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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 87


Chapter 87 - Guild Expansion (5)

Minchan was very busy.

As if Woojin felt a little bit sorry for Minchan, he promoted Haemin to director. Then Haemin was tasked to help Minchan with his work.

The internet, TV news and the newspapers were in an uproar.

The fact that the negotiation hadn't been finalized wasn't a big deal, but the deal was revealed to the public ahead of time at the guidance of the government. Only after couple hours, Alandal had denied agreeing to the deal, and it had caused a huge ripple.

[Kahng-woojin Already in Negotiations to Immigrate to the US?]

[Korean Government Rejected.]

[Korea Lost an AA Rank Roused.]

[Hwarang Guild Master. The 3 Great Guild is Enough to Defend Korea.]

[Japan and China keeping an eye on the situation. The need to find a new AA Roused.]

New articles kept pouring out within several minutes of each other, and it was almost impossible to sort through them all. Minchan didn't respond to any new articles published by the media. He only responded to his new contact from the government.

’’No. Our president is resolute in his intentions. There is nothing to reconsider.’’

They thought this was a negotiation tactic to draw out more favorable terms. However, Alandal's intention was firm. Woojin would never consummate a defense contract with the government. The only thing Minchan could do was to deliver their intention of refusal.

It would have been great if the government just took the hint. However, every time he refused their offer, they kept coming back with better offers.

’’Ha. This is crazy.’’

The benefits were so good that he wanted to accept the deal on the spot. However, what could he do when the president said no?

Minchan was really busy, but his dealings with the government wasn't the cause. The endless Alandal articles, and interview requests wasn't the cause either.

’’It's already up to 1200 people today.’’

’’Ha. It keeps coming in. I don't have any time to rest.’’

This was the number of resumes they received after sending out an official recruitment notice today. If Woojin had given them a guideline, then this would have been easy. However, anyone was able to apply even the Rank F Roused.

Realistically, those who had already distinguished themselves was already scouted by the other guilds even if they were of low rank. Most of the unattached Roused were mostly Rank F and Rank E.

The Rank C and above Roused, who weren't associated with a guild, didn't want to join a guild. So there weren't many applicants in the higher ranks.

Most of the applicants were Rank F.

Kim-haemin, who had been promoted to Director, couldn't hide his astonishment.

’’It'll be a pain to set up the schedule for the interviews.’’

’’We still have to do it. How many applied to the Support division?’’

’’It's worse. There are 3200 people.’’


Minchan was astonished.

Woojin had to make the final decision on the Roused, so Minchan only had to set the schedule, and clear a room for the interview. That would be the end of it. It wouldn't be so easy for the Support division. He had to be very careful in picking his applicants, so he had to thoroughly review the applicants starting from their resumes.

The real work would start now.

’’Hoo. It isn't as if we can abstain from picking them. ’’

Alandal had over 100 employees, but thinking about the number of Roused they will be adding soon, he would still be short on employees even if he had added 10 times the number of employee. A single normal Roused needed at least 10 Support members.

Haemin laughed even though he was buried under a pile of documents.

’’Ha ha. Still, aren't you overflowing with energy? Vice president Jung.’’

’’That is true, director Kim.’’

’’Ha ha ha.’’

They had left the Hammer guild only a month ago yet they were rapidly promoted to the position of vice president, and director.

Recently, his old comrades from the Hammer guild called him quite often. They said they would change jobs if Minchan gave them a spot....

There was a massive size difference compared to the Hammer guild, but Alandal was much more prestigious.

’’If we consider the president's cultivation ability, we will probably surpass everyone in terms of quantity also.’’

’’Hoo. Of course.’’

Sungoo had been Rank F and Haesol was also Rank F.

Before they went to the US, Sunggoo had already become rank B. Haesol's rank hadn't been measured yet, but Minchan breathed more easily when he saw the car-sized saber-toothed tiger she brought yesterday.

The president only picked Roused with great potential.

This was probably why the president wanted to interview all of the applicants himself.

’’Still, I feel a little bit worried about Mr. Soonghoon.’’

’’He is pretty quick on the uptake, so he'll do well.’’

