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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 56


Chapter 56 - Director Hong-sunggoo

The altar for the goddess Aria was made.

Earth's sculpting techniques were amazing, so the sculpture described by Melody was completed within a day.

Melody prayed every day in front of the goddess' marble statue.

Hamilton quietly approached her.

She didn't need the wheel chair anymore. If she wanted to go somewhere, her two legs were good enough to get her there.

She was a doctor of psychology. She had always believed in the will of a person. However, she had become a fervent believer of the goddess now.

’’Holy Maiden. The guild master is here for a visit.’’


When she heard Hamilton's polite words, Melody spoke as she got up from her knees. She still borrowed her goddess' voice to communicate with others.

If a person didn't accept and believe the goddess Aria, one couldn't communicate or receive miracles from Melody. One wouldn't be able to receive her blessing.

Melody gently smiled as she looked at Hamilton.

[In the near future, the goddess' blessing will be with you.]

’’Oh, good heavens. Thank you very much.’’

Hamilton's body shook. She followed behind Melody with a deeply moved expression on her face. She healed those fallen in despair. The members of the Aria church couldn't be more proud of being a believer.

There were many people who wanted to be saved. When a real god appeared, people gathered like clouds. They wanted to help in forming this 'power'.

Melody headed towards the reception room.

Melody, the Holy Maiden of goddess Aria from Alphen, was surprised by the civilization and the items they possessed. She needed time to get used to this place, and she also needed the time to get ready.

The Titan guild was actively supporting her. In return, she shared her holy powers, and she also shared her foresight with them.

When Melody arrived at the reception room, Titan guild master Deaon and his secretary got up from their seats.

’’Please observe good manners towards the Holy Maiden.’’


After Hamilton spoke, Deacon approached Melody then he got on one knee. When Melody raised her hand, Deacon kissed the back of her hand. The blonde secretary also did the same gesture. Melody only smiled after this gesture was finished.

[You were looking for me?]

Her words were heard by Deacon and the secretary.

Whether they were or weren't part of the Aria church, it was hard not to believe in the existence of the goddess Aria when miracles were performed in front of their eyes.

Deacon spoke.

’’Yes. I have to speak to you about the Aria's Holy Knight Order.’’

[Have you thought about it?]

Unlike the haughty way she asked her question, there was an excitement in her voice. There was even a smile forming on her haughty face as she anticipated with much pleasure.

’’I'll help you assemble Holy Knight Order including letting those within the guild volunteer to join it. ’’

[The goddess will be happy.]

There weren't even a hint of thankfulness in her words. She said it in a way as if she expected such deeds to be done in the goddess' name.

Deacon didn't like that fact.

He wasn't part of the Aria church, yet she was trying to make him into a servant, who works for the goddess Aria. He wasn't sure if this was Melody's doing or if it really was the will of the goddess she worshiped.

If he was going to concede something, then he expected a compensation in return.

[Trahnet's army will re-invade Welshire/Western Station in 3 days.]

At her words, Deacon immediately glanced towards his secretary. The secretary left the reception room then she contacted the Western branch of the Titan guild.

’’There is something I am curious about, Melody.’’


She stood there with a haughty expression on her face. Hamilton, who was by her side, scolded Deacon.

’’You need to treat the Holy Maiden as if you are dealing with the goddess Aria. Mind your manners...’’

Deacon sighed inside then he spoke again.

’’I have something I want to ask you, Holy Maiden.’’


’’What are you trying to achieve through the Holy Knight Order?’’

[It is to protect those who follow Aria.]

This was already being done by the Titan guild. Furthermore, wasn't the police of United States also protecting the people?

’’I'm talking about your true purpose.’’

[I cannot lie.]

At her words, Deacon changed his tactic. If she can only speak the truth, then eventually she will answer his question.

’’What are you planning to do after you protect the church?’’


’’The Titan won't actively assemble the Holy Knight Order unless I know that piece of information. If you tell me, I'll be able to help you more readily.’’

