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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 51


Chapter 51 - Tareut's Plateau (2)

On top of a tall tree, a person was hanging off of it.


The forest was burning. The body of flame raged harshly, and acrid smoke filled the air.

’’This is the first time I've seen someone crazier than me.’’

Lee-yunhwee admitted it without much difficulty.

He was a crazy bastard. The Dungeon Break would be happening soon, yet he could leisurely enjoy his hunt inside the Dungeon. Moreover, he set the forest on fire.

Kang-woojin was a crazy bastard. She was sure of it.

’’I have to hurry up and find it, so I could get away.’’

Clearing the Dungeon wasn't that hard. At the very least, that was what Lee-yunhwee had thought.

She just had to carry the Return Stone back to the barrier, then she could exit the Dungeon after opening the barrier.

There is the matter of the final boss, but Lee-yunhwee was confident in herself.

She wasn't confident that she would be able to face the monsters. She was confident she could steal and runaway with the Return Stone in secret.

She was confident in her skill to move covertly. This was why she was called the Shadow Hunter.

She travelled away from the fire, then she approached the center of the forest. Lee-yunhwee looked at the far-away canyon as she guessed her location.

’’It should be around here.’’

When the Jookjung Station's 3rd exit was reset and it was measured to be a 6 star Dungeon, the first team to attempt this Dungeon was none other than Hwarang's Vermillion team. It was the team led by her.

Then on the second try, she was also in the group collaborating with the KH Guild. They investigated the Dungeon and they assessed whether clearing the Dungeon was profitable or not. They decided not to clear it.

It was decided the economic value of a Dungeon Break was higher than clearing this 6 star Dungeon.

However, she didn't care about the money or economic factors. Moreover, this mission hadn't sat right with her...

’’This might be better for me anyways.’’

She had always disliked how her oppa did business, so she might be better off this way. Her oppa Lee-sahngho was leading Hwarang into a strange direction.

In any case, she wasn't the one who started this. Kang-woojin had entered the portal first.

As it stands, if he dies then there won't be any snag that'll stop the Dungeon Break. If Kang-woojin did clear the Dungeon, it would be a big problem.

She'd prefer to end this herself rather than let Woojin clear the Dungeon.

The first try was done by Hwarang. The second try was done by a combined force of Hwarang and KH. The 3rd try was attempted by Japan's Hennessey Guild. If something they couldn't do was done by the newly formed Alandal Guild, they would be put in a difficult position.

The Vermillion's reputation will fall.

She had to prevent that.

'Hwarang can't go under.'

Hwarang was important to Lee-yunhwee and Lee-sahngho.

The problem was they had different ideas on how they'll make Hwarang the best guild.

After walking awhile alongside the cliff, she discovered the covertly hidden rope.

Lee-yunhwee pulled down at the rope, and the limp rope started to become taut.

They had installed this during the 1st exploration.

There were only 3 monsters across the ravine. When they realized this, they had given up clearing the Dungeon. They estimated the amount of Artifacts, and bloodstones they'll earn from defeating the 3 monsters, and they decided it wouldn't amount to much.

The Vermillion team had turned back at that point.

When the rope pulled by Lee-yunhwee became taut, she tied it off on a tree.

’’Crazy bastard. The Dungeon is going to explode soon yet he is hunting monsters..’’

Even if they had quickly ran away with the Return Stone, there might no have been enough time. Lee-hyunhwee ran atop the rope. Even on the swaying rope, Lee-yunhwee's body was stable.



Fireballs were sent everywhere as the forest burned. Monsters ranging from small to large were all hunted down as they came out of the forest. Even the ogres were taken down.


The bulky body of Dolsae rammed into the ogre like a bulldozer.



When the ogre fell, Woojin didn't miss the opportunity. He approached the ogre, and as he let out a shout, he pierced the spear through the ogre's mouth.

<Level Up!>

<You've just turned Level 40.>

Woojin didn't hesitate to learn all the Skills that had been restricted until he reached level 40.

<Lv 1 Phantom Mount Summon><Familiar : ShingShing>

The hot-blooded battle steed continues to gallop even in death.

Depending on the Summoner's Loyalty and Trust, the Required Control is decreased. The summoned being needing control by the Summoner may be reformed into a true companion.

Magic Consumption : 30, Needed Control 1(-99 Loyalty, -99 Trust)

Skill : Phantom Gallop, ?(lv10 Cancel)


Woojin immediately summoned the Phantom Mount. The empty air ripped open as a blurry Phantom Mount jumped out, then its body materialised.

It alternated being transparent then turning into a midnight black color. As if it was breathing, the transparency level varied.

’’Hey ShingShing. Did you miss noonah?’’


