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Seoul Station’s Necromancer - Chapter 45


Chapter 45 - Regeneration Salve(3)

’’There are a lot of flashy techniques, but the basic foundation is sincerity and emotiveness. I have the answer for this situation. You have to try to break through to her by forcing the issue.’’

Woo-soonghoon spoke passionately as if this personally concerned him. Soonghoon called Jaemin to find out when his noonah would get off work, then he looked at the clock.

’’We'll barely make it, president. Why don't we start moving first?’’

’’Where are we going?’’

’’Everything about president is perfect, but... Your style is a bit... How about doing a make-over so the women would like you more?’’

He wanted to apply some medicine on her, so why did he need to dress up for it? Well, it was the weekend, so it would be okay if he took a break.

’’Let's go.’’

Sunggoo didn't have anything to do, so he followed Woojin and the excited Woo-soonghoon to the department stone.

’’Our time is tight, so let's clean you up first.’’

As a new Rank A roused, he had societal recognition and fame. It was his first visit to the department store, but Kang-woojin was made a VIP. The department store's VIP employee welcomed Woojin, and she guided him to the VIP lounge.

The private room was decorated lavishly, and the employee started measuring Woojin with a ruler.

’’Please stay here, president. I'll bring the clothes.’’

Woo-soonghoon left. Woojin, Sunggoo and an salesperson assigned to them was left waiting in the room.

Her face was so pretty that Sunggoo couldn't meet the employee's eyes. His nervous eyes could only roll around.

’’Bring me some water.’’

’’Yes, customer.’’

At Woojin's word, the employee assented to his request, and she brought a tray with a cup of water on it. Woojin indicated towards the tray with his chin.

’’Drink this.’’

’’What? Yes..’’

It seemed the water was for the nervous Sunggoo.

’’Whew. Hyung-nim is used to places like this?’’

This was the first time he had come to a department store in Korea like this. However, on Alphen....

’’Well, I'm kinda used to it.’’

’’Of course, hyung-nim is...’’

Sunggoo's respect for Woojin deepened, and at that moment, Woo-soonghoon entered the room. It seemed he had finished shopping. He was followed by employees carrying clothes.

Kang-woojin was the VIP, but it looked as if Woo-soonghoon was the one who was puffing his chest out.

’’President's hair and make-up should be styled like this...’’

Soonghoon brought up a picture on his hand phone to Woojin's face, and he started giving an explanation. Woojin grabbed and pulled his ear.

’’Hey, Soonghoon.’’

’’Yes, sir.’’

’’Isn't this enough?’’

He was in danger. Soonghoon's instinct was warning him.

If he pushed Woojin any further, then he would be in danger.

’’President is very well built, so a well fashioned clothes will bring your style to life.’’

Woojin grinned. He just wanted to give Jiwon the medicine, so he didn't know why Soonghoon was making such a fuss. Still, it wouldn't be bad if he could purchase some good clothes.

Woojin entered the dressing room to change his clothes.

When he came out after changing his clothes, Soonghoon and Sunggoo raised both their thumbs towards him.

A man should always wear a suit.

Woojin had a sculpted body, so the suit and tie really brought him to life. As if he looked dashing, several of the female employees, who had brought the clothes, had flushed faces.

Soonghoon pushed shoes and a watch towards Woojin.

’’A watch completes the suit.’’

Woojin grinned as he put on the watch.

’’I'm going to go out then.’’

’’Please take director Hong.’’

At Soonghoon's word, Woojin shook his head.

’’Do you think he is some kind of a chauffeur? He worked his butt off until now, so he should rest today. I'll just take a taxi.’’

Sure enough, Sunggoo felt like he was about to die. It had only been several days, but he spent 4 times the time inside the Dungeon.

He didn't have time to rest during the rigorous schedule, so he was exhausted.

’’While you are resting, don't even come to the office. I'll see you on Monday. Tell director Jung what I told you.’’

’’Yes, sir. Please succeed.’’

Succeed with what? He just needed to put the medicine on her.

Woojin was about to go, when Soonghoon gave him a note.

’’I've finished researching about Pyeongtaek. If you follow these instructions, then you will be fine.’’


Woojin looked at the note, and it had several addresses of popular restaurants. It was a pretty well planned out date course.

Well, he guessed he could take a brief break since he was going there any ways.

’’Well, thanks. Have a nice weekend.’’

When Woojin stepped out, the department store employee called somewhere, and she ordered a car to be readied for Woojin.

