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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 92


Chapter 92 - Wrath of the Desert

Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan.

Commanding general David Gates got off the phone with the Minister of National Defense, and he gathered his officers.

There was only one topic to discuss within this meeting.

’’Currently, a Korean citizen Roused is on the Titan guild's private plane, and he has information on the missile terrorist attack carried out on the US soil.’’

’’It must be that Korean, who stopped the terrorist attack.’’

’’That's right. He wants to track down and take revenge on the people responsible for the attack, and he is requesting help from our military.’’

The chief of staff immediately asked his question after hearing general David's words.

’’I know he is a Roused, but warfare is dangerous. If we don't work well together, the joint operation with the civilians will put us in more danger.’’

He was basically saying a stupid ally was more dangerous than the enemies. It would be more dangerous if this Roused put too much trust in his puny abilities.

There was no guarantee a Roused won't die from a bullet. The battlefield was a place where a bullet might kill you from far away.

’’Mmm. This was sent by the Titan guild.’’

At the commander's word, the aide played the video.

’’Oh, Shit.’’


After Woojin and the people from the Titan guild got off the private plane, they were immediately directed towards the commander's room. General David gave a brief greeting, and at Woojin's request, they immediately started planning for the operation.

’’How did you get this information?’’

This was the information they were most curious about. US Intelligence Agencies were still trying very hard to find information on the people behind the missile terrorist attack yet how did Woojin know all about this?

’’Ah well.’’

Woojin called forth Al Assad, who had become a Death Knight. His Loyalty and Trust was still weak, so he still needed to use a considerable amount of Control. However, he had been able to lower it to 80. Woojin asked Al Assad a question.

’’Hey. Tell them all about it.’’

[I received a request from a broker I frequently had business with. It was to assassinate a Korean Roused...]

Woojin's familiar was an assassin, who had tried to kill him. Everyone inside the planning room looked at him strangely, but Woojin paid no attention to it.

’’Who was it?’’

[It was an Iranian businessman. I don't know his name, but if I see his picture...]

At Al Assad's request, the general brought up a list. It had photos of businessmen, who hailed from Iran. Al Assad pointed to one of them.

’’Hmm. This person is Nasser Saatchi. This man sells weapons to both the government and the rebels. He is on our watchlist.’’

[He serves as a go-between for various ventures that has the potential to be profitable.]

Woojin looked at the picture.

It was a picture of a Middle Eastern businessman named Nasser Saatchi. If he shook this guy down, then he'll be able to find out who ordered his assassination.

’’Where can I find him?’’

’’Whoa. Don't be in such a rush.’’

Woojin acted as if he was about to head out immediately to look for this man, but David dissuaded him.

’’Our target is identified now. We'll tell you after we establish the personnel for this operation.’’

Now that the information was out in the open they wanted Woojin to wait a little bit. This person was on the US army's watchlist, but on the surface, he was a legit businessman.

Still, this person of interest instigated a terror attack on the US soil.

They had enough probable cause to be able to capture him using the might of the army.

Still, if they wanted to catch him before he realized something was wrong, they needed a proper plan.

’’I have a way to monitor the bastard without him noticing anything. You just have to guide me to a location where I can see him with my eyes.’’

They didn't have to set up a meeting to draw this man out. Woojin just had to walk by this man within his field vision, and he'll be able to attach Ggaebi to him. After several days, Woojin would find out the pattern of his movements. He'll be able to get the location where he conducts his business, and he'll be able find where he stores the information regarding all his past deals.

’’Won't we be able to learn more information doing it my way? What do you think?’’


Woojin's suggestion was intriguing.

If they arrested Nasser at the word of this strange Skeleton Knight, the US might receive international criticism if there were no evidence connecting the man to the terrorist attack.

Woojin would be able to provide them with more detailed information.

Woojin had no other ulterior motives.

If he couldn't learn the information about who had ordered his assassination from Nasser, then he would run into a wall in his pursuit. This was why he was paying closer attention to this operation.

'I don't know who order it, but that person should watch out.'

For a brief moment, David thought about Woojin's suggestion then he answered.

’’All right. Let's implement the plan together.’’

The mission was named [Putting a Bell around a Cat's Neck]. Woojin was inserted into a portion of the mission called [Lick the Shadow].


Peshwar, Pakistan.


A disguised Woojin was riding in the backseat of a taxi, and he was sitting next to an American intelligence office named Rachel Park. Her Korean name was lieutenant Park-oohnji. They looked like a typical Asian couple on a vacation, and they were headed towards a hotel.

’’Why are you so nervous?’’

’’Hoo-ooh. This is the first time I've been on such a mission.’’

Rachel held a post that placed her far away from the battlefield. However, she had been inserted into this operation, since she was a Korean-American. Her appearance didn't clash with Woojin, so they could act naturally as a couple. It was a good disguise to travel around in.