If viewed in a certain way, Soonghoon would be taking on the most important role. In the end, new Roused and the Support division didn't matter too much. The main goal was for Kahng-woojin to keep clearing the Dungeons, and Soonhoon had to support him.

This was why a room for a personal assistant was made next to Kahng-woojin's room, and Woo-soonghoon occupied this space. He took care of Woojin's schedule. He also took care of the small tasks, and he drove around Woojin.

There were 20 employees assigned to the personal assistant. This made Woo-soonhoon smile from ear to ear, and he happily focused on his work.

’’Well, let's work hard.’’

’’Yes, sir. Vice president.’’

’’Huh huh huh. Quite, Director Kim.’’

’’Ha ha ha.’’

The relationship between the vice president and the director was amicable, so the mood inside the office was good. However, employees moved busily as mails kept coming in, and they answered phones that were soundlessly ringing.


The 5 star Dungeon of Leesoo station's 2nd exit.

Was it because the monster's levels were too low? Woojin finally filled the minuscule amount of EXP he had to raise, and he had to kill 2/3 of the monsters in the field to achieve this.

<Level Up!>

Woojin's nervousness dissipated when his level reached 70.

He learned the skills that had been sealed.

<Death Knight Summon>

One can establish a mster and servant contract with a Death Knight's(at least lvl 70) soul. It allows the Death Knight to be summoned.

They have to accept the role of commander. They have to be treated right for one to earn their loyalty and obedience.

They can level up through training and hunting. There is a difference in skills depending on the familiar's level.


Shared Skills

Phantom Steed Summon - Phantom Steed will charge into battle with the Knight after being summoned.

Organize Army - Each level allows control over 10 Skeletons

Command Troops - Excluding the Skeletons under the Knight's command, the Knight can command the Summoner's troops.


They were the driving force behind why Woojin was able to command a large army numbering in the couple hundred thousands.

Necromancer's Control stat was the main reason why one could control the undead, who were basically monsters, as subordinates.

Death Knights were commanders, and they were able to organize the Skeletons. He didn't need to waste any Control stats regarding them.

His troops wouldn't be controlled by Woojin now. They would be under the control of the commanders, the Death Knights. Woojin only had to manage the Death Knights. He didn't have to waste any brain cells in managing a large army.

<Lv 1 Kiba>

<Lv 1 Rakto>

<Lv 1 Viere>

<Lv 1 Ramson>

<Lv 1 .......>

Fifty two of Woojin's reliable Death Knights were unsealed, and they took their place within the Summon Room. Woojin was connect to them telepathically, so when he felt their consciousness, he smiled.

The only thing lacking was their levels, which had been initialized, but he didn't care. It wasn't too hard to level up.

This war wasn't ending anytime soon, and the enemies he had to kill were overflowing.

It felt as if he had met his reliable friends once again.

At that point, Woojin decided to end his hunt for the day. He yelled towards Sunggoo, who was gathering the monsters at a distance.

’’Sunggoo! I don't care if they all burn. Catch them all.’’

’’Yes, hyung-nim.!’’

Sunggo had been swing his Flame sword to lure the monsters, but now he started slaughtering the monsters. Woojin looked on with satisfaction as flames exploded from various locations.

’’He's grown a lot. Sungoo.’’

While Sunggoo hunted down the rest of the monsters inside the Dungeon, he took out the Sealed Stone stored inside his Inventory.

’’Al Assad.’’

He had been lucky. The first level 70 soul he acquired on earth was a Warrior Type Roused.

It was the exact ingredient he needed to to make a Death Knight.

He took out the corpse with its head separated from the body. Then he broke the Soul Stone to call Al Assad's soul.

[Annihilate the target!]

Al Assad's soul rushed forward when he saw Woojin. However, it was in vain, since his fist passed through Woojin. As if he didn't comprehend his situation, Assad's soul was trying every method he could think of to harm Woojin.

Woojin grinned. If the several hundred thousand evil souls acted in such a cute manner as Assad, then how great would it be?

’’Stop it.’’

Woojin gave a quiet command, and it acted as an activation word.

Assad's soul stopped in place, and Woojin stood in front of it. The soul struggled as if it was in pain. It could only glance towards Woojin as if it was bound.