’’Hoo-ah. It's a rare time off. What are you going to do, Mr. Soonghoon?’’

Sunggoo automatically grinned when he thought about the delicious two day break. However, Soonghoon looked at Sunggoo with a determined expression on his face.

’’Hoo hoo hoo. I still have some work to do.’’


’’I've never failed at creating a couple when I set them up. I'll support the president all the way.’’

’’What? Hyung-nim went to confess?’’

’’Hoo hoo hoo. Why wouldn't he?’’

Sunggoo tilted his head in puzzlement when he heard Soonghoon's confident words. Did Woojin hyung-nim really like Jiwon noonah? He had no idea.

’’Hoo hoo hoo. Then I'll see Director Hong on Monday. I have a lot of things to prepare. I have to get to Pyeongtaek as fast as I can.’’

Sunggoo shook his head when Soonghoon disappeared in a rush.

’’I'm pretty sure he wasn't planning on confessing....’’

Sunggoo thought he had heard something about healing from the president's office. Well, he was a single guy, so he was in uncharted waters.

Since Sunggoo was at the department store, he decided to shop for presents to give to his parents. His body was weary, but he had accrued a vast amount of money these days. He should at least by some presents for his parents.

While Sunggoo shopped, Woojin headed towards Pyeongtaek.


’’I'm late.’’

Woojin tried to ride a taxi, but the department store let him use a car as a courtesy. So he was driven in comfort to the factory where Jiwon worked.

However, Jiwon's line was already done with their shift, so they had retired to their dorm. Woojin had no choice, but to look for her at the dorm.

The dormitory looked like an old 7 story apartment building, and there were two of them standing side by side.

Woojin found the dormitory's security office.

’’Could you give Ms. Do-jiwon a call?’’

’’Don't you have that interphone or something. Why don't you call her yourself?’’

’’She isn't answering my calls.’’


An old security guard glanced at Woojin, and he made a knowing expression.

’’You fought with your girlfriend?’’


After retiring, he had spent the last 10 years as a security guard. This kid dressed up to the nines, and it seemed he had come to look for his young lover.

’’Huh huh huh. I'll call her for you.’’

While the security guard left his seat, Woojin decided to wait outside.


Jiwon came out after finishing her shower, and she was getting ready to sleep. Her line was being rescheduled this weekend, so after a short break, she had to go in again for the night shift.

However, the door bell interfered with that plan.

’’Ms Do-jiwon. Your lover is looking for you. Ah. Hurry up and go out.’’

When the security guard's voice was heard across the door, it wasn't Jiwon who reacted first. It was her room-mates Haejin and Nayoung.

’’Wow! Unni had a boyfriend?’’

’’Wa, jackpot, jackpot!’’

The girls quickly headed towards the window, and they stuck their heads out.

’’Wow. This is crazy. He is tall.’’

’’Uh uh? He is looking this way. He is handsome. He is a jackpot!’’

When she heard them making a great fuss, she decided to see who had come looking for her. She stuck her head out the window.

When Woojin saw her face come out from the 3rd story window, Woojin laughed and he wave his hand.

’’Wow. This is crazy. He looked over here. I s he really unni's boyfriend?’’

’’I think he just waved his hand when he saw unni.’’

’’Wow. I think he did. This is a huge event!’’

Jiwon was taken aback by the fuss created by Haejin and Nayoung, so her face stiffened.

Why did he show up here out of nowhere??

Jiwon hurriedly found her hand phone, then she pressed the call button.

’’Why did you come here?’’

[Why do you think I came here? You weren't answering my calls or texts, so I decided to come here.]


Jiwon let out a sigh. Haejin and Nayoung covered their mouth, and they were acting silly.

'Waa, jackpot. Jackpot.'

'It's really him. It's the real one.'

’’If you have something to say, then just say it.’’

[It isn't something I want to speak over the phone. Come out. Let's go eat something, and I also have a present to give you.]

While Haejin and Nayoung tried not to scream in delight, Jiwon brought the hand phone closer to her ears. Jiwon was uncomfortable with the girls, so she started to edge backwards. However, this made the girls more interested, and they chased after her to listen to her phone call.

’’I have to work again on the night shift. I don't have any time. Just tell me through the phone.’’

[When I went to your company, I spoke to your president. You schedule is empty now, so come out.]


Why was he being like this?

