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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 49


Chapter 49 - Dungeon Break(3)


As soon as Woojin came out of the portal, he became vigilant of his surrounding.

The last team to come had hurriedly escaped through the portal while being chased by enemies. There were signs of a struggle, and he saw several corpses of monsters sparsely scattered about the surrounding.


He glimpsed the goblins between the trees, so Woojin quickly summoned his Bone Spears.

Shoo-ooh-oohng, Puk!


The Bone Spear immediately flew towards the 3 hidden goblins, and it killed all three at once. He looked around the surrounding, and he expanded his senses. However, he couldn't feel any more living beings.

The upper predators must backed off, and the goblins were left as scouts.

Most of the corpses in the surrounding was goblins, but there were also two trolls. Troll corpses were quite valuable. The fact that the previous groups weren't able to harvest it meant they had been quite hasty in their retreat.

’’Didn't they say the last team was from Japan?’’

Woojin tried to take out the printed data from his pocket, but it wasn't there. He searched his other pocket, and his hand phone was gone.

’’Ah. I can't bring stuff from outside.’’

Woojin's clothes didn't disappear since it was made from materials found in the Dungeons. The Roused, who regularly enters the high rank Dungeons, wear clothes made from materials from Dungeons by default.

No wonder Jung-minchan had bought several set of clothes, and he had given the clothes to him and Sunggoo... Jung-minchan was able to take care of even these little details. He thought Minchan was quite talented.


At that moment, the portal disappeared, and the last light from the portal disappeared. Then it spat out a person.

After coming out from the Portal, Lee-yunhwee started to yell again.

’’Ah! Crazy. I did it again!’’

Woojin's brows furrowed when Lee-yunhwee showed up.


’’What? What do you mean what? I've gone crazy and entered the portal because of you. Why the f*k did you have to lose your mind in front of me?’’


’’F*k. If you want to die, then you should just die by yourself. What the f*k is wrong with you? Why did you have to flip out in front of me?’’

’’Crazy bitch.’’

Who told her to come in? She came in here by herself.

After he withdrew his gaze from Lee-yunhwee, Woojin started walking.

Yunhwee grabbed Woojin's shoulder.

’’You crazy son of a bitch. Where are you going to go by yourself? I'll lead from the front. Since you are a magician, just support me.’’


Woojin looked down at Yunhwee's hand, which was grabbing his shoulder. It had been awhile! It had been a long time since someone touched his body without his consent.

Woojin turned his head to look at Yunhwee.

’’Do you want a beating?’’

’’Huh. What?’’

Woojin turned his body, and he looked at Yunhwee straight on.

Hweeek, Jjak!

Woojin's hand slapped Yunhwee's cheek.

She didn't even have time to avoid it. Her cheek glowed red after she was slapped.

She was confused and taken aback only for a moment. She immediately reacted in anger.

’’You son of a bitch!’’


Her ring suddenly changed into a sword. She swung it towards Woojin, but he had summoned his Steel Staff to block her sword.


Woojin's foot flew in, and he kicked her shin.

’’Ah ahk!’’

Her legs buckled. She screamed as she started to fall to the floor, but her body was lifted into the air faster than she could fall. Woojin grabbed the back of her neck, and he slapped her once more on her cheek.


Accompanying a dull sound, she was flung away, and she slammed into the ground.

’’Eeeeek. You son...’’

Hweeeek. Ggoo-oohng!

Woojin jumped quickly, and he brought down his Steel Staff. It grazed the end of her nose as it embedded itself in the ground.

’’See what will happen if you say one more word.’’


’’If it's your wish, I can make you like the headless horseman.’’

’’Eee eee.......’’

Yunhwee gritted her teeth, and she growled. However, she couldn't' do anything. She knew the truth when she saw Woojin's eyes. He wasn't joking.

Ignorant bitch. Mother f*ker. How can he beat a woman like this?

To her?

He did this to her, Lee-yunhwee?

She had never been hit by man in her life. She had been wounded until the brink of death fighting monsters, but she had never thought she would be assaulted by a human.

’’I hate bitches like you.’’


Woojin summoned his Bone Spear. He grazed her as he stabbed it into the ground. A chill crawled up Yunhwee's spine.

’’Stop trying to push your wrong on to others.’’

Who told her to enter the Dungeon? She came in here on her own volition, so how could it be someone else's fault? She basically came here to snatch his EXP away, and be carried...

’’You were beaten since you are weak. Don't blame others for not being able to protect you.’’


Woojin summoned a second Bone Spear, and he pierced the ground on the opposite side.

’’You soul reeks from it being filled with evil thoughts.’’


Woojin stepped back.