The very first one to run towards the Phantom Mount was Bibi. She hugged it around the neck then she rubbed her face against it.

Woojin's familars were all trapped within the Room of Seal. If they were to come out after hearing Woojin's voice, he had to level up quickly.

Woojin also learned the Necromancer Class skills restricted for level 40.

<Lv 1 Phantom Armor>

The roaming souls are gathered, so it can surround the overlord. These souls move on their own accord to protect the overlord.

Subordination Number : 0/10

<Lv 1 Phantom Spear>

The Phantom Spear is summoned to attack the enemy. The Phantom Spear will unerringly chase an enemy until the end to attack.

Consumed Magic : 1

Phantom Armor(Spirit Armor) and Phantom Spear(Spirit Spear) were high ranked skills for extorting souls.

The Phantom Armor would surround Woojin, and it was useful as a barrier. However, it was also a good source for energy. In times of emergency, he could extort and absorb the spirits to recover his energy.

Also, even if there weren't any souls around his surrounding, he could change his subordinate souls in a Spirit Spear to attack.

Woojin increased the Spirit Armor level to 10, and it increased the number of spirit he can subordinate in to 100.

’’Come evil spirits..’’

Woojin looked around his surrounding to look at the the spirits roaming around him. The spirits shuddered then they started gathering around Woojin.


They all gathered around Woojin. After being subordinated, they revolved around Woojin like satellites.

Woojin learned the level 40 Warrior Class Skills.

<Shape Transformation - Great Sword>

<Great Sword Skill>

<Decisive Strike>

The Warrior's Weapon could now change its staff form into a spear, a hammer, and a great sword. He learned how to use a great sword, and he also learned a powerful single strike move called Decisive Strike.

’’All right. Let's go. Come here, Dolsae.’’


Dolsae shook off the stones composing its body, and he returned to being a small golem's heart. It returned to Woojin's side, and it clung on to him.

Woojin got on ShingShing, and Bibi jumped to sit in front of him.

Woojin saw the Skeletons filling the surrounding, and he cleared his palate in regret. He couldn't transport them one by one.

Pah-paht. Wah-roo-roo.

Woojin retracted his magic, and every one of the Skeletons turned into a pile of bones.

It was regrettable, but he assumed there would be more monsters beyond the ravine.

’’Go. Go.’’

At Bibi's words, Woojin grinned then he grabbed ShingShing's reins.


ShingShing let out a bellow as it raised its forelegs. Then he ran straight towards the cliff.

’’Phantom Gallop.’’


At Woojin's words, a ghostly road formed in front of ShingShing. The ghostly road formed in front of ShingShing, and it disappeared after he passed it. This process kept repeating itself.

’’Ah hahaha. Let's run, master.’’

ShinShing ran towards the Temple of the Giants.



Lee-yunhwee let out a nervous sigh. She wasn't afraid nor did she get cold feet. The grand scene that had unfolded in front of her eyes was enough to overawe her automatically.

The terrain was shaped like a basin. It look depressed like a crater in a volcano.

In the enormous basin, there were huge statues everywhere.

It was carved more exquisitely than the Moai statues, and at a glance, there were anywhere between several hundred to several thousand statues.

There weren't any buildings here.

At the center of the basin, there was a large tower, and the Return Stone was floating on top of it. It was so far up that normal people wouldn't be able to see it, but the eyesight of the Roused had already surpassed the criteria of a normal person.

There were 3 monsters circling around the altar.

There were only 3 of them.

’’Still, isn't this a little bit much to attempt it by myself?’’

When Lee-yunhwee arrived at the Temple of the Giants, her feet wouldn't move.

’’That bastard will probably come here eventually.’’

Since he had been confident, he'll probably jump in head first. Lee-yunhwee hid herself in the shadow of a boulder.

’’I want to see you get f*ked over.’’

He dared to hit her.

If the opportunity presented itself, she would take her revenge. If the opportunity didn't' come, she didn't care. She'll just observe how the bastard fares against the monsters, then she'll run away after she snatched the Return Stone.

As she hid in the shadow, Lee-yunhwee's body assimilated into the surrounding, and she disappeared without a trace.


It was 1 in the afternoon.

Hwarang's guild master Lee-sahngho was at a press conference.

’’In your view, what's the chance Ms. Lee-yunhwee and Mr. Kang-woojin will survive entering the Dungeon?’’

’’It is slim to none.’’

’’There is about 1 hour left until the Dungeon Break. From what I know, Lee-yunhwee is your biological sister. How are you feeling right now?’’

Lee-sahngho glared at the reporter who asked the question.

’’What kind of question is that?’’