In case of an unexpected situation, a support team was following behind the taxi in disguise.

’’Just think of it as a vacation. Look how great... I guess it isn't that great over here.’’

Woojin had pointed out the window, and he could see ruined buildings. There were soldiers securing the surrounding with children nearby. Woojin's words trailed off when he saw the people in the streets.

’’There was a suicide bombing here not too long ago.’’

She was an intelligence officer, so she was very well versed in the terrorist activities in Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

’’Does this happen a lot over here?’’

’’It happens quite frequently. Even a single terrorist attack in our country would cause an uproar, but it is just part of the daily life here.’’


He couldn't help, but smirk at the view of the streets. He felt the energy of the battlefield. It felt strange. He might be able to delude himself into thinking he was back on Alphen.

'Of course, he is composed.'

Rachel swallowed her saliva as she saw Woojin, who was smiling. She had gone over every intel they had on Kahng-woojin. Woojin's Rank was too high to call him a run of the mill Roused, and his decisive actions were quite unusual.

Her mission was to guide Woojin towards the restaurant in a hotel where Nasser Saatchi was scheduled to visit. She also had another important mission of keeping Woojin, who was known to be hot headed and impulsive, in check.

’’We'll be arriving soon. Please refrain from doing anything eye-catching or provoking.’’

’’Don't worry about it.’’

Woojin and Rachel entered the hotel, and they checked into their appointed room. Rachel opened her suitcase, and she started setting up the communication equipments. Then she put a small earpiece into her ear.

She contacted the operations vehicle with the support team in it. After she finished checking her communications, she carefully waited for her target to show up.

After a moment.

[Chi-jeek. The target is approaching the restaurant.]

’’He's here.’’

’’Let's go.’’

Woojin and Rachel headed down to the restaurant. After leisurely ordering their meal, Rachel whispered towards Woojin.

’’He is sitting in the 3rd table near the back window. He is wearing a sky blue shirt.’’

Woojin peeked a glance, and he saw a face that matched the photo.

'Stick to him, Ggaebi.'


Ggaebi, who was attached to his shadow, moved to Nasser Saatchi's shadow. After a moment, the food they ordered arrived. Woojin used his fork to put food in his mouth, and he started chewing. It was a chicken and shrimp dish. The spices were a little bit on the strong side, but the taste was to his liking.

’’This is quite good.’’

Rachel asked in a bit of an impatient manner as she looked at Woojin.

’’While we have the time, please activate the surveillance mechanism.’’

’’I already did.’’

When? She hadn't noticed anything at all.

’’Let's head out after eating this.’’


Rachel hadn't noticed anything even though she was right in front of him. She decided Nasser, who was leisurely having a meal, wouldn't have noticed anything.

They didn't look at the target again. Woojin enjoyed the meal as if he was really on vacation. It allowed Rachel to shed her nervousness she felt for her first field mission.

When she realized his constant leisurely manner wasn't a false front, Rachel felt a strange emotion inside.

’’Bring the equipments. I'll wait below.’’

’’Why don't we go up together?’’

’’It isn't necessary for both of us to go up.’’

’’There are some things only two people can do together.’’

Woojin smirked at Rachel's provocation.

’’Even if you'll have to lay down your life?’’

She decided Woojin was turning down her offer, so Rachel shrugged her shoulders. This was the most cut-throat rejection she had ever received.

’’Too bad.’’

’’Go do what you have to do, and come back.’’

’’Yes. Please wait here for a moment.’’

While Rachel went up to the room, Woojin walked into the lobby.

The hotel was well maintained, and the street in front of the hotel was clean. The people weren't in extreme fear about the war or the terrorist attacks.

’’It much better over here compared to Alphen.’’

That place was hell, where he had to worry daily about staying alive.

Woojin stood there doing nothing, when dirty orphans gathered around him.

They started babbling words at him, but Woojin didn't feel the need to drink the Language Drug to understand what they were yelling. He could tell by their body language that they were fiercely begging for money.

'Kids always gets the shortest end of the stick no matter the location.'

It was very hard for children to survive after losing their guardians. Woojin took out his wallet, and he gave each of them money as he looked into their clear eyes.

The children spoke in words he couldn't understand. They gave their thanks as they moved away from him. Woojin spotted a little girl in the alleyway, and she came running up to him.


There wasn't a single speck of dirt on her soul. She had a clear soul.

Maybe, it was because she was a child. Her soul was more clear and innocent than Do-jiwon. Even in a war-torn battle field, clear souls were still blooming.

Woojin was suddenly in better spirits, so he smiled.

The little girl was short as her height only reached his waist. The smile she gave Woojin was very pretty.


The child bowed her head, and she respectfully put both her hands out. Woojin laughed as he opened his wallet. Then an out-of-place noise tickled his ears.


As Woojin was about to frown, the bomb hidden within the child's clothes exploded.


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