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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 50


Chapter 50 - Tareut's Plateau

Woojin brought a boulder that weighed about the same as him.

’’Try throwing it.’’


Dolsae used all his might, but it fell way short of reaching the land across the divide. It was possible to throw 200m across, but it required much more strength to throw something 300m high.

’’Wait a second.’’

Woojin add 9 Skill Points to the Golem Summon Skill. He upped it to 10.

<Lv 10 Golem Summon><Familiar : Dolsae>

Meditation is used to summon the Golem's heart, which creates the body.

Depending on the Summoner's Loyalty and Trust, the Required Control is decreased. The summoned being needing control by the Summoner may be reformed into a true companion.

Possible Medium: Dirt, Boulder, ? (lv 20 Cancel)

Magic Consumption : 30, Needed Control 0(-99 Loyalty, -99 Trust)



The light swept over Dolsae several times, and his body started to grow rapidly. His height almost reached 8 meters. Woojin grabbed his neck as he tried to look up at Dolsae.

’’Hey, Dolsae. Let's go eat some boulders.’’


The dirt making up Dolsae's body fell away. It was like 10 dump trucks pouring dirt at the same time. Woojin jumped away with Bibi in hand as they avoided the dirt.

’’Uh-ooh. He should have gone to the side and done it.’’

Weeeng, weeeng.

At Woojin's criticism, Dolsae's true body, or the Golem's nucleus trembled. Bibi touched Dolsae in a sweet manner.

’’Are you sad like a stone? Dolsae-jjing. I'll send master to dreamland at once. Ooh-jju-jju.(TLN: exaggerated/comical kissing sound)’’

Weeeng, weeeng.

Woojin frowned as he looked at the rapidly rotating light.

’’What the hell are you guys doing?’’

’’Heh heh. The earthlings played like this for fun.’’

Woojin made a note in his head to see what Mok-sungin's viral video was all about. As he was thinking this, he pointed toward a boulder located off to one side.

’’Dolae. Cut it out, and go eat a boulder.’’


The golem's nucleus absorbed the boulder. The boulder shifted and it started to slowly disintegrate. Then it reformed as it rose from the ground. It's height was smaller. It was about 4 meters tall, and its strength couldn't even be compare to the clay golem.


Dolsae threw another boulder. It reach the opposite side, but it fell way short of reaching the top of the cliff.

’’This won't do.’’

If he put the rest of his Skill Points into the Golem Summon, will Dolsae have enough power to reach the top? Dolsae's level would naturally rise as they fight alongside each other. It felt like a waste to use all the Skill Points based on a rash decision.

’’I have to level up anyways.’’

If he reached level 40 then he'll have a way to cross the divide. The forest was large and there were a lot of monsters in it. The only thing worrying him was the Dungeon Break, so he tried to calculate when it'll happen.

The Return Stone needed to be found in 30 days real time. The amount of time passed in here would be 120 days before the monsters start popping out. One had to secure the Return Stone before that time.

’’When did I come in here?.’’

It was past 7 pm, but it hadn't been 8 pm yet. The Dungeon Break will happen the next day at 2:11 PM. So he had around 18 hours? 19 hours?

He didn't know the exact time.

It was 4 times slower in here, so he should have around 3 days and 4 hours.

The margin of error was large.

’’I'll assume it's 3 days.’’

That was the amount of time he had to obtain the Return Stone. He couldn't use 3 days to just jump over a canyon.

’’The key is to reach level 40.’’

He had to reach it in a day. Woojin looked at the forest. Dolsae could use boulders as medium to form his body now, so it should be pretty easy to deal with the ogres now.

He had to get to level 40 as fast as he could.

He'll use his new familiar to get over this canyon. The obtaining of the Return Stone was his top priority, since he had to block the Dungeon Break.

Woojin had a purpose and a goal now, so he started to move.


Jookjung Station's Dungeon Break 1st Line of Defense 3rd Check Point.

’’Uh? Sergeant Kim.’’


’’The p...portal disappeared.’’

’’What bullshit are you spouting?’’

Sergeant Kim had been lying on his side. He raised his body then he looked toward the Jookjung Station's 3rd Exit. The portal that had been formed in front of the stairway had disappeared.

’’W...when did it disappear??’’

’’It just disappeared. A man went in first then a woman also went in. Then the portal...’’

’’F...f*k. You keep watching it.’’

’’Yes, sir.’’

Sergeant Kim quickly called the signal corpsman over. His report was quickly relayed, and it reached the 50th divisional commander's ears soon.