A family member was about to die in front of his eyes yet he was given such a question.... This why they are called trash reporters. Of course, Lee-sahngho felt anger and relief more than he felt any sadness.

There was only 1 hour left.

It basically meant both of them had failed. The Dungeon Break will happen as schedule. Unlike how he felt inside, Lee-sahngho spoke with sadness showing on his face.

’’I'm done answering questions.’’

It looked as if his red eyes were forcefully holding back his tears. His face looked like it was filled with deep sadness and anger. He got up from his seat as he dabbed at the tears welling in his eyes.

’’Pleas wait!’’

’’Hwarang's president.’’

The reporters all got up, but the Hwarang guild members acted as bodyguards while the president exited.

After exiting the press conference room, Lee-sahngho turned to the guild member to ask a question.

His anguished face, which had been soaked in sadness, had already cooled into a cold mask.

’’How's the Dungeon?’’

’’It's still the same.’’

’’Whew. How fortunate.’’


’’Let's go to the command center.’’

From early morning yesterday until now, Lee-sahngho had bee under an incredible amount of stress. He waited to see if maybe Lee-yunhwee or Kang-woojin would come out after clearing the Dungeon...

Lee-Sahngho and the guild members got into their cars. They passed the 3rd line, and they head towards the first line on an empty road. There were soldiers in front of the commander center, and a group of people were making a fuss outside. When he saw them, Lee-sahngho's face hardened.

’’What? Why are civilians here?’’

’’I'll be back after I find out what's going on.’’

’’It's all right. Let's head there together.’’

When he approached the group, Lee-sahngho saw 5 people arguing in front of the soldiers.

’’Did I say we want to go in there? He is Alandal's guild master. I just want a detailed explanation on what happened.’’

’’It is as the report sent out to media described.’’

Jung-minchan spoke respectfully towards the soldiers, but the soldiers kept repeating the same words.

Jung-minchan, Hong-sunggoo, Kim-haemin, Woo-soonghoon, and even Dojiwon was there with obstinate expressions frozen on their faces.

’’Even if you speak more words here, it is futile. It is 13 hours 6 minutes right now. In exactly 5 minutes, we have to forcefully remove anyone still left around here.’’

One hour before the Dungeon break, any personnel that weren't combat personnel were all evacuated.

Usually, the army was put in a bind when civilians entered the area of operation.

However, they had officially requested the help of Alandal on this operation. Guild master Kang-woojin had come here at their request. The members of Alandal had immediately rushed over here when they heard about the incident.

They were barely able to argue their way across the 2nd and 3rd line. However, now that they were at the command center, they weren't able to meet the commander.

’’What's going on?’’

At that moment, Lee-sahngho asked with a kind look on his face. He secretly looked at Do-jiwon. Even in such a chaotic situation, her appearance was outstanding enough to momentarily steal his gaze.

’’We are guild members of Alandal. We heard our president entered the Dungeon...’’

’’Ah ah. I know about you guys, Alandal.’’

Lee-sahngho's face turned cold. That son of a bitch messed up his plan. Lee-sahngho was also going to lose Lee-yunhwee because of him.

’’The Dungeon Break will happen in one hour. Any responsibility or compensation from the damage will be discussed after we repel back the Dungeon Break..’’


’’Didn't my dongsaeng, Lee-yunhwee, became collateral damage because of your president's action? Didn't that kind girl sacrifice herself in order to save your president? Hmmm?’’

Jung-minchan was taken aback, but Hong-sunggoo yelled out in anger.

’’Why would it be a sacrifice? Our hyung-nim will come out soon after he breaks open the barrier..’’

Lee-sahngho's oily eyes glared at Hong-sunggoo. This green rookie dared to... Even after receiving Sahngho's murderous glare, Sunggoo didn't back down and he glared back.

’’Huh. How ridiculous... There is no chance Kang-woojin will clear the Dungeon, so all of you should go back! In the mean time, I'll be sending my guild's lawyers against you.’’

Their faces turned dark at Lee-sahgho's angry scolding.

It was at that moment.

The soldiers across the 1st line started making a ruckus.

’’What? What's going on?’’

’’I'll go find out.’’

The guild member quickly moved towards the command center when Lee-sahngho angrily yelled at him. Then the guild member returned with a pale face.

’’The b...barrier was lifted.’’


Lee-sahngho's face hardened, and Sunggoo yelled out.

’’That's our hyung-nim.’’

Lee-sahngho glared at Sunggoo as he asked his guild member.

’’Who is it? Who came out?’’

’’That is....’’

The guild member haltingly gave his answer.

Do-jiwon was standing on one side with a nervous heart, and tears started flowing down from Do-jiwon's eyes.


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