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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 79


Chapter 79 - Rashmode

His rage was expressed as a catastrophe. He swept across the area.

Too too too too!

The propeller spinning on Dolsae's left arm cut a wolf-like monster in half. The propeller was strengthened with magic, so it was akin to spinning blades.

When the blood of the wolf flew everywhere, it signalled the beginning of the battle.


Dolsae let out a roar, then he headed towards the monsters.

Kwahng, kwahng!

Every time the steel giant took a step a large crater was formed on the ground. The vibration caused the bolts on his body to fall off in droves.


Dolsae was unreserved even as several hundred monsters all ran at him.

Kwahng! Kwah-jeek!

Every time Dolsae swung his fist a monster's head exploded. Moreover, the rotating blades broke the formation of the monsters as it cut apart their bodies.


The Missile attached to his back shot high into the sky. It fell and exploded near the rear of the group where the monsters were the most dense. The members of the Rivers organization, who hadn't had the time to run away, was swept up in the explosion, but Dolsae couldn't stop his destructive instinct.

The Holy Knights looked on dumbly at the sight. Dolsae was going nuts in the midst of the monsters like a crazy bull.

’’Wow. Is he a transformer?’’

’’What a cool ability?’’

Jimmy would throw away his Flight and Quick sword abilities if he could have such an ability.

They said he was a Steel Golem....

Isn't he just a robot?

’’Look at his cannons.’’

The cannons mounted on Dolsae's shoulders fired as it shot down a flying monster that was far distance away. Some Holy Knights even started to clap as Dolsae sniped his enemies.

However, not all of the Holy Knights were robot enthusiast.

’’Why are you standing here like idiots? Go hunt the monsters!’’

James, the leader of the Holy Knight, angrily scolded his men. The Holy Knights quickly readied themselves for battle. When two monsters headed towards them, all the Holy Knights unsheathed their weapons.

’’May the goddess'blessing be with you.’’


When the goddess Aria's blessing was cast, the Holy Knights'fighting power was increased significantly. If one was a B Rank Roused, Melody's buff will elevate one to Rank A. Moreover, there were those who could exhibited even more power than that.

’’It's been awhile. Should we go hunt?’’

The Holy Knights were about to step forward when the two monsters casted their shadows over them. Then....


Both feet of Dolsae fell from the sky, and his feet drove the two monsters deep into the ground. The monsters were probably crushed to death.


The shock wave caused dirt to fly everywhere. Naturally coarse words poured out of their words.


’’What the hell is this?’’

After falling from the sky, Dolsae extended his hand towards the Holy Knights.

’’What the hell? He doesn't want us to butt in?’’


The sound of metals grating against each other was heard every time Dolsae moved. He turned back to looked at the monsters. The Holy Knights shook their head as they looked at Dolsae's large back then they looked at the Holy Maiden.

’’Aren't we allies?’’


’’What should we do?’’

’’Please just wait.’’

It was what the Titan of Destruction wanted. He wanted to face the monsters by himself. She didn't know his reason, but she decided it would be best to let Dolsae do what he wanted.

If they unnecessarily butted in, then they might have to face the Titan of Destruction instead of the monsters.


The Titan of Destruction charged towards the monster, while letting out a heavy sound at every step he took. Instead of being worried about the Dolsae, she was worried about Woojin, who had headed towards an unfavorable battlefield.

'I'm worrying about the Immortal.'

The Holy Maiden shook her head at her own absurd thoughts.

He can take care of himself.

He went by himself since he was confident in himself.

’’Everyone please get ready.’’

The Holy Knights were confused by the Holy Maiden's words.

’’Mmm. Isn't our steel friend going to block our way?’’

’’He won't be able to regenerate after he uses up all of his magic.’’

Magic was consumed when the body was first formed. Moreover, magic was consumed when Dolsae had to regenerate the broken pieces of his body. Woojin had transferred all of his magic to Dolsae, but it will eventually run out.

Even now he was regenerating his armor that had been torn away by a monster. He pulled the roof of a new vehicle to him to repair himself. His magic was being consumed incrementally, but there were still couple hundred monsters left.

’’If the Titan of Destruction falls, then I have no idea where the monsters will head towards.’’

Currently, the monsters were acting like trained pack of hunting dogs. The monsters converged and attacked a single target. This was possible since these monsters had yielded to the authority of commander Rashmode.

