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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 84


Chapter 84 - Guild Expansion (2)

An employee from the Secretariat opened the door to a black vehicle.

’’I'm here to escort you.’’

’’Yes. Thank you.’’

After exchanging formalities, Minchan entered the car. The man closed the door and got in the driver's seat on the other side.

’’Should I take you to your place of residence?’’

’’No. Please take me to my office.’’

’’I guess you'll have to move your office soon.’’

’’Haha. Not yet.’’

’’You just have to select a site for us.’’

’’I'll have to listen to the the president's opinion on this matter. Moreover, the contract hasn't been finalized yet.’’


Minchan looked at the employee from the Secretariat who had suddenly gone silent. He didn't give it much thought as he looked out the window.

He had negotiated a lot of the agreement at his own discretion. However, he needed Woojin's input on several issues.

If the government announced Alandal as Korea's official Defense guild, he would be promised enormous benefits.

One of the benefits discussed was support and assistance in building the guild. This was only one out of the vast benefits that they would receive. Minchan couldn't help but smile.

'The president will like it. If we receive this much, he'll accept the proposal.'

As if the Cheongwadae had planned this, they had been ready to give the proposal. They promised to give Alandal vast benefits if Alandal could be counted as an organization that defended the nation. The guild would be placed at an unprecedented position in Korea.

He wanted to tell others this great news as soon as possible.


Minchan called Woojin's phone.


’’Uh? Why are you answering his phone, Haemin?’’

[The president went into the Dungeon with Director Hong and Ms. Che-haesol.]

’’Ah. Is that so?’’

[What the hell did you do, director?]

’’Huh huh. You called me director. I'm the vice president now.’’

[It isn't the time to make a joke right now. Korea's Defense guild? What's going on with that?]

’’Huh? How do you know about that?’’

[Hah. What do you mean how do I know it? They cancelled the daily dramas to send out the breaking news.]


Minchan finally realized something was very wrong. He turned to ask the Secretariat employee a question.

’’Did the press conference from before go out on a live broadcast?’’

’’That didn't happen.’’

He responded with a calm voice, but Minchan could tell his voice was slightly different from before. Minchan put on a dismayed expression.

’’I'll head to the office right now.’’

[Yes. Please don't sidetrack and go anywhere else. The President seemed to be in a pretty foul mood. How could you commit to such a big deal with only your authority?]

’’Do you think I'm crazy? I would never finalize such a large deal without the approval of the president.’’

[What? What are you saying?]

Minchan grabbed his forehead.

’’I'll talk to you when I get there.’’

The press conference was a problem.

No wonder the Cheongwadae had rushed him.

'This isn't good.'

Minchan was present at the dinner that the President and several high ranking officials had attended. He had to apologize several times for his president's absence.

Alandal was marked as a guild to be watched by the world. No, it seemed they made such an incredible offer to keep Roused Kahng-woojin in Korea.

Alandal guild would be under the army and would be officially acknowledged as the nation's guard guild. The incredible benefits would come hand in hand.

After the dinner was over, he started discussing the various conditions, benefits, obligations, and welfare regarding the deal. Minchan was tired, but he also felt a thrill.

He was taking the lead on putting the framework around an incredibly big deal.

The government reacted in a friendly way, and the people involved were also cooperative. The deal presented to them favored Alandal so much that the actual negotiation didn't take too long. The only thing left was to wait for Woojin's decision.

At the heart of this deal, it wasn't really about Alandal guild. It was about stopping Kahng-woojin from immigrating to a foreign power.

Minchan thought Woojin would accept it if he received such overwhelming benefits from the deal. When Woojin had accepted the deal, they wanted a pre-recorded press conference to immediately send out to the media. He willingly obliged. When the contract was signed, most of the media organizations would immediately publicize the deal.

However, it was already broadcasted?

'They are intentionally trying to take the lead.'

What the hell were they thinking?

Did they think Woojin would have no choice but to accept the deal if they made it look like the deal had been finalized? Or were they being pressured by the neighboring countries?

'This has no chance of succeeding considering president's personality.'

Why did the government have to create such a crude plan? Were they worried so much about Woojin immigrating to another country? Minchan had a headache, so he rubbed at his forehead.

'I have to convince him.'

He had to find a way.

Woojin lived by a code. He gave back whatever he received with interest. Minchan had to work to avoid triggering this rule. If not, it was obvious what Woojin would do considering his personality. He'll probably ransack the Cheongwadae.

If he wanted to continue to live in Korea, then he had to stop such an event from happening. Minchan's worries deepened.

'Those mother-f*king government employees.'

Those, who had always shat their pants, shat their pants.

Minchan suppressed his anger. He started stoking his patriotism, so Korea would be at peace.

