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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 52


Chapter 52 - Tareut's Plateau (3)

’’Is this the Temple of the Giants?’’

At Woojin's words, Bibi's mouth dropped open as she took in the sight in front of her eyes.

’’Ooh-wahng. I would believe it if someone told me this was a tomb.’’

’’...chet. Maybe.’’

Woojin swallowed dryly as he looked at the statues ranging from several hundred to several thousand in number.

’’Let's go there first.’’

Woojin returned ShingShing, then he walked with Bibi. Dolsae, the twitching ball of light, sat on top of Bibi's head.

’’Could these be used to make a golem?’’

The best way to find an answer to a question was to just do it. Woojin pointed with his finger. Dolsae flew towards a statue then he absorbed himself into it. The Statue shifted, and the body started to move.

’’Oh, it's working... Nope.’’

Dolsae was flung out of the statue. Woojin frowned when he saw this.

<Lv 65 Giant Golem>


A dejected Dolsae was hugged by Bibi. The statue was already being controlled by something else, so Dolsae couldn't use the statue as its own body.

’’Just go eat some dirt.’’


Dolsae absorbed into the ground, and he raised his body as a cloud of dust swirled around him. When Dolsae used the earth, his power was weaker than when his body was made out of stone, but the size of his body was twice as large.

’’This is going to be a bit annoying.’’


One by one the Giant Golems started to wake up. It wasn't as if all the golems had woken up. Only the nearest golems to him started waking up. It seemed this was an trap that will automatically activate when one gets within a certain range of the golems.

’’So only 5 awoke?’’

Five Golems awoke when they sensed Woojin's intrusion. There weren't any corpses or spirits around, so most of his Necromancer Class Skills were useless. However, he didn't care.

’’Is it time to increase my Warrior Class Skills?’’

Woojin summoned his Warrior's Weapon, then he changed its appearance to a hammer. He was quite used to the heavy weight of the weapon now.

Woojin raised his hammer, then he charged the Golems.


Lee-yunhwee was surprised. She had hidden her body inside a shadow.

’’They were golems.’’

She had made the right choice in turning back. Would she and her team mates be able to fight such a large number of golems? Maybe if they went in a straight line towards the altar, while defeating the nearby golems, then maybe it would have been possible.

However, what if she had she had seized the Return Stone, and the worst possible situation had happened? What would her team had done if all the golems attacked them at once? Moreover, there were living giants guarding the altar so they would have also had to deal with them.

As if Kahng-woojin was worried about such a scenario, he was killing all the golems first. He didn't head straight towards the altar. He destroyed the golems as he moved toward the center as if he was drawing a snail's shell.

’’Wasn't he a necromancer?’’

It seems Kang-woojin had many secrets. It was no wonder the only information known about him was that he was a Necromancer. However, once she saw Kang-woojin hunt, she was suspicious as to whether he was really a Necromancer.

She was the Shadown Hunter yet she was suppressed with strength. It didn't make any sense. She had already been a Rank A Roused for 2 years, yet she was beaten in terms of strength....

’’That bastard's Skeleton Summon must be a smokescreen. I'm sure he is a Warrior. Moreover, he probably only advanced his strength.’’

Woojin's appearance fit that image. He wielded a stupidly large hammer, and he bashed the Giant Golem as the Earth Golem held it in place.

Moreover, he was quite simple. He only used one technique.

’’Uh uh? What?’’

After defeating couple hundred golems, Kang-woojin changed his style. He use his hammer to contiuously strike the floor.

’’W...what the hell? Is he some kind of construction worker....’’

When Woojin moved further away, she advanced a little bit before she hid her body.

Kahng-woojin was on an infinite hunting spree, and Lee-yunhwee crawled low to the ground for awhile.


’’Hoo-ooh. Those bastards are getting on my nerve.’’

He wasn't too far from the altar with the Return Stone floating on top of it.

There were less than 50 Giant Golems left, but the large giants surrounding the altar didn't even show signs of moving. With their backs to the Return Stone, they didn't budge an inch.