After the monsters took down their target, they'll be released from Rashmode's control. They'll return to being wild and violent monsters.

This situation would basically turn into something akin to a normal Dungeon Break.

Even if one one monster escaped, it would be disastrous.

’’That Steel Golem has to last as long as he can.’’

Guild master Deacon let out a moan.

His support team should be on their way here now. He had been worried he would have to buy time with only the Holy Knights by his side. So, her words were a welcome sound.

He wished for the Steel Golem to last until his support team arrived.

’’So who was the person Mr. Kahng-woojin followed after?’’


The Holy Maiden furrowed her brows. She could see how Rashmode could be seen as a person through human eyes. However, he was a terrible demon.

’’He is one of Trahnet's 72 commanders....’’

That was his real identity.

’’Black Magician Rahsmode.’’

Melody's worried eyes moved towards the entrance of the underground Dungeon.


Woojin slowly descended the Dungeon's underground stairway.

There weren't that many stairs, and at the end of the tight space, a red portal was in existence.

It was structured the same as a high rank Dungeon.

Woojin didn't hesitate. He passed through the portal.


When the light disappeared, a large underground cavern was revealed. It was like a Dragon's lair. It was twice as large as a soccer stadium.

<You've entered Rahsmode's Research Lab.>

<You are attempting 'Assault' mode.>

’’What the hell is this?’’

The sound of the Dungeon Entrance Announcement was a bit different. He guessed it meant he had entered a Dimensional Domain possessed by someone else.

’’Kooh-hahah. You dumb bastard. You really followed in after me.’’

Rashmode let out a cheerful laugh.

He knew the impatient Necromancer was very spontaneous and random in his actions. However, he never expected the Necromancer to fall so easily to his vulgar provocation.

He had sent sent out all of his underlings filling up the Dungeon. Even if he tried to hold a numerical advantage, the Necromancer would use them as mediums to make his Skeleton Soldiers.

’’You are only a Necromancer. What can you do without corpses?’’

’’At the very list, I'll be able to kill a bastard like you.’’

’’Koo-haha. Your bravado is still the same even though you've gone through Initialization.’’

’’Aren't you also too confident even though you don't have your Chimeras?’’

Rashmode used to be a very famous Black Magician on Alphen.

He received immortality after he submitted to Trahnet. After numerous experimentation, he was able to make his body a Chimera. He no longer had a weak body of a magician.

If both their summons were taken out of the picture, Rashmode held a large advantage over the Immmortal.

’’Hoo hoo hoo. I'll finally be able to see you die.’’

’’I guess you are quite confident. Why don't we fight after you return Bibi?’’

’’Huh? Koo-hahaha.’’

Rashmode's face lit up. It felt as if he had seen a new and different side to the Immortal.

If one found out one's arrogant idol was a simpleton, would one feel what he was feeling right now?

’’You are friends with your familiars? Koo-hahaha.’’

After laughing for a long while, Rashmode suddenly ended his laughter. He raised the cat in his grasp forward.

’’She is only a disposable item. Who cares what happens to her? She exists only to be dominated.’’

Rashmode tightened his grip, and he tore apart the cat Bibi.


Woojin's eyebrows twitched when he saw Rashmode pluck the cat's head off her body.

<Succubus Bibi was killed. The Succubus'level will decrease by 1.>

<Re-summon is impossible for 32 days.>

Familiars can experience death, but they won't disappear. The familiar stayed dead for a time corresponding with the familiar's level. Afterwards, the familiar once again appeared in the Summoning room.

’’Koo-haha. What? Are you perhaps going to get angry at me?’’

’’No way.’’

Woojin headed towards Rashmode with heavy eyes.

’’Do you think me getting angry could properly express my rage?’’

’’Kooh-haha. Impudent bastard.’’

He didn't like this bastard.

When will he be able to change his confidence and arrogance into abject cowardice? Rashmode wanted to see it happen today.

Rashmoded dashed towards Woojin.

There wasn't a single body part on his body he hadn't Chimerified. His two legs kicking off the ground was as strong and fast as a Centaur's kick. His two arms exceeded the gripping power an ogre.


A glowing black sword appeared in Rashmode's hand. On top of his strengthened body, he still had his speciality black magic he could use without any limitation.

After being Initialized, he wasn't an opponent a Necromancer barely over level 70 could handle.

