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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 86


Chapter 86 - Guild Expansion (4)

Woojin headed towards the part of the forest that hadn't been destroyed with Sunggoo. Sunggoo's pouting lip was a foot long as he sulked.



’’Why don't you teach me any magic?’’

Woojin smirked when he saw Sunggoo sulking.

’’You didn't have to have the ability to be able to learn it.’’

’’...I don't mind attending hyung-nim for the rest of my life. I'll run small errands, and excavate all the bloodstone.’’


’’Please teach me one Fire-type magic. You know about my dream.’’

Flame Magician.

When he became a Roused, this had been his objective and greatest desire. He had learned several flame-based magic, but he hadn't learned anything that would be considered a high rank magic.

’’Can't you just buy a magic scroll and learn it yourself?’’


Why didn't he ever think of that?

Sunggoo had become too used to doing everything with his body, so he had only done what he had been ordered to do. When Sungoo realized this, he was surprised, and depressed.

Woojin patted Sunggoo's shoulder.

’’Hong-sunggoo. You are our director of miscellaneous work.’’


’’What do you think the director of miscellaneous work is?’’

What else was it? He was basically an errand boy receiving a high salary.

’’I'm in charge of the tedious chores.’’

’’Do you really think that?’’


’’Why do you think you are in charge of doing all the small tasks?’’

Well... He was in charge of the miscellaneous works. Usually, the youngest in the company did those work.

’’If I'm absent from my seat, I need someone to fill my role. Who do you think will do that??’’


Woojin looked Sunggoo straight in the face.

’’You are our guild's #2.’’


He was unaware of this fact, and he had complained....

’’I've already acquired several magic for you, but you weren't able to learn it.’’

Currently, Sunggoo was level 61.

If Sunggoo had his energy checked right now, he would easily be able to get Rank A. This was the result of his training. He had diligently went around the Dungeons when Woojin had traveled to the US.

Woojin took 3 magic scrolls out of his Inventory.

’’Now you can learn it.’’


Sunggoo became teary-eyed as he looked at the magic scrolls.

Hyung-nim's thought was so deep yet he kept complaining....

Now it felt as if he was committing a sin when he felt the feeling of disappointment from before..

’’Hyung-nim. Did you give me minor tasks, so I can grow my versatility?’’

’’No. Those were just minor tasks.’’


Ah, the tears that were about to come out dried up.

’’You are number two.... As for being versatile...’’

Woojin grinned. What was the point of Sunggoo becoming versatile? If Woojin needed someone like that, he'll just catch someone, who was capable in that facet.

’’We have Minchan for that, so why would you want that role? You are number two.’’

Woojin smiled as he looked at Sunggoo.

’’You just have to be the strongest after me.’’


’’I'll make you a human flame.’’

’’Oh oh!’’

Sunggoo couldn't hold himself back, so he let out an exclamation. He started learning the magic scroll handed over to him by Woojin.


Sunggoo learned the three magic, and he was smiling from ear to ear.

Each of the magic scroll given by Woojin produced incredible power.

After using it repeatedly, Sunggoo was able to use the magic proficiently.

Skill Tree.

To learn some of the high rank skills, he had been required to learn couple low rank skills. The skill Sunggoo had learned before were the precursor to learning the high rank magic.

’’All right. Let's try this out in a live battle!’’

’’Yes, hyung-nim.’’

Sunggoo put on a determined expression as if he was confident.

He immediately used Iron Skin to harden his skin like steel, then he coated himself with a magical barrier. On top of this, he added the Acceleration magic and the Flame magic he learned today.



Sunggoo's body started to burn up.

Sunggoo started running in that state, and a trail of fire was left behind him.


Every step caused flames to erupt, and while he was running through the forest, Sunggoo broke off a branch from a tree.

He had used the barrier magic countless of times, so he had attained mastery over it. He could even send text message with it activated. He covered the branch with the magical barrier to prevent it from burning then he applied another new Flame magic he had learned on top of it.

’’Enchant Fire!’’

When the 'Enchant Fire' magic was added, the flames surged forward around the magical barrier to form a flame sword.

Hooooong, hooooong!