In the center of their heads, a single eye was rolling around. It meant they were observing Woojin.

<Lv 71 Cyclops>

Woojin didn't worry about the one-eyed freaks as he took care of the Giant Golems. It felt like he had spent over a whole day fighting the golems. Currently, the Return Stone was letting out a bright geen light as if it was about to explode. It probably meant it was almost time for the Dungeon Break.

His Warrior Class Skill level had increased drastically.

His repetitive movements slightly increased multiple Stats, and it was the result of the arduous time he had spent.

Moreover, he had already reached level 49. He had defeated every single golem....

’’Ah,too bad. If master could have defeated one more golem, then you would have reached level 50. Then you could have played with your dolls.’’

’’I'll just have to defeat them.’’

Woojin headed towards the Cyclops, who hadn't even moved an inch away from the altar.

Kooh-oong, koo-oohng.

Behind Woojin, Dolsae formed his body by aggregating the pieces of stone from the Giant Golems. As always, Bibi was riding on top of Dolsae's head.

’’Come down, Bibi. It's going to be dangerous.’’


Cyclops were dangerous.

They were also one branch of a race descended from the Giant Race. However, one would be in trouble if one assumed they were comparable to the Ogres. Ogres had inherited the ferocious wild nature of the Giant Race, but the Cyclops had a larger body. Moreover, they had inherited the wisdom of the Giant Race, who once built a glorious civilization.

[I know you.]

Woojin stopped in front of the Cyclops.

’’You know me?’’

[Yes. The Charging Titan of Destruction.]

The Cyclop's gaze rested on the golem Dolsae, then it looked at the small Bibi next to him.

[Witch of Hallucination.]

The Cyclop's massive eye headed towards Woojin.

Woojin was laughing.

[I also know about your Dark Knights....]

’’I guess I'm a bit famous?’’

The Cyclops shifted when the heard Woojin's silly joke.

[How could I not know you? Necromancer of Massacre.]

The Cyclops moved both its hands.

[Terror of the Living.]

A golden mace was summoned on top of the Cyclops' hand.

[King of the Dead.]

The other Cyclops on the side also summoned their maces. They took one step towards Woojin as they watched him.

[Alandal's Monarch.]

The 3 Cyclops raised their maces, and they took one more step.



The Cyclops' maces fell towards Woojin, but Dolsae was faster than them as he ran in.

Koong, koong.

Dolsae stretched his body to block the attack of the Cyclops.


Various parts of Dolsae's body broke off, and stone dusts flew everywhere.

Woojin retreated slightly, then a smile formed at the corner of Woojin's mouth.

’’Did Trahnet also send you guys??’’

[You won't be able to block Trahnet's main army.]


[The moment you decided to run away your defeat was determined.]

Woojin frowned in anger. He hadn't run away.

’’Do you want to die?’’

[Your anger is the evidence of your defeat...]

Woojin transformed his Warrior's Weapon into a spear.

’’Stop spouting bullshit.’’

Woojin's body shot forward like a missile towards the Cyclops' eye.


The Spear stabbed into the Cyclops' eye, but the Cyclop didn't try to avoid Woojin's strike. He instead grabbed Woojin out of the air. Woojin was caught in the Cyclop's hand, but he swirled around in place to escape the Cyclop's grasp.

Koo-oohng kwahng!

Woojin dodged the Cyclops' indiscriminate blows, and he continued to attack. Each mace strike was deadly, and Woojin felt like he would rather face 100 Ogres. It was quite difficult to face off against 3 Cyclops.

’’Hoo. This is driving me nuts..’’

He was having a difficult time avoiding each attack, and his occasional attack wasn't stacking any damage on them. It was quite useless. The Cyclops, who was stabbed in the eye, healed instantly from a light emitted by the altar.

He could use the Decisive Strike with his great sword to sever finger or the Achilles tendon, but it was all useless.

Bibi was almost of no help. It was only him and Dolsae. They were outnumbered, and time was running out.