’’Become my slave.’’

[What a preposterous demand!]

’’Submit to me.’’

[No way....]



However, unlike his spirit full of defiance, Assad's soul got on his knees in front of Woojin.

He was the god of Destruction Thrash's Champion, and he had been given authority over the dead as the Immortal. He was the King of the Dead!

Assad's eyes rolled around in its socket. Woojin used the Death Knight Summon skill as he looked at the soul.

A black energy coalesced in Woojin's hand, and it formed into a twin swords.

It was the weapon used by Al Assad.

It was the weapon the soul wanted.

Woojin grabbed the twin swords, and he raised it slightly towards Assad's shoulder.


[I s...suren...der.]

If he cut Assad's throat using the authority given to him by the god of Destruction, his soul would cease to exist. It basically was the end.

’’Follow me.’’

[I...I will you.]

Woojin pushed the twin swords toward Al Assad. The soul used both his hand to grab the twin swords.

’’Unleash your rage towards my enemies.’’

[As my master wishes...]

Assad gripped his twin swords.

His soul started swirling in a whirlwind, and it started soaking into the lifeless body. The decapitated head reattached itself. The flesh started to rot away as it fell away, and a skull dyed in black appeared. Black smoke coalesced to form armor, and a black cloth wrapped his head to form a keffiyeh.

The twin swords formed as it was mounted on his hips. A new Death Knight was born.

’’You really look like an Arab assassin.’’


He became subservient to become a Death Knight, but he didn't completely trust Woojin. One could feel something was off as his loyalty was absent.

He was being obedient, since he was being pressed by Woojin's power and authority.

<Lv 1 Al Assad>

Immortal Kahng-woojin's 53rd Knight.

He is still rebellious. To keep him as a familiar, a considerable amount of Control is being consumed.

Shared Skill - Phantom Steed, Organize Army, Command Troops

Innate Skill - Stealth, Ghost Walk, Sword of Death, God's Wrath(Berserk)

Command Troop - 0/10

Needed Control - 312(Affected by Trust, Loyalty and Obedience.)

Each Death Knights were unique as they had their own preference for the weapons they used, and they each possessed their own unique skills. Woojin let out a satisfied laugh as he checked his Death Knight's info. This was the first time he had seen a Assassin Type Death Knight.

The one complaint was the 312 Control Stat.

He had to use Control Stat equivalent to commanding 312 Skeleton Soldiers to maintain his summon over Al Assad. It was an unreasonable number.

As time passes, it would decrease. However, if he wanted to use Al Assad in battle, Woojin had to lower the Control Stat to a manageable level.

Moreover, he knew of a very good method to lower the Control Stat.

’’Come here.’’


He moved according to Woojin's order, but he didn't answer Woojin.

Well, he won't'act like this for long.

He called out his most loyal knight, and the comrade he had spent the most time on the battlefield with. He called out his friend.



A black smoke was starting to coalesce next to Al Assad. His body was too big to call him a human.

He wore a crude armor with a large axe secured on his back. His helmet had a menacing horn on it.

After several dozen years on the battlefield, the crimson haze around him had turned much more ferocious.


Without realizing it, his breath leaked out, and it was as if a wild animal was breathing.


When the large body hit the floor, Kiba saw the new Death Knight standing around being insolent. So he kicked Al Assad's knees.


It would be fine if his knees had buckled, but Kiba's enormous strength separated the leg from the body!


Kiba's rough hand pressed down on top of Al Assad's keffiyeh.


Al Assad fell flat on his face as if his body had been driven into the floor. Then his forehead, and palms touched the ground.

At the same time, Kiba bent one knee then he placed pounded a fist on the floor.


[My lord, Immortal!]

Amongst the orcs, he was famed for being the bravest. He was the Great Chief of the Gray Wings Tribe.

The orc lord Kiba had no sense of time passing inside the sealed room. He was reunited with his master, Immortal Kahng-woojin, after he was unsealed.

Woojin automatically let out a bright laugh when he saw the still tough Kiba.

’’It's been awhile.’’

After returning to earth, Kahng-woojin regained his most hard and sturdy sword of death.


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