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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 82


Chapter 82 - Return (2)

Woojin got off at the shoulder of the road then he caught a taxi.

’’Where do you want to go?’’


After he spoke, Woojin sat still as he closed his eyes.

'From now on....'

First, he'll go to his house to see his mother and Sooah, then he'll return to the Dungeons. He had to reach level 70 then he'll be able to calm himself.

Afterwards, he'll find a Reset Dungeon, then he'll obtain the Dimensional Fragment.

He'll find the Dungeon that reacted to him, and he'll form his Dimensional Domain. Then he'll drill a single entrance into Alphen.

Ah, before he did all that, he had to train Sunggoo. Will he also need to pick new Roused to groom?

Woojin was in a state of meditation as he organized the thoughts that kept crowding his mind. Soon, the taxi arrived at the destination, which was in front of his house.

’’It'll be $25.’’

’’Huh-uh. That's quite high.’’

’’It's a service I am doing with my life on the line.’’

Woojin got what he was saying, but isn't everyone working near a subway station putting their life on the line?

Woojin started searching his pockets, and as if he had just thought about this, he had an embarrassed expression on his face.

Come to think of it, all his possession were inside his trunk, and it was with Minchan.

’’I don't have my wallet.’’


For a brief moment, the taxi driver's eyelids fluttered. He looked at Woojin with worried eyes. Woojin let out a cheerful laugh.

’’Huh huh. Don't worry about it. I'll ask someone to bring some money out.’’

Minchan always carried around money, so Woojin always just carried only his phone around. He was quite fortunate that he had brought his hand phone.

He called his mother.


It kept ringing and she wasn't picking up the phone. The taxi driver gave him a wary look.

For no reason, Woojin felt startled and anxious. After a long while, his mother answered the phone. When Woojin heard his mother's voice, it was welcoming like much-needed rain in a drought.

[Uh, son. You are back in Korea?]

’’Yes. I'm in front of the house, but I don't have the taxi fare. Would you mind coming out for a little bit?’’

[Huh? I'm not at home right now.]


He hadn't considered such a scenario.

It was still daytime, so Sooah should be at her kindergarten. Moreover, his mother seemed to have gone out...

[I think there is money inside the house... Why don't you look through the dresser?]

’’No. It's all right. I'll just go to the office..’’

He had planned on going to the office eventually after a brief break.

’’Ahjuhshi. Turn the taxi around, then head towards the Sadahng station.’’

’’Why do you want to go there?’’

’’I can give you the money over there.’’


What was this? Is this some new way to rob a taxi?

The driver looked at Woojin with worry in his eyes. Woojin let out a laugh.

’’Do you know who I am, ahjuhshi?’’

’’How would I know who you are?’’

’’Huh? People tell me I'm famous now...’’


The suspicion in the taxi driver's eyes increased significantly. Woojin scratched the back of his head. Well, it was an internet society now. If this guy didn't watch the TV or check the trending search words online, he wouldn't know about Woojin.

’’Let's just get there first. I'll call someone I know.’’


The taxi driver still looked at him with suspicion, but after he adjusted his rear-view mirror, he started his car. Woojin called Sunggoo's phone.


[Yes, president.]

’’Uh? Is that Haemin? Why are you answering the phone?’’

[Currently, director Hong is clearing the Dungeon, so I'm here to assist him.]

Even though Woojin was absent, Sunggoo must have been busily clearing the Dungeons.

’’Where are you?’’

[I'm at the entrance of Hongdae.]

’’Chet. You traveled pretty far. What's Soonghoon doing?’’

[Mr. Soong-hoon went to the market to buy the Reinforcement Stones.]

’’Ughh. All right. I'll see you later at the office.’’

[Yes. I'll immediately return to the office after director Hong finishes clearing the Dungeon.]

’’All right.’’

How could he be put in such an awkward situation just because of a couple dozen dollar bills?

Woojin tried calling Jiwon.

Woojin ended the call then he pressed his hand firmly against his temple.

So what if he had tens of millions in his account? He didn't have money he could use right now. Woojin looked through his meager address book, and he automatically smiled when he saw the name.

’’It's been a long time since I've seen his face.’’

Woojin pressed the [Real Jaemin] in his address book.


'After reading the question, please find the value that doesn't fit.'

Jaemin was focused on reading his workbook when the vibration made his head turn towards the side. The hand phone he had placed on the corner of his desk was vibrating.


Jaemin's concentration was broken. He frowned as he looked at the number on the screen.

’’Uh? It's Woojin-hyung.’’