The unknown power from the altar kept healing the Cyclops, so Woojin would eventually fatigue first.

At that moment, Lee-yunhwee appeared from a shadow cast by a pile of stone. Then she snatched the Return Stone on top of the altar. As if it was about to explode, the Return Stone emitted a bright light. However, when Lee-yunhwee grabbed it, the light calmed down.

At the same time, the light from the altar that was healing the Cyclops stopped flowing out.

’’Hey, you son of a bitch. You can think of me as a small fry. This small fry is going home now. It would be great if you just died, you crazy son of a bitch.’’

Woojin smiled when Lee-yunhwee appeared. Even trash had its uses in the right circumstance.

’’Hey Dolsae. Buy me some time.’’


Woojin immediately exited the battlefield, then he charged towards Lee-yunhwee.

’’W...what are you doing? You crazy son of a bitch!’’

This was the first time Lee-yunhwee saw Kahng-woojin struggle since he entered this Dungeon. He probably had enough, and he was trying to steal the Return Stone from her. It was probably why he was exposing himself, while he left the 3 Giants behind.

Maybe he meant to escape together with her using the Return Stone?

It didn't seem that way. The spear in Kang-woojin's hand frightened her.

’’D...don't come over here.’’

’’Thank you.’’

Kahng-woojin struck with his spear.


She was barely able to block it, and Lee-yunhwee's wrists hurt. What kind of strength...

’’You will be my final EXP.’’


<Lv 66 Lee-yunhwee>

Woojin aimed the spear toward Lee-yunhwee's heart.

A Rank Roused Lee-yunhwee. With her agile body, she twisted to perform her special attack, Cutting the Moonlight. Woojin didn't even try to avoid the attack. He charged in faster, and he struck with his spear.

’’C...crazy son of a bitch...’’

Her eyes were filled with shock. The life energy within her eyes faded quickly. When Woojin pierced her heart with his spear, she had grazed Woojin with her sword. The attack was insufficient to cut his throat.

<Level Up!>

<You are level 50 now.>

Humans of blood and bones was much easier to deal with than the golems.

Woojin immediately learned the level 50 Restricted Skills <Resurrection>and <Corpse Explosion>.

<Lv 1 Resurrection>

One can control a dead corpse.

The corpse can use 50% of its original ability.

It can only carry out simple directions.

Magic Consumption : 1,

<Lv 1 Corpse Explosion>

The corpses within the caster's 10 meter radius or the corpse in control can be detonated.

The power is increased as more magic is consumed.

Woojin's magic caused Lee-yunhwee's corpse to suddenly stand up, and only the white of her eyes could be seen. Lee-yunhwee's corpse ran madly towards the golem.

As Woojin ran, he increased his main skill, Corpse Explosion, to level 10.

Lee-hyunhwee's body jumped, and the body attached itself to a Cyclops' head. A large amount of magic exited Woojin, and the corpse exploded.


The explosion blew the Cyclops' head right off. Then the fallen Cyclops got up, and the corpse hugged the other Cyclops.


It was only two attack, but he had used up all of his magic.

The last remaining Cyclops tried to retreat, but Dolsae grabbed him.

In a flash, Woojin had approached the Cyclops and he was laughing.

’’You said I ran away?’’


’’If you guys are confident, then tell everyone to attack me.’’


Woojin pierce the Cyclops' eye with his spears.

’’Master. You aren't going to play with your doll-ahong??’’

When he looked at Bibi's bright smile, it really drove home the fact that she was a demon. Woojin suddenly laughed.

’’I'm no different from her.’’

Woojin wiped the blood flowing down his face. He used Soul Extortion to heal his wound.

’’Sss-oop. I think I'll have to apply some salve.’’

Yunhwee's attack had made a deep cut. He applied the Regeneration Salve on his throbbing wound. The scar will be completely gone after a night's rest.

Woojin picked up the Return Stone from the floor, then he quickly gathered the Artifacts.


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