’’If you want another beating, then follow me. If you want to live, then stay here obediently. I'll take you out with me when I leave.’’


Her lips wouldn't open.

Lee-yunhwee bit her lips.

She yielded to him. She yielded to him!

It made her feel so dirty!

Woojin grinned when he saw her growl like a wild animal with a bit in its mouth.

It wasn't as if he couldn't kill her. He just didn't want to add such a bitch to his collection of evil spirits.


The Bone Spears on either side of her grew teeth, and it grew into a jail made out of bones.

Woojin turned his back on her.

’’Eeek. You crazy bastard. What are you going to do by yourself! This is a 6 star Dungeon!’’

As if answering her frantic shout, Woojin extended his arm. A considerable amount of magic exited him at once.


The goblin corpses strewn around the surrounding exploded, and a large quantity of Skeletons were summoned.

’’Kee kee kee keek.’’

’’Keh keh keh keh.’’

A morbidly strange sound came out of the Skeletons, and they swayed after Woojin.

’’Crazy bitch. When did I say I was alone?’’


Ah, Kang-Woojin. Your temper has died down alot.

Bitches like that wouldn't have been able to raise their head in front of him.

Whether it was allied warriors, kings, or a priestess, they wouldn't have dared to look up at him.

’’Ah, that bastard Sunggoo. He must be relaxing since it is his day off? Ah. F*k. Somehow that makes me vexed.’’

Somehow Sunggoo's absence felt large today.

A soul has to be clear and warm for him form an attachment. Also it made it more fun to order one around...

Woojin led the Skeletons towards the forest.


When a large group moves, they leave tracks of their movement. If they are in enemy lines, then one should try to erase one's track to the best of one's ability.

It was survival instinct for herbivores to erase the smell and track of their movement by moving carefully. Carnivores chased after the faint traces with stealthy movements. They had the hunting instinct.

’’Koong koong.’’

Two troll stealthily followed the various footprints. The tracks led them to a large cave.

The scent was everywhere.

There was an intruder right in front of their noses. It was a quarry.

The two troll entered the cave. When they entered the dark cave, they saw a human cooking and eating meat over a camp fire. Moreover, red eyes were lined up deep within the darkness of the cave.

’’Uh? Another one came. Hey guys. Go greet the customers.’’


The magic spell appeared without any warning. It lit up the cave brightly, and it illuminated the Skeleton Magicians with red glowing eyes. Several dozen Skeletons were illuminated for only 3 seconds.

Hwa-roo-roo-rook. Puh-puh-puhng.

The outgoing magic ripped the troll's limbs apart as they were flung out of the cave.

He had forgotten about it.

He had left tracks, but he was someone who didn't care about such things.

’’Bibi. Gather the ingredients.’’

’’Peeee. You are going to make me do this again? Hurry up and summon Dolsae.’’

’’Uh-huh. Hurry up and go get it. They are about to die.’’

Bibi had materialised in her girl form. She inflated her cheeks as she pouted, then she trotted out of the cave.

The little devil started gathering blood in a bottle from the dying trolls.

’’Heh heh. It hurts a lot, right? I'll punish him for you guys in master's dream.’’

As the trolls started to lose consciousness, there gazes landed on a human stretching as he stood up. He had a bone grasped in his hand.

’’Ooh ooh ooh. Since I have a full stomach now, I should start leveling again..’’

He didn't bother to hide his presence as the forest started to be soaked in madness as the upper predator felt the killer's instinct.




They were one branch of a race descended from the Giant Race.

The inhabitants of the forest ran away just from hearing their booming steps. They were the apex predator of the forest, and everyone was terrified of coming across them.


There was a loud group chasing after the forest's predators.


The Skeleton Soldiers ran quickly as they faced off against the goblins and kobolds. Every one of them were cut down. The Skeletons opened a path for Woojin. He ran with Bibi hanging on Woojin's head.

Skeleton Soldiers in black robes followed after him.


Bba-gak, bbuck!

He heard a loud noise, and it seemed the advanced unit of Skeleton Soldiers had encountered an ogre. As the crowded forest road ended, an ogre could be seen in the wide open space.


It was around 4 meters tall. It wore a primitive garb, and it barely covered its se*ual organ. It had hard head, and its headbutts were dangerous. They were descended from the Giant race, so their two fists were deadly weapons in itself.

If it grabs a boulder, then the boulder became a catapult. If it grabbed a tree, then the tree became a large club.

It was a ferocious predator of the forest.

’’I've finally found one!’’

It had high EXP and Achievement Points. This monster also held an incredibly large bloodstone.


The predator let out a savage howl.

The Ogre's Fear couldn't stop the Skeleton Soldiers from marching.

They were existences that had forgotten about fear.