The aide visited the hotel room where the divisional commander was staying

’’Who entered?’’

’’It was Roused Mr. Kang-woojin and Ms. Lee-yunhwee.’’

divisional commander Lee-joontae frowned. The two of them had been impudent from the first time he had met them, and both of them had entered the portal side by side.

’’Is it the young trying to play hero?’’

Lee-joontae looked at his aide.

’’What about the media?’’

’’They don't know yet. There are only soldiers near the area of operation. However, they will find out soon.’’

The portal emitted light. Even from afar, one could see it through telescopic lens. If they notice the oddity and ask questions, then he couldn't hide the incident.


Lee-joontae was worried. How would this incident affect him? He thought about the various possibilities, and he concluded that the damage he will receive was minimal.

’’What if they clear the Dungeon?’’

’’I have a hard time seeing it....’’

’’I guess we have to consider them to be dead.’’

Then the Dungeon Break will happen on schedule. Nothing will change. So the only thing different is losing Hwarang guild president's dongsaeng, Lee-yunhwee?

Kang-woojin was the guild master of Alandal guild. It was formed only couple days ago, so his disappearance didn't bother Lee-joontae.

’’I guess nothing has changed. I want you to crackdown on the troops, then get ready for the Break tomorrow.’’

’’Yes, sir. Understood.’’

When the aide left, Lee-joontae took out his hand phone to make a call. Just because he wasn't affected by this, it didn't mean the others would be in the same boat as him.

’’It's me.’’

[Yes. Why is the divisional commander calling me in the night...?]

Impudent bastard. This bastard was always short on words.

’’Lee-hyunhwee just entered the portal. I'm pretty sure that wasn't part of the plan?’’


He knew the other's silence was accompanied by a large amount of confusion. Lee-joontae secretly smiled.

’’The reporters will start making a hubbub. What should we do?’’

[I'll call you again after I assess the situation.]


[Please suppress the media reports. I'll be heading to Daegoo immediately..]

Lee-joontae laughed after he ended the call. This bastard was arrogant, because he rose to the seat of president at a young age. Lee-joontae was amused by the current situation.

The guy manipulated the events, and now his dongsaeng's blood was about to be used as a scapegoat.


’’Ready my helicopter.’’

’’Yes, sir.’’

Lee-sahngho's cold face was rigid. He picked up his hand phone, then he called the Lee-yunhwee's vice team leader.

[Yes, president.]

’’You maggots. Where is your team leader?’’

[What? Team leader tailed after Mr. Kang-woojin.]

A vein popped out on Lee-sahngho's forehead.

’’You son of a bitch! I told you to look after her, so that bitch, Yunhwee, won't get into trouble.!’’


He didn't know why he was being yelled at, so the vice team leader answered in a dazed voice. This made Lee-sahngho yell louder.

’’You son of a bitch. They said Yunhwee went into the portal right now!’’


’’I'm currently heading there. Before I get there, find out what happened! Go right now!’’

[Yes, president.]

Ddoo-ooh, ddoo.

’’Hoo-ooh, Hooh-ook.’’

Lee-sahngho took deep breaths to suppress his anger. His face was red, and both his eyes were bloodshot. His anger didn't show any signs of abating.

At that moment, his hand phone started ringing again. Lee-sahngho frowned when he read the name that popped up on the screen

’’Why is this old man so good at hearing thing?’’

Lee-sahngho pressed the answer button.

’’Yes, chairman.’’

[President Lee. What's happened?]

’’It isn't a big incident.’’

[What do you mean it isn't a big incident? Your dongsaeng went in. Is she perhaps trying to clear the Dungeon? Are you really going to put me in an awkward situation like this?]

’’How can that be? The money I invested isn't small either. Yunhwee acted one her own. It doesn't represent the stance of Hwarang.’’

[Koo-hmmm. Let's see what happens tomorrow.]

’’The Dungeon Break will happen on schedule.’’

[All right. It is regrettable what happened to your dongsaeng.]

’’I'm sorry for making you worried.’’

Ddoo-ooh, dook.

When the phone call ended, Lee-sahngho's face became red, and it looked as if it would explode.

’’You son of a bitch! Regret? Did he say regret?’’

His dongsaeng was about to die yet he only felt regret? Lee-sahngho was about to throw his phone when the phone rang again.

Ddi-ri-ddi-ri-dingdong. Ddi-ri-ddi-ri-dingdong.

When he saw the number Lee-sahngho laughed loudly.

