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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 91


Chapter 91 - Heading Towards the End (4)

'What did I just do?'

Lee-sahngho became surprised after he entered the Dungeon.

He belatedly realized what he had done. He felt a rush of regret, but it was too late to turn back now. After the barrier formed, he wouldn't be able to just walk back out.

The only way was to clear the Dungeon, and find the Return Stone.

[No. If you accept my offer, you can get out of here easily.]

’’W...who are you?’’


The laughter rang inside his head, and it gave Lee-sahngho the shivers.

[If you want power, then come to me.]


In front of Lee-sahngho's eyes, a red portal was formed.

'It formed even though I hadn't killed all the basic monsters?'

The portal that gave access to the true high rank Dungeon appeared only when all the monsters inside the subway station was killed. However, as soon as he entered the Dungeon, the portal had formed.

To be precise, the mysterious voice had created it.

Unless Lee-sahngho was an idiot it was hard not to notice what had happened.

'This being is capable of controlling the Dungeon.'

He had no idea, who this was.

He wasn't sure if this being was a god, devil or an alien from outer space. However, he knew this being could control the Dungeon, and he had no idea why he was called here.

The only thing he was sure about was the fact that he had no choice, but to pass through the portal.

He erased any thoughts about clearing the Dungeon. There was a 'Being'enticing him with the promise of 'Power'. All he had to look forward to was making a deal.


As he passed through the portal, he heard a buzz, and he felt his body become weightless. It felt as if he was being transported to a different Dimension.

He was a Rank B Roused, so he had experienced clearing high rank Dungeons several times. He wasn't wholly unfamiliar with this sensation.

However, the scene that unfolded in front of his eyes was unfamiliar and strange.


He saw a large castle of ice being buffeted by cold winds.

The land was too desolate to call it a field, and it was filled with white snow. The road headed towards a hill where a large ice castle existed on top of it.

Lee-sahngho automatically shrunk backwards as he saw the domineering view.

Cold wasn't the only reason why his body was shaking.

When he was about to swallow his saliva, some unknown thing exited the castle, and it started running towards Lee-sahngho.

Koong, koong, koong!

The large beast's footfall made the ground shake, and Lee-sahngho's heart raced faster. Lee-sahngho's speciality was psychokinesis. He was too weak to be called a physical type Roused.


He knew an existence he couldn't handle was approaching him, so Lee-sahngho automatically let out a moan.


The large being had a curved back, and it was covered in thick white fur. It was an ice troll. It was three times the size of a person, and the ice troll stopped right in front of Lee-sahngho.

’’Koong koong. Koong.’’


Its nose flared to take in his scent. There was a horrible stench coming from its mouth, but Lee-sahngho didn't move a finger. The corrupt being probably didn't call him here, so he could be eaten by an ice troll.


When it turned around, Lee-sahngho saw what was being dragged by the ice troll. It looked like a mix between a carriage and a sled. It turned its back to Lee-sahngho after showing him the ride.

After receiving the clear message, Lee-sahngho took a deep breath then he got on the sled.


Steam started to come out of its nose as it ran towards the castle with the sled in tow. The castle was so large that it gave the illusion they were already close to it. However, it took awhile for them to arrive even though the sled was moving at an incredible speed.

When he stood in front of the castle's door, it looked to be about 10 meters tall. He could guess the size of the owner, who would use this door regularly.

When the castle door opened, he followed the ice troll without being given any time to rest.

When he looked around his surrounding, he could see a good number of ice trolls, and he saw couple large monster that looked like a woolly mammoth.

After Lee-sangho walked for a fathomless amount of time, he arrived at the heart of the castle.

It look to be the residence of the king. The place was sparkling, since it was carved out of ice. It was an excessively fancy castle.

In the center of the large hall, there was a stairway leading up high. At the zenith, the being, who had call him, was sitting on a throne.

’’You really came.’’

The being was made entirely out of ice.

He looked like an ice golem, but his size and shape was similar to that of a human. Even if he was of similar height, his presence made it clear that he wasn't a human.

Lee-sahngho got on his knee out of his own volition, and he lowered his head.

When the being saw this, he stood up from his ice throne.

’’You are quite quick on the uptake.’’

As if he liked what he saw, the being descended the steps one at a time, then he stood in front of Lee-sahngho.

’’Raise your head.’’


Lee-sahngho couldn't control his body from shaking, and he raised his head. He felt it all over his body. The ice sculpture-like being in front of him could kill Lee-sahngho with the tip of his finger...

Kahng-woojin, who had beaten him to a pulp in front of the camera, couldn't even be compared to this being.

’’I welcome you to my Dimensional Domain.’’


’’Koo-kook. You don't have to tremble. I wanted to give you an offer, so I sent a messenger to you.’’

A white specter appeared and disappeared next to the being made out of ice.

’’I'll give you the power you want..’’

Give him power... He liked those words. It was the word he had wished for, but he knew there were no free meals in this world. His desire for power was used as bait to bring him here.

’’What do you want?’’


The being laughed.

’’This is why I like humans.’’

Humans were an existence that most understood the fact that if one coveted something above their station then there was a cost involved. This was why they were a very good prey and a good source of energy.

’’I want to occupy Earth, but earth can't accept me yet. It is too early.’’


Lee-sahngho listened in silence. He had no idea what this being was talking about.

Still, it felt as if he had become privy to an incredible secret no one knew about on earth.

’’I won't lose good hunting grounds to those beneath me.’’

The being turned his back towards Lee-sahngho, then he turned to look at the throne he had been sitting in.