It had been awhile since Woojin had contacted him. He was pleased as he quickly picked up the call.


[Uh. Hey, Jaemin. Are you at your house?]

’’Uh? How did you know?’’

It was the day before his CSAT, so Jaemin had come home early.

[Oh, that 's great.]

Woojin had been guessing... Before Jaemin could ask how he was doing...

[I'm at the convenience store located at the intersection. Bring $50 with you.]

...Woojin pre-emptively asked for a favor.

’’Fifty dollars?’’

[Uh. Just come out for a moment, and bring the money. I don't have any money for the taxi fare.]


Why did this hyung never change?

He constantly came out on the news when he did something, and he was always the trending search word on the internet... He was a millionaire, who had traveled back and forth from the US, on a private plane. So why was he trying to extort money from Jaemin once again?

[Hey hey. I'll pay you back. Do you think I don't have the money?]


If he had money, then why was he asking Jaemin to bring money?

’’If you have money then you should pay the taxi fee with it...’’

[I have money, but I don't have the taxi fee.]


He didn't know if he was speaking or if he was farting. (TLN: idiom)

[Ah, I'll pay you back later. Just hurry up and bring it.]


[Oh. Jaemin is really the only one I can trust.]

This hyung never changes.

Jaemin closed the workbook he was working on then we put on his outerwear. Jiwon, who was coming out from the restroom after a shower, looked at Jaemin with round eyes when he started heading out.

’’I thought you were going to go through your mock test for the last time. Where are you going?’’

’’Woojin hyung wants to borrow some money for the taxi fare.’’


’’I'll be back soon.’’

’’Hey. You will catch a cold. Your exam is tomrrow, so where do you think you are going? I can go instead. I've already been planning on going out tonight.’’

’’It's all right. It seemed he's in a hurry. Just go dry your hair.’’

He'll be out for only a brief moment, so he wouldn't catch a cold. His sister just took a shower and she hadn't dried her hair yet. She was more likely to catch a cold than him. The November weather was chilly, and it was verging on the cold.

After coming outside, Woojin put his hands into his pockets, then he started to trot. There was a taxi parked in front of the convenience store he frequented. Jaemin approached the back window then he knocked.


’’Uh, you are here? Where's the money?’’


Wooin took the $50 from Jaemin then he handed it over to the driver.

’’Ahjushi. Wasn't I right. I told you I wasn't lying.’’

’’Huh huh. Jeez.’’

By listening to the conversation between the taxi driver and Woojin, there seemed to be some disagreement between the two of them. Woojin took the change, then he immediately gave it to Jaemin.

’’I'll give you the rest later.’’

What kind of person... No, this hyung was alway like this.

’’All right.’’

’’Why are you so down?’’

’’I'm taking the CSAT tomorrow.’’

’’Oh! Even I didn't do well on the CSAT.’’

Woojin looked at Jaemin with wonder in his face. Jaemin looked at Woojin with a ridiculous expression on his face.

’’What's your sister doing?’’

’’She was getting ready to head out.’’


’’I have no idea. Try calling her. She was taking a shower not too long ago, so that's probably why she couldn't take your call.’’

’’Is that so?’’

’’I'll be heading in now. I have to monitor my condition.’’

’’Uh. All right... ’’

When Woojin saw the worn out Jaemin, Woojin stopped him for a brief moment.

’’Hey. Drink this and go.’’


Woojin held up a mysterious blue bottle.

’’Say ahhh.’’

’’I'll drink it at home.’’

’’I have to feed it to you. Just say ahhh.’’

Jaemin opened his mouth with a leery expression on his face. Woojin personally poured the liquid into his mouth.

’’Ook. It's pretty tasty. What is it?’’

’’It's a medicine that'll clear your head. It'll help you a lot in your studies.’’

’’I...I think I feel it working?’’

He felt a clear and cool feeling as if he had just chewed on a mint candy. He turned his head in confusion when his headache disappeared, and his head felt lighter.

He wouldn't get this immediate effect even if he drank coffee and Bacchus.(TLN: korean energy drink)

’’Thank you, hyung.’’

’’Haha. All right. Do well on the exam tomorrow. If I have some time free, then I'll go cheer for you.’’


After sending Jaemin back, he called Jiwon.

[Hey, Woojin. I was about to head out to meet you when I heard you were here. ]

’’Ah. Is that so?’’

It seemed she didn't have any other business. She had been getting ready to come out and meet him. He planned on resting until his guild family gathered at the office. He decided to spend the time by going on a date with Jiwon.

Woojin entered the coffee shop then he sat down.