’’I guess he is feeling really impatient? He must have planted many eyes in various places. The information traveled on an LTE level.’’

The official statement to the media wasn't even sent out yet. So how was he able to know and call him so soon? He must have a lot of people in his pocket.

Of course, these bastards are experts at such dealings.

Lee-sahngho answered the phone.

’’Yes, congressman Park.’’

[Are you trying to play with me! Is Hwarang trying to pull some mischief!]

’’We aren't trying to plot any mischief. The Dungeon Break will happen.’’

[After the city is fully demolished, we have to redevelop that place! Do you get what I'm trying to say? Do you realize how much of my money is invested in this? My money!]

’’Absolutely. Please don't worry about it.’’

Ddoo-ooh, dook.

After the phone call ended, Lee-sahngho didn't have the strength to be mad.

He flopped down on to the floor and a dejected laughter leaked out of him.

’’Ha ha... Ha....’’

Lee-yunhwee. Lee-yunhwee.

He was merely a Rank B, so she was the Roused that had to represent the Hwarang guild instead of him. If she is gone, then the current Hwarang will disappear.

The guild master Lee-sahngho of the 3 great guilds of Korea won't exist.

’’That crazy bitch. She should have appropriately managed her anger. F*k....’’

He had soothed and humored that rude bitch to come this far, yet she inevitably made an accident. Moreover, it was a suicide...

’’Even if you are going to suicide, you shouldn't have done it during this big deal....’’

Lee-sahngoho's cold face hardened.

Too too too too too too too.

From a distance, Lee-sahngho heard the rotor of a helicopter, so he stood up from his seat.

Lee-sahngho's chest wasn't filled with sadness. It was filled with anger instead.

The fact that he lost a Rank A Roused affected him more than the fact his dongsaeng had died.

The wings that would have allowed him to achieve his ambitions was broken.


The relationship between the siblings had festered too much for him to feel sorrow for his dongsaeng.


’’Ah. I have to pee.’’

Lee-yunhwee looked between the bones, which was as thick as her arm. She looked around her surrounding, but she couldn't see Woojin anywhere. It had already been awhile, so he must have covered a lot of distance by now.

’’That psycho bitch. How can he beat a woman like that? Especially a pretty girl like me?’’

Yunhwee released her anger towards Woojin, and she broke off one of bone teeth.

She was a Rank A Physical Ability Roused.


She didn't have any problems escaping a Bone Prison of this caliber. Her strength was several times higher than a normal person.

’’Ah-oh. They said that bitch was a magician, so why is he so fast?’’

When she thought about Woojin, it automatically brought a surge of nausea.

When she broke the second tooth, a hole big enough for a flexible woman to escape opened up.

After she got out, she picked up her fallen sword then she looked around her surrounding. She quickly pulled her pants down to take care of her business.


She looked towards the direction Woojin disappeared to, and she could see several dozen footprints on the ground.

’’That gangster bitch. He isn't in the mob yet he goes around with a posse.’’

She had an illustrious career, but she had never seen a Necromancer like him. Still, she had never had the chance to clear a Dungoen with other Roused. She had always been together with her teammates.

When she pulled up her pants, she tilted her head in puzzlement.

’’Is he really going to clear it himself?’’

When she thought of Woojin's overflowing confidence, she was sure he could do it.

Moreover, when she recalled the glare he gave her at the end, her body automatically shook.

’’Whew. F*k.’’

Her pride had been hurt. The humiliation drove her crazy. She had thought she had moved beyond death. However, the extreme fear she had felt and the desire to live had corrected that notion. She felt an unbearable humiliation at having such thoughts.

’’Hoong. If he wants to kill me then he can try.’’

Of course, she had no plan on dying.

It wasn't as if she couldn't clear this Dungeon in the first place. She had chosen not to clear it.

Her group stayed in the beginning portion of the Dungeon, and they hadn't even attempted the Dungeon. She had no idea if it was possible to clear this Dungeon or not.

If they seriously tried to clear this Dungeon, they might have still failed. However, Lee-yunhwee was confident she would have been able to.

If it wasn't for her oppa's order, her Vermillion team would have been able to clear this Dungeon.

’’I'll be the one getting out of here first.’’

She wasn't confident she could face all the monster, but she was confident she could find the Return Stone and run away with it.

She was a Rank A Swordswoman.

She was the Shadow Hunter Lee-yunhwee.

TLN: Lee-yunhwee and Lee-sahngho are real siblings. Just wanted to clear that up if anyone was confused.


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