There were 25 stairs.

He held the glorious title of being Trahnet's 25th great lord.


’’I'm not like that stupid Rashmode. I avoid using an unstable link.’’

Trahnet's 72 commanders. They were the 72 great lords who held their own thrones.

Each throne were numbered by Steps from 1 to 72, and above them was the absolute monarch... Everyone needed a hunting ground.

Earth was being synchronized, so the energy level would increase. The increased amount of energy will allow a link to form for the 1st Step. As the power on Earth increases, the higher Steps could prey on earth.

Iello didn't like this at all.

He won't be able to link with Earth as fast as the great lords of the lower Steps. Still, he didn't want to be late in linking with Earth, so he needed to bring changes to Earth.

’’You just have to cause trouble to your heart's content.’’

Iello turned back once again, and he raised his hand towards the kneeling Lee-sahngho's head. As if he was learning an ability using a Skill Book, new knowledge was absorbed into Lee-sahngho's head.

'T...this is...'

Dungeon Break.

Ielo needed exactly 30 days before he could use the Return Stone, but he could hasten it by using the human from earth. Lee-sahngho, would be his vector.

He will open a path where the monsters will be able to pass through to earth.

’’Ah. I'll have to give you some power. It seems you have a massive grudge against that troublesome Immortal.’’

Iello broke off a fragment of ice from his shoulder, and he gave it to Lee-sahngho. Lee-sahngho received it with reverence, and the fragment that looked like an ice flower was absorbed into Lee-sahngho's body in an instant.

' can this be!'

He felt it. The overflowing energy was rising inside him like a dragon. He developed new abilities, and his knowledge expanded.

'God... These beings are gods.'

If Asgard was real then would it be like this? Should he call this the world of the gods?

The gods were trying to descend to earth.

The stupid people of earth was unnecessarily resisting against the gods.

These beings will eventually descend.

Lee-sahngho could feel it. No matter how they struggled humans wouldn't be able to stop them.

He'll become the god's envoy.

He'll get his revenge, and he'll bring destruction.

<You've become the vassal of 25th great lord, Ielo.>

Ielo smiled.

He probably wasn't the only great lord, who had sent out a messenger.

The synchronization of earth will be accelerated, and he'll materialize on earth before those below him gained more power. He would defend his throne, and he will also challenge the higher thrones.

’’Do as you please, my servant.’’

A blue light rolled across Lee-sahngho's eyes.


He had already ridden the Titan guild's private plane, so he greeted the familiar pilot and flight crews. However, Woojin frowned when he saw a familiar woman inside.

’’Why are you here?’’


Before the Holy Maiden could reply, a black smoke formed next to Woojin. Kiba materialized.

[Evil bitch!]

Kiba let out a yell, and his voice rang inside the plane. Kiba was about to charge immediately with his axe to cleave her into two, but Woojin restrained him.

’’Don't come out before I call for you.’’


Kiba's rough breath pressed against the Holy Maiden. The Holy Maiden's face became haggard, but she didn't back down. Woojin's consciousness was connected to the Summon Room, and he sighed when he felt his Death Knights protest.

’’Go back in.’’

Immortal's command demanded absolute obedience.

Kiba didn't hide his killing intent as he glared at Melody. He changed back into black smoke, and he was absorbed into Woojin.


Some unknown and frightening being had appeared, so the flight attendants shook as they pressed their bodies against the wall of the plane. The Holy Knights, who had accompanied the Holy Maiden, was frozen in nervousness.

The killing intent and pressure shown in an instant had made the Holy Knights, who were Rank A and Rank B, freeze in place.

’’You are also going to the Middle East?’’


’’My familiars don't like you. Why are you following after me?’’

’’...the goddess gave an oracle. She said for me to assist the Immortal...’’

’’Ah-oh. Why did that big sis say such a thing?’’

Woojin frowned.

What kind of Holy Maiden assists a f*king Necromancer?

’’I...I'm sorry.’’

Melody lowered her head.

This being had faced gods. Melody had no choice, but to be careful in front of the Immortal. She was just a servant, who could hear the goddess'voice.

’’Uh-whew. It's ok. Why should you be sorry?’’

The Holy Maiden had to do whatever the goddess said.

Goddess Aria was the foul one. The Holy Maiden Melody wasn't at fault.

’’Just don't get close to me.’’


’’Moreover, don't use any Holy Magic around me.’’


As if it wasn't enough, Woojin once again gave another warning.

’’I'm serious. Don't use it. If your Holy Powers mistakenly hit these guys, they will perish.’’

’’Yes. I'll be careful.’’

The Death Knights were still yelling their grievance inside the Summon Room, so Woojin frowned.

Woojin didn't mind the fact that she was here.

Bibi and Dolsae was also fine, since one was a devil and the other was a golem. However, his Undead Familiars hated the Holy Maiden.

’’Eh-whew. Whatever.’’

Woojin sat in his seat, then he put on his seatbelt.

The Holy Maiden sat far away from him, and she put on her seatbelt. Then she prayed to her goddess.

'Oh goddess. Please look over me if you feel sorry for me.'

She liked the fact that Alphen would be rescued. Everything was great.

However, she had to follow Woojin when she wasn't entirely welcomed. It made her future seem dark, and her heart was already fluttering from nervousness.

When she shrank away from Woojin, the Holy Knights also started to eye Woojin warily.

’’Ah. I should have uploaded some drama.’’

Woojin felt regret, but it was too late.

The plane left the tarmac, and it headed towards the Middle East.


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