'I hope president is in a good mood.'

At a glance, Woojin looked like someone who acted based on his feelings, but Minchan knew Woojin had a cold-blooded personality. If he was in a good mood, Minchan would at least be able to broach a subject. Whenever he wasn't in a good mood, Minchan was barely sneak a word in.

Even Woojin's dispassionate expression gave off a scary vibe. If he was angry, Minchan would be nervous to even speak to him.

'Hoo. I must convince him.'

The government had made a mess and Minchan had to salvage the situation.

Minchan wanted to live in Korea for a long time.


Gangnam Statin's 9th Exit.

It was a 6 star Dungeon run by a mid-sized guild named Abyss'Magician aka the Abyss guild.

Kim-haemin had worked quickly to guide the group to a high rank Dungeon with an empty spot in their schedule.

When Che-haesol stood in front of the Dungeon, she swallowed her saliva.

’’Let's go in.’’

With those words, Woojin was the first to enter the Dungeon. Sunggoo followed brimming with energy. Why was Sunggoo so excited at the thought of someone succeeding his post?

’’Please go in.’’

’’I really have to go in?’’

Haemin put on an incredulous expression at Che-haesol's response.

’’Please hurry up and go in. At this rate, the barrier will form.’’

At Haemin's insistence, Che-haesol closed her eyes tight and ran down the stairs leading to the entrance.

'Mother, father, I'll definitely come back alive.'

Her first Dungeon experience in Alandal would be a 6 star Dungeon.

Haesol entered the Dungeon with a stiff expression of nervousness and soon, the barrier formed.


Haesol balled her hands into tight fists, then looked at her surrounding with her guard up.

’’What are you doing?’’


At Sunggoo's question, Haesol finally came to her senses. When she responded, Woojin was nowhere to be found and only Sunggoo was left. She felt embarrassed. She awkwardly asked a question.

’’W...where's the president?’’

’’He's already gone.’’


Didn't they come in here for a lesson? So why did he suddenly leave Director Hong and her behind?

’’We have to move fast if we don't want to be left behind.’’

Sunggoo dug through his belongings. He took out a sharp short sword and gave it to her. It was sharp enough to pierce through clothing at even the slightest pressure.

Haesol's heart quickened when she held the dangerous weapon.

’’You are proficient with the sword?’’

’’I'm more used to a gun than a sword....’’

’’Ah, Lieutenant! You are misunderstanding.’’

Sunggoo let out a bright smile as he spoke.

’’If we push forward in a 6 star Dungeon, we will die. Even I can barely face off against couple of the monsters in here. We aren't here to take the lead in the hunt. We'd die in a flash. In a flash.’’


He is talking about his death, yet he didn't seem nervous at all?

’’Then why are you giving me the sword...’’

If they weren't going to participate in the hunt, and this wasn't some kind of lesson then why did they follow Woojin in here? Why did he give her a sword?

Sunggoo laughed as he asked her a question.

’’You ever gut a fish?’’

’’I like fishing, so I've done it several...’’

’’Oh oh! An ace has entered our guild.’’

The favorable gaze Sunggoo had been giving Che-haesol intensified.


After a brief moment, Haesol understood Sunggoo's reaction.

Ssskuk, ggahng.

She sliced, then sliced, and sliced once more.

When she sliced and cut, the point of the sword would catch on something. It was a bloodstone.

'Where is....'

At the repetitive work, Haesol was confused as to whether she got a job in a guild or a construction site.

'Why am I....'

Her sore arms were moving almost mechanically now. It seemed like Director Hong-sunggoo was used to extracting the bloodstones. He was disassembling the monsters twice as fast as her.

He was quick and accurate.

’’Let's speed this up. At this pace, we'll meet up with hyung-nim before we can reach the bottom floor.’’

They had just entered the second floor.

She had no idea where Woojin went. He had disappeared without a trace. She only saw the monster corpses filling up the subway station. During all of this, Sunggoo disassembled the corpses marked with magic, and he took out the bloodstones.

'What method did the president use to hunt? Why is he so fast?'

It was rumored Woojin cleared the Dungeons at an amazing pace. If he wanted to, he could clear a 6 star Dungeon in couple hours. He was a monster-like Roused.

’’Director Hong. Where is the president....’’

’’Now, now. We don't have time for idle chats. Let's hurry up.’’


Pook, sskuhk!

Sunggoo was able to unbend his back only once as he tapped at it. Then he went back to busily disassembling the corpses of monsters. Somehow, she felt pity as she looked at Sunggoo's figure. No, it felt as if she was watching her future self. That must be she felt sad and a little bit bitter in her heart.

