kiba's ride was about half a size larger than the other Phantom Steeds. It wasn't a horse, but a wolf.

[I never thought I would be able to ride with the King once again!]

Even amongst the war-like orcs, Kiba was a great warrior, who had stepped onto numerous battlefields. He was very excited for the battle that was forthcoming. They would stand in the front-line with the Immortal.

’’Ah. You can look forward to it.’’

Woojin let out a small smile.

After obtaining the Warrior Class, Woojin no longer had to support his summoned beings from the back. His main power would still be made out of the Undead Army, but Kahng-woojin wasn't weak at all now.

[Wah-ha-ha. Our monarch has become a true king.]

Ramson welcomed Wooin's Dual Class the most, and the other Death Knights were also very excited.

They had been sweeping across the rebel's bases, so their average levels were around 20.

Each of the Death Knights could command about 200 Skeleton Soldiers. He had assigned close to 10,000 Skeleton Soldiers to them.

Woojin only needed 1 Control for each Death Knights, so he needed only that 1 Control to maintain the summons assigned under the Death Knights.

Woojin used some of his Control on Ggaebi, Dolsae, Shing Shing and Bibi. The rest was used to maintain summons over the Skeleton Magicians.

There were a total of 1200 of them.

If he had his Thrash's Set Items, then he would have been able to summon several times more Skeleton Magicians. Still, his fighting power wasn't too bad right now.

’’It's too bad Jaenis isn't here.’’

If Lich Jaenis was here, it would have been much easier to fight a large scale battle. It left much to be desired, but he wasn't impatient. If he returned to Korea, he could quickly become level 80, while rolling with Sunggoo and Haesol.

’’I guess they are coming out now.’’

Woojin felt Ggaebi's energy become thicker, so he knew the rebel leader had come out of the underground bunker.

’’Let's start heading towards them.’’

Woojin took out his Warrior's Weapon, and he changed it into the shape of a hammer.

Shing Shing started blowing from the mouth, and he ran forward. His underlings, the Skeleton Soldiers, slowly gained ground.

[I can't contain my excitement since I'm riding next to the King!]

[It's a Festival! It's a Festival of Blood!]

Woojin grinned at the Death Knights. They were getting pumped up as they talked amongst themselves. Over 10 thousand underlings made up his Undead Army. It almost made him think he was back on Alphen.

His familiars had missed the man from earth, and at the same time, they couldn't forget about the Alphen's Immortal. There weren't any indecisiveness, and ambivalennce in their heart heart.

To Woojin this was like his distant memories, and it was karma. He had lived a hellish life, and it wasn't something he could rewind. The hell hadn't ended yet.

Moreover, he was going to open the road to hell with his own hands, and he didn't know where the road will end.

’’Sweep them all away!’’

Shing Shing ran at a full gallop.

[Follow the King!]

Kiba's Phantom Wolf followed behind Woojin. Rakto and Ramson also followed behind them. The Death Knights increased their speed as they jockeyed for position to be in the front.


The useless barrage of bullets rained down on them, and the slightly more dangerous missiles were also pouring down on them.


Each of the Death Knights possessed useful innate Skills, so they wouldn't die just from a small missile. However, each explosion managed to kill several Skeleton Knights.


The tanks that was lined up in front of them adjusted their cannons to slightly alter their aim, and their cannons started to fire.


The Phantom Steeds moved in a mysterious and marvelous way, and their movements defied the laws of physics. They started dodging the bombardment. Once they got close to the tanks, the tanks wouldn't be much of a problem.

The 5 helicopters in the air was more of a worry.

Too-too-too-too-too. Pew. Pshhhhhhh.

The helicopters were equipped with a lot of missiles, and they fired into the rear of the charging Skeleton Soldiers. Woojin, who was on Shing Shing, activated Soul Gallop.


Ghosts started to form in the air, and Shing Shing stepped on them to rise into the air. When they almost got close to a helicopter, Woojin summoned his Bone Spear and he threw it.


The front mirror broke, and the Bone Spear pierced the pilot's heart. When the helicopter lost control of itself, it started to spin in place. Woojin summoned Dolsae, and Dolsae headed towards the helicopter to absorb it.


The steel was crumpled by a strong pressure, and the people inside were expelled as if a bloody pus was being squeezed empty. The propeller was still spinning fiercely, and it titled to head towards another helicopter.


It collided with another helicopter, and the body of the helicopter crumpled like the other helicopter. The it was absorbed by Dolsae, and he started to form his body.


Dolsae let out a roar, and magical energy drained out of Woojin's body at once. An attractive force was centered around Dolsae, and it pulled in the rest of the helicopters to make them part of the golem.


Steel golem Dolsae was equipped with the propellers of the helicopters. He looked like a swordsman with several dozen swords equipped on his body.


After landing on ground, Dolsae started crazily running forward. The missiles hanging around his waist were all fired towards the enemies..


The unexpected heavy weapons attack drove the enemy line into confusion.

It was folly to think of of the Phantom Steeds as mere cavalry mounts, because they resembled a horse. They ran faster than a sports car, and they could trample a tank.

While the troops clashed violently in the front, the Skeleton Magicians got closer, and they started pouring out their magic.


Several hundred Fireball attacks made the rebel's assembly place into a sea of flame. The Death Knights swept through the chaotic battlefield, and they created hell on earth.


The rebel, who had been shooting his rifle, started to shake.

’’T...this must be a nightmare.’’

’’How can there be such a cute nightmare like me-ahong?’’


The rebel became frightened when the cat suddenly started talking. When he met eyes with the cat, he fainted.

’’Have a cute nightmare-ahong.’’

The fear he felt right now would repeat inside his dream.

Will it take about 100 years? The moment he realizes what had happened, he will be dead....


Bibi moved to find her next food.


’’This makes no sense.’’

The head of the rebel, Karim, felt his body stop shaking. The reality was too wretched for him to feel fear from what was happening in front of his eyes.

They had destroyed around 2000 Skeletons.

However, they hadn't been able to destroy any of the bastards riding the horses. The same number of Skeletons destroyed were born once again from the corpses of his allies.

There was no point in killing the Skeletons. Even the mere act of rebels dying caused damage.

The battlefield was steadily becoming organized.

There was only faint sounds of guns firing, and the scream of the people was gruesome. Accompanying the bizarre Undead's laughter, the Skeletons made sure everyone was dead.

Kahng-woojin slowly approached Karim.

'It's that man.'

He was the owner of the Undead army. He was the unprecedented and powerful Necromancer.

He had ran away numerous times to hide himself, but this man kept tracking him down.

’’God will be furious!’’

Karim's shout was close to desperate shout.

’’Why would god get mad when I'm sweeping away the trash?’’

’’...god with punish you all....’’


The hammer in Woojin's hand crushed Karim's head.

The rebel leader wasn't worth capturing as hostage. This man changed his belief to fit his taste. Woojin didn't feel the need to have a long conversation with him.

He killed bastards, who deserved death. It was as simple as that.

The blood on the hammer dripped to the floor.

’’Come out.’’


Ggaebi came out of the dead Karim's shadow, and he was reabsorbed into Woojin. He listened to Ggaebi's report. Then the experience Ggaebi gathered as he followed Karim was absorbed into Woojin.

There were terrorists in other places other than Afghanistan.

’’The world has a lot of trash.’’

The world was like a garbage dump.

Woojin let out a bitter laugh, and he tidied up the battlefield.


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