Everytime he swung his flame sword the trees caught fire, and the forest was set further ablaze. Every place he passed was set on fire. He rushed about furiously, and the monsters of the forest became agitated. They started to act out violently.

’’President. I've excavated all the bloodstones.’’


It seemed her Intimacy with the saber-toothed tiger had risen already. Che-haesol approached Woojin on the back of the saber-toothed tiger. Her eyes turned round as she caught an occasional sight of Sunggoo.

’’H...he really was a mage, Director Hong.’’


Woojin laughed as he pointed at Honggoo, who was running buck wild.

’’How is that a magician? He's just a warrior holding a flaming stick.’’


He proclaimed himself a magician...

’’Just stay back a little bit. Even if he looks like that, a spark from him could kill you.’’


Haesol softly touched the neck of the sabre-toothed tiger she was riding.

’’Jackson. Let's go!’’

’’ named him Jackson?’’

’’Yes. Our army based had a tomcat named Jackson. That name came to mind...’’

Woojin shook his head then he gestured for her to move back.

’’Hey, Sunggoo! Now gather them!’’

’’Yes, hyung-nim!’’

From afar, Sunggoo's voice was heard like an echo, and soon, the ground started to vibrate a little bit.


After a moment, car-sized monsters like boars, tigers and bears started to appear out of the burning forest. They were all chasing a single being.

’’Heh heh heh. I'm coming towards you, hyung-nim. I'm coming.’’

Sungoo, who was being chased by the wild animals, was running as he was emitting fire. The damage from the flame agitated the wild animals further, and it caused them to chase after Sunggoo.

Woojin grinned when he saw Sunggoo had gathered all the monsters.

It was as he planned.

It was inefficient for him to hunt the monsters by letting his Undead Army ransack the forest. The wild animals had outstanding instincts for monsters. There were a lot of monsters that would hide themselves when facing a strong organized force, and it took too long to chase after every single one of them.

He needed a good bait, and Sunggoo perfectly fit the bill.

Sunggoo ran as if he would overshoot Woojin, but he stopped on a dime besides Woojin.

’’Well done.’’

’’Heh heh.’’

Sunggoo had done a marvelous job in fulfilling his role. Woojin had hidden all of his Skeleton Magicians in the surrounding. All at once, the Skeleton Magicians showed themselves, then they started shooting their magic towards the gathered monsters.

When his EXP started to surge upward, Woojin let out a small smile.

He might be able to finish clearing the Dungeon faster than he anticipated.


Haemin had called him saying they were almost at the office. Minchan nervously waited for them.

'I have convince him no matter what.'

Mnchan had to convince him before Woojin did anything. Minchan kept repeating the words he had prepared in his head.

The door to the office was thrown open. Woojin entered. A tired Haesol and a giddy Sunggoo followed in after him.

’’Minchan. Come in for a moment.’’

When Woojin entered the president's room, Haemin approached Minchan to whisper in his ear.

’’Reporters are camped out below the office, so the president isn't in a good mood right now.’’

Everything had been quiet for awhile, but this was a very big deal. The reporters were rushing in for the chance to get even one words from them.


Minchan swallowed his moan as he opened the door to the president's room.


Minchan sat across Woojin. He parked his butt on the sofa, then he surveyed Woojin's face. His brows were slightly furrowed, so it meant he wasn't in a particularly good mood.

He felt the inside of his head turn white.

’’What was up with the news?’’

’’Those are false reports. The footage had been filmed to be sent out after president made the final decision.’’

’’So they just spread it on their own volition?’’

’’I think there was a mix-up with the press.’’

Woojin grinned.

’’They probably told them to make the mistake.’’


Minchan had also thought on the same line, so he didn't have anything to say.

’’The deal isn't bad. No, it is a really good deal. Currently, the government is doing everything to stop you from going to a foreign country. It seems several countries are putting some pressure on the Korean government.’’

The US was included in this group. Wasn't this the reason why the Korean government acted irrationally? They told everyone Kahng-woojin won't be leaving Korea, so they wanted everyone to stop f*king with them.



’’The problem isn't whether the deal is good or bad.’’

’’Then what....’’

’’Did you forget why I made this guild?’’


He made it, since he didn't want to enter the army. It was a roundabout way to resolve his mandatory military service.