Melody paused when she heard Deacon's words. Her always peaceful expression didn't change, and her silence also didn't last long.

[I want to protect earth then I want to retake my homeland. I will wage a Holy war.]

’’Your homeland?’’

[Alphen. I will save the children of Aria, who are being tormented there.The Holy church will be sent out to protect earth.]


Deacon groaned.

Then he grappled over a thought.

With the Holy Maiden's foresight, the Titan guild had been able to sharply increase the number of high ranked Dungeons they possessed. The bloodstones and Artifacts that came out of these Dungeons increased the power of the Titan guild.

For the Titans, Melody's existence was akin to a goose that laid the gold eggs. It really wouldn't burden the guild to make her a Holy Knight Order.

However, Deacon worried the risk that came with the incredible amount of profit.

Sweet chocolate can bring on obesity. He worried this sweet profit might brink some risks in the future.

[The high rank Dugeons aren't the end. It is only a stepping stone.]


He had already heard those words from her several times.

[There invasion hasn't even started yet.]

If this wasn't the invasion then what...

Deacon thought maybe he might have to share this sweet fruit with the other guilds, and maybe even with the world.


Woojin sat in a plain filled with the wreck of broken golems. By his side, Bibi and Dolsae was leisurely playing around.

Sunggoo's strength and agility was increased by the Reinforcement Stones, so he was elated.

’’Ooh-haha, hyung-nim. I think I've become stronger. Look over here.’’

Sunggoo's bloodstone extraction was faster than before.

Woojin looked at Sunggoo with a somewhat serious expression on his face.

The use of bloodstones was gaining steam. The Roused worked to decrease the Dungeon Breaks, but the number of Breaks were increasing little by little.

Trahnet's subordinates.

Let's say the earth is still short on mana. The lack of energy won't allow the materialization of these beings.

However, they will be coming here someday.

Woojin felt that the day wasn't too far off.

Trahnet's 72 Commanders.

He called them subordinates, but the commanders were Summoners with a lot of monsters underneath their control. Each one of them were dangerous, and there were a lot of them.

If all of them showed up on earth at once, then will he be able to block all of them?

'It's impossible.'

On Alphen, it hadn't only been Woojin. There were several other races, and he even had an alliance with the humans.

These numerous forces had attacked Trahnet at the same time, but all they managed to do was maintain a tenuous balance of power.

Wooin's territory, Alandal, was only a small part of the overall picture.

If he excluded his Undead Army, Woojin only had tens of thousands of followers. He was only one part of the counter weight system.

Moreover, Woojin didn't have his tens of thousands of his Undead Army. He had 4 followers, and only Hong-sunggoo was a Roused..

’’Hey, Sunggoo.’’

’’Yes, hyung-nim.’’

’’Stop excavating the bloodstone, and come over here.’’

’’Yes, sir.’’

Sunggoo hurried over. He was drenched in sweat, but he was happy since his stamina, and agility had increased. He was feeling the joy of seeing his improvement and development for himself.

’’Did you call me?’’

This guy was innocent and kind. This is why he liked Sunggoo.

’’What Roused Rank do the the directors normally possess?’’

’’They are all around Rank B.’’

’’The vice presidents?’’

’’They should be around Rank A.’’


The vice presidents were of the 6th Circle, and the Directors were of the 5th Circle.

By looking at how the other organization were structured, there seemed to be a very small number of people in the 6th Circle. There were a good number of 5th Circle, but their power was lousy in Woojin's standard.

Of course, he was comparing it to the standard of Alphen.

Still, the quality of the earth's fighting power will be increasing soon.

As the mana becomes more plentiful, it'll speed up the appearance of the 7th and 8th Circle Roused.

The problem was whether if he could trust his back to these people.

Will he be able to entrust his back to the Roused like Lee-yunhwee?

Their souls were pulsating with a rotten and foul stench.

He needed people around him.

He needed people with exceptional abilitues...