He didn't have any money, so he couldn't order anything. He was a regular customer, so the employees of the cafe didn't say anything to him. Instead, the surrounding customer started noticing who he was. They were amazed, but they didn't approach him. His bad temper was well known now, and he had an unapproachable aura around him. No one was brave enough to approach him.

They kept glancing at him as if he was a monkey inside a zoo.


When Jiwon appeared through the cafe's door, people let out exclamations.

'Ooh-wahh. That person must be Do-jiwon.'

'Kahng-woojin's girlfriend? She's really pretty.'

She was like an entertainer... No, Do-jiwon was more famous than most entertainers now. She became famous after she was discussed as being Kahng-woojin's woman on the internet. Her appearance only enhanced her popularity.

As a part time job, she did a photo shoot for a shopping centre's ad. It caused people to make a fansite for her.

’’Heh heh. Did you wait long? Did you order some coffee?’’

’’No. I don't have any money.’’

’’Oh yeah. You said you don't have your wallet. What do you want to drink? I've made some money, so I'll buy.’’

Jiwon ordered two cups of coffee. The two of them sat in front of each other, and they stared at each other's face. It had been exactly one month since he went to the US.

’’It's been a while. Right?’’

’’I guess so. What did you do while I was gone?’’

’’Me? Oh this and that. Hoo hoo. I've received a lot of calls from the entertainment agencies asking me to become an entertainer.’’

Woojin laughed when she spoke as if she was boasting.

’’You want to be an entertainer?’’

’’No. Heh heh. It's just pretty amazing. I still find it amazing that I can be in a crowded place without feeling fear.’’

She had pretty much shrank away from living her life before. Woojin shrugged his shoulders.

’’Why don't you try becoming an entertainer? Did any good agencies contact you?’’

’’They did. All of them called. However, the call I've been waiting for hasn't come yet.’’

’’From where?’’

’’I'm not talking about an entertainment agency, but the publishing company..’’

’’Ah ah.’’

He thought she was joking when she said she wanted to write a romance novel. It seemed she was serious. By looking at her reaction, it seemed she was quite passionate about it.

She suddenly let out a sigh.

’’Uh whew. Maybe I'm not talented enough? The response from my readers aren't good either.’’


Huh? What do they say?’’

’’I get cussed out for the story being highly improbable.’’


’’They say the story doesn't make any sense....’’

’’What's it about?’’

’’You know. The story is about....’’

Jiwon's eyes twinkled and she gave a rough outline of her novel.

A high school student was summoned to a different world, and he grew into a dominant master in that world. After he became a power in that world, he returned to earth. The main character returned to save the woman he had loved in the past as she was being attacked by a monster.

Woojin tilted his head in confusion when he heard the story.

’’Isn't this about me?’’

’’Yes. I wrote it as I was thinking about you...’’

As if she was embarrassed, Jiwon's cheeks reddened.

’’It's very close to the truth, so how can they say it is improbable??’’

Jiwon hesitated for a moment, then she spoke in a small voice.

’’They said Ee-goggaengi's personality is too off on the deep ends....’’

’’Huh? Ee-goggaeng?’’ (TLN: slang for those teens who get sent to other worlds)

’’Ah, that basically means high school student from a different world...’’

After hearing her explanation, Woojin's eyebrows furrowed.

’’I don't get it. What doesn't make any sense?’’


Jiwon nodded her head vigorously. How could it not make any sense? It was a story she wrote based on an actual individual.

’’If a Ee-goggaengi comes back home, he is still a Ee-goggaengi. Do they think he'll mature and come back as an adult?’’

’’R...right? That's what I was trying to go for.’’

’’Moreover, the guy lived the life of a villain over there, so wouldn't it be more strange if he started acting like a hero?’’

’’Right? You thinks so too.’’

Woojin spoke as Jiwon agreed enthusiastically with him.

’’I want to read what you wrote.’’

’’Huh? It's a little bit e...embarassing.’’

Jiwon hesitated before she put in the address into his hand phone where she had uploaded her novel.

Woojin was impressed as he read her writing.

'Isn't this me?'

The main character's personality was almost a carbon copy of Woojin's personality. When he reached the end of the novel, he could see the massive amount of creative insults directed towards the author.

It felt as if he was getting insulted, so Woojin frowned.

Amongst the creative and abusive comments, he highlighted a comment he didn't know what it meant.

’’What is he trying to say?’’


Jiwon looked at her hand phone.

[Spotted Dog]- I'm getting off at this chapter

Jiwon let out an awkward laugh.

’’This means....’’


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