However, the ogre's tyrannical hands had enough strength to demolish the Skeleton Soldiers.

Woojin couldn't match the large cry of the ogre, but he had a way to match its large body.

’’Hey, Dolsae.’’

At Woojin's shout, his familiar Dolsae showed up.


A handful of light let out a dim glow like fireflys, and it started to spin dizzily around the surrounding like satellites.

The light increased and decreased like the beat of an animal's heart. The light overflowed with vivaciousness.

The light was absorbed into the ground.

Goo gooo gooo gooo gooo.

The ground shook, and a pile of earth rose up. The head showed up first, and when it raised its arms and legs out, it let out a roar.


Bibi jumped towards the head of the clay golem Dolsae.


The golem's head was Bibi's favorite location.

’’Crush them!’’

’’Dolsae-jjing. Go! Go!’’


At Woojin's order, Dolsae charged. The golem was taller than the ogre by 1 meter.

Koong, koong!

Everytime Dolsae took a step a clump of dirt with weeds and rocks fell off.

Hooooong, Kwang!

Dolsae's fist struck the ogre's face. However, it was a level 1 Golem, so it was very weak. It was impossible for the Golem to inflict a critical blow.

However, the attack was enough to draw the attention of the ogre entirely on Dolsae.


Woojin jumped on Dolsae's back, and he ran along it. When he leapt, Woojin transformed the Warrior's Weapon. He held a hammer in his hand.


Dolsae's enormous body hugged the ogre, and the ogre let out strange sound. Then Woojin's hammer dealt a blow to the ogre's head.


The ogre swayed from the impact. Woojin landed on the ground, and he rested the hammer on his shoulder. Then he measured the distance he had to travel.

’’Hold on to him tightly, Dolsae. I'm going to hit it one more time..’’


’’Master. Use your strength a little bit more-ahong. Blow it away in one blow-ahong.’’


He accelerated as he charged, and he used Dolsae's curved back as a jump stand. He added his jump to his momentum, and he jumped much higher than before. Then Woojin's hammer hit the groggy ogre's head again.


The sound of its skull breaking reverberated, and the ogre's body started to tilt. It had an incredible thick skin, so most sword couldn't penetrate it. It also had a high resistance, so the Skeleton Magician's magic would have only tickled it.

The current Skeleton Soldiers and Magicians weren't effective against the ogre. If he wasn't a Dual Class, then he would have had a very hard time defeating this monster.

’’Bibi. Go guard the surrounding with Dolsae.’’

’’All right. Dolsae-jjing. Let's go for a walk.’’

’’Why do you keep calling him Dolsae-jjing. How can you call our cute Dolsae that... Ah, I guess he is Hooksae now.’’ (TLN: Dol = stone, Hook = earth/dirt)

’’I saw it on the tv-ahong. If you find something cute, you call it with a -jjing.’’ (TLN: its a form of baby talk, usually used by adult female to adult male. It's a form of aegyo.)

’’Huh. The tv is ruining you. What did you watch?’’

’’It was Mok-sungin's viral video-ahong. Master should also watch it-yong. I learned a lot about Earthlings through it-ahong.’’

’’I'll watch it with you next time. Hurry up and go look around the surrounding.’’

’’Dolsae-jjing. Depart!’’

Koo-oohng, Koohng.

Woojin started to dismember the ogre's body since he needed it as ingredients for his medicine. It wasn't that hard of job, so Bibi could do it. However, Woojin decided to personally dismember the monster.

’’Ah. I shouldn't have given Sunggoo the time off.’’

Woojin complained as he cut the ogre's body into pieces.

’’M...master. Come over here quickly, and see this.’’


Woojin put the harvested ingredients into the inventory, then he approached Bibi, who was yelling urgently. When he approached her, the end of the forest could be seen.


The forest ended abruptly.

An earthquake fault? Canyon? Cliff?

There was a separation.

Woojin looked down below. It was an endless cliff. About 200 meters in front of him, there was an amazingly large cliff rising 300 meters up from where Woojin stood.

Woojin looked from side to side, but the canyon was maintained with a uniform distance separating one side to the other. The shaped reminded him of a moat built around a castle to stop the advance of an enemy.

He kept walking to the side, but there weren't any roads leading across to the other side.

The land resembled a donut shape, and there was a large pillar in the middle. There was also a gap of 200 meters.

In Woojin's memories, he had heard of a land with a familiar layout.

’’It's the Tareut's Plateau.’’

Woojin's face became serious.

It also had another name.

’’The Temple of the Giants.’’

Woojin's gaze went past the very high walls of the canyons to the land beyond it.

TLN: I hope the description doesn't confuse you.




| <-200m >___Woojin_______Forest


endless pit


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