Before Haesol could pump herself up at excavating the bloodstones, the sound of footsteps rang throughout the underground space. Haesol was very nervous as she gripped her short sword. Haesol had been graded pretty high in her individual combat skill and techniques in the army.

’’Oh no. Hyung-nim is already coming up.’’


Even when she heard Sunggoo's words, Haesol still felt a little bit nervous. She fixed her eyes towards the bottom of the stairs.

As if he was dissatisfied, Woojin had an ill-natured expression on his face as several dozen Skeletons followed behind him....

’’Kee kee keek.’’

The several dozen Skeletons all spat out a distinctive sound, a sound that caused goosebumps to form all over Haesol. Even though she knew these Skeletons were Woojin's summons, she froze in place.

’’Hyung-nim. I'll quickly gather everything.’’

’’It's all right. It isn't worth much. Just follow after me.’’

There was still one more floor below them, and it was filled with monster corpses. If they excavated every one of them, their profit would increase by several hundred thousand dollars. It wasn't a pittance. However, Woojin decided to choose time over money.

'Even if I kill all the monsters, I think it'll be impossible to level up?'

He calculated how much of his Achievement Points and EXP rose as he cleared the Dungeon, and it wouldn't be possible for him to reach level 70. If he couldn't reach it in one run, then he had to clear the Dungeon again.

As Woojin quickly headed towards the Dungeon entrance, Sunggoo tapped Haesol on the shoulder.

’’What are you doing? Let's hurry up and follow after him.’’


What? Yes, sir.’’

Haesol couldn't help but be shocked at the sight of all the Skeletons following after Woojin.

'The number of summoned beings controlled by a single person...'

She gave a quick count, and she came up with a rough figure of 100.

She would have to take a look at the fighting capability of each Skeleton, but there were so many of them....

'He hadn't been hunting alone.'

It felt as if she had snuck a peek at the secret of Woojin's amazing Dungeon clear time.

When they arrived at the entrance, Woojin was placing his hand phone and any modern items to one side. As if Sunggoo was used to this, he took out his handphone, wallet, and car key. His personal items were gathered into a pile.

Haesol looked on with a confused expression. Sunggoo spoke as he laughed.

’’The clothes Ms. Haesol is wearing isn't made out of Dungeon ingredients?’’

’’Yes. They are regular clothes.’’

’’Then it won't be able to pass through the portal. Only your naked body would be transferred.’’


Haesol recalled the information regarding the high rank Dungeons. Only the other world's items were able to pass through the portal.

’’Wear this.’’

Woojin purchased the cheapest clothes in his Point Store and tossed it to Haesol. She had seen a similar robe in a movie. Woojin spoke as she changed into the outfit.

’’Sunggoo, you should capture several suitable monsters and help Haesol practice her Taming skill.’’

’’Heh heh. Yes.’’

It would be great to check on the result of Sunggoo's training, and Woojin would have liked to hunt with him. However, Woojin had to reach level 70 as soon as possible. It would be best to monopolize most of the prey to himself.

’’Let's go. Let's go fill our stomach over there.’’

’’Yes, sir.’’

Woojin didn't hesitate as he passed through the portal.

Haesol had ears, and so she heard what Woojin had said. Her education would be finally starting.

The high rank Dungeon started for real when one crossed the portal.

Haesol swallowed her saliva.

’’So we are going to start in earnest?’’


Start in earnest my ass.

Even if they go over to the other side, they'll be excavating bloodstones.

Why should he repeat his words a hundred times? She'd know when she experiences it.

’’I'm hungry. Let's hurry up and go.’’

Sunggoo passed through the portal and Haesol followed after him.

The feeling of passing through the twisted crack in the dimension gave her a fresh shock. Her head was dizzy and she felt nauseous. It induced a typical reaction.


’’Jeez. Please follow us when you've calmed down.’’

Sunggoo quickly jumped back since he was worried the vomit would splash on him. He quickly ran towards Woojin. Haesol continued to throw up several times, then wiped her mouth after spitting.

’’Ooh ooh ooh ooh.’’

After her insides calmed down a little, her headache cleared a little bit. She looked around her surrounding as she came back to her senses.


She was in a forest. It was something she would have never seen in Seoul, Korea. It felt as if she was dropped in the middle of the a nature preserve.

The high rank Dungeons were connected to a different world and she was there. She couldn't believe it. While she was reveling in this new experience, she saw something unimaginable unfold in front of her.

’’Uh? If you've calmed down a little bit, hurry up and come over here.’’

Haesol looked at Sunggoo, who was urging her forward, and rubbed both her eyes.

Was she seeing things?

They were camping at a Dungeon....

A mystery meat was being cooked over the campfire, the smell of which made Haesol's mouth water.


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