Why is he keep trying to get involved in her life? His face is was already plastered all over the media... He was a famous person now, and he would only hear bad things if he became associated with her.

[If you aren't coming out then should I head in? If you don't want to come, then I guess I can give you the present over there.]

’’ Outsiders can 't come in here.’’

[All right. Take your time.]

Jiwon let out a sigh when Woojin ended the call.

’’Wow! Jackpot. Who is that oppa, unni? Is that really your boyfriend?’’

’’No. He's just a friend from my high school days.’’

Haejin and Nayoung's faces switched to an expression filled with anticipation when they heard Jiwon's words.

’’It's Kang-woojin!’’

’’Uh-muh. It really is him! He's the Roused Kang-woojin.’’

Someone yelled out from another window in the dormitory. Haejin and Nayoung hurried back to the window, then they searched for Woojin on their hand phone.

’’Wow. I have goosebumps right now. It really is him, Kang-woojin..’’

’’Unni is really friends with Kang-woojin?’’

’’Huh? Yes.’’

At Jiwon's words, their gazes turned hot, and it was an emotion close to desire.

’’Can't you take us, unni? We are hungry too.’’

’’Yes, unni. Please take us along to eat dinner’’

’’Uh uh?’’

She was going to return after talking to him, so why were they being like this? They suddenly acted nice to her. She was taken aback, and she felt uncomfortable.

Since when did they start acting so close to her....

’’I...I didn't ask Woojin about it. It would be bad manners....’’

’’So you won't mind if oppa says ok?’’

’’Assa. Hey, hurry up and get ready.’’

’’I knew it! Unni is an angel.’’

’’I'll get a picture as evidence, then I'll post it on Facebook. Hee hee.’’


While Haejin and Nayoung fussed about what clothes and make-up they should put wear, Jiwon quietly picked out a hat.


’’Ha-ah. What's taking her so long?’’

Every window in the dormitory had a head sticking out, and they were looking at Woojin. Woojin felt like a monkey in a zoo. However, he never cared about other's gazes, so the situation didn't make him feel uncomfortable.

He didn't care if they saw him or not.

After awhile, Jiwon showed up, and Woojin grinned when he saw her.

’’What the heck? You kept rejecting me yet you came out looking pretty.’’


At Woojin's word, Jiwon's cheeks flushed from shyness.

’’O...oppa. Nice to meet you.’’

They had followed after Jiwon, and the girls gave their greeting toward Woojin with wide eyes.

’’What is this? Who are these uggos?’’

One had a wide face like an orc, and the other's eyes were squinty. Uh? One was an orc and the other was a goblin?

Do-jiwon was surprised by Woojin's words, and she tried to put a hand over his mouth.

’’T...they are my room mates. They said they wanted to go have a meal with you...’’

Jiwon's troubled words made Woojin grin, and he pushed her hand away.

’’Are you guys hungry?’’

’’Yes, oppa.’’

They thought they heard some unpleasant words, but since they will be able to eat dinner with the Roused Kang-woojin, they decided to overlook it.

Woojin took out a $50 bill from his wallet.

’’Hey, kids. I saw a lot of stores selling fried chicken when I was coming here. Go order something, and eat it. Oppa needs to have a talk with this pretty unni.’’

’’Huh. Wh..what did you say?’’

’’How rude..’’

They were quickly disappointed. Jiwon didn't know what to do when Woojin led her away with his hand on her shoulder.

’’Well, let's leave these dongsaengs. They look like they will be great at eating chicken legs. We can go have something delicious.’’

’’Uh? W...Woojin.’’

Woojin pulled her away with his hand, so she was unavoidably led away. This situation was so ridiculous that she unintentionally let out a laugh.

What's happening?

When she saw the flustered Haejin and Nayoung, it felt like a stone that was pressing on her chest was removed.

’’W..what the heck? This doesn't make any sense..’’

’’Hul. Kang-woojin really sucks. I'll tell everyone on Facebook..’’

’’Yeah. When I read the articles, I wrote he was cool. I'll have to change it through the app.’’

’’Ah. What nonsense. Will food go down his throat if he eats with someone like Jiwon unni?’’

’’I don't know. I think he's a crazy bastard..’’

’’It's basically the handsome man, and the beast.’’

’’Eh-ee. I put on my make-up for nothing. Let's go eat some fried chicken.’’

’’Whew. Let's just go back in.’’

As the girls head back in to the dormitory, Woojin took Jiwon away, and they got into a taxi.


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