’’Do you want to be the vice president?’’


’’I'm askign if you want to become a 6th you want to train to become a Rank A Roused? ’’


Sunggoo opened his eyes wide.

What had been Sunggoo's initial goal? It was to develop into a high ranked Roused. He had wanted to join a big guild, since they had a support system.

’’I want to do it. I'll do it no matter what.’’

Usually the innocent guys were the ones who wanted to reach for something higher. That greed could be qualified to be labeled as a fervent desire.

Those with aspirations had the patience to endure the pain.

’’Even though it'll be arduous?’’

’’I don't care. I will do it.’’


’’I will do it with my life on the line.’’


Woojin grinned when he saw Sunggoo's eyes burning with passion.


Where is this? Who am I?

Sweat was running down like rain from Sunggoo. Still, he didn't want to lose his concentration, so he waited in a state of tension. If he lost his concentration even for a moment, then his life would be in danger.

’’Kee kee kee kee.’’

Accompanying a hair raising shriek, the Skeleton soldier pushed aside the brush. It aimed its bone knife at Sunggoo's head.

This wasn't a joke. If he was hit, then he was dead.


While taking short breaths, Sunggoo rolled on the ground. He aimed the hand with the fireball towards the Skelton Soldier's right temple.


His fireball ability was much stronger than before, but it wasn't enough to kill a Skeleton Soldier with a single hit.


The head of the Skeleton Soldier was blackened, and it ruthlessly aimed for Sunggoo's neck with the bone knife.

Sunggoo rolled forward to avoid the blow, then he approached the Skeleton Soldier.

If one blow wasn't enough then he would use two blows.

Sunggoo's right hand was a handspan away from the Skeleton Soldier's helmet when a fireball erupted from his hand.


The fireball ignited and the skull of the Skeleton Soldier disintegrated.


Even before he could be happy, another Skeleton Soldier appeared. Sunggoo shouted with a grave expression on his face.

’’Huk, huk. Hyung-nim. Can't we take a break?’’


Instead of answering him, two more Skeleton Soldiers appeared as they pushed aside the thicket. Sunggoo swallowed his saliva when he saw this. He was barely able to face two of them yet Woojin already wants him to face three...

It seemed hyung-nim was overestimating him.

While Sunggoo felt dismal, he started to focus his mind.

Woojin was watching every move Sunggoo made from atop a tree. He was using the Skills, ' Observation', 'Warrior's Sense', and 'Information Analysis'. He fully mobilized all these Skills to observe Sunggoo.

<Lv 27 Hong-sunggooo>

He fears and admires you. He likes you as he hates you.

Class : Combat Magician

Ability : Fireball, Crisis Detection Ability

Woojin pushed Sunggoo hard.

This resulted in Sunggoo gaining 3 levels before the day was over. Moreover, he gained the Crisis Detection Ability.

Woojin looked through the catalogue of skills Sunggoo will be learning. There was only a limited selection of Skill Books. Sunggoo won't be able to learn the ones purchased from the Point Store. However, he had saved the skill books he obtained when he cleared the Dungeons. He'll let Sunggoo learn some suitable Skill Books.

'There are things he can learn and there are things he can't learn.'

Skill books didn't have a universal compatibility. Even if magic was inserted, the Skill Book may not react. Woojin guessed the different Classes limited one from learning certain skills.

He used Observation and Information Analysis to find out Sunggoo's class. This was a big piece of information. Woojin started picking out several Skill Book Sunggoo could learn. His level was too low to learn some of them. He would be able to learn two Skills.

’’Huk, huk.’’

While Woojin was distracted, Sunggoo had already defeated the 3 Skeleton Soldiers, and he was trying to catch his breath.

People will show the full extent of their ability in extreme situations.

Woojin raised his magic to make 4 nearby corpses into Skeleton Soldiers.

Goblin corpses were strewn all over the surrounding. Time flowed four time slower in here, and Sunggoo's growth was astonishing to see.


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