Minchan had an expression that said, 'So what?', so Woojin threw in an additional question.

’’Why did I make this guild and not go to the Hammer guild?.’’

’’That is.... Huk!’’

Michan's face became rigid.

Minchan had tried his best to scout Woojin to the Hammer guild, but he decided to make a new guild. Woojin had become independent, since he didn't want to work under someone.

So did this hold true for a country as well as a company?

Still, he had lived as a Korean citizen up until now, so why...

’’They are trying to put a collar around my neck, so why should I stay put?’’

Benefits were just sweet words. It was nothing more than that.

He didn't want to become a leashed dog even if they gave him tasty food.

Woojin's voice was calm, and that's what made it scary.

’’P...please be patient.’’

Woojin put on a bitter expression at Minchan's panic.


’’Please don't mutiny!’’

If Woojin charged into the Cheongwadae, he would overturn the country. Minchan's face turned pale, and it wasn't without reasons.

’’What? Do you think I'm that unreasonable?’’


He couldn't say no to that question.

When Minchan was hesitating to answer him, Woojin leaned back to bury his body into the sofa.

’’Eye for an eye. Tooth for a tooth.’’


’’Let's give back as much as we've received.’’


’’Call in all the reporters camped outside.’’


This was trouble.

Minchan didn't have the time to stop Woojin, who was about to create a big issue once again. He had no idea what the result of this situation would be, so Minchan became gloomy at the prospect of doing the damage-control.


The reporters rushed into Alandal's office, which had been shrouded in secret. As if they would find a scandal at every corner of the office, the reporters tirelessly pressed the shutters of their cameras.

Each media company were limited to two reporters, and all the reporters gathered to for the simple press conference.

The reporters caught a special opportunity, so they had an excited expression on their faces. They opened their laptops, and notebooks.

Several dozen recording devices were placed on top of the desk.

Woojin stepped forward with a single piece of paper in hand, and he sat behind the desk that had been prepared.

Woojin frowned when he looked at the paper, which held the statement written by Minchan.

[First, there were false reports sent out by the media. The guardian guild negotiation hasn't been resolved yet. I am very sorry to say...]

Woojin crumpled the paper, then he looked at the seats crowded with reporters. When their eyes met, several reporters raised their hand. Woojin laughed as he started to speak.

’’Well, I'll answer your questions later. As Alandal's president, I'm here to reveal my position.’’

The reporters stopped breathing as they strained their ears to listen to Woojin's words.

’’I believe the government was in league with the media companies, and they leaked a deal that hadn't been finalized.’’

Someone said, 'This is a scoop!', in a small voice then the sound of rapid typing could be heard.

’’The way they act really stinks. I don't feel good about this. Please tell them I won't renegotiate with them. Please tell them do not even try to contact me.’’


Several reporters let out the breath they had been holding, then they started writing the official stance of Alandal.

’’They are overly worried about me leaving. If they pull anything behind my back again, then tell them I'll be leaving immediately. The end.’’

How many men could boldly threaten a government?

When one reporter quickly raised his hand, Woojin pointed at him.

’’We know you've received offers from multiple countries. Are you thinking about immigrating now?’’

Woojin shrugged his shoulder.

’’I'm not going to any country that'll annoy me. Then that'll be the end of me answering questions.’’

Woojin turned his head to look at Jung-minchan.

Woojin laughed as he looked at Minchan, who had a 'We are doomed'expression on his face. He should have just obediently come back after eating dinner. He did such unnecessary things...

’’Please ask any questions you have left to our vice president.’’

’’W...wait a moment..’’

Even at the reporter's entreaty, Woojin left his seat. So the reporters turned their gazes towards Minchan.

’’I have a question for the vice president.’’

’’I'm JS Media's Kim-shingyoung. Alandal's future....’’

Previously, they were intimidated by Woojin, so only a few brave souls barely raised their hands. Now the reporters started throwing out questions without permission, and Minchan was already sick of the reporters.

Minchan's gaze settled on Woojin's back as he was leaving the room.

'He's fighting media manipulation with media manipulation.'

This was rather a relief. If he had rushed the Cheongwadae instead... It was too horrifying to think such thoughts.


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