’’Crawl underneath my feet!’’

Beg for your life. Struggle beneath me.

Crawl on the ground in obsequiousness.

Well, he wouldn't mind if the Necromancer died immediately.


Rahsmode swung his black sword with the intent of splitting him into two pieces.


Woojin had taken out his Steel Staff, and he had blocked Rashmode's black sword. Rashmode's eyebrows lifted.

’’Ho-oh! Is it Necromancy?’’

The Immortal used this technique occasionally.

In the past, he had showed battle capability that was almost inconceivable for a magician.

Woojin let out a cold laugh.

’’Not at all.’’

The Steel Staff changed into a Great Sword, and Woojin attacked Rashmode.


Rashmode had stepped out of the way to avoid the blow, but the weapon had already changed into a spear as it was thrust towards him.

'What a troublesome weapon.'

Was it an Epic Item? The freely changing form of the item was quite similar to a Warrior's Weapon.

’’ way!’’

Rashmode was surprised at what he had considered to be a ridiculous notion.

Come to think of it, the Immortal was keeping up with his fortified body. Moreover, the Immortal had strength that matched his speed and reaction.

’’You bastard! You became a Warrior?’’

Woojin laughed instead of answering him.

<The time remaining on Warrior's Wrath 77, 76, 75....>

His extreme anger could be maintained much longer as his level increased. However, he was running out of time. Woojin swung his his weapon, which had turned into an axe. Then he quickly changed it back in to a great sword to execute a stab.

At his unconventional attack and strength, Rashmode was being pushed back more and more. He couldn't help, but be taken aback.

'He threw away the Undead Army to become a common Warrior.'

He was having a hard time believing it, but the evidence was right in front of his eyes. They exchanged a flurry of blows, and Rashmode was gradually being undone. It was a fight between a Warrior, and a magician with fortified strength and quickness.

In a hand-to-hand fight like this, the Warrior would inevitably hold the advantage.


When he saw the blade of the spear embed itself deep into his abdomen, Rashmode's pale expression hardened. He immediately leaped backwards as he widened the distance between his enemy.


When the blade of the spear was extracted, a fountain of blood flew out of the hole in his abdomen, but the blood flow stopped after couple seconds. Then the wound started to heal. He hadn't used healing magic. It was an effect of his Chimera body. He had a much better version of a Troll's regeneration ability.

’’Stupid bastard. You ran away to earth, then you threw away your Necromancy to train in Warrior techniques?’’

’’This is fun in its own way.’’

’’Stupid bastard.’’

He acknowledged it. The potential of Woojin's combat ability was incredible. If he reached Max Level as a Warrior class, he would most definitely be stronger than any of the heroes in the alliance.

However, that was the it.

Rashmode consumed the Dungeon Energy to quickly regenerate the monsters.


Rashmode relaxed a little bit as he saw the monsters appearing one or two at a time in the air.

The Immortal had been problematic, because of the Undead Army he controlled. The Undead Army had been able to contend with Trahnet's army.

However, he had given up that army, so Rashmode didn't have to be afraid of it any more.

When Rashmode surrendered to Trahnet, he was given power.

His summoned monsters ran towards Woojin.

’’Koo-koo. Let's see how long you can last..’’

The bastard will eventually tire out, and he will take credit for the victory. As befitting his position as commander, he'll just watch the bastard's tenacious resistance at his leisure. Then he'll enjoy his moment of victory.

Woojin used his various skills to fight the monsters. After the kill count exceeded 100, one could notice he was tiring. There were wounds all over his body, and he looked like a bloody mess.

’’Koo-hahaha. Naive bastard. This is the price of throwing away your power of control for a bloody sword. How does it feel?’’


Woojin laughed as he was drenched in blood.

’’Who said I threw it away?’’


He had been using only his Energy to attack. His Mana had been slowly replenishing, and it was almost 90% full. Woojin stretched out both his arms.


The corpses littered all around his surrounding exploded. Then the Skeleton Soldiers and Magicians started to rise.


The underground cavern was filled with Skeletons and their voices were terrifying.

When a friendly force was killed, it didn't end at -1. The dead ally was turned into an enemy, so the score would become a -2. This was why the Immortal had been troublesome to deal with.

When several hundred skeletons looked back at him, Rashmode's face turned white.


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